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Emerald Lake Golf Club   Robert Harris at 4/23/09 11:24pm
This course has become a laughing stock. They have jerks behind the counter, jerks running the course, and horrible course conditions as a nice little cherry on top of that sundae. Absolutely no customer service. They just promoted their assistant pro to head pro, and he was the worst one of them all! Stay away, and play somewhere that appreciates the hard earned money you are spending. With 90-some-odd courses to choose from, why go somewhere that acts like they are doing you a favor by being open?
Practice   Dan at 4/23/09 7:07pm
Does anyone know where there is a good practice facility around Charlotte? I have been to a couple of driving ranges that were not very good. It seemed very expensive for the amount of practice balls you received. I just moved down from michigan and would like to find a nice place to practice. Up in michigan, there were a couple of places that had unlimited practice.
golf outing   John at 4/20/09 12:30pm
Planning a golf "tournament" does anyone have any suggestions for a course to hold about a 30 person event on a Saturday this summer? Has anyone planned one before and have any suggestions.
The Joe Martin ALS Foundation Golf Tournament   Rusty McDonald at 4/17/09 2:56pm
Entry fee includes a moisture management logo golf shirt, goodie bag, and lunch. First place prize is a chartered fishing trip for the winning team of four. Prizes will be awarded for longest drive, straightest drive, longest putt and closest to the pin. You can enter the hole in one contest for a chance to win a BMW Z4 Roadster. All proceeds go to help support the Joe Martin ALS Foundation and their effort to provide free home care to families facing the challenge of living with ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease). Please register by visiting the tournament website at
or by calling 704-332-1929.
Play the Private Courses   Powerpig at 4/17/09 11:10am
Anyone used services like the It lists many private courses here and somehow sounds fishy to me...
Re: Demo days   B-Man at 4/15/09 10:34pm
Leatherman Golf has a Callaway demo day next Thursday, April 23rd - 3pm-7pm.

LEATHERMAN GOLF LEARNING CENTER - 5845 S. Tryon St. Charlotte, NC 28217 - 704-527-1123
Demo days   Dwayne at 4/14/09 12:11pm
When is the next Callaway or Mizuno demo day in Charlotte?
Olde Sycamore   Jin at 4/13/09 9:28am
Played 4/11 for the first time and pace of play was good. we used coupons off their website for a discount. wet from the t-storms on fri, but it wasn't bad. greens were a bit slower and holes were still visible from aeration... should roll better in the next few weeks. the par 3 4th green really is a monster. well, i think it depends more on pin placement. it didn't look too intimidating off the tee, but once we started putting it was nearly impossible. the pin was cut about 3 ft from the tier in the middle of the green. a few inches past the hole and you roll 20 ft down, and if you roll it a few inches short it'd roll right back down. i was lucky enough to 2 putt and get out. the layout was fun, a few dogleg rights in the beginning. fairways are greening out and bunkers were clean for the most part.
Charity Golf Tournament at Highland Creek on May 8   B-Man at 4/9/09 2:06am
The 2009 Bethany Open is being held at Highland Creek on May 8th. It is a charity fund-raising event for Bethany Christian Services. The cost is $120 per individual or $400 for a foursome. Click on the link above for more information.
Highland Creek   Randy at 4/8/09 11:30pm
Just got back from Highland Creek and am quite happy. With the course, not my game. But compared to most courses I have been playing, it was in great shape. You could really see the green starting to grow in. It was nice to have a little grass to hit off of in the fairways. Tees were goood. Bunkers were great, minus 2 being in terrible shape. Not bad considering how many there are. And the greens were in good shape. Could still see the holes from aereating, but rolled true, no bouncing. Plus they would hold shots. Not in mid-season form by any means, but better than most around right now.
Emerald Lake   Jamie at 4/6/09 7:50am
Played Emerald Lake on 4/4. Fairways are starting to green nicely, but were wet. The greens are in good shape after March aeration, but were unusually slow...don't know why. Very odd for that course, greens are normally much faster.
golf for a bachelor party   Joe at 4/5/09 9:39pm
Ladies and Gentleman,

Quick question. I'm charged with the responsibility of planning a day of golf in late May for a group of 6-10 young men part of a wedding.

Most of the folks involved are not serious golfers - and will probably have as much fun driving the golf carts as driving off of the first tee.

I'm looking for a course in the Charlotte area that is:

1) accessible to downtown (where the wedding party is staying) - no more than 30 minute drive
2) user-friendly and in good shape - not too difficult for the group of duffers that we're bringing
3) somewhere between the $35 to $70 per round mark

Any advice would be appreciated.

