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Re: The Divide...Really?
Posted by: The B-Man
on 7/14/19 11:25am
That's absurd. I play there once or twice a year just to check conditions. I live 3 minutes away and drive by it several times a week. I'm not sure The Divide was ever a must play even in its...

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  • 6/11/19 - Msg Board Posting
    Re: Skybrook closing for greens renovation   Kyle Smith
    Know several members at Skybrook and this is pretty much my "home course." Change is going to be great for this course. Pinnacle has committed 1.5 million to the renovations over the next few years. Greens are converting and drainage is going to be addressed (thank God).
  • 6/10/19 - Msg Board Posting
    Skybrook closing for greens renovation   The B-Man
    Another summer, another bent grass course closing to switch over to Bermuda. Got word today that Skybrook Golf Club in Huntersville will be closing next week to switch to a Bermuda Mini-Verde hybrid. While they are closed, they will be addressing other areas including some renovations to the clubhouse. They plan to re-open on Aug 30th.
  • 5/14/19, Review by IM4DHERD - Really very good conditions, but not perfect. Some spots in the fairways that didn't make much, if any, difference. I think an earlier review mentioned a lack of sand? Traps were well sanded and full. Greens were in fantastic shape as were teeboxes.
  • 11/25/18, Review by hotrod jb - First time playing Skybrook and I must say I really like the course. Conditions were very wet from the rain but overall it was good. The greens rolled true but a few issues with weeds. Only issue was the price in my book.
  • 7/1/18, Review by dischydo - Course and greens overall in good shape. 3 fairways were beat up. Greens were soft and receptive with some ball marks but still rolled nice.
  • 5/13/18, Review by jscum13 - Skybrook is coming around. Definitely putting in the effort to make the course great. They are suffering from the same issues as most public courses right now, thin fairways, dead in some spots like on 1 fairway and 5 fairway, but the greens are really good, no poa and rolling true. The fast pace of play may have had to do with sneaking out on Mother's Day morning and the 95 degree forecast, but Skybrook usually isn't a slow round. They look to be completely over their bunker issues of the past, I was in 2 or 3 and felt very confident in the sand each time. They are trying (watering diligently during the day) and that's all you can ask for when searching for a public course in Charlotte right now. Not many others can say the same. Should be in really good shape this summer.
  • 5/10/18, Review by MGOBLUE - First time playing here since 2012. Greens and bunkers were in good shape but tee boxes and fairways were not. Number one fairway was in the worst shape of them all and had maintenance being done to it while we teed off. They appear to be making an honest effort to get it back in shape so I will be back as this was once one of my favorite courses.
  • 4/22/18, Review by aepfeiffer - Played here this past weekend in a charity event, going to give it a 3.5 stars but trending towards 4, greens are starting to come around and should be pretty good with some isolated issues in the next week or two with some warmer weather, little bumpy but still played really well. Fairways still pretty patchy and need the Bermuda to grow thru, could stand a few weeks of 80 degree weather! Tee boxes pretty decent overall. They have done a huge renovation to the bunkers and most are in great shape now, the course has isolated issues but I expect this place to be superb before the year is out if they keep working on it at the rate they are going!
  • 4/17/18, Review by The B-Man - The layout is still a favorite of mine, pretty much a mountain course with elevation changes on almost every hole. The course conditions were okay and certainly playable. However, most of the fairways have serious issues that remind me of the winterkill that Rocky River suffered a couple of years ago. The impacted fairways (I lost track but it's easily half) are basically bare dirt with no grass. In some cases, we gave ourselves a better lie on the few blades of grass we could find near our ball but that was a challenge. I didn't get a chance to chat with the pro shop about what was going on. Greens were good. Speed was good even though they were just a bit bumpy. I didn't notice any major problems so I'd expect the greens will be in good seasonal form very soon. The bunker issues of the past 2 years seem to be resolved. I didn't have a problem with any of the ones I visited. Tee boxes were mixed but no issues affected play. It's just those fairways -- they are an eyesore and you're better off being just off in the rough. Also, if anyone ever figures out how best to play the tee shot on #10, I'm all ears. I despise that hole!
  • 9/21/17, Review by aimtobreak80 - Good news and bad news. The good news is that, now, carts are permitted on Nos. 1 and 6 holes where such access was desperately needed. The bad news is that the course renovation/rejuvenation has apparently stalled, and several issues that had been addressed earlier in the year have regressed somewhat. The biggest disappointment is that there has been no improvement in any of the bunkers contrary to what I was led to believe was in the offing back in June - no evidence of any work whatsoever - and the only improvement was no standing water (but we haven't had rain for over a week, so that's not saying much). Several greens were stressed either with bare spots and/or mower scrapes, and the ball didn't roll exactly true. The fairways were good-to-average, but my biggest complaint remains: too many uneven lies. Finally, I was playing as a single, and soon ran up against another single who was playing behind a foursome which was playing behind a fivesome! This made for an extremely slow second nine that ruined any playing rhythm, or momentum. I likely will not play Skybrook again until next year in order to give the new management one, last chance to make the course worthwhile.
  • 8/25/17, Review by MtnIsland - Great Layout, course in very good condition. Greens rolled true but are a bit chewed up. Bunkers still unplayable. Course will be excellent when they get the bunkers cleaned up.
  • 7/9/17, Review by The B-Man - My first time back at Skybrook in over a year. I use to play here more often (5-10 years ago) when it was one of my favorites. I just really like the layout. Outside of Verdict Ridge, no course plays more like a mountain course than this one with its dramatic elevation changes and rolling hills. I had a nice chat with the superintendent, Dino Psaroudis, before the round. He's been at Skybrook since last Fall and has helped bring the course back from the brink. Conditions today were good with a few notable exceptions. The bent grass greens rolled really well and despite lots of ball marks from frequent play there were no other issues on the putting surfaces. Tees and fairways were in good shape too. The further you get off the fairway, the more weeds and brush take over. So rough lies can be dicey. The biggest issue right now is the bunkers and as my father has noted in his previous reviews (aimtobreak80), they are working on that. We basically played bunkers as a free drop outside the bunker. At a minimum, play them as rake and place. Most were overwhelmed with water or were dried up riverbed quality. Bunkers aside, the course is still a great layout and once again I enjoyed the closing 4-hole stretch that I think is among the best. I'll be back soon.
