Photo of golf ball on the edge of the cupPhoto of 14th hole at Quail Hollow Country Club in Charlotte, NC

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Divide   Jin at 9/22/08 3:29pm
Played the Divide yesterday (9/21). Pace of play was pretty slow, but they did have a best ball tourney right in front of us. The group in front of us tried to go for the green on 18 on their second shot... crazy (had to wait about 15 mins before they all dropped on the second landing area). Anyways, the greens were faster than expected... with a lot of brown spots on them. Rough was thick and fairways were okay, some hard spots on a few. Bunkers were in decent shape.
Looking for players...   "TEE" Smith at 9/18/08 12:03pm
I'm an avid golfer of the Carolina Trail courses... problem is finding players who play regularly and are willing to travel to all 6 courses with me. I'm looking for anyone who has an established hcp of 13 or better that plays a lot. email me at
Also... the comments about the new owners at Regent Park are right on the money!! I guess nothing has changed there. The owners are complete morons and until things change I'll never play there agian. What a sheme... the track deserves better managment. I used to be a "member" there but they jacked around with dues to the point that it makes no sense to join. The course is good but it's not that good... and it's still public but demanding private rates... what a joke. Try Raintree if your looking to spend that kind of dough for a membership... at least Raintree is private. The Carolina Trail has the best overall public membership... Regent Park could learn a thing or two from them.
Springfield   Clay at 9/18/08 11:02am
Played 9/17. Had not played Springfield in a few years. I was surprised at how the development is giving the course a true country club feel for a public course. When you play this course plan to lay-up, almost every hole has obstacles in front of greens. Fairways were great. The greens were inconsistent- some fast, some slow. Played 9 holes for $19 because of maintenance- cart path only.
Eagle Chase   Scott at 9/17/08 9:47am
Played Eagle Chase on 9/16. Course in overall average condition. Fairways are in good shape and bermuda rough is thick. Stay in the fairways! Greens are in fair condition. Every green has some spots here and there. This course is a good challenge from the tips with some unique holes that reminder you of a mountain course.
Charles T. Myers   Jamie at 9/14/08 9:19am
Played CT Myers yesterday. The course is getting a tremendous amount of play, so the greens are a little rough with a lot of ball marks. Otherwise, no real issues out of the ordinary. The fairways are in good shape, and they are starting to work on some of the bunkers. Not great, but pretty good for the money.
Waterford   John at 9/1/08 3:24pm
Played Waterford yesterday. Pace of play was fine. Fairways and tee boxes were in good condition. Greens were in a hurting state. They were super slow and pot marked and pretty much all of them had crab grass spots. #5 and #6 greens were worthy to note because they appeared to be the worst of the bunch. #6 has many many bare spots from where they tried to spot kill the crab grass. Well - they did but managed to create hundreds of bare spots on the green.

Other than that - another day of golf.

Re: Visiting Mint Hill, Nc   Jim Lillard at 8/25/08 5:19pm
Thanks to all for the tips.. We golfed Charlotte National.. The greens were nice and fast, fairways very ample, pace of play great and the staff friendly... the weekend was nice and the golf very good... I appreciate it very much..
Re: fall captains choice events   B-Man at 8/25/08 12:31pm
I've seen several notices of fall events. You'll have to call the courses or visit their web sites to be sure, but here are a few courses that I know have some lined up:

Emerald Lake
Olde Sycamore
Rocky River (9/29 Greater Charlotte Cancer Classic)
Palisades (9/22 New Life 91.9 Golf Classic)
Re: Mooresville Golf Course   panthersfann55 at 8/21/08 7:09pm
played once awhile back not a bad track. have you tried mallard head (in the same area) and is $30 during the week. played there on tues and greens were in good shape for this time of year. best value still is charlotte national.
Captain's Choice Events   Calvin at 8/21/08 6:57pm
Their is a good captain's choice event held at the Peninsula Club in Cornelius on Sept 29. Part of the $150 entry fee is tax-deductible and it includes a boxed lunch, free Gatorade during the tournament, and a dinner afterwards. It's a well run event and the proceeds benefit the Adaptive Sports and Adventures Program at Carolinas Rehabilitation. This program organizes sports such as wheelchair basketball or rugby, adaptive golf, adaptive waterskiing, etc. There are some fairly impressive golfers in this tournament that have amputations or spinal cord injuries and have to use adaptive golf techniques. Here's the link to more information:

fall captains choice events   jc at 8/21/08 2:34pm
Are any of you aware of any Captains Choice events around Charlotte this fall? Thanks
Mooresville Golf Course   Rick Kaulius at 8/21/08 1:48pm
Has anyone ever played up at Mooresville GC? I do not see it listed here, but found their greens fees are low. How does it compare with Charlotte munis?
Re: Early Bird Rates   panthersfann55 at 8/20/08 7:04pm
i think larkhaven still runs the $19 special before 9am. other than that most courses run their own type of discount card deal. another route is last minute golfer or click it golf.
Early Bird Rates   kyle at 8/19/08 8:45pm
Does anyone know of courses that offer early bird specials? If so, what are the rates?