Tega Cay   Jin at 3/31/09 10:06am
Tega Cay just started aerfication of their greens yesterday. They say they will be back to 30% by the weekend. Just a heads up.
Fox Den Country Club   David Quintana at 3/30/09 10:39pm
I am telling everyone right now, and then I am not bringing it up again because I want this place all to myself. Fox Den Country Club is in Statesville and well worth the drive up 77 North. This is the closest thing to a mountain course that is within driving distance of Charlotte. The layout is like nothing else around here. The course was in fantastic shape with the greens rolling smooth and true. There is so much elevation change, with dramatic views and dropoffs. I loved every second of it. The prices are better than anyone in Charlotte. Give it a shot, I promise that you will be hooked.
Re: Demo Days   B-Man at 3/26/09 4:42pm
Skybrook Golf Club is having a Callaway Demo Day next Wednesday, April 1st - 11:00am to 5:00pm.
Demo Days   Russell at 3/26/09 4:29pm
I practice at Leatherman Golf on S. Tryon here in Charlotte and thought that others would be interested in some demo days they have scheduled:

4/2 3-7pm Nike and Ping
4/9 3-7pm Adams
4/16 3-7pm Wilson

Does anyone else know of any demo days in the Charlotte area?
Golf in Charlotte   Nassar at 3/14/09 2:59pm

Hey Guys,

I am coming into Charlotte on business and I would like to get a round of golf in on Tuesday. Would you all know which is the best public course in Charlotte?

I could sure use your advice. Any suggestions would be great.


birkdale   Trace Mannig at 3/14/09 2:42pm
I played birkdale on tuesday the 10th, and the only two things where the driving range is getting some work done so we had to hit off those damn mats, which get your clubs all green! Then there were the greens... just re-airated. Made your puts almost impossable. Your chips had to be rolled on, if not they bounced everywhere. other then that, had a lot of fun, and thats what it is all about right.
A few course updates   J.D. at 3/11/09 4:12pm
I've been golfing, but too busy to provide course updates, so here's a bunch from the last month or so:

Fort Mill -- The improvements made here are all subtle and these have to be some of the fastest greens in Charlotte... at least at this point of the year. Great value. The course is in good shape.

Charlotte Golf Links -- The greens and bunkers are in better shape than they've been in the past. Sadly, in an effort to speed up play they've made some changes that make the course a lot easier. Specific changes include slashing the thicket areas between holes #6 and 17, to the right of #7, between holes #10 and #18, and between holes #14 and #15.

Stonebridge -- I played the same day as you, it seems! I think the course is in very good condition for this time of year. No changes to course layout there.

Ballantyne Resort -- The changes they made to a few holes seem to be designed specifically to speed up play only. Nothing of any real note. Sad to see hole #2 get changed to a much less interesting hole.

Olde Sycamore -- I'm growing tired of this course for one very nit-picky reason. The hole placement of the first par-3 (hole #4) is terribly unfair... and it screws up my entire round every time. The hole is perched atop a massive slope. If you're above the hole and you miss the putt by two inches... you wind up 20 feet away. If you're downhill and miss the putt by 4 inches... it rolls back down 20 feet. Sidehill putts are death. That's not the way golf is meant to be played. Rant over. The course is in so-so shape.

Pebble Creek (Par 3) -- Yes, I'm not above playing a little pitch-n-putt. I know it's early in the season, but this place usually has nice greens and bunkers. Not so. It's in terrible shape, even for this time of year.

Carolina Lakes (Sun City) -- Continues to be one of the nicest and well-maintained courses around. Not too tough off the tee, but the greens are sinister. They raised prices again and now it's not a good value... but it is a good course when you have some extra cash.
Stonebridge   Steven St. Clair at 3/9/09 9:06am
I have played Stonebridge twice in the past month, both weekend afternoons. The course layout and conditions were good.

However, both rounds took over 5 hours to complete, and that was after our tee time was delayed by 15-30 minutes (and these were relatively warm, dry days, so there was no frost delay). Rangers were scarce and only promised the pace would improve, which it did not.

