Photo of golf ball on the edge of the cupPhoto of 14th hole at Quail Hollow Country Club in Charlotte, NC

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Re: More Course Reviews   Jamie at 5/1/07 12:19pm
Thanks for the info on Olde Sycamore. I have a church tournament there on 5/11.

You're right about Charlotte Golf Links. They starting losing their greens back in 2005 during a very bad dry period in the summer. They have nevered recovered, so I don't play there very often. As to why they're always crowded, I have no idea. Well, actually I do, sort of. Judging by the constant traffic on Providence Road, (which should be a six lane highway to handle the ridiculous traffic volume) they could probably charge $200 per round and still be crowded. Seriously, though, I just think management is taking advantage of the location. After all, if you have ever tried to turn left onto Providence Road after your round, you can understand why. You literally take your life in your hands when you make that attempt. About 8 million people live within a mile or two of the course, and management knows that.
More Course Reviews   J.D. at 4/30/07 2:12pm
* Regent Park is in better-than-average shape and the greens are rolling true. I met the new owner and he seems to be genuinely committed to providing a quality golf experience.

* Olde Sycamore is in average shape, but there are a few holes (5-6?) on the front nine that have fairways that are practically dead. Greens have been better here, but are average.

* Charlotte Golf Links is just awful. The greens are terribly inconsistent, and they're all cut high, almost like fairways. They claim to be working on the problems, but there are beetles on most greens, which suggest its only going to get worse. Are they just letting this place rot? Or are they just keeping status quo because it's always crowded?
I should call...   Fisher at 4/26/07 3:57pm time I drive 25 miles to a golf course, only to find out they had a shot-gun tournament about to start. Crescent did this to me last weekend. I had to come up w/ an alternative place & ended up at a course nearby(I won't mention the name, but they have a HUGE boulder painted white at the entrance). That was absolutely the longest round. Pro shop kept sending out 5-somes on that day for some reason. RIDICULOUS!!

Has anyone played Crescent within the last two weeks? Just want to get an idea of conditions & how long ago they aerated greens.

Thanks! Coupons now integrated   The B-Man at 4/20/07 2:57pm
Hey everyone -- I've added coupon links to the bottom of the course pages for the ones that is affiliated with. So you can immediately see what the latest deals are.

Shameless plug -- using these coupon links gives me a cut on any purchase you make with ClickIt. So buy a foursome deal today!

Coming soon -- I'm feverishly working on a new site design and should have it ready before the month is out. Look for easier access to course information and deals as well as the ability for you to post your own course reviews and sign up for email updates.
Larkhaven 4 ball   ruckter at 4/17/07 4:17pm
Has anyone played this tournament? It sounds like a lot of fun for a very reasonable price. ($300 a team for 3 day tournament)

Also, thanks for adding Tega Cay. It is under new management and I am interested to see how the conditions may change.
A few course updates....   J.D. at 4/4/07 10:21am

C'mon, man, it's Masters Week! No 2007 course updates from you yet? Where's the love, man?

Here are a few observations I had over the past few weeks:

1) Ballantyne Resort course is in great shape. It's not a favorite of mine (especially at the price) but the fairways and greens (recently aerated) are in very good shape. It's still a mystery to me why they can't even out the tee boxes. It always seems like tee shots are from sidehill lies.

2) Stonebridge has had great greens this winter/spring! In my opinion, Stonebridge and Charlotte National really keeps the best greens in town.

3) Charlotte Golf Links -- I've heard that the greens are very long and slow...again. Why can't they ever seems to get the greens right? The place is always packed with have to believe they're making money. Yet, in my 2 1/2 years here, the greens are always terrible. What a waste of a Tom Doak design! I've also heard rumors that they finally sold the course to a condo developer. Not sure if that's true.

4) Regent Park -- I've also heard that the greens were in bad shape at RP this year. Haven't experienced first-hand. If true, I hope that's not a sign of things to come from the new management that bought the place.

