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Revival Update
Posted by: BetterThanMost
on 2/19/20 3:11pm
The new front nine greens/course improvements, including new cart paths are set to open on March 8th.

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Stonebridge Golf Club

  • 1/8/20, Review by The B-Man - The bentgrass greens were in really good shape and rolling well. Fairways, tees and bunkers were fine, though of course it was very wet and cart path only. A few of the greenside collars had not been cut and stop a few balls from going off the green - however, that left an awkward putt where you couldn't get the club behind the ball. Overall it was as good as I expected it to be and a decent value for a weekday afternoon.
  • 9/19/19, Review by IM4DHERD - Stonebridge is in great shape except for the greens. very slow and a lot of ball marks not healing well. Great layout and the fairways and teeboxes are all in great shape.
  • 9/19/19, Review by BRR - I've played here many times. Course is always in good shape.
  • 8/24/19, Review by jbe - One of the areas best! Greens have healed and we’re rolling true. Bunkers need a grooming but not surprising with all the rain they’ve had.
  • 8/15/19 - Course is being aerated next week on Monday 8/19 and Tuesday 8/20. Only 9 holes will be open during the aeration dates.
  • 7/28/19, Review by Hunter - I love Stonebridge. Fair layout. Looked in great shape from tee to green. Few ball marks but that is on the players not the course. Staff is always friendly and well worth the money for a primetime weekend round.
  • 6/29/19, Review by GinMillDJ - Normal wear and tear for late June. Fairways and greens were in great shape. Bunkers - Average. Tee boxes could use a little bit of TLC. Played in just under 4 hours. Will be back.
  • 9/23/18, Review by StanTheCaddy - The entire course played slooooooow most likely from Florence. Rough was high but playable and fairways were pristine. Greens slow with a few scars due to people not repairing their marks. Some tee boxes were worn but nothing too bad. Pace of play was on par for Sat morning - a little slow.
  • 7/29/18, Review by The B-Man - Been meaning to get back out here and finally made it late Sunday afternoon. I really enjoy this course because it's straightforward and a place where you can post a good score (like I did today!). It's a bit of a drive since it's situated in the middle of Union County halfway between Monroe, Indian Trail and Waxhaw. They've really picked up the construction on the neighborhood now. So the landscape has changed, especially behind the par 3 third and to the right of number 4. Right now, the trees have been cleared and so it's just dirt piles. Besides that, they are working on the tee boxes everywhere but especially the front 9. They've chopped down lots of trees on the front 9 too. Hole #5 needs some love. I think they intend to sod around the areas where they cleared trees but right now it's rocks and dirt all along the left side of the hole and up to the green. If you stay on the fairway around this layout, you'll love the conditions. If you get off the fairway though, you will have some difficult lies on dirt and rocks. The greens and bunkers seemed to be in good shape. The bent grass greens have held up well and they were not too many unrepaired ballmarks. I thought the speeds were average but putts were rolling true. All in all, very good conditions for late summer. I will complain a bit about the rate though. $54 for a Sunday 4:30 tee time? My partner said he asked for a twilight rate and got $29. Why was I charged $25 more?? I'll be sending the course a note. Assuming the price is right, I'll be back here again soon.
  • 6/9/18, Review by aepfeiffer - Amazing course, great layout, kind of reminds me of the low country or Myrtle Beach if it wasn't in this area, pretty flat course overall, some creeks and water to play around, but was a great course and was in excellent shape! Only wish it didn't cost an arm and a leg to play there on the weekends, its a bit of a drive for me from north charlotte area, but was worth it! But if it was priced closer to Monroe price Id play it more!
  • 6/5/18, Review by hotrod jb - SB is in it's prime right now. The only thing I could see that needs some improvement is a few tee boxes. I highly suggest you give it a try. Great course in great shape.
  • 5/21/18, Review by ILL-INI - I've played Stonebridge 5 or 6 times in the last 30 days and it's been in really good shape each time. They mini-punched a couple weeks ago but the greens are pretty much back to normal - a little hairy as of yesterday but that's too be expected - they still roll true just have to put a little more speed on them. Prior to the punch they were rolling at least a 10 and true. Some of the "Gold" back tees are in need of some love but really only a couple are in need of repair. Exceptional golf course, exceptional staff, exceptional value. This and Carolina Lakes (At sun city) are my must plays right now.
  • 8/5/17, Review by GinMillDJ - Greens are getting a bit chewed up from the heat. On a scale of 1-10, I'd give the greens about a 6. The grounds crew are working hard to keep the greens playable. Fairways were in almost perfect condition. Traps were good as well although I was only in 1 on them all day. My fellow golfers didn't seem to have any issues with the bunkers they were in. Staff is friendly and the rangers do a nice job going around the course, keeping groups on time without being too pushy. Definitely a course worth playing.
  • 7/30/17, Review by The B-Man - I enjoyed my visit back to a layout I enjoy and that lends to good scores for me. Course conditions outside the greens were pretty good. The bent grass greens are struggling as the summer winds down though. The pro shop gave me the heads up that 4 of the greens needed to be punched -- 3 on the front, 1 on the back. So those will need some time to come back. The others were fine, though the green speeds were fairly slow, as I think they are reluctant to cut them low due to the heat stress. I'll probably give the course a break until the fall, but I'll be back.
  • 7/30/16, Review by ShooterMcGavin71 - Came away less impressed than I thought I would be. Greens cratered with unrepaired ball-marks, and the lack of rain is very evident on the course. Still, putts rolled well and lots of variety. I'll come back when conditions are better.
  • 6/28/16, Review by dad4204 - Course is in great shape, greens perfect, ball marks are being repaired a lot better than last time we played. Fairways excellent. Go there.