Weekend pace of play is a problem at most public courses, but it is time we hold courses accountable to improve the pace. Sadly, Stonebridge has not done so.
Charlotte Golf Links   Trace Mannig at 3/4/09 7:42pm
Played at golf links today, at 5 (only got in 9) but even so, it looked ok. It is my stomping ground, play there at least once a month since it is 2 seconds away from my house. There is a major drainage problem. The last time I was there it was soggy, and today (2 days after snow) it was real nasty. Even still bunkers could have been better, and greens needs some work. They need to just till the heck out of the bunkers and lossen up the packed in sand. I still chipped in #10 from the bunker guarding the front of the green!!!! I like this course, I just wish they would put a little of the money I spend into it and make it a great public course!
$400 for a year of Unlimited Range Balls & Practice Time   Mitzi at 3/3/09 6:36am
Membership Drive in March- Individual - $400 Family- $600- Discounts on memberships end March 31st. A Deal you can not beat. Improve your game in 09 and Join Northlake Golf Club
The Divide & Olde Sycamore   Scott at 2/28/09 2:50pm
Played the divide this week and the greens are a mess. I don't see how these greens will get any better all year in 2009. Save your money and play somewhere else! Also played Olde Sycamore this week. Course is always in good shape and you can get good deals during M-TH. Greens were fast and rolled great for Feb. They had some evil pin placements out there on Thursday.
Tega Cay   Jin at 2/26/09 10:27am
Been playing at Tega Cay the past month. Just joined their membership since it's close to home and a decent deal (no initiation and only $150 per month for a year). 27 "Championship holes", but technically only 18 are in decent shape. I played the Cove last week. Apparently they re-did the greens and bunkers last year. Greens are brown right now and have not been plugged, will get better once spring hits. The other 2 9's are a lot nicer (Pines/Grand). As BMan said, you def want to play with a Tega Cay veteran, b/c there are a lot of holes where you don't really know where to play the ball. And playing from the tips to whites changes from hitting a driver to 3 wood. I hit 3 tee shots too long to get into trouble from the whites... I'm not a great player, but I have the distance so I'll be playiing from the blacks now. Their greens are the nicest I've seen in the Charlotte area (not trying to dog any other course): barely any brown spots, no divot marks that I could see and speed was great. The practice green is a little faster than the course's green speed, but they are all clean. The Grand is the nicer of the 3, then Pine and Cove. Play usually starts at the Pines and then thru the Grand. The Grand has a great layout and is quite challenging, score as low as you can on the Pines! Rip it on the 1st hole, very short par 5 with an average 2nd shot of 170-200 yds depending on your drive.
Larkhaven Golf Course   Terry at 2/16/09 7:46pm
Played Larkhaven the other day. Course is in good shape with green fairways even in the winter months. Worth another play with early bird rates Mon thru Thur at $23 for 18 holes with cart.
KiS Golf closes, files for bankruptcy   B-Man at 1/22/09 1:07pm
Since there were a couple posts about KiS Golf last year on this board, I thought I would share this. I saw this today in a Charlotte Observer article about Better Business Bureau complaints.

"KiS Golf, locations in Pineville and Concord: 15 unanswered complaints last year and 23 total complaints in the past three years. The company, which sold lifetime golf memberships for thousands of dollars for such activities as golf lessons and golf-related travel, filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection and closed last month. A phone number for the company was not in service."
Divide, Deer Brook   Jamie at 1/22/09 7:17am
It's weird to see so few golf course related comments lately. Probably because I'm in the minority in terms of playing in cold weather. If the courses are open and it's not raining, I'm there, freezing or not. I miss only about a handful of Saturdays each year. Anyway, both Deer Brook in Shelby and The Divide are in good shape with their greens. I'm playing Waterford this Saturday, and the greens there are usually in good shape. Have also played CT Myers lately, but there is some construction going on with a few holes, and the course does not drain well. In the winter that can result in what I call "splat" golf. All carry, everything is wet, no roll. You get the picture.
Synthetic putting   Jeff at 1/8/09 4:55pm
I installed a synthetic putting in my backyard and it is great. It is the closest thing to a real green that I have ever practiced on. It really makes for a good pratice and entertained addition to our yard. If anyone is interested I can provide all of the info. They are fairly resonable in price.
2009 Driving Range Special   Mitzi at 12/18/08 5:29pm
$400- Unlimited Range Balls & Practice Time in 2009

Improve your Golf Game in 2009 by committing to membership
@ Northlake Golf Club- Private Practice Facility
2009 Individual Membership Special- $400- Expires 12-31-08
No Exceptions. 704.726.7224-
Charlotte Golf Links   Jin at 11/3/08 8:20am
Played at 2 and finished by 5:45, right when the sun was setting. The course was pretty empty, and the rough wasn't as brutal this time. Heard they just cut the rough for the rest of this year. The fairways had a lot of roll, and I couldn't get anything to stick on the greens. They were super fast and the fringe wasn't any slower. I swore never to play here again, but it was close so I gave it a try. Actually enjoyed my round, but that's because the rough wasn't as bad. FYI they are aerating the greens in the next few weeks. Not sure about an exact date.

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