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Stonebridge   Scott at 11/2/08 9:54pm
Played Stonebridge 11/2. Greens were punched Monday 10/27. They were a little bumpy but give them 2 weeks and they will be back strong. Course in good shape.
Divide   Jin at 10/20/08 12:13pm
Been playing here quite a bit since it's cheaper. We get an email almost on a weekly basis. Played Sat for $39 at 11am. It was pretty wet from the rain on thurs/fri, but it wasn't bad. pace of play was slow! Divide is one of the worst about pace of play... their rangers need to monitor the course better. there were a bunch of 2somes which could've been joined into 4somes. but i also blame the cart path only rule... but still, we waited up to 10 mins on some holes. bunkers still have rocks scattered throughout them.
Birkdale   Rob Pappalardo at 10/19/08 10:32pm
Played today 10/18/08..Course was in good condition (Alot better than my were nice and fast ..The rough was ROUGH tho,we lost several balls that should have been easy to find!..Still it was pretty much top-notch for this time of year..can't go wrong here!
Regent Park   Jamie at 10/18/08 9:31am
Played Regent Park on 10/16. The course was in pretty good shape. Some greens were a little beat up, but fine overall. One weird thing happened that I've never seen before. I was waiting on my brother to check in so we could head to the first tee. After a few minutes he had registered and "paid" with the lady behind the pro shop counter and we started the round. We showed our receipts to the stater and teed off on 1. Three and a half hours later we were on the 16th tee and the marshall approached us, asking again to see our receipts. My brother pulled his receipt out again and realized he had only been charged $6 for three balls he purchased. Apparently the pro shop had screwed up and not keyed in his green/cart fee on his credit card in the beginning. Somehow they had dicovered this later on and sent the marshall all the way to 16 to ask my brother to come in and settle up when we finished. Once we finished he spoke with the same lady who apologized and re-entered the transaction correctly.

I can understand an honest mistake, but to send a marshall to track down someone in a situation like this when it's your own fault is a little troubling to me. My brother did not mind paying the $40 for the round, it's the curcumstances that were sort of unprofessional.
Fort Mill Golf Club    at 10/16/08 7:49am
Dave, I just played Fort Mill yesterday for the first time in about 10 years. What an impressive renovation of the place. Maybe doesn't rank among the top courses around the area but might be the most improved. The key is to join as a member if you can... unfortunatley memberships are limited to residents of Fort Mill or if you work in Fort Mill. If you are lucky enough to meet that criteria (which I am and will be joining soon) then the rates are much more resonable. $120/mth + Cart Fees or you can walk all you want. Looking forward to playing there a lot!
Fort Mill   Dave at 10/12/08 5:36pm
Played 36 at Fort Mill on Friday (cart fee only for second 18)in a little less than 7 hours. The course is in fantastic shape. Tee boxes, fairways (except for number 12, which was very wet where your tee shot will land)traps and greens were very nearly perfect. A word of caution about these greens. They are very, very hard and will not hold a ball. Very similar to the greens at Westport. They do putt very true although obviously pretty fast. The new clubhouse is very nice and they have brand new carts. All in all it's pretty nice over there but it is priced about the same as Springfield and Olde Sycamore and I don't think it's quite that nice.
Birkdale Golf Club   Jin at 10/11/08 8:09pm
Played today at 1 and finished around 5:20. The first nine was fast, no one in front of us or behind. Second nine slowed down a lot... waited about 5 mins on each tee box. Course was a little wet here and there. The right greenside bunker on #1 was gunky. Tee box on the par 3 #6 was pretty long, really long actually. There are a few short par 4's, only one I can get close to getting on the green (#7). MOst of the greens were in great condition, rolling pretty fast.
Fairways were a bit soft. Course in general was in great condition.
cheap balls!   Jin at 10/10/08 8:21am
Top Flite Strata TL-Tour 12pack. Just saw these on golf galaxy's website for 9.99. It's a steal for the price... not sure if they are available at the local stores, but shipping is only $5 which is equivalent to a gallon of gas. There are different takes on this ball, but for the price I don't think it can be beat.