  • 6/7/17, Review by aimtobreak80 - I last played Skybrook about 9 months ago when it had seriously deteriorated, and was in ghastly shape. I had only had one golf outing so far this year, and decided to give the course a look, because it was under new management and I wanted to see what changes, if any, may have resulted. I am glad that I did. I entered the community from the eastern end, and had a good view of the No. 12 fairway and green – they both appeared lush and green from the road. The parking lot at the clubhouse was moderately full, which was somewhat reassuring, because it suggested that a lot of golfers were playing the course and conditions couldn’t be as bad as they had been in August of 2016. Checking in, I discovered that new management wasn’t exactly entirely “new”, because a former teaching pro was in the partnership that had taken over in February, and we talked at some length about what had already been done to restore the course, and what was in the immediate, future plans to continue the restoration. Those plans include a complete overhaul of the 61 bunkers on the course which were in very poor condition (and, he honestly and readily admitted, had been a big problem throughout the 5 years that I have played the course.) The plans are to start with the green-side bunkers, excavating to remove the clay that currently prevents drainage, and installing what I refer to as “the fluffy white sand” that (in my experience) is sadly absent from most public-access courses in the Charlotte area. He estimates that it may take a month-and-a-half to complete the process. My estimate, maybe naïve, is that it is such a major undertaking, it may not be completed before the end of this golfing season. Now to the playing experience – the green fee was $25 because they had just aerated the greens the day before, but that turned out to be a bonus because they had only punched small holes, and I noticed NO EFFECT upon putting (balls rolled smoothly and true). The fairways and tee bases were in good condition, although there were a few wet areas due to the recent rainstorms. The bunkers are a total disaster (just as we had discussed) and are in critical need of the planned attention. Probably 50% of the bunkers had standing water in them, and those that didn’t were severely caked and eroded (One bunker on the No. 6 hole contributed to a lost ball – I never saw the ball enter the bunker, but I never found the ball outside of it either, and repeated dredging with a rake produced no positive results, but the water was so deep I could not reach the center of the bunker). I read the most recent review by “dad4204” before posting this, and concur with his opinion. The course has rebounded from the disaster of last year. I hope that the bunker restoration will be completed in the foreseeable future. If it is, I believe that Skybrook could be one of the better courses in the Charlotte area. It is limited by topography, and will always have drainage problems, uneven lies, and cart-restricted holes, but good fairways, greens, and bunkers can make for a very enjoyable round in spite of these limitations. I wish them luck.
  • 5/18/17, Review by dad4204 - I hadn't ever played here, but will definately be coming back. Tees good, fairways OK but coming in, greens really good. I couldn't read them, but they putted really true. Not too fast. It is a difficult up and down course and you don't want to stray away from the fairway, but some are really wide. Several blind tee shots. I liked it a lot.
  • 11/25/16, Review by KyleSmith - I moved to the Charlotte area about two years ago, so maybe my fascination with this course is based on the fact that I didn't play it back when it was "in its prime" according to several people I have spoken to. With that said, I think this course is playing great right now. There are spots where if you miss the fairway, the rough will eat your ball up and you could lose it (we found 15 balls in the rough on 5). The greens are fast and true, and soft to hold approaches. The only knock I have is that its nearly impossible to get spin around the green because of the bent grass greens being so slick. I would recommend anyone play it right now. For the price, I don't know many in the area that are more fun to play.
  • 8/10/16, Review by aimtobreak80 - “What happened?” Those of you familiar with the movie, ‘The Sand Pebbles’, will remember these to be the dying words of the protagonist, played by Steve McQueen. In the movie, the character, Jake, has just suffered a mortal gunshot wound while effecting the rescue of a Christian missionary from the hands of Chinese Communists, and has sat down with his back to a wall as the full realization of the events sinks in. He repeats that phrase once more, in disbelief, just before a second bullet, the coup de grace, ends his life (and the movie). But that is what I kept repeating to myself when playing the Skybrook course – WHAT HAPPENED??? I had seen the reviews posted in July, and couldn’t believe the course could be in as poor condition as was described. Sad to say (very sad for me, personally, because I had repeatedly praised the improvements and general course conditions during the previous year), it is true! I found the course conditions to be almost exactly as described by MrSlims in his review posted about a month ago. Even the practice green had several, large bare spots, and it is probably a tie between No. 1 (estimated at most to be 40% “green”) and No. 12 (of which I have photos) as to which of the greens is the worst. Another poor condition reported in July was the lack of mowing, in particular, the rough. The same was still true, today, and indeed, it caused a lost ball when I was unable to find mine in the “short” rough around the greenside bunkers on the Par 5 No. 4 hole. The copious amounts of lengthy, cut, (dead) grass around some of the tees are testimony to infrequent mowing. I did see one mower in operation during my round, but the amount of wet clumps in the fairways made me wonder if it weren’t a rare appearance. Finally, we have had sporadic, heavy rainfall in the area recently, and it has taken its toll on the bunkers – generally wet, some standing water, and a few bunkers that were more gravel than sand. I have reached out to the course Superintendent for his explanation, or reasons, for the sorry conditions of the course, and what steps are being taken to restore it. I will post any comments here when I receive them. The bottom line – I cannot recommend playing the course at this time. Sad, so very sad, compared to previous days.
  • 7/30/16, Review by MrSlims - Played here Saturday 7/30. While there have been improvements since new ownership, it is presently in terrible shape. STAY AWAY. They are in the process of losing their greens with some sort of fungus. Most greens are over 40% ruined and brown. Fairways are decent but lots of weeds. DONT GO OFF THE FAIRWAY. Rough was over 12-inches deep in some places. Granted it has apparently rained but it appears they have not cut the rough in a LONG TIME. Hit a ball in the rough and say goodbye. It was hard to understand what exactly is going on there today. Plenty of people standing around and even one guy cleaning the windows to the clubhouse. Put that guy on a mower and get that grass cut!! One green had a tractor on the side of it without a driver just idling with the fan blowing on the green. Nice effort but that green was already gone. Put some mower blades on that tractor and get cutting. Went to the mens room which feels like a sauna - either they had the AC off or it was broken. Seems they have some sort of black mold growing in the vents in there as well (?). At least six of the guys I played with said they will not be back for years. Very disappointing. On the bright side, the beer is cold. Hope this helps some of you out there.
  • 6/22/16, Review by aimtobreak80 - I hadn't played this course up to this point of the season, and noticed that no one else had posted a review in a very long time, so decided to give it a try. Talked to the course superintendent before playing, and he indicated that it would be dry because of the mini-drought in spite of watering every evening. Truth be told, other than the actual greens being a little faster than the practice green, and the tees being a little narrow (probably to restrict wear and tear?) I didn't notice any detriment to play - the fairways were green and didn't obviously contribute to a disturbing number of errant shots. The latter may have more to do with my, one real grievance with the course - an abundance of uneven lies, even in the middle of the fairways. I realize that there is not much that can be done to address this situation at this point in time, and any alterations would likely change the course's "persona" and challenge. However, personally, it does become a little tiresome and irritating to have to constantly deal with it. Beyond this, minor pet peeve, I heartily recommend the course as a good golfing value. The greens fee ($30 Senior rate, $39 standard) includes a lunch from their "Turn Menu" - sandwich, chips, and fountain drink (posted $7.50 value, and they don't skimp on the amount of sandwich meat). I challenge anyone to find a better deal in the Charlotte area.
  • 5/29/16, Review by KyleSmith - Course is in great shape. Wasn't too water logged considering the amount of rain it had gotten in recent days. Only issue was the slow 4-some playing in front of us causing us to wait a while between shots. The course is great, and greens are starting to play true. Look forward to playing here more this summer.