  • 10/14/15, Review by HittOD - Played Stonebridge for the first time, Oct. 14, 15. Good layout, scenic holes, fair bunkering, and bent grass greens in great shape and fast. Was able to play the ball down with no problem. Good value with deal through Played blue tees (~ 6400 yards), within a foursome in about 3.5 hours. Definitely the kind of course I would like to play again, although the 1 hour 20 minute drive to the course is a limiting factor for me. One of the nicer courses in the Charlotte, NC region.
  • 10/9/15, Review by GetThere214 - Course was in good shape especially after all the rain last week. Their were some low areas that were damp, but overall pretty good. This is the first time I played Stonebridge and enjoyed the round. Pace was a little slow, their was a group in front of us that backed everyone up. It did get better on the back 9. Tee boxes were good. Fairways were very good and greens were receptive but pretty quick. Were a fair amount of marks in the greens but for the most part ran true. Will be coming back.
  • 7/16/15, Review by The B-Man - Stonebridge is in really good shape, tee to green. The greens are just a little on the slow side as they protect them from the summer heat by keeping them a little longer. No issues to report, though. The water level is very low in the lakes and ponds -- we saw a hundred golf balls in the mud short of the par 3 17th. Couldn't believe no one had retrieved them yet. The staff was friendly and helpful -- my clubs were picked up at my car immediately. This course can be pricey even with a Clickit deal but it's being managed well.
  • 7/1/15, Review by psychgunny - Continues to be one of the better courses in the Charlotte area. Greens rolled nicely, the fairways were some of the best in the area, and the bunkers were in good shape.
  • 5/4/15, Review by ILL-INI - The guys out at Stonebridge continue to put out a great product. It's a real pleasure to play out there. Greens and fairways were 9 out of 10 and no problems with the bunkers. My only complaint has ever been that 18 seems so plain and uninspired. other than that I love the course.
  • 4/13/15, Review by dad4204 - As I've said before I really like Stonebridge. The greens had been punched and were still bumpy, probably a week away from being back to good. The tee boxes were worn. Sand looked good, but I didn't play from it. Fairways still growing in.
  • 9/16/14, Review by dad4204 - The fairways were great, they were dragging them to get the clumps of grass out from mowing. Sand traps were wet from rain, but Ok. Greens held great, but were pockmarked from balls hitting them. They rolled great unless you hit a mark, but we just played around them. I really like Stonebridge.
  • 9/1/14, Review by The B-Man - I had not been back to Stonebridge yet this year. So I was overdue. I enjoy this course -- it's kept in good shape from tee to green and is a relatively easy layout with plenty of scoring chances. It didn't disappoint today. The $28 after 3pm rate was nice too. One of the reasons I don't get here very often is the high fees on the weekends. Tees, fairways, rough and bunkers were all in great shape with no issues or complaints anywhere. The greens were in decent shape, really just ball marks to complain about on the bent grass surfaces. The pro shop and starter were both nice and helpful. The course is being aerated this week so you'll want to give it a few weeks to come back.
  • 9/1/14, Review by FrankGolfs - I agree with B-man's assessment!
  • 8/7/14, Review by PADave - Just love this course. Clubhouse, putting green, practice area, course are all just awesome. I just kick myself every time I go back because the 5 hr rounds just KILL me. My last 4 rounds here this summer were all well over 4.5 hrs. It's just too long to wait...hit....wait...hit... It's 94 degrees! Let's go!
  • 7/20/14, Review by hotrod jb - Once again Stonebridge is on great shape. The only complaint as always at this course, people do not fix ball marks. The group I played in must have fixed 50 a piece during the round.
  • 6/11/14, Review by hotrod jb - Went out to SB yesterday before the storms hit and wow! This place is in wonderful condition. Greens are slower than perfect but in great shape. The fairways are perfect. Played 9 holes in one hour and fifteen minutes.
  • 6/5/14, Review by Northernhacker - Loved this layout, people in the clubhouse and starter were very friendly. Started on the back 9. Got a special rate because the greens were aerated a week ago. Got matched up with 3 random guys, one was a former NFL player. The conditions were incredible, tee boxes, fairways were great. 4.5 because the greens were not in their perfect form but I'm confident they will be in a few weeks. I'll come back for sure.
  • 5/11/14, Review by estanwick - Course is super dry. tons of roll in fairway. Greens are in pretty good shape but if they don't get rain, they will lose the greens by mid-summer. Tee boxes are okay at best. Overall: B/B-
  • 3/11/14, Review by hotrod jb - Great track as always. Still brown and kind of muddy but that is expected. Tee boxes a little rough but that is expected this time of year. They just punched the greens but in a few weeks they will be the best around if people will fix ball marks.
  • 12/8/13, Review by wnb5th - Always a pleasure at this course... Bent grass and always do a great job keeping it in shape and good customer service.
  • 10/21/13, Review by Cant3Putt - First time playing Stonebridge. It has a great mix of hard holes, mostly on the back nine, and plenty of holes to challenge your course management and self control. Similar to a well know TPC course in north Florida, Stonebridge has a card wrecker 17th hole that will challenge the best ball strikers. Current conditions are perfect all around, The greens are flawless and very fast. The fairways are in great shape with no issues, The is not as high as some courses, it is very possible to get a decent lie on the Bermuda turf. The bunkers have plenty of sand but didn't seemed to be raked the day I played. Thankfully I didn't have to play out of any. Stonebridge does have some blind shots of the tee and your second shots. Play with someone who knows the course, like I did, and you will save yourself 5-8 strokes on the round. The staff was super nice. I was greeted by a guy with a cart at my car even before I turned of the ignition. Pro shop was nicely stocked as well. Play this course if you are in the Monroe area, you won't be disappointed.
  • 7/7/13, Review by estanwick - Considering all the rain we have had, the course was in fair shape. It was cart path only. I judge a course based upon its greens so.... Anyway, Greens: B+/A-; Fairways: B (some standing water); Tee boxes: B; Pace of play: B. I would say wait about a week and let the course dry out before you play it.
  • 6/20/13, Review by dad4204 - I've played here before and really like the course. I found it to be perfect today. The greens were super and fast and true. The fairways are grown in very well and the rough is just about right. The traps are excellent, and I hate traps. What else can I say.
