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Birkdale Golf Club
Posted by: BetterThanMost
on 2/12/19 7:55pm
This article about possible re-development of Birkdale Golf Club (that includes saving the course) was in today's Charlotte Agenda e-newsletter: Birkdale I don't think the new ownership understands...

The B-Man's Review of Skybrook Golf Club on 7/9/17

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Skybrook Golf Club Date: 7/9/17 Sun Afternoon
Overall Rating: Great course
Score: 86
Cost: $36
Conditions: Good - normal wear/tearPace: 4 Hours
Username: The B-Man See All Reviews by this user
Profile: Avid Golfer (about once a week)Handicap: 9.0
My first time back at Skybrook in over a year. I use to play here more often (5-10 years ago) when it was one of my favorites. I just really like the layout. Outside of Verdict Ridge, no course plays more like a mountain course than this one with its dramatic elevation changes and rolling hills. I had a nice chat with the superintendent, Dino Psaroudis, before the round. He's been at Skybrook since last Fall and has helped bring the course back from the brink. Conditions today were good with a few notable exceptions. The bent grass greens rolled really well and despite lots of ball marks from frequent play there were no other issues on the putting surfaces. Tees and fairways were in good shape too. The further you get off the fairway, the more weeds and brush take over. So rough lies can be dicey. The biggest issue right now is the bunkers and as my father has noted in his previous reviews (aimtobreak80), they are working on that. We basically played bunkers as a free drop outside the bunker. At a minimum, play them as rake and place. Most were overwhelmed with water or were dried up riverbed quality. Bunkers aside, the course is still a great layout and once again I enjoyed the closing 4-hole stretch that I think is among the best. I'll be back soon.
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