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Re: Lost 9 hole course near airport
Posted by: Deacon Blues
on 2/10/18 10:18am
I think you're thinking of Greenbriar Hills, which was near the airport off of Old Dowd Road. My dad played there in the 60s and 70s, and my brother and I would tag along sometimes. I don't remember...

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Eagle Chase Golf Club Date: 10/22/17 Sun Morning
Overall Rating: Perfect
Score: 80
Cost: $44
Conditions: PerfectPace: 4 Hours
This was my first time playing Eagle Chase, but after reading many good reviews over the years I decided to give it a try and I was not disappointed. The course conditions were near perfect,the layout was very challenging and the staff was very friendly. They even had a ranger on the course successfully keeping the pace of play at 4 hours. The drive from Ft Mill was almost 1 hour, but once you exited I-485 , the drive in the country was a great change of pace from typical highway driving in and around Charlotte. I will definitely be back.
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Highland Creek Golf Club Date: 11/5/16 Sat Morning
Overall Rating: Worth playing
Score: 80
Cost: $40
Conditions: Good - normal wear/tearPace: 4 1/2 Hours
Highland Creek used to be my favorite course in the Charlotte area but the last time I played there was in 2013 and the condition of the course was pretty bad. I Thought I would give it another try even after the bad September 2016 review. The course looked wide open on their website when I booked my tee time on Thursday but the front 9 took 2 1/2 hours where we waited on every hole. My threesome skipped the snack bar at the turn in hopes of getting in front of the threesome we had been playing behind but when we arrived at the 10th tee we found a foursome letting that threesome play through. I called the pro shop and they were very courteous and understanding and said the front 9 was wide open and we could play it again. We took them up on the offer and played the front 9 a second time in 2 hours and we let a single play through on #4 and ended up catching him on just about every hole after that. This course could definitely use a ranger especially on a Saturday morning. That being said I was pleasantly surprised by the course conditions. The greens were in pretty good shape except for #7 which I think has too many shade trees around it and had some bare spots and a bunker on #8 was being "worked on" . The rough was a little too deep and made finding errant shots difficult and time consuming. All in all I thought the front 9 was in good shape.
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Red Bridge Golf & Country Club Date: 5/17/15 Sun Morning
Overall Rating: Worth playing
Score: 80
Cost: $35
Conditions: Average - isolated issuesPace: 4 Hours
I haven't played here in almost a year but it is one of my favorite courses in the area. The greens and bunkers were in perfect condition while the fairways could definitely use some rain and TLC. They were very thin, very, very firm with mixture of yellow and green grass. I guess Ft Mill Golf Club has me spolied when it comes to course conditions.
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Red Bridge Golf & Country Club Date: 6/21/14 Sat Morning
Overall Rating: Perfect
Score: 79
Cost: $45
Conditions: PerfectPace: 3 1/2 Hours
Nearly perfect course conditions, fairways were a little on the firm side on many holes but really nothing to complain about.
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Renaissance Park Golf Course Date: 7/4/13 Thu Morning
Overall Rating: Great course
Score: 83
Cost: $45
Conditions: PerfectPace: 5 Hours
I haven't played Renaissance Park in awhile but it has always been one of my favorites . This course is in fantastic shape even with all the rain we have had. The greens were a little slow due to the amount of rain but very , very smooth rolling. Hole #17's green I remember being almost 50/50 grass and dirt was in great shape. My only complaint was pace of play , almost 5 hours due to a foursome who hadn't quite mastered the art of swinging and not missing on almost every shot. An employee ? came up to us on #6 in a golf cart and advised of a slow foursome ahead of us but just nodded and said "It's the Fourth of July, what are you going to do ?" I will definitely be back .
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Highland Creek Golf Club Date: 5/9/13 Thu Morning
Overall Rating: Below average
Score: 90
Cost: $23
Conditions: Poor - significant issuesPace: 3 1/2 Hours
The greens on the front 9 were in pretty bad shape with some almost being unplayable, especially hole # 1. The back 9 surprisingly was in pretty good shape with #18 being almost perfect. Hard to explain the difference . The course also seems to send out people on the back as we had the first tee time of the day and while making the turn we noticed a foursome on #18. This is one of our favorite tracks in the area and we hope the condition of the greens is due the weather we have had in the winter and spring.
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