  • 5/26/13, Review by wnb5th - it was slow but thats because it was a holiday weekend BUT the greens were perfect. we are talking country club quality greens. some of the tee boxes and fairways need some help but the greens are what matters the most to me and these were superb. also always receive good service from this staff. make sure you get their VIP card - it can save you a lot of money. one of my favorite courses in the area.. if i lived closer i would play it exclusively.
  • 5/18/13, Review by The B-Man - I took a short game clinic with Fred Bond in the morning and then went out to play a round in the afternoon. Big thumbs up for both. Fred is a great teacher and I was able to put some of his teachings into practice right away with good results. The short game practice area at Stonebridge is great -- big green for putting/chipping practice and several smaller target greens for pitching. They also have a nice big sand bunker. As for the course, it was in fabulous shape. Greens were just perfect. The whole experience was great -- pro shop is well stocked and the staff seemed genuinely interested in making sure everyone was having a good experience. The beverage cart made it around to us several times during the round. They also have a hole-in-one deal on #3 - $3 to have a shot at $10,000 for a hole-in-one, $20 if you get it within the flagstick and the consolation prize is that regardless of your shot, your ticket is good for a draft beer after the round. You can't lose on that deal.
  • 5/13/13, Review by izzyf150 - Stonebridge has improved since the last rating. The greens are on the fast side, they still show signs of being punched but it is not effecting the roll of the ball. The sand traps are in great shape. The tee boxes showing signs of use. The fairways are still just a touch on the thin side (but not too bad). Hopefully a little warm weather will thicken them up some more. Brand new golf carts with nice canopy for clubs during weather. This course is good to go and is only going to get better with a little more time.
  • 4/6/13, Review by Hackerama - I was very dissapointed with Stonebridge. They punched the greens 5 weeks ago and they still have holes in them. What was worse is the fairways, rough, everything was terrible. I've heard that they have been getting outings after outings and the course shows. It's in the worst shape I've ever seen it and they need some major work otherwise the course will be below avg all year. No one fixes ball marks or divots and with wet conditions to get the grass back will be hard. Carolina Lakes and Ballantyne Resort were much better and had deals in 50-55 range as well to play.
  • 4/1/13, Review by hotrod jb - This is my "home" course and normally it's in great shape but not right now. The greens were plugged a while back but still needs some time to come in. The fairways are ok as well but a lot them have crab grass and weeds every where. Tee boxes are mostly in rough shape but most are this time of year.
  • 11/19/12, Review by izzyf150 - Stonebridge is in its normal condition, for those of you that play here. The greens are not as nice looking (due to the cooler weather) but the ball is still rolling good. They just put brand new white soft sand in all the traps, therefore the traps are in perfect shape. They also had ground crew out keeping the fairways and greens clear of leaves. Still a good course to be playing this time of year.
  • 9/10/12, Review by izzyf150 - Stonebridge is in its normal condition (good shape). Only one bad thing to report (which is not their fault), they just punched their greens and put a layer of sand down. They are playable but they do bounce some. I would give it a few weeks before going out there.
  • 8/25/12, Review by The B-Man - Stonebridge was a busy place on Saturday morning, but pace of play was normal. And the course was in great shape. Everything was lush and well-manicured. While the greens were a bit thin in spots, the speed was very good (read: fast) and consistent. I was happy with the experience and it feels like a treat to play here -- nice clubhouse, good staff, beverage cart service, expansive practice area. With their frequent player's card, you'll always get a better deal than Clickit and never pay more than $47. The B-Woman bought me a voucher at $55 so I had to use or lose it. Otherwise, I woulda used my card. The course also does a deal where you pay $3 for a hole-in-one ticket and get your chance at $1000+ on one of the par 3's. If you get within the flagstick (about 8 feet), you get $20 and even if you don't get close or on the green, your ticket is worth a free drink at the end of the round. Nice deal.
  • 8/12/12, Review by estanwick - The greens are soft and bumby. Many,many ball marks. Shame cause I played there about 2 months ago and it was in pretty good shape then. Overall I give it a B-/C+. Positives: Excellent staff. Consider other options before you play here currently.
  • 6/10/12, Review by estanwick - Greens: "B" grade. (areation happened 2 weeks prior but they have healed real nice). Little slow but no issues. Fairways in excellent shape & tee boxes have aeration punches but are in good shape. Worth playing this course but maybe wait a week so greens can be fully healthy. Right now they are at 90% healthy from aeration.
  • 5/7/12, Review by Huckleberry - The golf course is in excellent shape right now! The fairways are firm so you get a nice amount of roll. The greens are firm as well but they will hold a solidly struck shot with any club. They have been watering the fairways and rough so there is a lot of grass on the fairways. If there is any complaint, the greens are a little on the slow slide but they are rolling very smooth!
  • 1/29/12, Review by ILL-INI - The only gripe I have about Stonebridge is the pace of play. It always seems like we get stuck behind the slowest groups out here but it has to be the way the course is laid out. That par 3 - 3rd and then guys waiting to tee off on 4 until they hear the bell is just a disaster. It completely holds up traffic and I'm super lucky to ever get a 4 1/2 hr round out here. The course is in good shape for this time of yr. The greens are a little dented up but apparently that's because the last 400 people that played the course forgot their divot tools at home. Seriously your ball marks.
  • 10/17/11, Review by izzyf150 - Stonebridge was in pretty good shape today. The tee boxes are pretty scarred up but that’s not too big of a deal to me. I guess they poked holes in the greens about 3 weeks ago then they put a coat of sand on them and rolled them. Now the greens are a little on the fast side and the ball rolls smooth. You can actually see a sand splash when you fly one into the greens.