  • 12/16/15, Review by aimtobreak80 - Skybrook continues to provide good/great golfing value, so I encourage you to take advantage of the next bit of unusually good winter weather and play this course. Their Winter Rate Special for Seniors was $30, and included a sandwich/chips/soda lunch (Normally $7.50 over the counter base rate, and the turkey-cheese sandwich was of generous proportion with lettuce and tomato included) and complimentary replay. If you're not into all of that, there apparently are even lower rates available through on-line booking (or so I was told by a couple of Fort Mill residents whom I caught up with on the course and finished the round). The course was a little wet in places - 90 degree rule - because of rain on Monday, and that did affect a few iron shots but, all-in-all, the course was in good condition. If you are tempted by anything contained herein, you may wish to check out their Christmas Eve Special - temperatures are forecast in the 70's (with a chance of rain)!
  • 10/21/15, Review by aimtobreak80 - Another week - another Wednesday Marathon at Skybrook, which continues to be a good golfing value. Course conditions were not quite as good as last week due to the lack of recent rainfall -fairways were obviously dry, but nowhere near parched - but tee bases and greens were in excellent condition. Discussions with course personnel confirmed that the 10 days-to-two weeks of rainfall at the beginning of the month had really helped to combat the effects of the summer drought. I was told that the recent low, overnight temperatures are beneficial to the greens, and that must be true, because I found them to be unusually fast even with a heavy dew upon them at 9 AM in the morning (my scoring suffered because I never figured out the right combination of speed and break). I voiced my personal wish that the bunkers be made better/fluffier, and was told that such is on the "to do" list, but that it would require a significantly large investment to improve drainage, and is currently considered as a lower priority by the managing partners. In the meantime, stop-gap measures will be taken during the winter season to address the issue. Perhaps an increase in the number of players enjoying the course (I had the course virtually to myself in the morning) might sway senior management to elevate that priority, and Skybrook can evolve from a good, challenging golf course to a great one.
  • 10/17/15, Review by metallikviper - This is probably the highest rating I've given a golf course considering the price I paid. Tee to green this course was in awesome shape. The last I played this course was over 3 years ago and the Trail had almost but killed it. I really liked the concept of their dynamic pricing where they price the slower moving tee times less than the sought after ones. Tee boxes were lush and well maintained, bunkers were raked and were in decent shape and the fairways were very evenly mowed and maintained. There was actual rough so it made the course a bit challenging. The best part about the course was the condition of the greens. There were in immaculate shape except in areas under repair and probably had the the most true roll I've seen in the area. I would definitely recommend playing here.
  • 10/14/15, Review by aimtobreak80 - I think the B-Man needs one more rating category for the course conditions - I don't deal in superlatives, and am uncomfortable in giving the "perfect" rating to anything, but Skybrook's current course conditions are certainly better than "good", if not truly perfect. First of all, I must, once again, highly recommend the 'Wednesday Marathon' fee special that allows one to play essentially all day for just $45 - I played one round in the morning, stopped for a leisurely lunch in the clubhouse, and played a second round in the afternoon - that is a very good golfing value. The course apparently escaped flooding from the recent, extended, heavy rainfall, and possibly benefited from it to overcome the summer drought conditions. To put it succinctly, the tee bases are lush and green, the fairways good and green, and the putting greens are not only "green", but almost carpet-like in texture and uniformity. I would recommend to anyone who wants to enjoy the best course conditions that Skybrook has had in (my) 3-year experience to rush out and take advantage of the current situation.
  • 7/5/15, Review by KHSmith - how sad - this is a potentially beautiful course with a lot of potential - neat layout with fun elevation changes - a Carolina Trails course that continues to be neglected - Troon folks managing the course are very nice and professional, which suggests they are being starved by the private equity owners and can't do routine upkeep - weeds all over the place - just depressing - lots of the fairways just plain dirt - did not see one maintenance person the entire round - I had high hopes this place would come back, but I don't see much difference between the old owner that attracted such negative attention and the new owners who seem to be neglecting the course - dudes, just send somebody out with a weedeater and some clippers - driving range ball dispenser surrounded by weeds - again my guess is that the owners are running this place on the mega-cheap, and running it into the group - can't imagine the folks in this subdivision are happy about having a course with such potential being a garden of weeds, weeds, and more weeds
  • 6/27/15, Review by GolfNiners5 - Found this deal on GolfNow and it was worth the $35 dollars but not the regular rate of $55. It has some bad burnt spots on both the fairways and greens. I will saw they are isolated issues and are only on about 3 or 4 holes. Tee boxes are in great shape. It had rained the night before and a lot of the bunkers were under water. They easily could have been fixed if there were some maintenance people working on them but it didn't look they were touched. Could be in excellent shape with a little bit of work!
  • 4/22/15, Review by aimtobreak80 - The main reason for posting this review is to advise potential players to wait at least one more day to play Skybrook. The course really suffered from 2+ inches of rain on Sunday, and several heavy showers the following Monday, and play is "cart path only" and likely to continue that way through Thursday. There were isolated fairways with standing water, and almost all of the bunkers had water in them. The greens were fine, and seem to have grown in fully following the aeration several weeks ago. If you are up to the extra walking necessitated by the cart path only restriction, then go ahead and enjoy, but it was very tiring while taking advantage of their Marathon Wednesday special.
  • 4/1/15, Review by aimtobreak80 - Mission accomplished! I broke 80 on the afternoon round of Skybrook's Marathon Wednesday wherein one can play all day for $45. At my age, 36 holes is sufficient, and I still consider the special a good golfing value. The greens have just about grown in from the aeration on March 16 with some holes still noticeable, but the ball rolled pretty evenly on every green, and the speed was consistent throughout. The fairways are still brown, but were in good condition otherwise. I believe the bunkers still require some work, because each and every one I encountered was damp (I realize that it rained Monday morning, but the sun came out by noon, and Tuesday was sunny all day, so I believe that should have been sufficient to dry out the sand by Wednesday.) I get the impression that poor drainage may be the issue, but it might also help to replace the existing sand-clay mix with the white, fluffy sand extant at many other local courses. Still and all, Skybrook is a challenging course that can provide enjoyable rounds at economical prices.
  • 3/17/15, Review by aimtobreak80 - The sunshine and temperatures were great, the wind a little less so. The fairways are still Winter-brown, and the one bunker that I found was damp/wet, but I somehow managed a very good shot to have the opportunity of a sand-save. Such was not to be the case because of the greens - they had been aerated yesterday and were covered with sand. I am not complaining - I had been warned when calling to make the tee time, and was intent upon playing regardless of course conditions - I just want to alert potential players for whom it might be an important consideration. The greens fee was a good bargain because it included a drink and hot dog when making the turn. Today's weather was a very welcomed foretaste of things to come (Spring officially begins on Friday).
  • 12/29/14, Review by GetThere214 - Course was very wet due to the rain the previous day. Greens were good and putted true. Overall a good round
  • 12/17/14, Review by aimtobreak80 - I chose a 9 AM tee time thinking that the sun would have been up for 2 hours warming things up for play - WRONG! The temperature was in the high 30's, and there was considerable frost on all of the fairways when I teed off. However, the course conditions were good in spite of the weather (excepting bunkers - see earlier reviews). The greens rolled very true - I made five putts from outside of 10 feet including a 36-footer to score my first birdie ever on the Par 4 9th hole, a much more difficult hole than even its No. 7 handicap would suggest. The Winter Rate green's fee of $35 includes a complimentary replay option which makes it a very good golfing value.
