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October Golf   Kevin B at 7/23/15 2:40pm
Will be there for October car race. Have 9 guys who play golf need suggestion.
Re: Where should we play?   The B-Man at 7/17/15 1:58pm
My suggestions to stay near I-77:

Fort Mill
Tega Cay

Check the map and then the reviews to get more details.
Rocky River Fairways Being Repaired   The B-Man at 7/14/15 3:33pm
Found this statement from Rocky River today on efforts to repair the winter kill damage to their fairways:

Like many courses in North Carolina this past winter, Rocky River Golf Club unfortunately experienced some winter kill of Bermuda grass in fairways and teeing areas. Some courses in Greensboro and Raleigh have had to close completely due to the damage incurred, but in Concord the impact was not quite as bad.

Rocky River has re-sprigged fairway areas on 8 holes and expects to have all areas completely back by Mid-August. The course REMAINS OPEN though, with several holes on the front 9 shortened to route play around the newly repaired areas. The 9 has been reduced to a Par of 31, and is playing much shorter which has been very popular! for juniors and senior players!

We are offering reduced rates for the entire month of July to compensate for the repaired areas. We apologize for the temporary situation but look forward to when it's back to 100% later this summer and fall.

Thank you for your patience and continued support of the club!
Where should we play?   JAG at 7/13/15 6:27pm
I'll be in Charlotte inform1-2 days in mid August. I've never played golf in Charlotte before so I'm hoping for some advice. Anything in great shape?
We'll be coming down 77 so kinda close to highway would be great. Thanks for the help.
Re: The Divide   dongtrgolfer at 7/6/15 8:01pm
I have played The Divide a few times over the past few months and it is much improved. The greens are much better (but slow). Fairways are ok but some places thin. Tee boxes were pretty chewed up on a lot of holes. Bunkers are definitely improved. Pro shop and staff much improved (now that they are being paid). I would still put Charlotte National and Emerald Lake above it but The Divide has closed some of the gap and given the layout (which I like) it is back on my play list.
Re: Beginner in Ballantyne   dongtrgolfer at 7/6/15 7:54pm
Any of the courses you listed have nice practice greens and it is free to putt! Chipping areas is a little more complicated. None are ideal but Springfield and Fort Mill are ok. Again, free to chip! If you are just banging balls I would suggest one of the places on South Blvd south of I-485. There are two places and they give you about 100 balls for $10 9also have cards that save $$), but there putting/chipping areas not that great.

Of the four you listed I would say none are overly "beginner" friendly. All have challenges and can cost a lot depending on what day of the week you play and your age. I would check out some of the Radcliffe courses. They are not as nice but can get some good deals at certain times and are pretty beginner friendly (that is where I start! ed). I would also suggest Charlotte National. Very wide open and good for beginners if you play the right tee (gold). Charlotte National is much better than Radcliffe courses, has some reasonable rates in the afternoons, and has friendly staff and golfers who don't mind playing with beginners.

Finally, your first step should be to find a good pro to give you lessons. It will eliminate a lot of the upfront frustration and make the game a whole lot better. don't invest in nice, shiny clubs, invest in lessons!
Beginner in Ballantyne   Mike at 7/6/15 1:15pm

I wanted to know about some of the clubs around me, specifically about practice facilities / range / chipping and putting areas. I also wanted to know about cost for the range. What courses would you list as beginner friendly in the area? A search of what is by me (excluding Ballantyne CC as it is $$$): Regent Park, Springfield, Carolina Lakes, Fort Mill. Can you suggest any of these?

Mount Mitchell Golf Club   panthersfann55 at 7/3/15 3:02pm
My golf buddy and I found this great stay and play package in Carolina Golf Journal and decided to give it a try. 2 rounds of golf, 1 night stay in the Fairway Villa Condos and $15 credit towards dinner at the clubhouse restaurant for $99 (double occupancy). What an awesome deal. This was a 2 1/2 drive from the house and well worth it. It is wall to wall bent grass (greens,fairways,tees). It is also a CART PATH ONLY course. The course is very flat minus 2 or 3 holes and tucked in the Toe River Valley. The mountain views were spectacular and kept the rain away for our stay. The clubhouse staff were very nice and let us check in early and tee off an hour before our tee time since everyone was cancelling due to pending rain (it didn't). Condo was dated but ! had everything we needed (plus a front row view of the 8th fairway and the mountains in the background). Dinner was a little expensive since there is only 1 other restaurant next door to compete but the rib eye was worth the money.

Greens A+ no issues what so ever.
Fairways B+ some thin spots here and there but overall good no roll
Rough A+ fair and challenging
Bunkers B had some weeds in them but were soft and playable
Tees A+ not one chewed up
Overall a great experience. I had some reservations going into this after reading reviews from golfnow and tripadvisor but I'm glad we went. Just to warn you that the course does stay damp so don't expect to much roll. It is a shot makers course. The temp was also perfect.
Rocky River   Jrock704 at 7/1/15 12:04pm
Anyone played Rocky River within the last couple days? Older reviews seem to all say the fairways were terrible and I think they punched the greens last week. Playing Friday morning and want to know what I'm in for.
Re: The Divide   The B-Man at 6/30/15 10:22am
Two reviews got posted within an hour of your message board posting. Both reviewers were brand new to the site. So take the reviews with a grain of salt. I heard an anecdotal review from a friend who played here last week and he gave it an average review. If your expectations are low, I think the Divide will meet or exceed them. If you like the layout, it's probably worth giving a shot. If you want really good conditions, take the 20 minute drive to Red Bridge or the 10 minute drive to Olde Sycamore.
The Divide   ISlayMySelf at 6/30/15 9:11am
Haven't played the Divide in a few years because of the conditions but it is the closest course to me and I wanted to give it another try this Friday afternoon. Anyone have an update on the conditions and is it worth the twilight rate? My expectations are low but hopeful.
Re: Course Suggestions   cyoung2ty at 6/29/15 5:44pm
Lincoln Country Club has easily been one of my least favorite courses I've played since I moved down here. It wasn't in good shape (this was last April)... the greens were miniature... the staff pretty much didn't even acknowledge we were there... and overall, for a 'country club', it was horrible.