- J.D.
Tega Cay - Golf Holes   Larry at 3/30/07 5:04am
Has anyone tried this coupon for Tega Cay recently? Coupon is for $122.85, 4 play for 3 on weekends. That's an incredible deal considering is about $47 on weekends.... I'll give a try this Sat and let ya know, but I have my doubts that it will work when I show up with this ridiculous cheap coupon pd for.

p.s. Ballyntine in excellent shape! Played their on 3/26
Re: Emerald Lake Golf Club   B-Man at 3/28/07 11:45pm
Thanks for the update, Howard. I'm not sure I would give Emerald much credit over the Divide, though, especially on price. You can always get a decent rate at the Divide with their own players' card, Click-it coupons, or their email specials. Emerald Lake has been lacking in the discount fee department for the last few years that I've seen. My experiences there have generally been hit and miss, as far as the conditions -- with the exceptions of the greens, which are nearly always very good. So we'll see. I haven't played there in a while and have been meaning to give another try. I'll look for an opportunity in the next month or so and post an update.

Emerald Lake Golf Club   Howard Dinsley at 3/28/07 11:16pm
Just wanted to give everyone a heads up. I played Emerald Lake today and it was it great shape. The greens are running great and smooth and the fairways are just begining to get green and fluffy. The rates for this summer are like 39 bucks during the week, 42 on friday and 59 on weekends. They are not going any higher than that, which makes them cheaper than the divide and all surrounding courses, but always in better shape. This is a course that will be a gem this summer.
The Tradition   Chipper Green at 3/2/07 9:01pm
Played there this past week and this place has to have the worst drainage ever. It was soaked and it hadn't rained in at least 5 days. Very poor conditions. I have vowed not to return unless there has been a recent drought.
Re: Buy 1 Get 1 Free Charlotte golf   john gunderman at 1/20/07 6:40pm
please email info and recommended courses. we are coming as a foursome. handicaps are 6, 8, 11, 13. thank you
Eagle Chase   Eric at 1/19/07 9:40pm
Played Eagle Chase on 1/16 and the course was in good shape. The greens were suprisingly fast. (price was $30 for a noon tee-time).
I suggest if you are in the Charlotte area, you should travel to Marshville to play this track.

Emerald Lake   JLA at 1/17/07 8:58am
I noticed Emerald Lakes' rates this winter have actually gone UP to $59 for Saturday mornings. What's the deal? I was told they would go up again in March after they aerify. Up to what...$75? I have not played there since last spring because they are so much higher than the surrounding courses like Divide and Charlotte National. In the winter the course typically drains poorly and is in very average shape compared to other courses. Are they trying to compete with Ballantyne and Olde Sycamore? Are they preparing to go all private?
Buy 1 Get 1 Free Charlotte golf   Hollywood at 1/3/07 10:08pm
I got the hottest deal in golf in Charlotte, BAR NONE!
This is unbelievable 6 different courses. 3 in charlotte, one in Hickory, one in Rockingham, one just outside Mrytle Beach. You Can play golf for a cheap as $12, if you go with a buddy. A total of 30 round of golf, plus 30 buckets of range balls at all the golf courses-also at BUY1GET1FREE deal. For $40 Bucks! Thats it!
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Call me ASAP! 305-965-0267 ask for hollywood & about the golf card.
FREE GOLF PACKAGE   STEVE at 1/3/07 9:12pm
UNDER PAR DISCOUNT CARD has 30 rounds of golf at 6 courses and 30 buckets of range balls at 6 area Golf Courses. The Golf Package cost $40.00 . For golf discount information
call 704-651-GOLF
Last Minute Golfer   golfnut at 1/1/07 11:34am
Hey B-man,
Thanks for the heads up regarding your lmg ambassador code. I have told all of my friends to sign up, and to add your code. Question: do you have any promo codes that work for the new year?