  • 9/26/11, Review by Orion - This is my favorite course now. I've only played for about a year now, but out of the places I've been (Monroe CC, Charlotte National, Mooresville CC, and Pine Lake), this is the best I've been to. I love the setting, the road that this runs across isn't very busy, you don't have to worry too much about the people driving by honking their horn just before you go to sink your winning put. Speaking of greens, I can tell that they are normally kept in good condition, but given the rain we have had, they were very soft and marked quite a lot. I was a little nervous because of all the marshalls driving around; we had a group of four, and two of us (including myself) were not the best. Luckily, we kept up with the group in front of us so it was never a problem. I am definitely looking forward to my next trip there!
  • 9/24/11, Review by metallikviper - Overall the course was in good shape and has held the summer heat well. Tee Boxes need some work. Fairways and roughs were cut to a good length. The sand in bunkers was a bit inconsistent. Some of the greens need help, but most greens rolled true. Definitely worth the $36 we paid. Really wish they had more Marshals on the course. I usually don't complain unless something really bothers me, but what I saw on Saturday was ridiculous. Right about at the 12 hole, 2 groups of 3 started playing as a 6-some. We almost had to wait 7-10 minutes on every hole. One of them even had a boom box which was playing music really loud. They wouldn't even let us play through. So, my friend calls the club house by the 15th hole to complain hoping they would do something and the marshal comes out and says we don't usually allow this kind of behavior and just drives away. They let them play 2 more holes and finally splits them up on the 18th!!! Instead of having guys picking up our clubs and cleaning them I would have much rather appreciated they stop this kind of foolery.
  • 8/11/11, Review by Jova007200 - I didn't finish the course unfortunately because of the rain, but the 7 holes that I did play were all in great shape. The greens were a bit marked, but I'd think that its expected at this point in the season. The staff is friendly..... it being my first time there I was kinda "lost." Tried to start off at the 10th tee. The starter came over and put me on the right path after my goofy error. Gave me a pamphlet with the course layout too. Can't wait to go back. Got a $16 credit since I stopped after 7. They've got great rates at 6 PM. 16 bucks for a round.
  • 7/24/11, Review by BetterThanMost - Stonebridge was in great shape as usual. The greens were a little more marked up than the last time I played there in May. I'm guessing people will never learned to repair ball marks. The $16 rate after 6pm might be the best deal in town.
  • 7/6/11, Review by stonecold - the only thing i have to complain about is the lack of yardage to ponds /lakes /or any creeks that cross the course! it seems like the course is trying to get you to buy the caddy book which would tell you the layout ! no signage at tees to the "trouble" other than that the course was in fine shape!!!
  • 7/3/11 - Msg Board Posting
    Stonebridge July 3   amish
    Very Green, good shape, but ball marks on the green. Above avg shape and played in 4hrs on SAT AM
  • 6/19/11, Review by ILL-INI - Stonebridge still looking great. Greens were rolling a tad bit slower than I'm used to but still good. I wish people would learn how to at least attempt to use a divot tool on the greens. Pathetic how many unrepaired divots there are on the greens...not the courses fault. Anyway...great play as always.
  • 6/1/11, Review by Porkchop - The best bang for your buck around period. Only problem is everyone is finding out about it, and pace of play is really starting to get slow. 5 hours on the weekend is a sure thing.
  • 5/28/11, Review by estanwick - Overall: A- ranking. Greens had very true roll and in excellent condition. Tees and fairways were in very good condition also. There were heavy rains the prior night so it was cart path only. I would say the greens were among the best I've played this year.
  • 5/15/11, Review by BetterThanMost - Played Stonebridge for the first time on 5/15. WOW! The course was in fantastic shape, despite it being wet. The greens were by far the best I've seen in quite some time in the Charlotte area. Putts rolled true and stayed online, and this was after play all day on Saturday. The rest of the course was in really fine shape as well. I can't wait to get back to play again.
  • 5/8/11, Review by ILL-INI - If Stonebridge Golf Course were a get the idea. Unreal how nice this course is playing right now, so early in the season and everything is green, fairways are lush, greens roll true, tee boxes are great, etc. I live roughly 25 minutes from this course in the Ballantyne area and I drive here every weekend to play. I just can't bring myself to play any other course right now because of how nice they have this course running. We played on Mothers day and had a 10:40 tee time. Pace of play was good because not a lot of people were playing that morning. The only real downside I can say about Stonebridge is I have played some longer rounds out here, in the neighborhood of 5 hours. Mostly due to the 2,3 and 4, holes seem to back up traffic a little. It seems like once you get past the par 3 6th over the ju ju things start to speed up quite a bit. I also like a lot how the front nine and back nine just feel different. You never get bored out here. There are some shots that when you hit them it keeps bringing you back for more and more. Stonebridge isn't a super demanding course but will reward you fro straight shots. You don't have to be super long to shoot well here. Pin placements seem to always be fair and the greens...ahhh the rolling and fairest rolling greens I have played in a long time. The only other greens that roll as good that I've played recently was at Tega Cay. Anyway, if you haven't played this course you have to make the Saturday/Sunday drive down to Mineral Springs and check out this little secret gem. You won't be dissapointed.
  • 11/6/10 - Msg Board Posting
    Re: stonebridge   egolfer
    earlier this year in a egolf tournament,stonebridge allowed 4 walkers out around 3pm right in between our tournament groups.fortunately the marshals took them out to holes that wouldnt interfere with tourny but whoever gave them tee times needs to understand thats not right.never had issue with anyone at course then again i only play it maybe 3 times a year.
  • 11/6/10 - Msg Board Posting
    Stonebridge   DrSchteeve
    I'm totally with the course on this one. PT was asked to move up 2 or 3 holes. PT says no one could "prove" they were holding up play.

