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The Club at Irish Creek
Posted by: IM4DHERD
on 7/31/19 10:27am
The Club at Irish Creek, private place in Kannapolis with a Davis Love III designed back nine, has a member for a day program. Link is on their website. Well worth the effort to sign up and the...

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Springfield Golf Club

  • 6/7/19, Review by IM4DHERD - Some might rate it average, but am giving them credit for the work being done. Issues - Most tee boxes have little if any grass. On one, we teed up just outside the designated teeing area, just to have some grass. They are, for the most part, well sanded so they are definitely working on them. The rough is fairly thin and had been aerated maybe not so recently. Again, they are aware of it, working on it and ask they you drive the carts in the fairways not the rough. Fairways and greens are in excellent shape, no complaints whatsoever. I guess they re-did the greens since the last time I played. They used to be so crazy fast that if your approach was above the hole you were screwed. Rolling very true now. Great practice area. One thing, and this is becoming a pet peeve of mine - Not a single red or yellow stake or line anywhere on the course.
  • 10/13/18, Review by MGOBLUE - Last played here in April, front 9 only, and thought the front was in pretty good shape. They closed the course for almost 2 mos to replace the greens and all I can say is that it they did a fantastic job. Fairways were lush and if there were any dead spots I didn't see them. The greens were immaculate and rolled great. I was only in one bunker but it had plenty of the white stuff in it. The tee boxes would be the only area not up to the same standard as the rest of the course.
  • 5/18/18 - Msg Board Posting
    Springfield Golf Club Update   BetterThanMost
    Got this email from Springfield Golf Club today: "We have experienced severe winter kill on several of our greens due to the past winter. We have closed the golf course until May 26th to address these issues. At that time, the back nine of the course will reopen with two temporary greens. The front nine will remain closed to allow the greens to heal and the new greens to establish.
    We greatly appreciate your understanding and patience while we work diligently to restore the course to the standards we all expect."
  • 11/13/16, Review by GinMillDJ - Extremely slow play even with rangers on the course. Course itself is in nice condition. fairways and rough are beginning to go dormant.
  • 10/4/16, Review by tmathes - From the pro shop staff, starter and everyone else associated with this course, TOP NOTCH all the way. Played with another twosome and it was a little slow as they searched for balls quite frequently, but as far as course conditions, OUTSTANDING. Greens rolled true, fairways and tee boxes were in great shape as well. Senior rate fit the budget and it was truly an enjoyable day of golf(outside of the score I posted) and that was surely all on me.
  • 7/30/16, Review by KyleSmith - I played this course in October of 2014 (before I moved to charlotte) and haven't played it since. Man, I need to play this course more. The fairways were nice, with a few spots here or there but to be this late in the summer it was awesome to see them that taken care of. The greens were dying from Wut I'm guessing is heat and lack of water, which meant they were fast and I loved it. All of them were quicker than any other public course I've played. The pace of play was awesome. We're only got help up twice towards the end, but they had a Marshall driving around to enforce pace. Overall, I'd recommend this course to anyone looking for a reasonable price and a great track. I will be back.
  • 5/5/16, Review by The B-Man - My first time back at Springfield in many years. Still a challenging track. The course was very green and in good shape. I felt the greens were just okay. No major issues, but it seemed they were protecting the greens by not cutting them very low. So the speeds were average and uneven throughout the 18 holes. The slowness exaggerated the breaks and made putts from outside 5 feet difficult to hole. The other difficulty I had was not remembering the holes and getting surprised by hazards and fairways abruptly ending (#5 and #12). I hit a couple of really good shots only to lose my ball, which was very frustrating. You really have to know the course or play with someone who knows it to navigate the blind shots successfully. All in all, this is still a good course that I will come back to play again.
  • 5/22/15, Review by Leednc - I first played Springfield back in November and have played 3 times since. Friday's weather was great and so was the course. Fairways are in good shape and the greens were super quick. I was surprised by the run out on several putts and look forward to more trips around this course. Another fun thing about Springfield is that the majority of the greens are elevated and it is very tough to get a level lie even in the fairways. Requires lots of attention to detail with the varied lies you get here. Truly a fun course to play.
  • 3/17/15, Review by hotrod jb - First time I've played Springfield. I really like the course and layout but the winter weather hurt this course. Fairways are almost bald and tee boxes are chewed up pretty good. I'll go back in a few months and try it again.
  • 7/27/14, Review by oneputt - Even the total fog out for a few holes could not take away from this really special Saturday morning at Springfield. It is very expensive so I don't play here on the weekends but I am sure glad that I did! The course was really beautiful. Fairways were smooth and fully grassed. Lies were good to perfect. Bunkers and traps were wet but the sand was consistent and playing from them was not bad. The greens were FAST. Pin placements were tough. Very rarely did one have a clean,straight putt. Mostly big breaking putts, even short putts were tough. The greens held most shots and the putts rolled true. The entire staff could not have been more focused on their customers! Rangers kept pace going and they even THANKED us for coming out and playing. Yes, the costs were on the very high side but for a special day on the links it was well worth every dollar. I will be back!