Again... this was last April. It's very possible I caught it at a bad time, so... reserve judgement until you've heard from others.

Also, a big group played Rock Barn in the early part of May and said it was the most winterkill they'd seen... but again, that was 7+ weeks ago, it may have turned around by now.
Re: Course Suggestions   MadMax2015 at 6/29/15 10:58am
Anyone played Lincoln Country Club? Can see if from the highway 321. Is it a private course?
Re: Course Suggestions   MadMax2015 at 6/26/15 8:13pm
Thanks. Heard there was a good bit of winter kill up that way but that may be a thing of the past. Played Glen Oaks but not a big fan of the layout.
Re: Course Suggestions   slowmofo at 6/26/15 2:01pm
You can never go wrong with either of the Rock Barn courses. Larkin isn't too bad and Verdict Ridge is turning around.
Course Suggestions   MadMax2015 at 6/25/15 12:09pm
I'm looking for suggestions for courses north of Charlotte. Any feedback on courses such as Rock Barn, Glen Oaks, Lincoln, and the like would be appreciated.
10 play cards   Spencer at 6/22/15 5:26pm
Anyone know of a good deal on a multiplay prepay card for any good courses around Charlotte? I saw that Red Bridge had a Father's Day special but I just missed out on it. Will be playing a lot during some time off and looking to play good courses for a little less if possible! Thanks!
Re: Winterkill of Bermuda Grass in N.C.   cyoung2ty at 6/22/15 2:48pm
Definitely the courses up north were the most hard hit.

Irish Creek is an absolute mess. Warrior is even worse.

Meanwhile, a little further south... Stonebridge, Tega Cay and Carolina Lakes seem just fine (with a few spotty areas here and there).
Re: Is Deer Brook any good?   Landon at 6/16/15 10:51am
Deer Brook is awesome right now played there this past Sunday it was there member guest that day but they got us out at 7 am The Fairways are perfect as well as tee boxes the greens are as good as you are going to get. They were very fast. This is a hidden gem only issue is it is a 45-50 min drive from Charlotte a must play.
Re: Is Deer Brook any good?   Bogey-Golf at 6/15/15 7:42pm
Thanks for the info. I ended up taking quick overnight trip to pinehurst area. Played Tobacco Rd on Sunday and played Dormie Club today. I recommend both to everyone but Dormie is now in my top 5 of all courses I have played.

Re: Winterkill of Bermuda Grass in N.C.   slowmofo at 6/15/15 2:49pm
Thanks for the info B. It seems like most of the courses in N Charlotte and above were affected badly. Rocky River and Verdict Ridge's fairways were hurt, but are turning around.
Re: Winterkill of Bermuda Grass in N.C.   The B-Man at 6/13/15 11:05pm
A few more links to similar articles:

Winter Weather Extremes Kill Grass, Force Course Closures:
Damages in the Carolinas Golf Industry Run into Millions

Many Still Feeling the Effects of Winter
Winterkill of Bermuda Grass in N.C.   The B-Man at 6/13/15 10:58pm
The Carolinas Golf Association posted this article last month that has a good description of the problem affecting some of our local Charlotte golf courses:

Winterkill of Bermuda Grass in N.C.

I sympathize with the plight of the local courses suffering from this and I will return to play them once the issues are corrected. Let's do our best to support them.
Highland Creek Condition   DJ at 6/13/15 9:45am
Has anyone played Highland Creek recently? Interested to hear if it's in good shape or not.

Re: Is Deer Brook any good?   5putts at 6/12/15 1:30pm
Absolutely worth the drive. Nice track, typically in good shape, has some interesting holes but not at all 'tricked up'. Try it!
Is Deer Brook any good?   Bogey-Golf at 6/11/15 6:20pm
Wanna play somewhere I haven't played before. Is it worth it?
The Divide   Jamie at 6/8/15 8:58am
Played at The Divide on 6/6/15. The course is in decent shape as far as fairways are concerned. The greens looked good and were very consistent, but they were extremely slow. They had been cut, just were cut high for some reason. Very different from all other course I have played this year.
Re: Membership   Ga Heel at 5/31/15 9:53pm
JB- Check out Raintree Country Club in South Charlotte. They have a deal for e-tour players that seems pretty reasonable. There are several e-tour players there all the time. There are 2 courses that are always in great condition. It's private and the pace of play is usually very good.
Membership   Jb at 5/26/15 11:50pm

Question: just moved down from NY to pursue golf full time; trying to compete on the mini tour down here. Looking for a good course to join that would good practice facilities, putting greens basically the works. On a tight budget affordable monthly under two hundred. Any suggestions. Please help
Cleghorn Plantation Golf Club   panthersfann55 at 5/13/15 5:26pm
Made the trip out to Cleghorn today. Shot 93. Overall it seems to be a work in progress. The front nine fairways and tee boxes were being worked on (grass was patchy at best probably another year before its ready to go. Back nine fairways and tees a lot better but still need sometime to get better. Greens were in good shape. Bunkers had soft sand. Lots of elevation changes so course knowledge would help. Had a lot of side hill lies. Pace of play was great till we caught a 4some on the 15th hole that took forever on each shot (ready golf was not part of their game). Took a chance based on golfnow reviews and would say if you lived close to the course enjoy it with a golfnow or clickit deal unlike us being an 1hr and 1/2 will wait till next year.

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