Re: weekend golf in Charlotte   Dave Sohmer at 8/18/08 9:37pm
I will answer this by telling you where I would take any friends/family of mie that wanted to play golf.

1. Olde Sycamore- great course, not at all easy. It always seems to be in great shape.

2. Verdict Ridge - on the exact opposite side of town from Olde Sycamore but another great course.

My back-up to these two would be Springfield. I would typically mention Skybrook but when we played it Friday it wasn't in the best shape. It's getting a lot more play thatn it used to and it's starting to show.
weekend golf in Charlotte   Greg at 8/17/08 8:01pm
Two of us will be coming up to Charlotte from SW Florida the last weekend in October and are looking for two courses to play. I have never been to Charlotte and therefore am looking for some local knowledge concerning the courses. Any suggestions? We are both low cappers and like to play challenging courses.
Re: Emerald Lake   Jamie at 8/12/08 12:22pm
Bman, thanks for the insight. I also remember a guy I met at the course a few years back who said that #9 (former #18) used to be a headache for the Hooters Tour. He said the Hooters Tour used to play Emerald Lake, but because the players got so tired of dealing with the green on #9, they took the course off their schedule. He said the big hitters would intentionally aim for the front bunker on their second shot because the green would not hold anything, and they usually could reach in two with no problem. They got frustrated with the hole, so they decided to play elsewhere. They asked management if they could reshape the green correctly, and obviously nothing happened. Whether this whole story is actually true or not, who knows.
Win $1,000 for a Good Cause - ALS Ball Drop   B-Man at 8/11/08 3:22pm
Got an email about this and wanted to share.

The ALS Association’s annual Golf Ball Drop and Fund Raising Raffle will be held in conjunction with the ALS Catfish Classic Golf Tournament at the TPC at Wakefield Plantation in Raleigh this October.

We need your help to raise $15,000 through the hot air balloon Golf Ball Drop and Fund Raising Raffle to be held immediately following the golf tournament on October 13th. Up to 1,500 individually numbered golf balls will be dropped from a hot air balloon hovering about 70 feet in the air over a designated cup. These golf balls are being sold up until the tournament for $10 each to raise funds for the cause, and the golf balls landing closest to the pin will be eligible for prizes, including $1,000. (Click here for a complete listing of Prizes.)

Please enter the raffle by purchasing golf balls for your chance to win. YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE PRESENT TO WIN. Click here for your chance to win. Complete and mail the form along with a check payable to The ALS Association to:

Jennifer Oliver
The ALS Association-Jim "Catfish" Hunter Chapter
120-101 Penmarc Drive
Raleigh, NC 27603

Please forward this information to your friends, family and coworkers. We’re also looking for silent auction items (gift certificates, in-kind donations), people who want to play in the tournament, and tee and green sponsors ($250 for signage on one hole).