Some Codes that I have discovered:
Played Springfield   MIKE CLARK at 12/27/06 11:25pm
Played Springfield in Fort Mill last week very nice price alittle high for winter. Was wondering anyone have opinions on which package to purchase the carolina trail three courses to play south over 250 for the year all you pay is cart fees or ratcliff Golf service $79.95 and play Charles meyer,Sunset Hills & paradise valley. Any other recommendations would be appreciated.
Re: Re: WESTPORT GOLF   TGreenway at 12/17/06 7:46pm
Make that $25, each...$50 for twosome
Re: WESTPORT GOLF   TGreenway at 12/17/06 7:45pm
Played last Tuesday (12th), and fairways and tee boxes were a little rough, some tree/limb damage from the storm, but the greens were GREAT, really unbelievable. The Clickit coupon, 2 for $25, makes it a heck of a deal.
WESTPORT GOLF   DUNDER at 12/8/06 11:31am
I just recently moved to the DENVER NC area and wondered if anyone has played the newly re-opened Westport Golf. If so what is your take on the course?
Re: one day to play   double d at 11/15/06 4:53pm
If you are on the southside of town, I would recommend Regent Park. It's right around $50 on weekdays and, although very close in proximity to Waterford and Springfield, is probably a little tougher yet nicer course. If on the northside of town, Highland Creek, Skybrook, or Verdict Ridge would be the choices.
Re: one day to play   Boona at 11/15/06 2:36pm
I played Monroe Country club a couple of weeks ago, It's in great shape, and it's well under $30. You can't go wrong
Re: one day to play   JB at 11/12/06 2:18am
Play Springfield in Fort Mill or Waterford in Rock Hill. You will not regret!!
one day to play   matt at 11/2/06 5:09am
im going to be in charlotte at the end of nov. weather permitting i can play on a weekday. Anything around or under $50 works for me.
Pineville Courses   Tedly at 10/3/06 1:00pm
Whilst searching for courses in the Pineville area I came across this site looks like any body can join them.?
Any one got any info on them or playing with them??
Waterford   MichaelS at 10/2/06 3:52pm
Played 10/1 - very good shape - they have not yet airified and wont for a few more weeks. Greens are fast and firm - did not hold well as they are truly very firm and unusually fast for a Carolina Trail Course.

I really like the layout here and the course is most always well maintained - Big hitters will be extra pleased to learn that the menancing tree on 14 (right side fairway daring you on your drive to cut around it) has been removed making this par 5 a green light for those willing to "borrow a bit" and cut the dogleg. I easily was on in 2 and I am no that big a hitter but only had 187 in after my drive..missed the eagle putt but had tap in birdie.

pace of play was slow for us being the 3rd group out and behind a threesome - no rnagers pushing folks along I consider slow 4 hrs so we came in at 3.75, but as third group and a threesome.

Re: Trip   Eric at 9/27/06 10:19pm
Regent plugged the greens about 3 weeks ago.(around beginning of Sept.) It should be good to go by now.
I played there about 1 week before the plugged them. Course is in excellent shape. You will enjoy it.

Re: trip   Doubled at 9/26/06 4:14pm
Played Verdict Ridge 9/23. Course was in excellent condition tee to green. Very challenging and the staff was outstanding. Highly recommend.
trip   Jcolley4 at 9/25/06 11:27am
Thanks everyone for the information so far. My friends and I will be down in two weeks to play Ballantyne, Regent Park, Verdict Ridge and Skybrook. Has anyone played them lately and if so, How were the conditions?


Charlotte Golf Links   Jamie at 9/23/06 6:18pm
Played Charlotte Golf Links today (9/23/06) and noticed an improvement from my previous round way back in February. The greens are not all the way back, but improved - the front nine greens were a little smoother than the back. The fairways were in good shape. BUT - they are aerating in a few weeks, so call ahead to check before you book anything.

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