  • 10/16/13, Review by WGBSR - Good condition through out. Nice practice range. First time on the course. It is a good layout with some challenging greens. I recommend it to all.
  • 9/15/13, Review by wnb5th - Great shape. Fast, firm, green, no issues at all. It's a tough layout for me historically but it was such a pleasure to play. We teed off at 3:30 PM on a Saturday (3some) and finished in 3.5 hours - that was great! we flew around the course. I've had some slow rounds here in the past but this was a pleasant surprise. Tee Boxes - no issues Fairways - no issues Rough - very manageable and recently cut Green - AWESOME. The ONLY REASON I am not giving this a 5 Star Rating is that I couldnt believe they had the snack bar closed at 5 PM (after we completed our Front 9). I was looking forward to a cold beverage and was shocked it was closed on a Saturday. BUT, they do have a ice/water machine but it wasn't the exact beverage that I was looking forward to!
  • 8/26/13, Review by oneputt - Greens had been sanded but they putted true and really the fastest that I have seen yet! Fairways were excellant and the traps were well maintained. Always enjoy playing at this course. The starter went out of his way to get me a game and get us out right away. Pro shop staff, at least one of them, needs to work on her people skills. Make this course a must play, it's hard, pretty and a real challenge.
  • 7/29/13, Review by izzyf150 - Springfield in its normal condition (Good shape). Fairways were good. Ruff not to ruff. Greens were fast and putts were breaking. Greens have a light top dressing of sand at the moment but putts are still rolling smooth. Guy at the counter, noticing that I am a Steeler fan, told me that Donnie Shell plays the course pretty often. I might have to visit this place more often, might bump into him one day.
  • 7/13/13, Review by oneputt - Saturday morning,twosome,nobdy out in front,what's there not to like about this. Carts were off the path! Green's were perfect. Even the traps were raked and in good shape! I would again highly recommend this course to anyone wanting first class experience. Weekend fees are steep that is why I play mostly on the weekdays.
  • 7/13/13, Review by CU_Tigerfan - Springfield is in really great shape right now. I was surprised that it wasn't wet and muddy given the extensive rain lately. Granted, there were a few low lying spots that were soggy, but overall the course seems to have drained really well. Greens were maybe a touch slow, but not bad. They were rolling true and holding shots, so no complaints. The only drawback to Springfield right now might be the price.
  • 7/9/13, Review by oneputt - Kinda wet,but who isn't! Greens perfect. Fairways full and mowed close. Some roll even. Traps were wet but that is to be expected. Staff very friendly and willing to get me out quickly. Not very busy. Rate for a senior is ok. Have to ride,can't walk. Be back on Saturday morning!
  • 7/1/13, Review by PADave - First time out here. Great course. Superb practice area and pro shop staff. No cart girl for entire round though. Conditions were good even for all the rain we have had. Greens were a bit slow. Lots of slope on fairways and greens. All in all good course. Maybe not quite worth the $55 but close. Will be out here again as its a true test and you will use all your clubs.
  • 6/29/13, Review by oneputt - First time playing here! What a surprise......really pleasant.... course in superb condition. Had the feeling of a mountain course and a resort one as well. Can't walk this course! Play was slow but their were plenty of rangers and they were doing their best to keep a crowded course moving. Will certainly play course week. Subtle understanding will make scoring more likely. Great staff all around. Go play this layout
  • 3/2/13 - Msg Board Posting
    Re: Springfield   Wulfpack
    Both Springfield and Fort Mill allow pushcarts. All over the place at Fort Mill as it is a walker's course. Fort Mill is very well layed out for walkers - not far at all between green and tee. Springfield is a bear to walk both from a distance standpoint as well as elevation. I like the front nine at Fort Mill (Donald Ross) but the back isn't all that bad and there are a few neat holes on the back. I think a dual membership will give you variety and the best of both worlds for a very reasonable price. Happy golfing!
  • 11/28/12, Review by 4amigos - Greens in very good condition for December. Staff always makes you feel that they want you back
  • 11/8/12, Review by Zunojoe - Springfield is in very good condition. The fairways and rough are dormant but provide a very nice lie and, due to dry weather, a lot of extra roll. The greens are fantastic. They are firm and fast and roll true. This course layout grows on me every time even though it is pretty tough and scoring is difficult. Something else that stood out to me today was that there were very few leaves in play. Normally this time of year you can lose balls that are in bounds due to fallen leaves. For whatever reason, the fallen leaves at Springfield are where they belong and we don't, in the woods.
  • 8/21/12, Review by metallikviper - This is the first time I've ever given a course a 5* rating. Everything is perfect from tee to green. Sand in bunkers was fluffy almost to point where I was wishing to end up in there. I just wish they didn't have the Mini Verde greens, but looks like that is the only kinda grass that will hold up to this heat and golfer abuse (unfixed divots). They must be spending a lot of money keeping this course up to snuff and its paying off. $65 is still a bit too steep for a weekend round of golf but worth it if you care about course condition and quality of greens. I highly recommend this course.