Remember, ALS has no known cause or cure. Statistically speaking, nearly 5,600 people each year in the U.S. alone are diagnosed with ALS, which is five times higher than Huntington’s disease and about equal to Multiple Sclerosis. The Association offers assistance through patient programs, financial grants for respite care, transportation and assistive technology, as well as access to a durable medical equipment loan closet and patient support groups.
Re: Emerald Lake   B-Man at 8/11/08 2:27pm
Jamie -- good observations. If you read my last review, you'll see I had the exact same opinion of the #9 green. It's unfair and a shame, since it's a great hole otherwise. I also agree on #18 vs. #9 as a finishing hole. I inquired about this years ago when they switched. At that time, the pro shop attendants said that #11 (previously #2) was causing groups to back up early in their round, since it is such a tight driving hole, with the driving range to the left, and has a difficult uphill approach. To eliminate this pace of play problem, they switched the nines. I always felt like they should make #9 a par 5, which would make the total par into a 72, rather than the current 71. But I guess that's not a cheap change to make.
Waterford   John at 8/10/08 10:29pm
Played 8/9/08. The fairways were in pretty good condition. The greens rolled mostly good and were pretty fast, but the appearence was poor, lots of ball mark spots, a big fungus (black-dark green) problem, and some of the greens either were beginning to have a crab grass problem or when they overseeded the fairways with bermuda earlier this summer they got careless and hit some. But for $35 on a Sat it was a steal. All in all I enjoyed the course.
Emerald Lake   Jamie at 8/10/08 1:38pm
Played Emerald Lake yesterday (8/9/08), and it seemed in good shape. Greens were rolling well, and the fairways were very consistent. However, one mystery still remains after all these years. Every time I bring a friend there who is not familiar with the course, I hear the same comment about #18. "Man this is a lousy finishing hole", they say. When I point out that the two nines were switched several years ago, they are usually dumbfounded. Like me, they cannot understand the reasoning for that. Hole #9 (formerly #18) is a great finishing hole, although rumor has it that the green was constructed backwards (it slopes AWAY from to back towards the lake, making it virtually impossible to approach in two with a long iron or wood) The green will not hold anything longer than about an 8-iron, depending on where the pin is cut. This green design and the switching of the nines has always mystified me. I have asked a few guys at the pro shop, buy they don't know the story behing it. If anyone does, please feel free to elaborate. I'm really curious, mainly since most folks feel I'm sure that #9 was a much better finishing hole.
Highland Creek   George at 8/8/08 11:10pm
Played HCGC today, and boy--were the greens in bad shape. Quick, but cut up and pocked all over, and on pretty much every green.

Another annoying thing is that the bunkers are: 1) of differing types of sand; 2) either all rocky and pebbly; or 3) rock hard since no one's working on them (or most of them anyway. Why that is, is just unbelievable. It's a common thread on this board...poor bunker maintenance. The old saw about not being in them is no excuse--they should at least be raked at the start of each day, and not have big rocks, plastic sheeting, and other crap sticking up out of them.
Re: Visiting Mint Hill, Nc   Jamie at 8/8/08 7:26pm
Olde Sycamore is likely your best bet. The greens there are usually very good.
Visiting Mint Hill, Nc   Jim at 8/8/08 7:31am
I am visitng Charlotte and want to golf next Friday 8/15. looking for a nice golf experience near Mint Hill area..I am considering Charlotte National, Emerald Lake, Charles T Meyers, Larkhaven or Old Sycamore Golf Plantation . I am a 16 handicap and enjoy fast true putting greens...
thanks for any input.
Twin Oaks (statesville)   Rob Pappalardo at 8/6/08 7:23pm
I notice you haven't had anything on this course.It's a great value $29 with cart on the weekend.The greens are in pretty good shape but it has patches of crabgrass in the fairways.Still its nice not to fight the "weekend" crowds and you get out in the morning and have the place to yourself.Definitely worth the money.
The Divide   Rob Pappalardo at 8/6/08 7:18pm
Played last week 8/2/08 ...Fairways nice..Greens pocked up from irons into them...Still overall not bad. I think this course is pretty easy. It's pretty much wide open and short. Nice course to score on.
Springfield   J.D. at 8/4/08 3:28pm
Played last week and have good/bad news. Good: Fairways and bunkers. Bad: Greens -- eaten up and there's some strange looking, large bee that is digging holes in several of the greens...which means it may take a while for the greens to recover.
Deer Brook   Jamie at 8/2/08 2:06pm
I played Deer Brook in Shelby today (8/2/08). I don't play there very often because it's a long drive, but it sure is worth it. What a terrific course for the money. $50 on Saturday morning, and one of the best conditioned courses I've seen in a long time. Beats any daily fee course in Charlotte. It's worth the drive, and it gets surprising little play for the caliber of course it is. I would highly recommend it.
The Divide   Jamie at 7/26/08 1:56pm
Played The Divide today (7/25/08). The greens were slow again - I see a trend there. I don't know why they will not cut them to be faster. Maybe it has something to do with the heat during the summer. Very strange to have to really pound the ball to get it to the hole. Unless you have a downhill putt, you'll need a bazooka. I hit 13 GIR, 0 birdies. I probably left 10 birdie putts short of the cup. I once left a 15-footer 6 feet short. Next time I'll use a driver to get the ball to the hole!
Re: The Divide   Datkin at 7/25/08 7:35pm
Played Thursday (7/24) Greens are a little beat up, but overall its in good shape. It was very wet Thursday.

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