    Guys, get a clue. If you're not sure you are holding up play, you are. You have no right, tournament or other, to slow play. You say you were on pace for 4 1/2 hours, the course says 5: guess what, the course is right.
  • 11/4/10 - Msg Board Posting
    Re: stonebridge   The B-Man
    PT and others -- I try to give both sides equal time in situations like this because everyone has their own perspective. I let Boyd Everling from Stonebridge know about this recent critique and he quickly responded:

    As with any situation there are two sides to a story and here is our side.

    On Sat. Oct. 23rd, we had a 25 player outing that started at 8:30. The outing was very slow and we were getting many complaints from the golfers behind them. For example, the first group played at a 3 hour pace of play for 9-holes. Their lead groups had as many as 3 holes open in front of them, therefore slowing down the rest of the golfers. Even with the groups skipping holes, most of the groups finished at 5-hours plus. We had 120 players behind the event that morni! ng that were happy that we were putting in the effort to speed play so that they could enjoy their round of golf as well.

    We try to make all of our players' experience at Stonebridge as pleasant as possible, and a pace of play above 5 hours is not enjoyable for any golfer.

    We do value the input of all our golfers and strive to improve whereever possible.

    We appreciate the opportunity to explain the events of that day.

    Bobby West, PGA
    Boyd Everling, PGA

  • 11/4/10 - Msg Board Posting
    Re: stonebridge   Bill
    I just cant understand why courses book these events knowing darn well that these players are going to play a 5 hour round. Then they book tee times behind these groups and then the golfers stuck behind just get pissed off and never come back. Why don't you simply leave an hour open between a large group and regular tee times? You may loose the revenue but you will make it up by not loosing a future booking.
  • 11/2/10 - Msg Board Posting
    Re: stonebridge   PT
    I don't like to bash anyone and had some reservations about even posting this to begin with. I have always enjoyed playing this course and actually shot my best round ever here last summer. A couple of weeks ago I was playing in a company sponsored tournament and we were on a 4 1/2 hour pace. My experience is that these events usually take a little longer because of how focused everyone is on their game. We were asked by staff to skip hitting off the tee on one hole and then one more hole later was asked to skip 2 holes entirely. We only had 3 left to play at that time. No one could prove that any play on the course was being held up. After our round we hung around for about 45 minutes just to watch and saw only 2 groups go off 10 and it took that whole time before a group even played 18. We finished on 17. That just told me that 1. we weren't holding up the rest of the course and 2. they just didn't want us there only our money. This came from the Director of Golf who I had never seen before so I guess that including the whole staff is a bit much. They were doing what he told them to. It seemed to me they didn't schedule their tee times efficiently and we had to suffer. I hate the thought of not playing there again but I can't take being treated like golf scum.
  • 10/26/10 - Msg Board Posting
    Stonebridge   PT
    This course is in great shape. One of the best in the area that I have seen.That being said...The staff has alot to be desired. I have played there numerous times and have friends that play there weekly and none of us have ever been treated so rudely as this past weekend. I will never set foot on their course again and neither will any of the others. I have no words to explain how bad an experience it was.
  • 10/6/10, Review by DrSchteeve - Nice conditions, just a few greens that had some minor issues. The best pro shop of any daily fee course - lots of nice stuff, nice discounts.
  • 9/19/10, Review by metallikviper - Almost a perfect course. Made the drive from Charlotte worth it. Greens were very well maintained, fairways showed very little wear and the rough was cut the perfect length. Course played on the easier side, but still had a few challenging holes. Except for a really slow 2-some we should have been done in 4 hours, but would have appreciated a ranger to come by and ask them to speed it up.
  • 5/31/10, Review by JD - Stonebridge is in perfect shape. The greens crew there does an amazing job. As an example, they were spraying all of the red and yellow hazard lines yesterday, and re-raking some bunkers.
