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Re: Regent vs Divide   Jamie at 9/13/05 2:00pm
Regent Park is a little better than the Divide in terms of overall conditioning, but I think it is also more difficult. The Divide features slightly more foregiving fairways, but the greens are a little less consistent. Check with the courses about aeration, because September is a popular time for that. A few more courses you may want to investigate are Highland Creek near the university, Birkdale, and if you really want a beautiful but tough course, Verdict Ridge. Verdict Ridge may be the most scenic course, but it's a little bit of a drive.
Regent vs Divide   Patriot Dave at 9/12/05 11:32pm
Heading to town with a group of 16 for the Pats/Cats game this weekend. We have ONE day to golf (Saturday). We have a mixed crew with guys who shoot in the 90's all the way to guys who shoot in the 120's. Money is not an issue. We are looking for an upper class track that isn't excessively tough or super long. Wide fairways, elevated tees, spectacular views, and beverage carts are all major plusses. Basically I'm looking for somplace that will impress some of the more experienced golfers, but not be too tough for the beginners. Looked into Skybrook, but found out the greens were being aierated (sp?) which is a MAJOR turnoff. In researching a number of places, it seems that Regent Park & The Divide seem to really come close to what we are looking for. Any suggestions or comments?
Charlotte Golf Links/Divide   Jamie at 8/17/05 2:10pm
Thanks B-Man for the update on CGL. I suspect the greens will fully recover by the Fall. The Carolina Trail courses generally do a good job with issues like that. I played The Divide on 8/13, and their greens were in good shape, although the speed was somewhat inconsistent. Fairways were in good shape also.
Re: Charlotte Golf Links   B-Man at 8/12/05 2:33pm
Passed your note along to the course manager, Boyd Everling, and he gave me this very detailed response:

"As of August 1st we have been giving discounts off of our full rates to every player when they come in and explaining that we have some thinning of the greens and that we have been quad-tining (using 1/4 tines) on the greens to get air and water to the roots. We also have been explaining that holes #2, #9, #13 were bad and that they should consider a mandatory 2-putt. On 8/6/05 our morning rates should have been $59 but we were charging $49 automatically.

As of today, 8/12/05, our problems greens (2,9,13) are now 90%+ covered and playable. The other 15 greens are good except for some quad-tines still healing. Besides the greens, we have been told (and I agree) that our fairways are some of the best in the Carolina's.

For anyone not familiar with our courses, the Carolina Trail courses have a central tee-time office in Chicago that takes tee-times on occasion. They will not mention course conditions or fee reductions because they do not know. If any golfer wants our course conditions or rates, please ask the operator to transfer them to the golf shop. We have been up front with every customer that we have talked to about this situation, with most saying that they appreciate our honesty. For anyone that has fallen through the cracks, we apologize, but we are doing everything that we can. Please be sure to ask for the "Golf Shop Staff" to answer any questions and there should not be any problems. Going forward, our greens are much improved but still have small quad-tine holes. From what our customers are telling us, our greens are the same as many in the area due to the tough summer stretch of weather. We should be much better in a couple weeks as long as we don't hit 100 degrees for an extended period of time again.

What I would like to say is that our greens are just O.K. right now, but very playable. We have made it through the tough period and we are improving each day. We are still discounting through this weekend and may continue depending on the conditions. I would recommend that anyone wanting to play a great conditioned course immediately, call the Tradition at (704) 549-9779 which is a sister course of ours. The whole course is great and the A-4 greens are outstanding.

I appreciate the opportunity to explain our situation.


Boyd Everling
PGA Head Professional/GM
Charlotte Golf Links"
Charlotte Golf Links   Jamie at 8/12/05 7:06am
Played on 8/6, and greens were having problems. Three were unplayable, and the other fifteen were a mixture of fair to poor. Very frustrating...particularly since the folks in the clubhouse never said anything about it when I made the tee time. A few minor glitches, well OK, I can understand not saying anything. But when most of the greens are trashed? That's what actually bothers me more than the lousy's called the "bait and switch" technique. I should not have to go through a phone interview with the greenskeeper to learn about major course issues!
Renaissance park   Kevin at 7/25/05 2:52pm
Has anyone played this lately? Haven't played it in a LONG time and wondered what kind of condition it was in.

Re: More reviews   Jamie at 7/22/05 12:38pm
To Hans, The Warrior is a good course. I played it earlier this week. Well laid out, good variety of holes, well manicured. The play was a little slow, but that may be because it's popular in that area. The greens, although very soft and spongy, were in good condition. It's worth a look.
Re: club fitting etc   Jim C. at 7/22/05 7:42am
John Gamble and Mike Kurilko at Carolina Golf Manufacturing are the best. Their shop is located on Central Ave. The offer club fitting and repairs at a very reasonable price plus you'll get a few pointers along the way.
club fitting etc   Jmunn at 7/21/05 2:26pm
Just bought a new Ping driver and it has too long shaft for me (Im 5'7) Looking for a good place to get the shaft and my Nike CPR irons fit for me?? any recommendations? Oh, and any interest in a barely used Nicklaus 430-S Driver out there ;) thanks, Jeff
Singles Golf Group   Tree at 7/13/05 3:40pm
If you're single and want to meet other singles through the game of golf, go to
Re: course off 485   Tree at 7/13/05 3:38pm
It's called the Divide and it's part of Carolina Trail.
Charlotte Golf Links   Scott Ajello at 7/9/05 9:32pm
I really enjoy this course. It is in great shape. Though short it makes you pay if you try to stripe it and miss.
The Course is in great shape, the staff is a pleasure and it is a real great price.
Thanks to Bman for the time he puts into his site.
Pawtuckett   Drew at 7/9/05 6:13pm
Played 7/9. Fairways in good shape overall, although the type of grass is not consistent. No real problems though. Greens on the other hand are about a hot week from being totally burnt. Most greens still had grass but were VERY fast and only a great approach shot would hold. Tough course - tight fairways and smallish greens. The great Saturday morning rate ($25 with coupon) will bring me back though...maybe in the fall once the grass thickens back up.
Crystal Creek..dont DO IT!   Golfer Dude at 7/9/05 10:29am
More reviews   Hans at 7/5/05 5:45pm
Has anyone played Warrior in China Grove? Is it worth the trip?