  • 8/20/12, Review by estanwick - Greens are good/excellent. Couple minor punch marks but nothing to get bent out of shape on. This course should be played at least twice a year by followers of B-Man's website. Strong recomendation to play. Overall rank: A-
  • 8/19/12, Review by GungaGalunga - This course is in fantastic shape. I played horrible on a few holes, but still had a great time overall. The greens are 10/10, the rest of it is 9/10. Rainy morning so course was clear of people and pace was fast. I will be back. I highly recommend playing here.
  • 5/20/12, Review by Wulfpack - Always enjoy playing this course -- one of the better kept in the area and very close to the center city. It is an extremely challenging course (voted Charlotte's toughest public couse), so bring your A-game and check your ego at the tee box. Greens were a bit slow, but all in all a great round. If you like this course, check out their great membership options, incuding a double membership with Fort Mill Golf Club.
  • 3/1/12, Review by malamute - course in good shape except a few tee boxes / greens very fast / bunker sand very good / love this course
  • 2/17/12, Review by Russell - A few quick comments about my last visit to Springfield. Their tee boxes have always struggled and seem to be in the worst shape I have seen them. Even in the heat of summer they are historically thin and heavily sanded - right now there is just not much grass at all. Also, the greens were in great shape but not as quick and seem to be softening up a little. Actually had to fix a ballmark or two. The balance of the course was still above average and the price was reasonable. A great option for this side of town.
  • 1/28/12, Review by ILL-INI - Springfield is right up there in my favorites column. The greens are rolling pretty nicely, fairways are thick. It was wet and cart path only when we played but overall not a bad day on the course. I think we ended up finishing in 4 1/2 hours so not too bad considering we had to walk to our balls. Thanks for the arm sleeve Chris Gore, that really helped me put together a nice round! Oh, and don't forget you still owe me money for the round, Puma's and steaks punk! hahaha
  • 12/28/11, Review by wnb5th - had lots of rain yesterday so it was soft and cart path only but course was still in pretty good shape. lots of dead, wet bermuda but greens still rolled good, bunkers in very good shape, overall not bad for this time of year. I am not a big fan of this course but there isnt any reason that i wouldnt recommend it to someone to play.
  • 10/15/11, Review by Matt - Everything greened up nicely, but there were some sucker pin placements today. 7 or 8 were at or within a foot of the peak of two converging slopes and another 5 or 6 were on side slopes. At one point it was like putt-putt. My dad missed a 4 foot uphill putt that rolled about a inch past the hole before proceeding to roll back to almost an identical location of where it was before the shot. :) All in all a great course in great shape.
  • 9/11/11, Review by Matt - Course in great shape like normal and my score in bad shape like normal.
  • 8/16/11, Review by Russell - Took the afternoon off to play this course near where I work. Pace of play was terrific - we teed off around 2pm did not see anyone for the whole round. The course was in terrific shape - specifically the greens - but I got an email that they are being punched next week. Tees, fairways and traps were all good. Yes, the greens do not hold as well as bent but they are not unplayable - maybe that was due to the recent rains. 7, 8 and 9 is one of the hardest three hole stretches in Charlotte.
  • 8/12/11, Review by NLM - Conditioning excellent compared to other local courses this time of year. Greens rolled true and had good pace, tees good, fairways excellent. Will definitely go back soon.
  • 8/11/11, Review by Matt - Only compliant is greens are very firm and not very receptive. They are great to putt on though. Everything else from tee boxes to fairways is perfect or very close to it.
  • 7/26/11, Review by Matt - Course looks great, and very green. Pros: Greens are consistent and extremely fast, and awesome to putt on. Fairways are in amazing shape and always have good lies. Cons: Fairways bouncy, fast, and sloped so a ball hit down the middle might roll off into the rough which brings me to my second complaint. Rough is EXTREMELY thick. You are lucky to hit the ball 100 yds out of it. You must be accurate off the tee to score well here. Also, greens are extremely hard and fast so approach shots roll off and do not stick whatsoever. Rough around greens is a little less thick but still quite ridiculous. I'm not trying to play in the U.S. Open! Sand is in decent shape and tee boxes are good. Overall, the course looks very green, but is playing extremely hard almost unfair-like right now.
  • 7/20/11 - Msg Board Posting
    Springfield   DrSchteeve
    Not walking friendly. Actually, just not friendly - greens very nonrecptive with the angles required for many shots. If you play it all the time, you probably could figure out the angles of the fairways and greens, but to play occasionally, very difficult.
  • 7/16/11, Review by El Supremo - Somewhere between really good and perfect. Tees, fairways, bunkers are all in great shape. The greens, which were all replaced last year, are in really good shape but seem to be a little inconsistent in speed. They have a beverage cart now too.
  • 6/26/11, Review by Matt - Fairways great, tee boxes great, putting on the greens was great. Approach shots were another thing entirely. Greens are so hard that no approach shot sticks and it makes the course extremely difficult. Course in great shape though, staff was friendly like always, and pace of play was great.
  • 6/14/11, Review by Matt - Greens are healed from punching and in excellent shape. Not fastest they have ever been but are very consistent and smooth. Fairways are green and rough is long and tough as always. This course is truly one of the best public courses around.
  • 6/12/11, Review by Matt - Greens almost helaed from punching... will be perfect in about one week. Pace of Play was great and staff was super friendly (like always.) Fairways in great shape, and rough is well manicured (but maybe a little thick for my liking.) Just a great course and one of my favorite courses as far as conditions go.