  • 5/2/10, Review by The B-Man - I don't give many perfect scores, but today I couldn't find anything but great things to say about Stonebridge. The pace was awesome. We were a twosome and after a few holes, we never caught the group in front. We finished in just under 4 hours. The greens were immaculate, the best I've played this season. Tees, fairways, rough and bunkers were all good, too. It's an easier course than others around town, with large, mostly flat greens and many holes where you can run the ball up to the hole. Maybe that's why I shoot good scores around here. In any case, I like it and will be back as soon as I'm able.
  • 4/10/10 - Msg Board Posting
    Stonebridge   J.D.
    Greens are in very good shape for this time of year. Fairways are also good...and will be great soon.
  • 4/10/10, Review by JD - Greens in good shpe for this time of year. Fairways will be better soon.
  • 9/5/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Stonebridge   J.D.
    Yep, I played a second round of 18 holes today, but this time at Stonebridge. Great conditions, as usual. Apparently, they're going to aerate right after Labor Day, so get those rounds in while you can!
  • 8/17/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Stonebridge   nicky helms
    played Stonebridge 8/16 the greens are beat up and no one repairs ball marks...why? too crowded due to the V I P card
    So with the bad greens and pace of play will probably skip it for a while...
  • 8/11/09 - Msg Board Posting
    J.D.   Stonebridge
    Played on Sunday and the course is in fairly good shape for this time of year. Greens were a little shaggy and they were watering them during the day....but decent shape. Play was painfully slow, however, with no Ranger in sight.
  • 7/18/09 - Played this afternoon (7/18). Course is in awesome shape as far as fairways and lush conditions. The greens were good but not great. A little slow for some reason today, but you could make some putts if you got it to the hole. The round was very slow, the course seemed packed wall-to-wall. We waited on all 18 tee boxes and came in at about 4 hrs and 45 min. Didn't seem like we had anywhere to go. So maybe just busy. There was a twosome jammed between 2 foursomes ahead of us. I'll say again the fairways and tees were superb. And the rough was not difficult. Nowhere near as long or punishing as some other local ones I've played. The cart girls came around often enough, which was good in the hot weather. So slow's the word of the day, but I still had a great round and am glad I got to play it.
  • 6/28/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Stonebridge   Tom
    Played Stonebridge today, and it was awesome. The conditions of the fairways were country club-esque and the greens were in the usual top notch shape. They also have a free VIP program that gives you the lowest rate avaialble at all time. Highly recomend
  • 6/7/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Carolina Trail Coupons   Chuck
    Anybody try the 29.00 carolina trail coupons ? I was curious about the select Tee times. The price is great but don't really want to have to play in the heat of the day. The coupon say anytime but the fine print has select time.

    Played Olde Sycamore on Thursday and the course was in great shape. Greens were firm and fast but rolled real nice.

    Played Stonebridge on Tuesday and the fairway was a little shaggy due to the rain and not being cut but otherwise in great condition.

    Anybody play springfield lately ? Looking to play next week as the rates are down and enjoyed playing there last year.
  • 4/5/09 - Played Friday, 4/3 (update from Garrett). Played Stonebridge in WINDY conditions today. I must say the grass on the greens was in good shape. Previous aeration has healed and there are only few bad patches. I predict a FAST summer on the Stimp. Now for the opinion section of the update. What a BORING course. Flattest, most uneventful greens I have seen in a long time. Even in windy conditions, it is sooo easy to score. NO IDEA how this pushover got a slope of 136.
  • 3/11/09 - Msg Board Posting
    A few course updates   J.D.
    I've been golfing, but too busy to provide course updates, so here's a bunch from the last month or so:

    Fort Mill -- The improvements made here are all subtle and these have to be some of the fastest greens in Charlotte... at least at this point of the year. Great value. The course is in good shape.

    Charlotte Golf Links -- The greens and bunkers are in better shape than they've been in the past. Sadly, in an effort to speed up play they've made some changes that make the course a lot easier. Specific changes include slashing the thicket areas between holes #6 and 17, to the right of #7, between holes #10 and #18, and between holes #14 and #15.