Also worth mentioning, I have found some good deals for several courses in Charlotte on
Emerald Lake   gatlin at 6/30/05 8:28am
I played Emerald Lake yesterday for the first time several years. I was shocked that there was no mud on the tee boxes like there used to be. The course was in the best shape that I've ever seen it. The change around the 9th green to keep balls from rolling into the drink is a nice change.
Firethorne going private   The B-Man at 6/20/05 12:37pm
Saw an ad in the Observer last week saying Firethorne is going private in September. Only a few months left perhaps to play one of the nicer courses in the area.
Monroe   Jim at 6/18/05 8:56pm
Played at Monroe Golf Course today. Always in good shape but NOT now. Tee boxes had no grasss. Greens, which have always been excellent, are shot! They were hard as stone and were mostly dirt. What happened?
good deals   joe at 4/21/05 8:07pm
played sunset hills recently, i think it was in good shape for $26 on a sunday. also one of my favorites is green oaks in concord. always a deal at $20 during the week. greens are great now that aireafacation is over.
Pawtuckett Conditions   Soupy at 4/21/05 10:10am
Played Pawtuckett on 4/9. The practice green was unputtable and the driving range is permanently closed. The greens were a little rough but the fairways were in decent shape. I was not overly impressed, but hopefully conditions will improve with the warm weather.
Re: Used Clubs   Jim C at 4/9/05 5:48pm
Checkout Carolina Golf Manufacturing on Central Ave. John Gamble and Michael Kurilko are the best in town at fitting and finding the best clubs for a fair price.
Used Clubs   John Staley at 4/8/05 1:32pm
1st time here. Recently playing more and want to get better clubs. Any place to get Good Quality used clubs?
Want to join a league?   Patrick Vimislik at 3/30/05 8:46am
Greetings golfers. If you like playing golf with good people and like competition during the round then check out The league travels to area courses every three to four weeks from April to November. All events take place on Saturday afternoons. Cash and prizes to be won. Please check out the website and if you have any questions please contact me or my partner Jeff Hollenbach at Thanks for your time and may all your drives be long and straight!
Re: course off 485   TGreenway at 3/28/05 2:19pm
That would be the "Divide" course....part of the Carolina Trails group, and yes it's public. FYI, there are several good courses along that stretch...further down on Lawyers is Emerald Lake, about 2 - 3 miles past that is Charlotte Natl. Then just up 485 at exit 244 (hwy 218) is Olde Sycamore...semi private, good course, and further down 485 near Albemarle Rd exit you can see Larkhaven golf course.
course off 485   RandyMan at 3/25/05 8:55am
What is that course off of 485 at Lawyers road that you can see from the highway? Is it a public course?
Tega Cay   Dooner at 3/8/05 11:43am
If you haven't played it, do yourself a favor and drive down to Tega Cay. 27 holes in all, the best combination is the "carolina pines 9" and the "grande view 9." Grande View is the newest 9 and most mountainous. You'll pay more on a weekend, but its worth it. Look for cards being sold around town, I got two and burned through them a couple summers ago. Haven't been around town lately so if anyone has played it lately, let me know how it looks.
Rocky River   Mike at 3/4/05 10:09am
Not sure if anyone else has played here recently, but I played Rocky River last weekend and the greens were the fastest I've ever played. I couldn't get my speed right and was blowing putts way by the hole. However, if you can get your speed right, there aren't greens that will roll more true, and you could have a great round.
Re: fly bye 18   Jim C at 2/11/05 10:57pm
Check out Eagle Chase in Marshville. Great shape. Great challenge. Not too much of a detour on your way to Florence. Another great course is Cheraw State Park about 25 miles from Florence. Always in great shape. Both of these course are challenging at a very affordable price.
fly bye 18   Jeremy at 2/11/05 1:06pm
I am heading to Florence on Feb 17th and wanted to stop and play a quality affordable course in Charlotte. The harder the better. I am hoping to take some $ off my buddy before we get to florence. Can you help?
Re: ISO golf course   Jim at 2/2/05 11:54am
You decision might be based upon where you are staying while in Charlotte. There are great public courses for players of all levels across the metro area. East you may look at Charles T. Myers, Emerald Lake or Olde Sycamore. North try the Tradition. West you might check Paw Creek. And South, Fort Mill Golf Course is a good one. Have a great visit to Charlotte

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