  • 6/8/11, Review by rjrnyy - Great deal for anymore who needs to escape from work during the week. $25 is a steal. Springfield did airate their greens and they are still noticable with the sand, but some holes are starting to come in and they are still playing fast as per usual there. Rest of course is in good shape and playing tough as they grew the rough higher in areas around traps and greens.
  • 6/7/11, Review by Porkchop - Greens were punched last week, so nobody in the group made a putt outside of 4 feet. The rough is thick in some spots and was borderline unfair. Twice I was 3 feet outside the fairway and had to hack it out back into the fairway. I mean are we playing in the US open or something...? I would give it another 2 weeks before playing because the greens were punched. The course is challenging, even on the shorter par 4s there is trouble. If you've never played the course before, there are certain sides of the fairway you must avoid or youre looking at bogey. Also some sucker pins, play for the center of the green, short sided chips are no fun.
  • 6/7/11, Review by Stick - Springfield is one of the nicer courses in the area so even though the greens were just plugged last week I couldn't pass up a $25 round. Fairways were in great condition - about the best I've seen this year. Rough was on the long side but fair. Only a few areas on this course need work. The greens were extremely slow on this day and longer putts was very difficult due to the sand and plug marks. In a 2-3 weeks I'm sure the greens will be good again and this course will be outstanding. Fairways were 9.5/10, greens 5/10 due to the recent aeration.
  • 6/5/11, Review by Matt - Another great day at Springfield. Fairways and tee boxes in great shape. Just punched greens so sandy and slow but very consistent. They will be immaculate in a couple of weeks. Only $35 for adult rate right now so I for sure recommend or wait until greens are perfected and pay more but truly enjoy the Springfield experience. Every time I play I just enjoy the course more!
  • 5/31/11 - Msg Board Posting
    springfield   malamute
    is punching greens this week / running a reduced greens fee special
  • 5/23/11, Review by Fattyhoon - One of the nicest maintained courses in the Charlotte Area. I personally love the layout, and the conditions. Fairways are full, rough is thick and tough, Greens were a tad slow, but rolled true and had very minimal markings. If this course was $10 cheaper, I would play here every week...I do love this course and play it often, but almost $50 during the week to play is a little high for my budget.
  • 5/22/11, Review by ILL-INI - I was pretty much amazed at how nice Springfield is looking right now. I played here a couple years ago and wasn't all that impressed. They've completely redone the greens and they are super nice. They are rolling true and firm. I can count on my hand 5 time maybe where I saw a dry spot on the green or fairway, the course is in excellent shape. The only thing I worry about is the fairways are a little thing, not bad just a little thin. Hopefully they hold up to the heat otherwise this course is in trouble for the summer. But right have to play this course. Absolutely beautiful play right now.
  • 5/20/11, Review by Matt - I played this course about a month ago for the first time and it was near perfect. It was still excellent today just lots of ballmarks on greens and lots of divots on fairway from lots of use. The greens still ran true, the course is still top-notch, and the staff there are some of the nicest people you will meet. I strongly recommend it. I am considering a membership.
  • 5/4/11 - Msg Board Posting
    Course conditions   DrSchteeve
    Verdict Ridge should be perfect in 2 weeks. You need to play this course. You will love it and remember it. Springfield is interesting: almost Augusta like, greens too fast and silly shot angles into those greens, recommended but don't expect to score well.
  • 4/8/11, Review by metallikviper - Course is in great shape. Except for a few holes the greens were good. Fairways still not fully green but should be in good shape for the summer. Played on a Friday and almost took us 4.5 hours. No marshal to move the slow group in front. Would really recommend they add a net on the side of the driving range, cos if you hit a drive to the left on the Hole 1 you'll take forever to find it.
  • 3/19/11, Review by JD - Greens are great and the course is in excellent shape for this time of year.
  • 3/4/11, Review by malamute - one of the best courses around / good quality range balls and large practice area / greens are decent but could be better
  • 2/13/11, Review by DrSchteeve - Well, I'm calling it a great course but I need to go back a few more times. The new mini-verde greens were in great shape, but the course seems to pride itself on "Augusta" greens in terms of speed - very, very fast. Wouldn't be an issue - I like fast greens - except that the greens are also in the Donald Ross mold: often mounded and extremely difficult to hold. Add to that some ridiculous shot angles and you end up with a course that is extremely difficult. Again, I think I might like it, as I love Donald Ross designs and like fast greens as well, but this may be over the edge. Some of the fairways are a bit goofy as well - hit the middle of the fairway and end up 20 yards into the rough because of the angles. I'm going to come back a few more times before I decide if I really like the course.
  • 10/13/10, Review by malamute - 1st time back since greens replaced - if they end up as nice as the putting green will be great only the 16th green had issue - a couple of squares placed in it - rest of course is what you expect here - great course
