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The Divide   Paul at 7/24/08 9:27am
Anyone played the Divide in the last few days, weeks, or so? what kind of shape is she in?

I think we are playing it this weekend, and I never have played there before. Any tips ("besides keep it in the short stuff"), blind shots, etc?


Golf Tournament   Lake Norman Kiwanis at 7/22/08 12:52pm
The Lake Norman Kiwanis Club is hosting a Golf Tournament
When: Friday, September 12, 2008
Where:Birkdale Golf Club in Huntersville
Time: 9 AM shotgun start
Format: Captain's Choice

Breakfast & registration at 8 AM
Entry fee covers golf, beverages, hors d'oeuvres and award ceremony
Three hole-n-one contests!
Golf registration: $95 per golfer
Sponsorships are available. Please contact Robin Noud @
Register by check. Send to
LKN Kiwanis Golf Tournament
c/o Robin Noud
8425-P Streamview DR
Huntersville, NC 28078

One shot?   Keith at 7/21/08 6:32pm
I'm going to be in Charlotte for just a couple of days -- Any recommendations if I'm able to play only one course?

I'm staying downtown and will need to take a cab, so it can't be too far away. Also, will be playing Sunday am and need to be done in 4.5 hrs or less. Regarding price, around $50 is ok. Finally, I'm a 12 handicapper and don't want to get beaten up too badly.

Appreciate your recommendations!
GPS   Biggie at 7/20/08 5:37pm
Does anyone have a list or know where to find a list of which courses have GPS?
Sunset Hills   skoorb at 7/17/08 8:37pm
B-Man, just discovered your site and it's awesome. Thanks for the great resource, which I will be sure to check out before my next trip to Charlotte. Anyway, has anyone played Sunset Hills? Did it used to be called something else? It appears to be affiliated with the Myers course as part of Ratcliffe Golf Services. It's definitely got the right price, but I'd be interested to read anybody's thoughts/feedback.
Z golf fitting   Jeff at 7/16/08 4:21pm
Hi, Anyone have any experience with Z golf custom fitting at Ballantyne or know of any good club fitters in the area?

Thanks for any responses
Recent Play   Elsupremo at 7/16/08 2:25pm
3 July - Played Warrior for the first time. Pretty impressive. Course was in great shape, greens, tee boxes, everything. Well worth the drive. Playing partner walked on and shot four over, the annoying b@$t@rd.

4 July - Olde Sycamore - Was in it's usual immaculate shape. Of the 30 or so public/semi-private courses I've played in this area, I think this is the nicest and also the most difficult.

5 July - Tega Cay. Second time I've played here. I think it's a very nice course but it is another one that doesn't believe in bunker maintenance. I've noticed that about several courses in the area.

12 July - Skybrook - Played here several times and it's always in great shape but it's also one of those courses that could use a little more bunker maintenance. It is on the Carolina Trail now but not part of any of the packages. Not sure what the deal is there.

13 July - Stonebridge - Nice course but it is a haul from Huntersville. Again, bunker maintenance. How hard is it to go in, turn over the bunkers and rake them smooth. I don't get it. I know, I know, if you don't hit into them you won't have that problem. Whatever.

Playing Pinetuck on the 18th and Eagle Chase on the 19th. I'll write up something about Pinetuck next week.
Thanks B-man   James at 7/6/08 7:12am
B-man - Just wanted to let you know that I really find this site to be a valuable resource. I got in touch with you several months back, and I like what is happening with the site. It seems that the amount of feedback is increasing, which I find fantastic. Thanks for your efforts.
Re: Springfield   B-Man at 7/3/08 10:15am
On this topic, I'd echo Jamie's comment. If a course has gotten overpriced and the conditions don't live up to their billing, you play elsewhere. There are some 25+ courses listed here on this site and there are plenty that I need to add from the surrounding area (within 1 hr drive). Quite often, I go and have a bad experience at one place and don't go back until I hear a good report from someone else. I've done that at Charlotte Golf Links, Larkhaven, Charles T, and Renaissance (still haven't gone back), to name a few.

