Photo of golf ball on the edge of the cupPhoto of 14th hole at Quail Hollow Country Club in Charlotte, NC

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Re: Tillery Tradition Status
Posted by: kuehbr
on 10/10/17 11:25am
Thanks for the update! One of my favorite area courses and happy to hear that they are putting in the time/money to make that place great again, looking forward to playing it in the upcoming months

tvrepairex's Review of Tillery Tradition Country Club on 10/18/17

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Tillery Tradition Country Club Date: 10/18/17 Wed Morning
Overall Rating: Great course
Score: 88
Cost: $35
Conditions: Good - normal wear/tearPace: 3 1/2 Hours
Username: tvrepairex See All Reviews by this user
Profile: Avid Golfer (about once a week)Handicap: 15.6
Played this course early morning, first time on the new greens. The greens themselves were very good,smooth,medium speed.There were some areas on a few greens that had been sodded at the edges near the fringes.These did not affect our play and I had heard about these in advance through their emails.Fairways were great and the tee boxes for the most part very good.The rough seemed a little thicker than in the past ,but not as bad as some other area courses. The traps on the other hand had not been raked and this had usually been a strength of the course.Maybe because we were out before they got a chance to do them? Overall very good course but they have raised their rates somewhat,thirty five dollars for senior rate in the weekdays.I love the course,but can do better price wise and closer than a 45
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