  • 10/22/14, Review by aimtobreak80 - Skybrook management continues to improve the overall course condition, however the bunkers are not all in equally good condition - some lacking fluffy sand and good drainage. The greens were very fast - early on I decided that, under the conditions of starting temperatures in the 40's, what I assumed to be dew on the greens was actually ice! I was later informed that the greens had been intentionally speeded up for the Member-Guest Tournament the previous weekend. Hopefully, they will return to "normal" in the next week or so, but be aware and be advised! I still consider the Marathon Wednesday special (all day for $45) a good, golfing value, and easily completed 36 holes in less than 8 hours time including a sit-down lunch break.
  • 10/5/14, Review by slowmofo - The greens have really bounced back here. There might be 2 greens that are not perfect. I love this course in the fact that the layout isn't bad, troon does a wonderful job, bent grass greens are great and cut low, and its not that far from charlotte. No issues in the bunkers. Fairways are coming back, but could be a little better. Can't beat it for $20
  • 8/4/14, Review by IM4DHERD - Maybe a lesser rating due to all the fairways just being plugged. Even then, better than Carolina Trail days. It will take a while to get this course back to the shape it should be in. Greens were in pretty good shape for the most part, but many had large patches of sandy issues, one a 3 inch deep, 3' x 3' or so hole. Some teeboxes were just crabgrass, but it does look like they have been working on the weeds. Certainly working on traps with many showing new samd and well-raked, but others just mud and dirt. What was strange was that there would be a nicely re-done trap next to a trap that was a total wasteland hole after hole. Perhaps they are going to fill some traps in? Otherwise, why not have entire holes fixed? Like the layout and can see improvement, but not there just yet.
  • 8/3/14, Review by slowmofo - Skybrook is really coming around since Troon took over! I played this course a month agao and the greens had some issues. I didn't think they would come back as they were bent grass and its the summer, but damn was I wrong. The greens are in damn good shape for being bent and in August. There were a couple fairway spots that werent as thick in grass, but I really don't think that was due to neglect, but the amount of rain we have had. Also, the bunkers were horrible. Though again it rained like a mofo on Thursday and Friday. They said due to the rain play lift clean and place in the bunkers. Overall this course is coming back and the cart people also will clean your clubs and take back the cart at the end of the round. Kudos to you Troon and Skybrook!
  • 7/30/14, Review by aimtobreak80 - Don't be shocked at the green fee - $45 was for a "Marathon Wednesday" (play all day) promotional offering. My goal was to do just that - play all day - so I started at 7:20 in the morning. I learned many things from this experience, some of which are: (1) my stamina is not what it once was, and I could only make it through 45 holes (2) as the B-Man has recently noted, Skybrook is a very challenging course, and (3) the new management appears to be intent upon making this a first rate course, paying attention to many details both on and off the course. Course conditions were near excellent. Greens started out rather slow due to a heavy dew, but quickly dried and became quite fast - balls rolled very true under both conditions. Almost all of the bunkers (at least the several that I visited) were fluffy sand, but too many "golfers" (I use that term loosely and begrudgingly)that preceded me neglected to rake them. The one, poor course condition was that about half of the fairways had been recently aerated (primarily on the back nine), and I was frequently penalized, rather than being rewarded, for hitting the fairway. I stopped for lunch after 27 holes, and enjoyed a tasty sandwich platter with chips and fountain drink for $7.50. I heartily recommend the course and promotion to all who are interested in a good golfing value. I just hope that not many will take advantage of it such that it will become difficult for me to get a tee time.
  • 7/29/14, Review by cltgolfer918 - Skybrook was fantastic! I absolutely love the layout here reminds me out playing a mountain course with many elevation changes. The course conditions were a lot better than i expected. Tee boxes were great, fairways great, bunkers good but need more sand in a few, greens looking good but you can see a few summer stress marks. The maintenance crew was clearing out a lot of areas around the course while i was playing and the place is really coming back to its glory! This course is a must play!
  • 7/20/14, Review by gopher.birdies - Course is really starting to come around. Fairways and rough were excellent. Bunkers looked great, but had standing water from the storm the night before (on a dry day they would be perfect). Greens had a few burnt out spots but much improved from what it was like a year ago. For $20 on a Sunday it was a fantastic deal. New management is doing a great job.
  • 7/13/14, Review by TPX - Course was in pretty good shape, but the pace of play is ridiculous. I had not been here in awhile and I suddenly remembered why. Took about 5 1/2 hours to play with three groups on a hole most of the day. Still, a decent course but not worth the regular $60 price.
  • 7/8/14, Review by The B-Man - My first time back at Skybrook in probably 5 years or more. Man, it was nice to be back. I used to love this course and it's great to see it come back into its glory. I was very happily surprised to see the greens in great shape. There were a few with a couple of bad spots, almost like washed out mud holes, but they were sparse enough and the greens big enough where it didn't come into play. A few bunkers could use some more sand (I saw fringes of the plastic lining showing through on some edges), but overall tees, fairways and bunkers were in good shape. We got a $35 twilight rate so that wasn't bad. I did look ahead and see weekend morning tee times in the $60+ range. It's not quite in that price territory yet, condition-wise (very few local courses are). So make sure you get a deal (Clickit gives you a $49 weekend rate). This is a great layout with lots of challenges. I still love the closing stretch of holes. I still despise the 9th and 10th holes (mostly because of my performance on them). This course is now back in my rotation. Go check it out.
  • 7/3/14, Review by Bogey-Golf - Just played Skybrook the other day. The course is making excellent strides. The greens are starting to roll really true and everything is well maintained. Everyone working there was very helpful and very nice.
  • 6/27/14 - Msg Board Posting
    Charity Golf Tournament at Skybrook on Aug 3rd   The B-Man
    Prayers for Elijah Golf Tournament
    The tournament raises money for medical expenses for a 9 year old boy named Elijah who was recently diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. His story is on It will be held on Sunday, August 3rd @ 1:30 at Skybrook Golf Club. Registration can be done online by visiting The fee to register is $70 and includes green fees, golf cart, SWAG bag, dinner and a free Skybrook green fee gift certificate. Proceeds from this event will be used for El! ijah's medical expenses.
  • 6/8/14, Review by hozzlerocket - I think this course is a year or two away from getting back in shape. The course was obviously neglected during Carolina Trail ownership, which caused all of these issues. The course is very, very dry, the greens look to have a fungus on them and they are extremely bumpy. The layout of the course is nice and there are some great views, but in order to be worth $40-60 to play here on the weekends, Troon is going to need to improve conditions considerably. Still worth playing the course if you have not, but not worth anything over $40.
  • 6/7/14, Review by 4Putts - Hadn't played here in a few years but based on some of the reviews I've seen I thought I'd give it a another try. It's pretty obvious that the course has seen some major neglect but it's also clear that the new Mgt. team is working on it. Everything was "just ok" except the greens which are truly horrible... patchy, bumpy, & basically unputtable. They are candidates for a Bermuda make over SOON. Bottom line: if you can play here for under $40 then go for it otherwise... not so much.