Get 'em at Golf Galaxy
Andy Browning   "Tee" Smith at 10/8/08 9:38am
Andy, I used to be a member at Regent Park but have left for similar experiences you note in your comment. Since I read your post I have contacted current members there to see if things have changed. I am considering possibly rejoining but wanted to know more about what your experience was. Email me please at
Thanks and I really hope to hear from you. I used to pal around with most of the current members and we discuss different views and takes on the ownership there. I have met at least 4 others that have similar accounts that you noted but I also hear a lot of good things too. Just trying to get a better understading of the pros and cons.
Woodbridge??   Rob Pappalardo at 10/7/08 8:14pm
Hey guys anyone played this course recently??We are tentatively scheduled to play this Kings Mountain course this weekend.I know in the past this course has had top notch conditioning but I confess its been years since I ventured out that far to play it.If anyone has played it in the last year or two ..your input is appreciated..If not I guess I'll review it next week.
Clt Links, Stone Bridge   Jin at 10/5/08 9:41pm
Clt Links today- course was pretty empty (I think most were watching the beating the Chiefs took). Fairways were nice and greens were fast. Most of the greens were in great shape, with the usual divot marks. Most of the tee boxes were in decent shape. As stated before, the rough is almost unfair... even worse, is the shrubage a few feet outside of the rough... it's so easy to lose a ball if your shot is a little off track. Keep it in the fairway and you'll really enjoy your round.
Stonebridge - played yesterday early in the AM... really chilly. course was in great shape and very green. The tee boxes were in good shape and the greens were in great condition. greens were kind of slow in the AM because of the dew, but they sped up as the sun came up.
Mooresville golf course   Rob Pappalardo at 10/5/08 1:30pm
Played there today 10/5/08(sunday)..was VERY pleased with the conditions..$33 for 18 with a cart and the fairways are nice and with just a few "sandy" spots on the greens it was real good for a course that has been aerated with the last two weeks (Truly we never saw a hole). It was not even full and the pace of play was swift ..Teed off at 8:45..done by 12:20 and stopped at the turn for a bite to eat.
Carolina trails courses..   Rob Pappalardo at 10/4/08 8:51pm
I have a buddy I work with whos 46 and I'm 39 we play these courses EVERY weekend and would like to turn the "twosome" into a "foursome" if there are any players of our age (or close to it) who are similarly skilled (We shoot anywhere from 75-90)who are interested in playing these on the weekend then I would be interested in hearing from you.
You can e-mail me at
Charlotte Golf Links,The Divide   Rob Pappalardo at 10/4/08 8:41pm
Played there(Charlotte Golf Links) last weekend 9/28/08..VERY happy with the condition the greens were great and the fairways were good (My god though the rough was like the US open...Give us a chance guys)..Overall it was in great shape.
Played the Divide 9/27/08 and was not as pleased with it..the greens are getting beat up in my opinion ..pockmarked and burnt in spots.
I'm playing Mooresville tomorrow and I'll report on the conditions there... Its a Donald Ross track thats actually a REAL cool layout... the question there is the condition I have heard they aerated 2 weeks ago... so I'll report tommorow.
Fox Den   Ken Spruill at 10/4/08 5:25pm
Whats the word on this track? I have not seen anything really written about it and I hear that it is a great layout. I know that they built a huge clubhouse, but has anyone been up there recently?
Stonebridge   Scott at 9/29/08 11:13pm
Played Stonebridge on 9/29. Course in good condition. Greens rolled good and pace of play was great. Tee'd off at 9am and finished at 1pm as a threesome. Lot of ball marks on the greens but they are in great shape and roll good. People should not be able to play golf if they don't fix there dam ball marks on the greens! Fairways were also in good shape. Get down to Mineral Springs and play this course. Worth the drive!
Divide   Jin at 9/22/08 3:29pm
Played the Divide yesterday (9/21). Pace of play was pretty slow, but they did have a best ball tourney right in front of us. The group in front of us tried to go for the green on 18 on their second shot... crazy (had to wait about 15 mins before they all dropped on the second landing area). Anyways, the greens were faster than expected... with a lot of brown spots on them. Rough was thick and fairways were okay, some hard spots on a few. Bunkers were in decent shape.
Looking for players...   "TEE" Smith at 9/18/08 12:03pm
I'm an avid golfer of the Carolina Trail courses... problem is finding players who play regularly and are willing to travel to all 6 courses with me. I'm looking for anyone who has an established hcp of 13 or better that plays a lot. email me at
Also... the comments about the new owners at Regent Park are right on the money!! I guess nothing has changed there. The owners are complete morons and until things change I'll never play there agian. What a sheme... the track deserves better managment. I used to be a "member" there but they jacked around with dues to the point that it makes no sense to join. The course is good but it's not that good... and it's still public but demanding private rates... what a joke. Try Raintree if your looking to spend that kind of dough for a membership... at least Raintree is private. The Carolina Trail has the best overall public membership... Regent Park could learn a thing or two from them.
Springfield   Clay at 9/18/08 11:02am
Played 9/17. Had not played Springfield in a few years. I was surprised at how the development is giving the course a true country club feel for a public course. When you play this course plan to lay-up, almost every hole has obstacles in front of greens. Fairways were great. The greens were inconsistent- some fast, some slow. Played 9 holes for $19 because of maintenance- cart path only.
Eagle Chase   Scott at 9/17/08 9:47am
Played Eagle Chase on 9/16. Course in overall average condition. Fairways are in good shape and bermuda rough is thick. Stay in the fairways! Greens are in fair condition. Every green has some spots here and there. This course is a good challenge from the tips with some unique holes that reminder you of a mountain course.
Charles T. Myers   Jamie at 9/14/08 9:19am
Played CT Myers yesterday. The course is getting a tremendous amount of play, so the greens are a little rough with a lot of ball marks. Otherwise, no real issues out of the ordinary. The fairways are in good shape, and they are starting to work on some of the bunkers. Not great, but pretty good for the money.
Waterford   John at 9/1/08 3:24pm
Played Waterford yesterday. Pace of play was fine. Fairways and tee boxes were in good condition. Greens were in a hurting state. They were super slow and pot marked and pretty much all of them had crab grass spots. #5 and #6 greens were worthy to note because they appeared to be the worst of the bunch. #6 has many many bare spots from where they tried to spot kill the crab grass. Well - they did but managed to create hundreds of bare spots on the green.