    Stonebridge -- I played the same day as you, it seems! I think the course is in very good condition for this time of year. No changes to course layout there.

    Ballantyne Resort -- The changes they made to a few holes seem to be designed specifically to speed up play only. Nothing of any real note. Sad to see hole #2 get changed to a much less interesting hole.

    Olde Sycamore -- I'm growing tired of this course for one very nit-picky reason. The hole placement of the first par-3 (hole #4) is terribly unfair... and it screws up my entire round every time. The hole is perched atop a massive slope. If you're above the hole and you miss the putt by two inches... you wind up 20 feet away. If you're downhill and miss the putt by 4 inches... it rolls back down 20 feet. Sidehill putts are death. That's not the way golf is meant to be played. Rant over. The course is in so-so shape.

    Pebble Creek (Par 3) -- Yes, I'm not above playing a little pitch-n-putt. I know it's early in the season, but this place usually has nice greens and bunkers. Not so. It's in terrible shape, even for this time of year.

    Carolina Lakes (Sun City) -- Continues to be one of the nicest and well-maintained courses around. Not too tough off the tee, but the greens are sinister. They raised prices again and now it's not a good value... but it is a good course when you have some extra cash.
  • 3/9/09 - Msg Board Posting
    Stonebridge   Steven St. Clair
    I have played Stonebridge twice in the past month, both weekend afternoons. The course layout and conditions were good.

    However, both rounds took over 5 hours to complete, and that was after our tee time was delayed by 15-30 minutes (and these were relatively warm, dry days, so there was no frost delay). Rangers were scarce and only promised the pace would improve, which it did not.

    Weekend pace of play is a problem at most public courses, but it is time we hold courses accountable to improve the pace. Sadly, Stonebridge has not done so.
  • 3/7/09 - Played on 3/7. Course was fine overall. Greens were pretty consistent and quicker than my last round here. I liked 'em much better this time. Course is still dormant overall and there were wet spots here and there from the deluge last weekend, but I'm not complaining. I bet most courses fared worse. It was a bit of a slow start (about 20 min late on our tee time) and a slow round (5 hrs). So, nothing special but overall good round.
  • 11/2/08 - Msg Board Posting
    Stonebridge   Scott
    Played Stonebridge 11/2. Greens were punched Monday 10/27. They were a little bumpy but give them 2 weeks and they will be back strong. Course in good shape.
  • 10/5/08 - Msg Board Posting
    Clt Links, Stone Bridge   Jin
    Clt Links today- course was pretty empty (I think most were watching the beating the Chiefs took). Fairways were nice and greens were fast. Most of the greens were in great shape, with the usual divot marks. Most of the tee boxes were in decent shape. As stated before, the rough is almost unfair... even worse, is the shrubage a few feet outside of the rough... it's so easy to lose a ball if your shot is a little off track. Keep it in the fairway and you'll really enjoy your round.
    Stonebridge - played yesterday early in the AM... really chilly. course was in great shape and very green. The tee boxes were in good shape and the greens were in great condition. greens were kind of slow in the AM because of the dew, but they sped up as the sun came up.
  • 9/29/08 - Msg Board Posting
    Stonebridge   Scott
    Played Stonebridge on 9/29. Course in good condition. Greens rolled good and pace of play was great. Tee'd off at 9am and finished at 1pm as a threesome. Lot of ball marks on the greens but they are in great shape and roll good. People should not be able to play golf if they don't fix there dam ball marks on the greens! Fairways were also in good shape. Get down to Mineral Springs and play this course. Worth the drive!
  • 8/11/08 - Played on 8/10. I went in with high expectations. This has always been one of my favorite layouts with some of the smoothest, fastest greens. I was a little disappointed this time. The residential neighborhood has been built out around the course, changing the scenery and OB lines on a few holes a little bit. The biggest impact, however, appears to be the level of play. This course is somewhat isolated in Union County between Waxhaw and Monroe, but with the new residences and pool/tennis courts/clubhouse, the course has seen much increased play. That has had an impact on the condition of the greens. They were much softer, slower, and marked up than I remember. I expect this won't get any better. The rest of the conditions were fine. Bunkers were in good shape. The hole maps on the carts are very helpful and the course is well-marked for distances. But I miss the fast, smooth greens!
  • 7/16/08 - Msg Board Posting
    Recent Play   Elsupremo
    3 July - Played Warrior for the first time. Pretty impressive. Course was in great shape, greens, tee boxes, everything. Well worth the drive. Playing partner walked on and shot four over, the annoying b@$t@rd.

    4 July - Olde Sycamore - Was in it's usual immaculate shape. Of the 30 or so public/semi-private courses I've played in this area, I think this is the nicest and also the most difficult.

    5 July - Tega Cay. Second time I've played here. I think it's a very nice course but it is another one that doesn't believe in bunker maintenance. I've noticed that about several courses in the area.

    12 July - Skybrook - Played here several times and it's always in great shape but it's also one of those courses that could use a little more bunker maintenance. It is on the Carolina Trail now but not part of any of the packages. Not sure what the deal is there.