  • 7/29/10 - Springfield has lost its greens to the summer heat and the course is closed while they transition from bentgrass greens to the more heat-tolerant MiniVerde grass. They fumigated the greens this week and plan to sprig the MiniVerde grass early next week with the hope of being open by late September or early October. "The decision was, do we put more fans on the course (to cool the greens) or do we go with new grass," Gene Roper, director of golf at Springfield and Fort Mill said. "We had to do one or the other. Our greens were not up to snuff. We were tired of fighting it. It's not fun to do but when you look at it long term, it was the right thing to do."
  • 7/5/10, Review by bob - Greens are in horrible shape. Not sure what happened, but at least 13-15 are almost completely dead (i.e. bare dirt and weeds) and several have huge bees burrowing holes in the greens. They gave us the "maintenance" rate, which I assume is what they charge after aeration. Like the course but won't be going back until they straighten out the greens, which may be a long time. Looks like they might need to rip them up and start over.
  • 6/11/10, Review by malamute - course in good shape greens great but need to be cut 7th green had a few rough spots
  • 5/22/10, Review by Russell - I played in a modified scramble tournament at Springfield and the course was in pretty good shape. Everything has "greened up" pretty well and the greens were in nice condition. The only complaint would be that the greens needed to be cut - they were very shaggy. They have also moved the tees around to try to address some of the bad teeing areas - hopefully they recover quickly.
  • 5/8/10, Review by JD - Springfield is in good shape. Greens were a little slow, fairway a little shaggy, and the collars around the greens were a little worn. Other than that, the course's layout still makes this a great round of golf at a decent price. (I just wish they'd put more darn red/yellow/white stakes...I've been complaining about this for three years.)
  • 4/17/10, Review by CU_Tigerfan - This is my favorite layout in town, but they have let me down again. I hadn't been in over a year, but I love the course so I thought I'd give it another shot. So many issues: Pace of play was an absurd 5 1/2 hours. No ranger on the course at all. Just backed up all day. There is no grass on a lot of the fringe/collar areas. The greens themselves were a bit slow, which I could forgive because most were in good shape. However, it must have been at least a weeks since they cut new holes! They were very overgrown around the cup. Also, they need to blow the pollen pods and leaves off the greens. There is no way they've done this in over a week either. I mean, this is a Saturday in the spring, and they can't do the little things to make things run smoothly for the prices they're charging? Just not worth the money to play here right now, which is a shame. Oh, and there was no beverage cart that day either.
  • 4/10/10, Review by Russell - They had punched their greens 3 weeks ago and were at about 90%. They should be nice in the next week. Fairways were ok and some tee boxes (3 or 4 - mostly par 3s) were almost all sand. I am not sure what was going on there. I like the layout and the economic downturn has slowed some of the builidng surrounding the course. The clubhouse is nice and the staff is friendly. They offer a USGA/CGA handicap service for $25. There are other courses in the area that are in better condition right now that are the same or less $ - so it may be awhile before I go back.
  • 4/9/10, Review by malamute - great course - one of the best in the area
  • 10/27/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Re: Springfield   Jamie
    Yep I played Springfield on 10/18. Good course generally, but I have only played there once this year. Once they built the new clubhouse, the rates went up, and have been noncompetitive since then. I went through the same issue with Emerald Lake. I like the course, but I also have a golf budget each month. Olde Sycamore is a great course, but same issue. But, there are few courses along the fringes of the metro area that are great, and have more reasonable rates. Stonebridge in Mineral Springs is one of them. Another one is Fox Den in Troutman.
  • 10/26/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Springfield   Dan
    I decide to play Springfield this past Saturday and when I am driving to the course, it is raining hard. I get to the course and it is still raining, but decide to wait and see if it clears up. It lets up to a light drizzle, but I am still not sure we are going to play. Here's my issue....I go in and ask the guys in the pro shop if we stick it out and decide to play will they give us a break on the green fee's due to the rain. They say NO....CAN'T DO IT! What kind of logic is that? You can either lower your fee's by 20 dollars (and still make money) or get ZERO!!! How can that math add up?? Not only that, but they were charging 65 dollars for a course that has 1 green non-playable with a temporary pin that is un-playable? Are you kidding me? I mean, it is not like there was a waiting list of golfers, the place was ! empty. I guess I just don't understand the thinking of the area golf courses in this economy? Really DUMB people if you ask me.
  • 10/19/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Springfield   Jamie
    Played Springfield yesterday afternoon (10/18) for the first time this year. Surprisingly not very crowded. There are just too many other courses in south Charlotte that are as good and are a better deal. Fairways were in good shape. Greens were mostly in good shape, some were a little spotty. #16 had a temporary green, which makes for a visually weird 100-yd tee shot to an unputtable ground surface. Just hit a sand wedge, take two putts and go to 17. A lot more home construction going on there. Overall still a good layout, but their green fees are noncompetitive. Same issue with nearby Regent Park, so they must be competing with each other.
  • 8/3/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Springfield   J.D.
    Sadly, the greens at Springfield have degraded to the point where the course isn't worth the money. A shame, because all other parts of the course are fantastic.