Other than that - another day of golf.

Re: Visiting Mint Hill, Nc   Jim Lillard at 8/25/08 5:19pm
Thanks to all for the tips.. We golfed Charlotte National.. The greens were nice and fast, fairways very ample, pace of play great and the staff friendly... the weekend was nice and the golf very good... I appreciate it very much..
Re: fall captains choice events   B-Man at 8/25/08 12:31pm
I've seen several notices of fall events. You'll have to call the courses or visit their web sites to be sure, but here are a few courses that I know have some lined up:

Emerald Lake
Olde Sycamore
Rocky River (9/29 Greater Charlotte Cancer Classic)
Palisades (9/22 New Life 91.9 Golf Classic)
Re: Mooresville Golf Course   panthersfann55 at 8/21/08 7:09pm
played once awhile back not a bad track. have you tried mallard head (in the same area) and is $30 during the week. played there on tues and greens were in good shape for this time of year. best value still is charlotte national.
Captain's Choice Events   Calvin at 8/21/08 6:57pm
Their is a good captain's choice event held at the Peninsula Club in Cornelius on Sept 29. Part of the $150 entry fee is tax-deductible and it includes a boxed lunch, free Gatorade during the tournament, and a dinner afterwards. It's a well run event and the proceeds benefit the Adaptive Sports and Adventures Program at Carolinas Rehabilitation. This program organizes sports such as wheelchair basketball or rugby, adaptive golf, adaptive waterskiing, etc. There are some fairly impressive golfers in this tournament that have amputations or spinal cord injuries and have to use adaptive golf techniques. Here's the link to more information:

fall captains choice events   jc at 8/21/08 2:34pm
Are any of you aware of any Captains Choice events around Charlotte this fall? Thanks
Mooresville Golf Course   Rick Kaulius at 8/21/08 1:48pm
Has anyone ever played up at Mooresville GC? I do not see it listed here, but found their greens fees are low. How does it compare with Charlotte munis?
Re: Early Bird Rates   panthersfann55 at 8/20/08 7:04pm
i think larkhaven still runs the $19 special before 9am. other than that most courses run their own type of discount card deal. another route is last minute golfer or click it golf.
Early Bird Rates   kyle at 8/19/08 8:45pm
Does anyone know of courses that offer early bird specials? If so, what are the rates?

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