Cost-wise, between Clickit and twilight rates, you can keep it down. If I have to play on a weekend morning, I usually stick with a coupon deal or an Eagle Chase, Charlotte National, Monroe CC, or Charles T and keep the cost under $50. I rarely pay more than $50 for any round in town. And if I do, you can be sure I expect a lot of the course and they will hear about it if things aren't cool.
Re: Springfield   Jamie at 7/3/08 7:15am
Yep, it's all based on the laws of supply and demand. The courses will charge whatever people are willing to pay. When play starts to diminish, rates will come down. If play increases, rates will increase. As long as gross revenue is stable, the prices will be whatever the market will bear. The most popular time to play is Saturday morning, and that's true for me. That's why all courses offer discounts, EXCEPT for Saturday morning! There is a lot of research performed by course management to determine rates. That's a long-winded way of saying that you can either pay or play somewhere else.
Re: Springfield   paul at 7/2/08 2:06pm
I just sat here and read through some of the I must bear in mind that not having a lot of rain cannot be a good thing for golf courses, and I do not know how many have their own wells for watering and such...
but what I do know is Springfield and many of these other courses rates have gotten insane. I called Renaissance the other day and with the new ownership group, their rates have gone up as well. Then I see the course, and I am thinking "how can you charge this much for that?"
I am a young lad, so perhaps some of you are well-established, making the big bucks, etc....but when I read many times over several of the "nice" courses in Charlotte are not being taken care of, yet I go to their site and see 49 bucks for their normal mon-thurs rate, i just get saddened. I love Springfield, have many times said it is one of my fave courses around here, no doubt, but I have not played there in a long time due to the price increase (nice clubhouse...GREAT!! but i would rather pay in a trailer and play for less, but that is not reality). Bottom line is, if courses are going to charge as much as they do, there has to be a way to hold them accountable, but I am not sure what it is, because when it comes to it, I am still addicted to golf, and will end up paying somebody so I can get my fix.
I definitely try to make use of all the clickit, ezlink, etc. sites as well, but perhaps you all understand. oh well, i will stop complaining now.
Springfield   Jamie at 7/1/08 7:19am
Played Springfield yesterday. It's in pretty good but not great shape. The greens were a little slow and rough, likely due to too much play and not mowing. I've never seen the greens there that slow. Some looked like they had recently been aerated. I'd give it a B+.
Re: 3 Courses this past weekend   James at 6/28/08 11:01am
I agree - the greens at Rocky River couldn't be any slower. For me, it takes the enjoyment out of the round. Additionally, I think their tee boxes are in poor shape. It's a shame, b/c this course has such a great layout.

6/22 - Played at Olde Sycamore. This used to be my favorite until Carolina Lakes came around, but I still love it. It was in great shape, quick and fair greens, and a good test of golf. Sign up for their online discounts - some decent deals can be found.
regent park   andy browning at 6/25/08 3:38pm
played course on 6/20/2008. Fairways in good shape. Only problem is the militant b#%&*! owner who doesn't know the first thing about PR or customer service. I'm not quite sure what her problem is, but she acted like Regent Park was Augusta National. I won't be back because of her abrasive attitude.
3 Courses this past weekend   Elsupremo at 6/25/08 8:26am
Played three courses this past weekend:

20th - Rocky River - I hadn't played this course since last July. Course was in pretty good shape but the greens were sloooowww, slowest I've played here in Charlotte.

21st - Eagle Chase - First time here. Course is in pretty good shape. Very hilly fairways but no "bowls" to hit into like many mountain courses. No frills in the clubhouse but that doesn't matter to me. Well worht the drive from Huntersville.

22nd - Highland Creek - Very dissapointing. Fairways are OK. Tee boxes need some work. The greens are horrendous. I'm pretty sure that there is a local rule that forbids fixing your ball mark on the green. They were the worst I've ever seen them.
Re: practice areas   James at 6/22/08 8:10am
Another great area to practice if you live near north Charlotte is Birkdale. Though it is usually very crowded, they have a nice large range, and a fantastic area for practicing your short game complete with 4 flags on a large chipping green. You can hit up to 30-40 yard shots.
Highland Creek   J.D. at 6/16/08 8:21am
Played this weekend to see if this course lives up to the hype as "the best on the Carolina Trail." It doesn't.

It's a decent layout (reminds me a bit like Regent Park), the fairways were in decent shape and the bunkers were soft. But the greens were just so-so. It appears nobody fixes ball marks here and in a few spots there were medium chunks of dead spots in the middle of the greens. My biggest gripe -- the GPS system was way, way off in several spots on the course. (Once it told me I had only 150 yards to clear some fairway bunkers. I blasted a solid drive that landed in them...some 250 yards out. If my eyes were younger I would have noticed!)