  • 5/31/14, Review by kincaid82 - Skybrook I believe will be back to its old “BEST” self this time next year, but it’s worth playing now simply because of the lay out. I was one of the original 100 or so members of Skybrook when it first opened, and remained a member for almost 4 years. I left a little bit before Carolina trail took over, and when I went back about 2 years ago, it was in horrible shape. In the month or so Troon has owned the course it’s made some big improvements. Fairways and Tee boxes are about a 7 out of 10, while the greens hovered between a 4-6, some spots and a little thin in places. Thankfully I can say I did not get a up close look at any bunkers that day, but from a far they looked in very good shape. Hope more of us get out to play to support a great local course, and depending on the summer and how much rain we get we should see a steady improvement.
  • 5/27/14, Review by slowmofo - Skybrook is coming around! The layout is fun and for the back nine seems a little more challenging than the front. Tee boxes, fairways, and sand were all in decent shape. Only problem is the greens are bumpy. THis isn't the new ownerships fault as they inherited a lot worse. Also, i don't see the greens really coming back to fall due to them being bent grass and I am expecting a hot summer. THough, greenskeepers were out watering holes between big gaps of groups. Unless these greenskeeprs are awesome. Workers at the course pick you up from your car in the cart and drop you back off which makes it feel like a real nice course
  • 5/24/14 - Msg Board Posting
    Skybrook   NCGolf
    Played Skybrook today and was very pleased. New management seems to be making great strides toward improving conditions.
  • 5/3/14, Review by stint32 - Course in good shape considering all the money issues in the past few years. Greens are a little spotty but roll great. For the price and that beautiful layout I'll definitely be back soon.
  • 4/4/14, Review by GolfNiners5 - This course is in a lot better shape then the last time I played here. Greens have small spots which caused putts to be bumpy. No issues with any of the tee boxes, many of them were in good condition. Fairways are still brown but they are playable. had a special for 28.00 and that morning I received a 15% off coupon in my email so for the price of the round it was well worth it. Overall the course is probably about a month away from being back to great shape.
  • 4/1/14 - Msg Board Posting
    Skybrook under new management again   tobacco_rd77
    Just found out that Troon Golf is taking over management of Skybrook. Hope the course continues to go in the right direction. Wonder how that will affect memberships?
  • 3/22/14, Review by Bogey-Golf - Played Skybrook again. Normal wear and tear for this time of year. Bunkers all raked. Greens are punched and a bit sandy but still roll pretty well. I really feel that this course is going to be in good shape when it starts to green up. I was the first tee time so I flew around the course.
  • 3/1/14, Review by Bogey-Golf - Will just say this course has made some great strides. Greens have gotten better since I played in Nov. Casper Golf has turned this golf course around. If it continues like this Skybrook will the place to play again...Fairways still brown and not in too bad of shape considering all the weather we got this winter. Also they have some great membership deals going on, I'm really thinking about taking advantage of them since the course is close to my house.
  • 11/16/13, Review by Bogey-Golf - First time out in awhile. Skybrook is near my house so I decided to try it. For how much trouble it was it and the reviews it got in the past, I wasn't expecting much. I'll start with the greens. They do roll true and were receptive. There are some dead spots on the greens but with some TLC watch out. Fairway were brown due to the Bermuda which was expected since everything but the greens are Bermuda. The only complaint about the fairways was all the leaves on there. Rough wasn't to bad, bunkers had sand and most were raked. I got to talk to an employee and he said that there are 3 bids for ownership and all 3 seem to be a major upgrade over the previous owner. Overall if they can put a few more bucks into that place, skybrook could return to a top notch course. I would go back there again and play.
  • 11/4/13, Review by phatdba - Skybrook deserves a current review, and the news is good - the course has improved tremendously this year, and there are excellent deals available on GolfNow and EZLinks etc. The main thing - the greens get an A, most were perfect, 3-4 had small dead spots but they all rolled true. As per a recent complaint about the thick unmowed rough - today the rough is a decent height and you can find your ball, still better to hit the fairway of course. Love the layout, first class clubhouse. Kudos to the new management team! Take advantage now before the secret is out, while rates are good, fall weather is mild, and the crowds are staying away. I hope to see the rest of the Carolina Trail courses show similar improvement, although I understand Skybrook and Charlotte Golf Links are the only ones currently under new management.
  • 9/28/13, Review by DrSchteeve - A difficult review to write. Basically, the course was not in nearly as bad shape as I expected. I haven't played in over 2 years, because I have a policy of not playing Carolina Trail courses (for reasons I assume are obvious). Since Skybrook is no longer a Carolina Trail course (still in receivership according to the clubhouse) and I have always loved the layout, I played 9 holes with my son. Teeboxes and fairways in good shape, bunkers all had sand and were raked. Rough cut, but still very difficult to find your ball (it was always like this at Skybrook, even before the decline). The greens were not good, but for the most part were playable - it looked as though they were carefully placing the pins in the best areas of the greens. There were other signs of neglect - piles of dirt, some cart paths in poor repair, but all in all, for the rates and deals now available, I will consider playing occasionally. At one time, I considered Skybrook the best daily fee course in Charlotte; hopefully, with new ownership, they can at least get back into that discussion.
  • 9/19/13, Review by aimtobreak80 - The course is reportedly under new management, and is offering limited time specials on green fees, so I gave it another shot. The fairways were a little sparse, probably due to the lack of rain in the past two weeks, or more. The rough was recently cut (in fact, still in progress during the round), and clumps of cuttings were widely distributed. Even after cutting, the rough was thick and VERY penalizing, severely grabbing the club head and making it quite difficult to advance the ball. This was true even when in the rough immediately adjacent to the fairway. The greens were ratty, and heavily dimpled/pockmarked due to slow/poor recovery from aeration. I'm not sure that the conditions were solely responsible for poor putting (only two 1-putt greens and four 3-putt greens), but I will claim it as an excuse. A few of the bunkers appeared to be more hard, dry clay as opposed to fluffy sand. The course is in obvious need of extensive TLC for grounds keeping, and I hope the new management is offering the fee specials to encourage play and build cash reserves to be applied thereto. The recent, widely reported financial problems have obviously cut patronage - I only saw one twosome playing in addition to myself. However, I can't complain about the value ($25 senior special), and would encourage anyone for whom inexpensive greens fees are a priority to consider playing the course. Consider it to be an "investment" in the future of local golf.
  • 9/8/13, Review by pga5f - Sad what has happened to Skybrook. From one of the better public courses in town to a total goat track. They aren't maintaining their bunkers, AT ALL. They have bushes growing in greenside bunkers. The carts died on the 18th hole. They pretty much aren't mowing anything but the fairways and greens. Multiple people who had not been to the course before commented this it was the worst golf course they had ever played.
  • 8/23/13, Review by streammylife - The course seemed to be in awful shape. Skybrook used to be one of my favorite courses. It was terrible. I'm not sure why, but it felt like I was playing in a cow pasture. I'm not the best golfer in the world, but I'm also not playing on the PGA Tour. I don't want to lose golf balls that are hit 5-10 yards off the fairway. By the end of the day I was sick of searching through golf balls in the long thick rough.
  • 8/6/13 - Msg Board Posting
    More on Skybrook and Golf Links   Wulfpack
    Don't give The Trail another penny, folks. Plenty of other great options.

