Photo of golf ball on the edge of the cupPhoto of 14th hole at Quail Hollow Country Club in Charlotte, NC

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Re: ISO golf course   JB at 1/30/05 12:25am
Crystal Creek in Pineville should be okay for you. Charles T. Myers is a city course and could be what your looking for. Enjoy Charlotte!!
ISO golf course   Adam at 1/18/05 7:57pm
I'm going to be in Charlotte next month (Feb) and want to take my brother-in-law out for 9. He is very much a beginner, so an executive course or something of that nature would fit us best. I'm scratch, so something with a few "neat" holes would make it more enjoyable. I live in Kansas City and have just started my research. The only one I've found thus far is Revolution Park. Any suggestions or comments are appreciated. Thanks in advance.
November   Don Raczka at 10/10/04 4:55pm
California guy coming into Charlotte and then onto Wilmington over Thanksgiving. What's the weather like about that time of year? do courses stay open? thanks.
Re: Conditions at springfield?   Billy at 10/8/04 1:21pm
My friend and I played it this past Tuesday and the greens were coming back, not all of the way, but definitely worth the price. The rest of the course was in typical top condition. Don't forget to check lastminutegolfer, Springfield is offering a $16 weekday, 9-hole rate with cart!

Re: Business golf   JB at 9/30/04 4:38am
Waterford Golf Club in Rock Hill (SC - just across state line) or Springfield in Fort Mill are great courses.
Re: Emerald Lake   dB at 9/26/04 8:27pm
Played there today (9/26/04); the greens were impeccable; tee boxes not too bad but a lot of moving around of the white tees; sometimes back with the blue tees and sometimes up with the red tees. Fairways were cut short and firm so a lot of bounce for your drive. Fairway lies were a bit too tight for me to make those occasional critical shots without sweating it. Overall, I was not disappointed with the course and would play there again an a discount coupon.
Conditions at springfield?   charlottegolfer at 9/23/04 10:59am
Does anyone know what the conditions of the greens are like at Springfield? I heard they were aerated a couple of weeks ago.
Business golf   Bruce at 9/16/04 10:10pm
I have a group of 4 coming into town in early October and have no idea where to play. I'm looking for a good test of golf and a course in very good condition in or close to Charlotte.
Warrior Golf in China Grove   Michael at 7/25/04 12:24am
I made the 30 minute drive to China Grove and it was well worth it. I teed off at 4:00 on a Saturday and it cost $25 with cart. I was able to play 18 and then another 7 holes before it became too dark. The course was in phenomenal shape, the holes were spaced out nicely and it borders a lake on several holes. The fairways were pretty wide, so the beginning/intermediate player can still have alot of fun here.

I read some descriptions about the course being very secluded. I would say those reviews need to be updated, as they are developing on portions of the course.

I played The Divide two weeks ago and this course was much nicer and in considerably better shape. I"ll be back at this course several times in the next month.

If you're willing to drive a little outside of Charlotte, its worth the trip...
Re: Emerald Lake   B-Man at 7/23/04 5:38pm
I've only played once back in May and it was fine. I usually check LMTT's course feedback board for recent updates:

I've played Emerald Lake several times a year for the past few years. I used to love it, then had a few bad experiences in a row -- where they had just aerated or were repairing tee boxes -- so I didn't play as much. Based on price and playability the course was a bit overrated. I play it every now and then just for variety, not because I love the course or the price point.