    Those damn, enormous bees have ruined at least 3 greens and about 8-9 others are in just general bad shape.
  • 7/13/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Springfield   J.D.
    Played Springfield yesteday. Very good conditions with two items of note: 1) Those enormous bees have taken nest by burrowing into 4-5 of the greens again, same as last year. I hope they get on top of this, those buggers really damaged the greens. 2) Despite promises to the contrary, the course STILL hasn't added white/red/yellow stakes around the course. Slows down play dramatically.
  • 7/6/09 - Msg Board Posting
    CLT National, Springfield, CLT Links   J.D.
    Charlotte National: Continues to be in good shape off the tee, fantastic greens and decent fairways. Bunkers have 1/2 inch of nice fluffy sand that covers a crusty, angry base. (Don't follow my lead -- use the leading edge of your lob wedge and DIG IN.) Some of the toughest rough I've played this year led to my worst round of the year by far.

    Springfield: Very good conditions all around, with the exception of 1-2 greens that are just starting to get chewed up (worms?). Highly recommended.

    Charlotte Links: The staff continues to be some of the most ornery people around...they need attitude adjustments. 4-5 greens were recently punched and are really soft, and you need a pick-axe to get your tee in the teeing ground!

    But the rest of the course is in fine shape. Seems like they're content to keep mowing down the rough -- making this course easier and easier. (Tom Doak would be horrified at what they've done to his design.) All that said, I shot my lowest-ever round of 79 (white tees...we were just having a practice round) so it's tough for me to be too angry.
  • 6/23/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Springfield   Chuck
    Just played Springfield and from tee to green the course is in great shape. I can only remember 1 green that had some brown spots but the flag was on the opposite end so no problem. Check there website as they have some special rates, I for one will play more than once this year.
  • 5/15/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Golf in Charlotte   Dave
    Just some comments on some of the courses I've played in the last couple of months.

    Renaissance - completely disagree with the comments earlier. The only issue I had with this course is that it's sometimes hard to find a flat spot on the tee.

    Emerald lake - completely agree with the last comment. Not going back.

    Regent Park - played there Wednesday. Greens were a little fuzzy and slow but the course is in great shape.

    Springfield - Always in great shape.

    Cleghorn Plantation - made the drive and was dissapointed. Course is gorgeous. Great views, elevation changes, etc. Tees, fairways, bunkers all in great shape. Greens were terrible. They have something growing besides grass. It made them virtually unputtable and ruined the round.

    Olde Sycamore - always in great shape.

    River Oaks - greens were very good. Tee to green, not so much. Needs some work, Not worth the drive unless you're north of town.

    Glen Oaks - I really liked this course. They seem to take a lot of pride in this course. Some really pretty holes and at least one where you tee off across a road. Worth the drive.