    13 July - Stonebridge - Nice course but it is a haul from Huntersville. Again, bunker maintenance. How hard is it to go in, turn over the bunkers and rake them smooth. I don't get it. I know, I know, if you don't hit into them you won't have that problem. Whatever.

    Playing Pinetuck on the 18th and Eagle Chase on the 19th. I'll write up something about Pinetuck next week.
  • 7/4/07 - Played on the 4th. Great conditions. Zero complaints on the course -- tees, fairways, rough, greens are all in fine shape. Had a great round at one of my favorite local layouts.
  • 5/29/07 - Msg Board Posting
    More course updates...   J.D.
    1) The Divide was in decent condition, though the greens were long and slow. I always considered this a straightforward course, but on closer inspection, there are a handful of interesting holes here. But they keep the course in fine shape -- better then CLT Links (although Links finally improved the greens).

    2) Stonebridge had everyone starting on the #10 hole and I'm convinced that is a better experience than normal (despite two back-to-back Par 5s). Conditions were okay -- greens were recently punched and also showing signs of wear.

    3) Springfield was in very good shape, but the greens were long, slow and bumpy. Understandable, given our current drought. Bunkers were in perfect condition.
  • 4/4/07 - Msg Board Posting
    A few course updates....   J.D.

    C'mon, man, it's Masters Week! No 2007 course updates from you yet? Where's the love, man?

    Here are a few observations I had over the past few weeks:

    1) Ballantyne Resort course is in great shape. It's not a favorite of mine (especially at the price) but the fairways and greens (recently aerated) are in very good shape. It's still a mystery to me why they can't even out the tee boxes. It always seems like tee shots are from sidehill lies.

    2) Stonebridge has had great greens this winter/spring! In my opinion, Stonebridge and Charlotte National really keeps the best greens in town.

    3) Charlotte Golf Links -- I've heard that the greens are very long and slow...again. Why can't they ever seems to get the greens right? The place is always packed with have to believe they're making money. Yet, in my 2 1/2 years here, the greens are always terrible. What a waste of a Tom Doak design! I've also heard rumors that they finally sold the course to a condo developer. Not sure if that's true.

    4) Regent Park -- I've also heard that the greens were in bad shape at RP this year. Haven't experienced first-hand. If true, I hope that's not a sign of things to come from the new management that bought the place.

    - J.D.
  • 10/10/06 - Played on 10/9. Had a great time. Despite recent rains, the course had no standing water or muddy problems. Carts were 90 degrees. Greens were fantastic and the rest of the course also played nicely -- except for the bunkers. Several holes had sand traps under repair and required a free drop -- though the clubhouse manager had warned us of this before the round. Another note, they are now building houses on the course and there is a lot of construction. Besides disrupting this rural, peaceful layout, several holes had newly planted out of bounds markers off the fairway (#'s 2, 9, 16, and 18).
  • 5/8/06 - Played on 5/7 in the rain. Cart path only, of course, but it held the rain well. A few sogging spots where you could get relief from casual water. The bunkers mostly held up well too. Greens were great. They rolled smooth, true and still fairly fast despite the rain. Course is offering a free VIP signup where you will get offers for discounts, tournaments, and such. I signed up and will let you know what it turns out to be.
  • 10/6/05 - Msg Board Posting
    Conditions   MJS
    For those visiting Charlotte this fall, please know that this summer's conditions were very hard on local area greens - very wet and humid early and very, very dry for an extended period only now starting to come back. My opinion on those asked about in earlier posts:

    Springfield - tough tough, forced carries and truly unique place - just now developing real estate on/around course. Play it now as it is one of the best premium courses in the area. I played last week and greens were so so - having just been punched and suffering a bit from the bad summer - great value durring the week and unique.

    Eagle Chase - kind of a long drive, I call this a bubba course. I mean it in a nice way - more like a muni look and feel it is low end but really good layout, not in great shape - almost like a mtn course with elevation change.

    Olde Sycamore - Probably best greens around right now - very playable and tough layout. typical Charlotte style course in a housing development.

    Regent Park - great layout and usually great shape - i have heard greens were lost earlier this year and have stayed away but will defer to earlier posters and go back on their rec.

    Waterford - in Rock Hill SC - 30 min from Charlotte. A gem, and a Hale Irwin Course very fun and some unique holes (#3 has you drive thru a "chute") Good shape

    Charlotte Golf Links - scottish style layout with lots of Gorse, bunkers and elevated greens - good shape and right off 485

    Stonebridge - good shape for the most part and forgiving layout

    Larkhaven is a muni that is not in the same tier as above but fun/fair and cheap

    Verdict Ridge is TIGHT and LOTS of houses but very nice and good shape last time I played

    My top 4:

    Olde Sycamore
    Charlotte Golf Links
  • 8/19/05 - Played 8/17. Great shape. Rough is tough, very thick and can hide golf balls if you don't see your ball land. Greens were excellent and fast. One of the better kept courses around the Charlotte area.
  • 6/20/05 - Played on 6/17. Great shape. Greens were fine and fast. No problems.
  • 12/2/02 - Holes 5 and 6 are currently closed for repair. These holes died during the summer drought. The course rep said it may be January before they re-open. For now, the course is offering a discount rate for all the holes you can play.