    Skybrook Golf Club, Charlotte Golf Links owe millions, placed in receivership
  • 8/2/13 - Msg Board Posting
    Skybrook & Charlotte Golf Links   layitdown
    Skybrook & Charlotte Golf Links are in receivership and as of today are under the management of Billy Casper Golf
  • 5/11/13, Review by Chipper24 - We used to enjoy playing at Skybrook. Unfortunately it has slowly become as bad as the other Carolina Trail courses. The fairways were decent and that was the best part. Tee boxes have spotty coverage and what grass there was was not mowed. The rough is mostly weeds and hasn't been mowed in weeks. Very few bunkers had any real sand in them. Basically the bunkers were big holes in the ground and the dirt was scraped up a little. Some bunkers still have not been raked and are washed out from rain last weekend. The greens were terrible. Lot of bumps, holes, and even a few craters in them. There were no smooth rolling putts today. All putts bumped, bounced, and were knocked off line. Only reason we didn't leave and go home early was because of the potential of our wives saying "since you're home early why don't you cut the grass or go to the mall with me". Should have come home and got the grass cut and out of the way.
  • 3/28/13, Review by SmitteyB - This is my first review and I have gotten so much from this website that I have decided to pass the buck and try to help others as well. I played Skybrook because they had open availability for $29. It was a good deal. I got there at 11:20 for and 11:53 tee time. The course was quiet and I got right out as a single. We started on the back and the course was obviously, due to the season, quite dormant. The greens had just been punched and there wasn't much sand filling in the holes, which was a little disappointing because, to me, this makes a golf course un-puttable. I'm from up Upstate NY and I am used to bent grass. I'm not sure if this grass down here on the putting surface also goes dormant, but there were tons of dead spots on these greens. It wasn't fungal, as far as I could tell, but the grass wasn't alive. The bunkers were raked which was a surprise and only a few holes had mud. It's clear that course Maintenance isn't a huge priority, but it didn't affect the playability of the golf course. Bottom line- I think I got the value for my money. With that said I would not pay a single dollar more. It's just not in the condition worth of more. I have been keeping up with the Carolina Trail drama and have to agree with the guys here. They don't seem to keep the golf courses in good condition. Birkdale and Skybrook have so much potential - they just need some TLC and money.
  • 1/29/13, Review by aimtobreak80 - I chose this course to play based upon Bman's recommendation and the fact that it is about 4 miles from the house. I went out on the only day of the week with decent weather forecast (66 deg and partly cloudy) and definitely enjoyed the outing. The only complaint is the greens were VERY slow and ratty which had a definite impact upon scoring. I intend to try it again in the spring, or summer, months and hope that the greens will have improved.
  • 10/14/12, Review by phatdba - Skybrook is in good condition. Greens were soft but fast and true, a bit misleading at first. The rough eats balls. There is a lot of variance in reviews for this and other Carolina Trail courses, but my experience and from what I've read, in general the condition is improving. I plan to play Highland Creek on Wed and Birkdale in a week or two to complete the full circuit this year. Only negative was the weak battery on the cart, and when we switched carts at halftime, same problem - so we got golf AND cardio, pushing the cart up the hills. Lotta hills, too. First time playing Skybrook, definitely will play it again, but only for a good discount.
  • 9/20/12, Review by TheClaw - Been a long time (2 years) since I last played Skybrook so I was really excited as I remember this fun layout always being in great condition. Unfortunately what I found this time round was shocking. A lot of the greens are having big problems with crabgrass everywhere, and on many greens, it makes them un-puttable. I know the old story that the "Trail is struggling financially" yada yada yada, but this is atrocious. The disappointing thing is that on the par 5 fourth, the crab grass has completely overtaken the front of the green only, but the middle and back of the green are fine. So where do you think they put the pin? yep, in the front of the green, in the middle of the crabgrass patch. That is my disappointment with the Trail, it's one thing to be struggling for money but there's no excuse for just plain not making an effort. The trail staff need to spend the day at Charlotte National to see how to squeeze the most out of a limited budget and how to truly CARE about a golf course and your customers. DO NOT PAY MORE THAN $30 to play this course until they have sorted out their greens.
  • 9/1/12, Review by tvrepairex - Tees and fairways in good shape.The rough was very thick and deep.Miss hit one shot short ,left and saw it hit into the side of a hill and disappear.I noted a clump of different colored grass at the spot the ball entered the rough as a reference.I found the clump of grass but never the ball.I dropped a ball at the same spot and if I hadn't been standing over the spot I dropped it,I would have lost it! It buried completely in the grass. Also ,the traps were inconsistant.Some nice and fluffy and others firmer,and others with a very thin layer of sand. The greens were very bad with crab grass in spots and very pock marked up. The price was too much for the conditions even for a holiday weekend!
  • 8/14/12, Review by Hereitis - I've only gave one other review on a course and I have to say this one will be just as bad. A little information I work at olde sycamore so get to play other great courses in the area but was wary to play a carolina trail course after all the bad publicity and recent reviews of their courses but got a hookup through someone and it was 20.. Lets see greens were atrocious on front nine and on greens on back they had fresh sod on some but for the most part it was good on back with only ball mark issues with the greens being so soft. Now on the rough.. wow I think they cut it once every 2 weeks out here and dont blow it at all.. almost lost 5 balls just walking around the rough it either sits way down or sits up 3 inches.. weeds growing everywhere this course has gone way down hill and apparently my friend who I played with who works at highland creek said this was a lot better then highland creek so I guess if you play a carolina trail course do not expect much.. but hey only 2nd time playing and it was $20 so I guess it wasnt bad for me
  • 6/16/12, Review by _mk70 - A ton of elevation changes on this course which can be fun or turn your round upside down. The fairways were decent but aeration of the greens is underway which made it a chellenge to putt. Not only did they charge full price for weekends rates but the majority of the pin placements were positioned at the aeration sections of the green. I would stay away for a few weeks until the process is complete.
  • 6/10/12, Review by kincaid82 - I know this is nothing new, but it's a real shame what Carolina trail has done to most of the courses they own and operate. I am a bit biased in the fact I was a member at Skybrook when they first opened, and maintained my membership there for about 4 years, until my divorce caused me to cut some expenses. Well the course is a shell of what it was, it’s still ok for 35.00 bucks, fairways were a 6/10, greens had been punched, but rolled ok. The real shame is the edges of the holes, more and more weeds, scrub bushes, traps in poor state, plus since most Tee boxes are elevated, you really see it all. I shot my best round of the year from the whites(81), and was still sad to see a course that I think can be, and use to be one of the better choices.
  • 6/5/12 - Msg Board Posting
    Skybook   DrSchteeve
    Just punched, large holes and sand. Probably 2-3 weeks for complete healing would be my guess.
  • 4/7/12, Review by mondiablo - The course is in so-so shape. The greens are almost healed from aeration, but there are already dead spots on several greens. I wouldn't be surprised if they loose several this summer. The fairways are greening up nicely and the rough is starting to get rough. All in all, I have never been a fan of this course, but if you can find a deal, it's worth playing. I wouldn't pay the rack rate, though.
  • 3/4/12, Review by ISlayMySelf - First time playing Skybrook and still undecided. $69 is the normal rate for this time of year but clickit had a discount which made things better. This course is not worth $69 in March. Besides the normal winter conditions of the course; the driving range was closed and our cart died on hole 17. The service was great, pace was fine and the greens and tee boxes were in good condition. Cart path only made things harder on this soggy and very hilly course. This is definately not your normal Charlotte course.
  • 9/26/11, Review by izzyf150 - This is a nice course. At the moment it needs some work since it has been raining for the past 6 days. Some of the sand traps have standing water, some of them had dirt in them from water running into them, some of them had had trenches in them from water running through them and the rest just needed to be fluffed back up. The greens have a few divot markss on them but nothing to bad, just enough to be worth mentioning. These greens are fast compared to most of the public courses Ive been playing on. The course is little hilly on a few holes, and has yardage marked on cart paths, fairway blocks and a few sprinklers. I think they had water jugs on every other hole. Give them a couple days to get their sandtraps worked on and this course will be good again. Nice Course.
  • 8/23/11, Review by seamga - YOU MUST PLAY SKYBROOK! The best course in the Charlotte area. Everything, from the tees to greens are in perfect condition. The staff at Skybrook are very professional and friendly. The carts are equipped with Prolink GPS. I am not a member of the course but I
  • 6/5/11, Review by metallikviper - Almost a perfect course. We got the $39 special because the green were aerated, but it still wasn't too bad. Tee Boxes and fairways were in great shape. Roughs were cut a bit high but still in great shape. Looks like Skybrook took the advise of reviewers and sped up the pace of play. We passed about 5-6 marshals during our round. Even with a stop at the club house for food and drinks we still finished in under 4 hours. $62 might be a little steep for me, but it is definitely worth it.
  • 5/22/11, Review by estanwick - Course is very good shape. Greens were rolling great. Fairways and tee boxes were in good shape also. Staff was excellent. Downfall: Pace of play sucked. about 5hrs 20min to play a round. No ranger on course to speed it up. They still have GPS in the carts here. Worth playing if you haven't been there in awhile. Overall I would give it a "B". (higher if pace of play was better).
  • 5/18/11 - Msg Board Posting
    More aeration!   DrSchteeve
    At least these 3 Carolina Trail courses are doing "light aeration" - 1/2" holes instead of 1", still top dressing with sand - apparently to try to avoid the fungus issues they had last summer and fall
    Highland Creek 5/18
    Tradition 5/23
    Skybrook 5/31
  • 4/4/11, Review by rcubed3r - Good shape for April. Greens were still a little bumpy after a aeration within the last few weeks. The fairways were still mostly dormant (again, expected), but they weren't rock hard like a lot of courses right now. Honestly, I am not sure if it is worth the rack rate of $49 on a weekday. We got the 'clickit' deal for $39, which was a fair price. This was my first time here and I enjoyed the layout very much, I hope to visit Skybrook again (with a coupon!).
  • 2/28/11, Review by wi66187 - I was thoroughly disappointed in the turn and how inept they were in getting playing golfers food. Seemed understaffed, waited 20 min on food and it was overpriced. Maybe they need to rethink the turn here, but definitely would call ahead 20 minutes, to ensure that your round is without a snag like mine was.
  • 11/25/10, Review by DrSchteeve - Greens, all conditions perfect. The usual problem with Skybrook is that rounds tend toward (very) slow play, but not today on a Thanksgiving shotgun.
  • 8/28/10 - Msg Board Posting
    Greens update 08/28/2010   DrSchteeve
    Personally checked or played (except where noted):