    Deer Brook - I wasn't all that impressed but I was out there after some bad weather. I'll try it again before passing judgement.

    Rock Barn - Played the Jones course and it was great as you might expect from a course that is a Senior Tour stop.

    Charlotte Golf Links - It's horrible. Don't bother.

    Moorseville Muni - You hear different things about hhis course but I liked it. A few of the tees needed a lot work but I thought the fairways and greens were very good. They seem to do a lot of 1st Tee/ Junior golf up there. There were lots of kids walking the course Mother's Day.

    Have played Eagle Chase, Fox Den and The Warrior also. All were in good shape and worth going to play.

    Playing Edgewater in the morning. I'll update my last comments about it.

    A comment about Ballantyne Resort. They really aren't interested in attracting local golfers over there. It's all about packaging rounds with rooms and corporate outings.
  • 5/4/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Course Updates   J.D.
    Just some general course updates from a long weekend of a lot of golf...

    Springfield is in great shape, but the practice green is rolling a heckuva lot faster than the real greens, so don't be fooled. (There's also a little bumpiness in 2-3 of the back 9 greens.) One more thing -- this course should have a lot more red stakes than what's out there. It amazes me that they spend so much money on course maintenance, but forget to put down $1 stakes. Frustrating.

    Carolina Lakes is in great shape, with one exception. NOBODY seems to rake bunkers or fix ball marks here (except me and my playing partners). A shame.

    Eagle Chase was in very good shape and a great value. I do think the course is a little gimmicky, though, with nearly EVERY shot on the course factoring in elevation.

    One more note -- I've heard amazing things about Edgewater but have not yet played it. Several local golfers are saying "best public course in Charlotte area" so I'll have to check it out soon.
  • 4/22/09 - Update from J.D. - The course was in very good shape but the greens were just a bit shaggy. It seems they're trying hard to prevent a repeat from last year, when several greens burned bare and others had some bee/beetle issues nesting in the greens. So far, so good this year. (Although I did notice a few crawling beetles on some of the greens...I hope the greenskeeper keeps on top of it.)
  • 9/18/08 - Msg Board Posting
    Springfield   Clay
    Played 9/17. Had not played Springfield in a few years. I was surprised at how the development is giving the course a true country club feel for a public course. When you play this course plan to lay-up, almost every hole has obstacles in front of greens. Fairways were great. The greens were inconsistent- some fast, some slow. Played 9 holes for $19 because of maintenance- cart path only.
  • 8/4/08 - Msg Board Posting
    Springfield   J.D.
    Played last week and have good/bad news. Good: Fairways and bunkers. Bad: Greens -- eaten up and there's some strange looking, large bee that is digging holes in several of the greens...which means it may take a while for the greens to recover.
  • 7/1/08 - Msg Board Posting
    Springfield   Jamie
    Played Springfield yesterday. It's in pretty good but not great shape. The greens were a little slow and rough, likely due to too much play and not mowing. I've never seen the greens there that slow. Some looked like they had recently been aerated. I'd give it a B+.
  • 5/14/08 - Msg Board Posting
    New course added and other condition updates   B-Man
    I've added Carolina Lakes Golf Club (Indian Land, SC) to the roster. I've still got to get out there and post my review, though. Let me know if you've played there and how you liked it.

    Also, I received some quick updates from J.D.:

    Waterford -- Greens are in good shape and lightning quick as usual. But the fairways could be a bit better, even with our drought conditions.

    Carolina Lakes -- Probably one of the best courses in South Charlotte. Excellent condition. Good luck trying to hold the greens on anything more than a PW.

    Emerald Lake -- Good greens, but the course was in better condition earlier in the year.

    Springfield -- Fantastic condition and still one of the toughest off-the-tee courses around.
  • 5/1/08 - Played on 5/1. Course was in great shape all around. Had a great round and no complaints. Greens were well-kept and smooth, not fast though. Find an opportunity and go out to play this course. You'll have a great round!
  • 7/6/07 - (From JD): What a terrific and challenging course. One key update, though, is that the practice green and driving range are both closed for renovation. If you need warm-up time before a round (I certainly do), you may want to wait until the practice areas are ready. One more nit -- you won't find any white, yellow or red stakes on this track, so you often have to guess at your penalty.
  • 5/29/07 - Msg Board Posting
    More course updates...   J.D.
    1) The Divide was in decent condition, though the greens were long and slow. I always considered this a straightforward course, but on closer inspection, there are a handful of interesting holes here. But they keep the course in fine shape -- better then CLT Links (although Links finally improved the greens).

    2) Stonebridge had everyone starting on the #10 hole and I'm convinced that is a better experience than normal (despite two back-to-back Par 5s). Conditions were okay -- greens were recently punched and also showing signs of wear.