I continue to be under-enthused by the Carolina Trail course maintenance. It seems the management team is more interested in getting frequent play on these courses than they are about adding a little polish. A shame, because Highland Creek, Charlotte Links and Waterford could be spectacular courses, with a little more care.
practice areas   geof at 6/10/08 12:06pm
Regent Park has a nice practice area if that's closer for you. Not so much for bringing a shag bag, but a nice practice bunker, big putting green, separate chipping green, and the course is usually pretty nice as well
Re: Driving ranges and chipping practice area   MItzi Nelson at 6/8/08 9:45pm
All those looking for a great value in Charlotte to practice your game anytime go to
$50/Month Unlimited Range Balls & Practice Time
Re: conditions   Mike at 6/4/08 3:01pm
Verdict Ridge is the nicest course I played in the Charlotte area!!! Great greens, great views and worth every penny!!!
Re: Carolina Lakes   James at 5/31/08 1:42pm
I would completely agree w/ B-man's assessment of Carolina Lakes. It definitely is a gem down there in Fort Mill, and well worth the drive. I played it with my dad a few weeks ago, and we were both thoroughly impressed with the layout, the condition, and the overall experience. Another great addition to the fabulous lineup in Fort Mill.
charlotte public golf memberships   Matt at 5/31/08 9:21am
New to the Charlotte area, what courses offer the best practice and playing combinations for the price?
Re: Driving ranges and chipping practice area   B-Man at 5/27/08 4:54pm
Driving range with chipping greens and practice bunkers: the Leatherman Golf Learning Center (see the links page) is a good one. I haven't seen it myself yet, but Emerald Lake just advertised a renovated / improved chipping and short game practice area.

My favorite place to do this sort of practice is Charlotte National in Indian Trail. Of the 4 courses nearest me, this one is by far the best in terms of short game practice. The chipping green is large and cut low like a real green. It also has a large practice bunker and about 50 yards of fairway cut grass to practice pitches and half-wedges. I see people there all the time with shag bags.
chipping practice area   porksocks at 5/27/08 12:02pm
Can anyone recommend somewhere to go and practice chipping and wedge shots under a 100 yards such as a place where you can go with a shag bag. I've been looking and haven't found anywhere. All the local parks don't allow golf practice.
driving ranges   jeff at 5/27/08 10:56am
Can anyone suggest a driving range that has a good chipping green and good practice sand traps? thanks
Renaissance Park Conditions   Mike at 5/25/08 5:48pm
We played Renaissance Park today and to say the least were very unhappy in the course conditions. Fairways were washed out with a few under construction. Greens are hard and fast. They increased the fee's for the holiday, which should have been less than the everyday fee due to the condition of the course. The staff was nice and the hotdogs were good though.
Summer Fee   John at 5/22/08 1:05pm
I am a teacher here in Charlotte and looking to find a golf course that offers a summer membership rate. I am having trouble finding anyone that lets you pay green fees for just a summer or on a month by month basis. Everything seems to be anual at best. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
GOLF TOURNAMENT   Briana Atwell at 5/22/08 7:49am
"Golfing for Aidan" Benefit Tournament
Proceeds will go toward 2 y/o Aidan Wright to help with the purchase of equipment and ongoing therapy needed to recover from a near drowning accident in February.

June 14, 2008 at Rocky River Golf Club in Concord
Shot Gun start
Longest Drive and Closest to the pin contest
125/individual or 400/team of 4, includes dinner catered by the club house
Lots of fun and prizes to give away
Also holding a raffle full of wonderful and exciting items

For more information and to register please visit

For more information about Aidan and his recovery please visit:

Feel free to e-mail or call 704-315-8820 with questions. Look forward to hearing from you and look forward to seeing you at the event!
Charles T Myers   dave at 5/19/08 10:04pm
Just moved to charlotte and was looking for reasonably priced place to play.
It smelled and the scorecards were xeroxed. After the wind caught hold of it and blew it across the fairway of the 6th hole, i was pissed.

Went to Charles T. Myers and had a horrible experience. The staff was friendly..but the course was in horrid condition. The fairways were rough and dried out. the whole course was overgrown and dirty mounds and mud slicks where everywhere. This is 6 days since the last rain. Never again...Charles T. myers. never again.
Golf/Lessons   golf busters at 5/18/08 3:30pm - go to forums >> equipment discussions >> kis golf, inc ( I was grateful that this site that I had been privileged to start a blog and post for active comments has been closed. You can view as of 05/17/08 3300 plus views. Kis has really no intention in changing any deceptive sales practices which would lead to great customer service. But then you be the judge of this with your own questions.) You can explore more on the

I have been personally involved with this company on level that makes it easy to comment and help as I saw the deception 1st hand. I sold successfully memberships, which compromised me daily. Enough is enough. I had so many members contact me that were looking for resolve outside of kis golf even today, as they had found zero interest form kis to give the highest of customer satisfaction standards. I had always hoped for a change in their business conduct.
Instead of kis resolving ANY of the new members concerns, they at the extreme level just tell ya to get a lawyer - amazing.

Great clubs, great lesson, etc. but then in a free market you will find it elsewhere as well.

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