    Verdict Ridge: punched "about 2 weeks ago" - still quite bumpy, along with some bare spots that haven't responded to the punching

    Olde Sycamore: punched about a month ago, unfortunately divots from poorly repaired ballmarks mar the surfaces significantly - in other words, they look ok, and in general are in good rolling condition, but there are just too many ballmarks so almost any putt is likely to hit a ballmark (or 2)

    Emerald Lake: punched about 10 days ago, still top dressed with a lot of sand, along with other issues certainly not rolling true

    Skybrook: some really nice smooth areas on many greens, but also bare spots and many plugs of (presumably) poa anna, overall not bad

    Highland Creek: very spotty, bare areas galore, one green (#15) gone by report

    Red Bridge: mostly in very good condition, only a few greens with some isolated issues (Red Bridge greens are mini verde per clubhouse); definitely the best greens of all these (except Cleghorn, see below)

    Cleghorn (this from a month ago) - in Rutherfordton, a hike, but perfect Bermuda greens (and fairways), best overall conditions I've played in all year (and maybe ever)

    Hope that helps somebody...

  • 8/26/10, Review by kravon - Like most area courses there are issues with the greens. Almost all greens have a little to a lot of weed growth. Understandably given the rain they were slow as well. Some patches of rough were extremely high as well.
  • 8/21/10, Review by outliar - Recent heavy rain noted; however here is what AI observed: FAIRWAYS - cut but heavy clumps of grass EVERYWHERE, we had to play lift clean and place, not because of wetness, but because partial maintenance; GREENS - slow, generally healthy, but terrible problem with weeds; GENERAL MAINTENANCE - totally lacking....not sure what the deal with bunkers hear and at Birkdale is? It is like the superintendent prays for heavy rain so it can be an excuse for the sorry ass bunkers. 99% were TOTALLY WASHED OUT, CAVED IN, PUDDLED ETC. Without a single field crew anywhere near a single one of them. i call out Birkdale here too because they ceased caring for their's about 18 months ago. What happened to the respectable $55 public round of golf? Am I asking for too much (greens with grass no weeds, bunkers with sand and raked and fairways cut and decently clean????
  • 8/7/10, Review by outliar - B-man you are being too polite regarding the slow play issue. In my opinion the BIGGEST IMPAIRMENT to playing more rounds is the pace of play. It is downright RUDE and arrogant for some hack shooting 105 to wait until the green clears (from 280 away) before hitting a shot. AND THEN circling a putt for 8 minutes from 45 feet for triple bogey. I REALLY WISH folks would understand THEY are not on tour and we do not have 6 hours to devote to playing a round. I don't advocate rushing folks, BUT a REALITY CHECK IS CERTAINLY IN ORDER for folks who think it is OK to take 5+ hours for a casual round.
  • 6/3/10, Review by geoirv - Nice course with long par 4's and exquisite par 5's. Staff was courteous to our group of 12 golfers and we played the entire round without incident from the course rangers. I would definitely play this course again on future visits. I would advise staying away from Birkdale due to the GM there. (See my review of Birkdale) Irv Looney
  • 4/24/10, Review by JD - First time I made it up north to play Skybrook. I heard so much about the great layout, but I find the layout to be fairly unremarkable except for the 17th hole. When I called, I was told the greens were in "great shape." Lie. Bumpy and eaten up. Fairways and bunkers are much less ready than other courses this time of year. The Carolina Trail courses I've played continue to disappoint, with possible excpetion of Waterford (good greeens). I've been told that Birkdale is the possible exception, where they actually spend money and time to take care of the course.
  • 4/10/10 - Msg Board Posting
    Re: April Golf   EA
    Love the site and knowledge B-Man

    Yes - I have played Skybrook, Highland Crk and Rocky River within last two weeks. I play Highland Crk, Skybrook, Rocky River and Tradition often because I live up here. I am not positive how they are comparing to other courses in the area as I stick to northern trail and this area usually.

    However with these courses - Rocky River had some serious issues with their greens last year but they seem to be much better now. Some of the greens were totally gone last year but they are back nicely, I heard they made some changes with the superintendent staff. Highland Creek I like because it is challenging, tough but fair course, relatively easy to get on, and people have a nice attitude. Highland Crk was in not so good shape last year but it seems like ownership was not investing in any of these courses last year much. It looks better this year. They recently aerated the greens but they are back to normal now. I like Skybrook the best but it is overpriced for what you get. They have had and have brown and bare spots in fairways. Rocky River does not have GPS / yardages on the carts which is odd in this day and age but I like the course, and it is typically in good shape - minus the green issue from last year.

    I am down on Tradition because it is over crowded, slow, and the staff have borderline rude attitude often. But I have not played there recently. I like Birkdale, the only down side is the electrical lines. It is a nice course in good shape.

