Photo of golf ball on the edge of the cupPhoto of 14th hole at Quail Hollow Country Club in Charlotte, NC

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Larkin/Stonebridge hole-in-one $$$
Posted by: IM4DHERD
on 9/6/19 6:09pm
Played Larkin today and was told they now have a camera on the par 3 #2 hole. Make a hole in one and get $2500 and a copy of the video! Got home and have an email from Stonebridge (sister course)...

The B-Man's Review of Red Bridge Golf & Country Club on 8/30/19

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Red Bridge Golf & Country Club Date: 8/30/19 Fri Afternoon
Overall Rating: Worth playing
Score: 81
Cost: $35
Conditions: Good - normal wear/tearPace: 4 Hours
Username: The B-Man See All Reviews by this user
Profile: Avid Golfer (about once a week)Handicap: 9.0
Greens were great as always, no issues. Tee boxes were not great, however. Not a huge deal, but noticeable -- either bare thin, weeds or flufy bermuda almost like rough. And around several fairways or just off, even just off the greens, there were lots of weeds. It wasn't a big problem, but enough to make some lies worse than they should have been and of course diminish the aesthetics. The layout is still great and the price is always really good. So still a great course, just not as nice as I've seen it.
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