    3) Springfield was in very good shape, but the greens were long, slow and bumpy. Understandable, given our current drought. Bunkers were in perfect condition.
  • 12/27/06 - Msg Board Posting
    Played Springfield   MIKE CLARK
    Played Springfield in Fort Mill last week very nice price alittle high for winter. Was wondering anyone have opinions on which package to purchase the carolina trail three courses to play south over 250 for the year all you pay is cart fees or ratcliff Golf service $79.95 and play Charles meyer,Sunset Hills & paradise valley. Any other recommendations would be appreciated.
  • 9/6/06 - Msg Board Posting
    Re: Springfield   Fisher171
    I played Charlotte Golf Links on 8/26 & agree w/ Springfield that most of the greens were in rough shape; a case of too much rain in combination with all the rounds that club attracts. Some of the greens looked like they had trouble recovering from the last aerification. Also, it looked as if the grounds crew didn't bother mowing grees that morning, but that's my opinion. Overall, I enjoyed the lay-out & would like ly come back...after some dry days.
  • 8/27/06 - Msg Board Posting
    Springfield   JB
    Greens are in terrible shape. Give them a month to recover.
  • 10/20/05 - Msg Board Posting
    Springfield - Fort Mill   JB
    Great shape and good people running it! Worth a look. Best deal is with last minute golf!!!
  • 10/6/05 - Msg Board Posting
    Conditions   MJS
    For those visiting Charlotte this fall, please know that this summer's conditions were very hard on local area greens - very wet and humid early and very, very dry for an extended period only now starting to come back. My opinion on those asked about in earlier posts:

    Springfield - tough tough, forced carries and truly unique place - just now developing real estate on/around course. Play it now as it is one of the best premium courses in the area. I played last week and greens were so so - having just been punched and suffering a bit from the bad summer - great value durring the week and unique.

    Eagle Chase - kind of a long drive, I call this a bubba course. I mean it in a nice way - more like a muni look and feel it is low end but really good layout, not in great shape - almost like a mtn course with elevation change.

    Olde Sycamore - Probably best greens around right now - very playable and tough layout. typical Charlotte style course in a housing development.

    Regent Park - great layout and usually great shape - i have heard greens were lost earlier this year and have stayed away but will defer to earlier posters and go back on their rec.

    Waterford - in Rock Hill SC - 30 min from Charlotte. A gem, and a Hale Irwin Course very fun and some unique holes (#3 has you drive thru a "chute") Good shape

    Charlotte Golf Links - scottish style layout with lots of Gorse, bunkers and elevated greens - good shape and right off 485

    Stonebridge - good shape for the most part and forgiving layout

    Larkhaven is a muni that is not in the same tier as above but fun/fair and cheap

    Verdict Ridge is TIGHT and LOTS of houses but very nice and good shape last time I played

    My top 4:

    Olde Sycamore
    Charlotte Golf Links
  • 9/22/05 - Msg Board Posting
    Re: Course conditions   Jim C.
    Played Olde Sycamore today 09.22.05. It was great. Conditions were excellent. You can find a coupon in the paper here for $35 per person or at

    Played Springfield last week 09.15.05 and the greens were in very poor condition. I've always enjoyed Springfield but would not play there again until the greens have returned.
  • 6/20/05 - Played on 6/17 for my second visit to this course. Many reviews mention the un-courtesy staff, but our starter was helpful. Marshalls left us alone and the clubhouse crew gave course tips. You'll need 'em for your first round. This course has many blind shots and hazards that can ruin otherwise good shots.
  • 10/8/04 - Msg Board Posting
    Re: Conditions at springfield?   Billy
    My friend and I played it this past Tuesday and the greens were coming back, not all of the way, but definitely worth the price. The rest of the course was in typical top condition. Don't forget to check lastminutegolfer, Springfield is offering a $16 weekday, 9-hole rate with cart!

  • 7/9/04 - Msg Board Posting
    Area courses   Nial Williams
    GOT to play Springfield. Located a little past Waterford, this is one nice course. The clubhouse is a trailer (temporary) but the staff is friendly and knowledgable. Have seen wild turkeys the 2 times I've played it this yr. Each hole is seperate, no golfers coming the other way. Tees/fairways/greens & sand traps all good. They were surveying for 700(?) homes last time I was there so it'd be a good idea to play this course soon. Be advised - they have clocks every 4 holes or so to pace your play (4 1/2 hr round). Pay attention to the in-cart hole cards; they'll keep you out of trouble.
  • 11/27/03 - Course in great shape. Must have overseeded, fairways are still green. Putting surfaces are very nice, smooth and fast. Very impressive for late November.