    EA ratings of Northern Trail area courses below -
    Skybrook and Birkdale T1
    HCGC and Rocky River T3
    Tradition 5
  • 8/31/09 - Review from Steve: Skybrook has moved WAY down on my list. It used to be one of my favorites, but I tried to play yesterday, 8/29/09, and everything about the round was terrible. First, pace of play: we stopped playing after 6 holes had taken 2 hours. This after being told before we teed off that they were having no problems with a 4 1/2 hour pace. The slow play appeared to result from a busy Saturday and the semi-private nature of the course - lots of couples, even kids, and an unwillingness to ranger those members. As we rode in from #6, we saw two almost completely open holes, this despite a promise from the ranger less than 15 minutes before that "everyone is now in the proper position, so play should move along". Added to this was the condition of course: in a word, terrible. Fairways had loads of bare spots, greens also. What a shame! This used to be one of the best courses in Charlotte.
  • 7/11/09 - Played again after only 2 weeks since my last round here. Conditions are still good but not quite as awesome as last time. The greens were a bit more marked up, but still rolled pretty quick and true. Overall, the course played about the same. Some tee boxes are getting bare and one of them gives me fits (#8) because the lower tee box has trees and brush in play when it shouldn't. The worst thing I can say about Skybrook is the pace of play. So this is the second Saturday morning round I've played where they've had a member tournament going on and it's been terribly slow. Today our tee time was 30 minutes late starting and then backed up on every hole, all the way to the end -- all told it was a 5:30 round. Brutal.
  • 6/27/09 - Played Saturday morning 6/27 in the heat. Skybrook is one of my top 5 favorite area courses and it did not disappoint. Fabulous shape, especially the greens. They were quick and true -- my version of perfect. I'd say they were the best I've putted on all year. They was only one glitch that I noticed on the course and that was a bad spot in the middle of the 12th green, which I happened to land right in the middle of with my approach. It was a bare dirt spot and I had to take relief to make my birdie putt. The other 99% of the course played in awesome shape. The cart girl found us several times during the round, which was great. The round was pretty slow, our 9:06 tee time did not get to the 3rd tee box until 9:45 and we didn't finish until almost 2:30. They had a members match play tournament going on and it seemed the competitors (we played with 2) were taking their time and playing it straight. All in all, it's still a treat to play this course (rumors about going private still abound) and Red Alert -- only 1 day left to buy your summer golf sale $39-play-any-day-anytime passes.
  • 4/11/09 - Played on 4/4 (Garrett) - last round before heading back to New York City. Wanted something hilly and just "not city". Hilly - check! "Not City??" semi-check. Greens are slope-y and challenging. Recovery from aeration coming nicely. Fairways are good. Wish to see it in May sometime when there is more green. There were a lot of comments online about pace of play issues. We came in at 4:50 for the round on a Sat 10:18am tee time. Really it was slow for only the first 3 holes. Then it was nice right up to the end. HOUSES EVERYWHERE. Hidden OB everywhere. Nice course, I would like to play later in the season on a weekday.
  • 8/25/08 - Played on 8/24 in a tournament. Course was in good shape, slightly better than it was 3 weeks ago. The greens were rolling a bit faster and the rough was a little more difficult. Balls were nestling down and you really had to keep an eye on where your offline shots ended up. Overall, there were no problems and it played great.
  • 8/4/08 - Played on 8/3. One of my favorite local courses and it didn't disappoint. Fairways were not much to look at (some brown and yellow spots), but they were in great playing shape. The greens were nice and quick, as usual. They give a nice, true roll. Keep your ball in the short stuff, though. The rough is thick and the ball will nestle down. All in all, the course was a nice challenge today. My biggest nitpick was the water buckets every 3rd hole or so. We had a late afternoon tee time and we last saw the cart girl at 6:00 or so, around the 7th hole. All the water buckets on the back side were empty and had not been refilled. We were severely parched by the 19th hole. If you haven't played here in a while, you'll find the complexion of some holes has changed, with home construction now complete around the course. The layout and conditions, however, have not changed and are still awesome.
  • 7/16/08 - Msg Board Posting
    Recent Play   Elsupremo
    3 July - Played Warrior for the first time. Pretty impressive. Course was in great shape, greens, tee boxes, everything. Well worth the drive. Playing partner walked on and shot four over, the annoying b@$t@rd.

    4 July - Olde Sycamore - Was in it's usual immaculate shape. Of the 30 or so public/semi-private courses I've played in this area, I think this is the nicest and also the most difficult.

    5 July - Tega Cay. Second time I've played here. I think it's a very nice course but it is another one that doesn't believe in bunker maintenance. I've noticed that about several courses in the area.

    12 July - Skybrook - Played here several times and it's always in great shape but it's also one of those courses that could use a little more bunker maintenance. It is on the Carolina Trail now but not part of any of the packages. Not sure what the deal is there.

    13 July - Stonebridge - Nice course but it is a haul from Huntersville. Again, bunker maintenance. How hard is it to go in, turn over the bunkers and rake them smooth. I don't get it. I know, I know, if you don't hit into them you won't have that problem. Whatever.

    Playing Pinetuck on the 18th and Eagle Chase on the 19th. I'll write up something about Pinetuck next week.
  • 4/21/08 - Msg Board Posting
    Skybrook   CLTgolfer
    I played Skybrook 2 weeks ago and it was in pretty good shape. The greens are starting to come back after being punched several weeks back and the fairways are getting green.
  • 11/28/07 - Just got word today that IRI Golf Group has acquired Skybrook Golf Club and has added it to the Carolina Trail lineup of courses that already includes: Birkdale, Highland Creek, The Tradition, The Divide, Charlotte Golf Links and Waterford. Expect to see Skybrook included in the memberships, discounts, and Player's Card programs soon.
  • 4/18/07 - Played on 4/18. Still one of my favorite tracks in the area. I absolutely love the greens. Fast but very true. I took only 30 putts this round and made several 15-25 footers. The other side of fast greens though is challenging chips and pitches. I played tennis on a few holes because my chips were running on through the greens. They are still building houses and townhomes around the course, but it doesn't interfere with your round. Look for LastMinute tee times to save some money here.
  • 6/3/06 - Played on 6/2. The course was in fine shape. I love Skybrook's greens. Though they are some of the fastest around, they are smooth and roll true. The place is pricey, but all-around conditions are top-notch. That said, a member did tell me that the course will close for a day or so next week so they can re-aerate the greens (small holes only). I guess it's pre-emptive work. Look for a discount next week if you call to play.
  • 9/12/05 - Played on 9/10. Course was in fine shape, one of the best conditioned courses in town right now. Tee boxes and fairways were fine. A few areas around greens had been recently sodded and were roped. Otherwise, greens were excellent. Beware: all greens are being aerated this week and Skybrook is discounting their rates.
  • 7/19/05 - Played on 7/17. Greens were in great shape, rolling fast and true, some of the best I've played this summer. The rest of the course was fine and pace of play was pretty good for a weekend afternoon. Pricey as always, though.
  • 8/9/04 - Front 9 still recovering from a problem in early July. Several greens and fairways had white streaks where the grass had died. Generally though, it didn't affect play. Greens in general were fast but ball mark ridden. They rolled pretty true in spite of it. For this course, I'd have to say the conditions were below average, but that still beats many courses around town.