If you're in that area of town, Charlotte National is a better course in my opinion. Olde Sycamore is also nice, but more pricey. The Divide suffers from the same inconsistency of conditions / high price that Emerald Lake does.
Emerald Lake   Gatlin at 7/23/04 3:45pm
Can anyone comment on the condition of Emerald Lake? I used to play there frequently, but it has been several years since my last round. I've heard that the condition of the course has gotten pretty bad.
Re: Ravings   Jose Kuhn at 7/15/04 9:20am
Try Crowders Mountain. If I get there at 5:30 (June/July) I can play 18 and there are few people there.
Springfield - correction   Nial at 7/9/04 7:48pm
Meant to say Springfield was a little past Regent Park.
Crescent   Nial at 7/9/04 7:46pm
Another good course. Another long drive to get there but well worth it if you've never played it. IMHO the best greens around. Quick but honest, not excessivly slippery, well groomed, will hold an approach shot. Bunkers are deep, probably the deepest around but have good sand and are placed to come in play with bad shots (as should be). Staff (clubhouse and greens) were friendly but found the other golfers standoffish. Who knows why... Plan on going back one more time in a couple of weeks.
Area courses   Nial Williams at 7/9/04 7:35pm
GOT to play Springfield. Located a little past Waterford, this is one nice course. The clubhouse is a trailer (temporary) but the staff is friendly and knowledgable. Have seen wild turkeys the 2 times I've played it this yr. Each hole is seperate, no golfers coming the other way. Tees/fairways/greens & sand traps all good. They were surveying for 700(?) homes last time I was there so it'd be a good idea to play this course soon. Be advised - they have clocks every 4 holes or so to pace your play (4 1/2 hr round). Pay attention to the in-cart hole cards; they'll keep you out of trouble.
Carolinas   Ralph at 7/9/04 9:41am
Check out
Renaissance   Matt at 4/24/04 8:46am
I played Renaissance Park Golf Course on 4/22/04 and it was awful. The fairways and roughs were in bad shape, bunkers full of mud, and blind shots galore. On many holes a perfect drive just falls sharply off the fairway into the woods. Our group also ran into three rats on the course (it used to be a landfill). I recommend turning this track back into a landfill.
Re: Voucher for Pawtuckett   Bryan at 4/23/04 1:38pm
The Pawtuckett voucher is now gone.
Voucher for Pawtuckett   Bryan at 4/22/04 11:11am
I have a pre-paid Clickitgolf voucher for 3 weekend rounds at Pawtuckett that will expire after May 8th. I will be unable to use this voucher before then so I wanted to see if anyone else was interested. It's worth $105 but I'll take $20 for it. You can't find that good of a deal on any website.
Re: suggestions   Jim at 4/20/04 6:17pm
Check out Regent Park at
It is always in good shape and a good price for a public course. There are lots of good course in CLT. Check the courses link and visit a few over the web. Have a great visit to the Carolinas.
suggestions   Bruce at 4/12/04 3:47pm
three of us are travelling to myrtle beach and are coming through Charlotte to pick up our fourth golfer. we want to play in the Charlotte area (the fourth can't play that day).
Can anyone suggest or rank some of the courses. we are traveling from indiana, so we want to make it worth our while. i have researched on the net and have a list, but wanted to know some of the local knowledge. we will be in town in mid may. Thanks.
Ravings   rjgolfer at 3/30/04 8:34am
OK, here is my beef with golf in Charlotte- golf here just takes too *%#$ long. I have NEVER played a full round here, at any major course, that took less than five hours. Why is this? Speed your game up people. Tee shots and approaches should take no time. Don't dawdle. Spend your time, if you are going to spend it, around the greens. I was playing behind a group the other day, and a guy asks if we want to play through. Very nice of him, however, he says "Would you like to play through, we are just taking our time." No you're not. You are taking everyone else's time. Since you "paid your money" you are NOT entitled to fool around as long as you like. Rangers need to have the nerve to send people home or put them in "time out". Large warning signs should be posted at the first tee that says "You will play briskly or you will not play at all". And why is walking not allowed ever? Anyone who says it is because of "cart fees" wasn't there when I offered to pay the full price of a round, just not ride the cart. I was turned down. Why? Pace of play? It doesn't seem to concern anyone any other time. I also think the average golfer places too much emphasis on course conditioning. We demand it here in the US, and they give it to us, in exchange for ridiculous green fees and slow play. The biggest travesties in town are Renaissance Park and Charlotte Golf Links. Those nonbelievers in the crowd should play a round in Ireland or the UK. Once you did, you would come back and realize how ridiculous golf in the US is. Bottom line, speed up or get off the course.
Re: golf   Jim at 3/22/04 9:27pm
Try the Tradition. A great layout. I'm not sure of the current conditions. Lots of courses aerate this time of year so call ahead. Their telephone number and web address is located on this site. Another option a little more North is Rocky River GC. It may be better than the Tradition but more expensive.
golf   john foley at 3/22/04 11:25am
Looking for a course close to Research Drive, Spring Hill suites 28262, for Mon. 3-29-04 can you please advise with rates. Thanks
Olde Sycamore   Sonny Rauscher at 3/16/04 6:16am
Oh yeah, Forgot about telling you about Olde sycamore!! Not as nice as Tega Cay, But had a very nice time there. Greens were in excelent shape. Fairways were not overseeded. I really don't care for playing with dormant fairways, It's so hard to see.
Tega Cay & Olde Sycamore   Sonny Rauscher at 3/16/04 6:09am
Played Tega Cay on the 6th of march. Started out playing in the rain but seeing that we haven't played golf in three months we didn't care! All of us really liked this place!! After five the weather got great and we ended up playing all 27 holes. That new nine was nice. Fairways were overseeded and were in great shape. Next time we are in the Charlotte area, We will be playing here again for sure.
Re: Practice facility   Jim at 3/11/04 4:59pm
Check out Regent Park just across the NC/SC line. Wonderful practice facilities.
Practice facility   Skip at 3/4/04 5:57pm
Hi B-Man,

I'll be in Charlotte for two weeks on business. Can you recommend a local range or practice facility on the southwest side of town, near I-77 and Tyvolia Rd., Renaissance Park? Any good used club shops I should visit? Thanks
Courses with condos   Jim C at 2/24/04 9:12pm
Visiting my daughter in Charlotte the end of April. Would love to rent a condominium on a golf course for the week. She lives in the northwest section (77 & 85) of Charlotte. Any suggestions for a place within 30 to 45 minutes away? Thanks!
Re: Moving to Charlotte   Jamie Archie at 2/20/04 7:11am
The course you play depends on what type of course you prefer. Down here you will have a lot of choices. I have played them all, and here are my favorites:

1) The Tradition - my favorite course layout, tight fairways, very wooded, good greens, solid overall course, accurate tee shots critical.
2) Highland Creek - well maintained, wider fairways, excellent greens, a little pricier, but worth it.
3) The Divide - bigger greens, comfortable fairways, not as tight off the tees.
4) Springfield, Waterford (south of state line)- great layouts, a little tougher in terms of approach shots. Waterford's greens are about the fastest around.
5) Fox Den (35 miles north) - one of my favorites since I shot 69 my first time there. Great diversity of holes.
6) Verdict Ridge - the toughest course I have played in this area. Bring your A game, or you are in trouble.

There are about two dozen solid courses within a reasonable driving distance of downtown Charlotte, so take your time in picking. Just check out the yellow pages when you get here. B-man web site is a good reference too. All of the ones I listed are semi-private, so the public can usually play anytime. Good luck, and welcome to Charlotte!

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