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Edgewater   James at 6/16/09 7:54am
Though I haven't played there yet, I've read good things. I am on their e-mail list, and wanted to put the word out because they have a lot of fun tournaments going on to incentivize people to make the drive. Thought I would spread the word, so sign up if you're interested.
Emerald Lake Golf Club   Nate Vorback at 6/15/09 9:16pm
I played Emerald Lake over the weekend and was not impressed. I have read all the negative reviews on here, but most of them referred to the poor attitude of the staff, so I was hoping that the course conditions would make up for poor service. Nope. Neither was good. Greens are shaggy, bunkers have less sand in them than most childhood sand boxes and the tee boxes are even worse. Skip this track this season.
Tradition   Jin at 6/15/09 11:07am
Heard good things about the tradition so we took advantage of the coupon. Fairways were plush and the greens were fast. Great deal if you can make it out there... but the pace of play was horrible. Our 11:34 tee time was pushed back to 11:50 and we waited on every tee from 1-18. Obviously they are just trying to cram in as many tee times as they can for the business. if you have time to spare it's def worth a shot.
Monroe C.C.   J.D. at 6/14/09 7:14pm
Based on some of the recommendations on this site, I tried Monroe earlier today. This course has oodles of unrealized potential. 6725 from the tips is deceptive, because it plays a lot longer with all the uphill approach shots. Layout was very interesting -- the Ross front 9 is typical Ross with very tough challenges around the greens; the Jackson back 9 is even more interesting and challenging. Tee boxes and fairways were in good shape. Rough was THICK and difficult. Bunkers were in great shape.

Two gripes: 1) No driving range. (It HAS a driving range, but it's so far away from the clubhouse that they discourage you from using it.) 2) The front 9 greens are really bumpy.

I've read here that they recently re-did what is now the back 9. If they do the same to the front, this course can be a really great diamond in the rough.

My suggestion: they should pour more money into the course and raise the rates a little, so this course can reach it's real potential.
Rocky River - $36 any day / any time   B-Man at 6/12/09 5:45pm
Not to be outdone by the Carolina Trail, Rocky River is offering a similar rate for any day / any time rounds - $36. It's only good through 6/30, though (the CT coupons are good thru 8/31):
Re: Carolina Trail Coupons   Chuck at 6/12/09 1:27pm
Used a coupon today(Friday), for 29 bucks you can't go wrong with charlotte links. Haven't played there since last year but the course is in great shape for the traffic it sees. Played in a 4 some and had to wait on just about every tee but still got the round in under 4 hrs 20 mins.
Waterford   J.D. at 6/8/09 11:28am
Played yesterday afternoon. Greens in great shape, fast as usual. They got a lot of rain the last few days and it was cart path only, but this was more of a precaution. (Several players were ignoring the cart-path only, with no damage.)

There was a bit of drainage problems in some of the bunkers -- #2 fairway bunker being the worst I saw, but overall the course was in decent shape.
Re: Carolina Trail Coupons   B-Man at 6/7/09 11:22pm
I've used the coupon twice and had no problem. I used it Sunday morning for an 8:12 tee time. So it doesn't sound like there are any real limits on the times. Another golfer mentioned that the pro shop even gave the $29 coupon rate to a 4th from their group that didn't have a prepaid voucher.

So use 'em up. They're only on sale for 2 more weeks but good thru end of August.
Carolina Trail Coupons   Chuck at 6/7/09 10:50pm
Anybody try the 29.00 carolina trail coupons ? I was curious about the select Tee times. The price is great but don't really want to have to play in the heat of the day. The coupon say anytime but the fine print has select time.

Played Olde Sycamore on Thursday and the course was in great shape. Greens were firm and fast but rolled real nice.

Played Stonebridge on Tuesday and the fairway was a little shaggy due to the rain and not being cut but otherwise in great condition.

Anybody play springfield lately ? Looking to play next week as the rates are down and enjoyed playing there last year.
RSS Feed for the Message Board   B-Man at 6/7/09 5:02pm
You can now subscribe to an RSS feed for this page to get updates whenever a new post is added to the Message Board. Click on the RSS feed link at the top of the page and add it to My Yahoo! or your favorite RSS news app.
New Feature - Course updates now include Msg Board postings   B-Man at 6/6/09 9:44pm
Hey guys - the new server's been in only a few days and already I'm sprucing things up here. I've now set it up so I can tag message board postings that feature course updates. So if you are viewing the Course detail page or the updates page for a specific course, you can now see all of the message board postings that mention that course.

Let me know how it looks or if I can make it easier to view.
Re: Server Upgrade Friday morning   B-Man at 6/5/09 12:15pm
The new server is up and running. Woohoo!
Server Upgrade Friday morning   B-Man at 6/4/09 3:27pm
Everyone - I'm performing a long overdue server upgrade for the web site on Friday morning. So the site will be down for an hour or so, but should be back up by lunchtime.

You shouldn't notice any significant changes to the site (yet), but let me know if you have any problems. Once this upgrade is in, I'll be in good shape to start adding new features and making the site easier to use and more interactive. So more good things are coming!

By the way, I've just opened a Twitter account for the site -- which I will use to keep you posted when new reviews or updates are posted to the site. So if you're plugged in, follow me for the latest news.
Re: CLT Links   J.D. at 6/4/09 12:26pm
Okay, okay. No more stalking. ; )

To answer the bunker question -- packed down sand that hadn't been raked in a long time. One bunker I saw (but avoided) had rocks and hard-packed dirt, not sand. They could use a little raking and maybe some new sand in some spots.
Re: CLT Links   B-Man at 6/4/09 11:03am
JD - wouldn't it be the other way around? I teed off at 3:30. You're stalking me! :-P

I didn't see any problems with the bunkers, but I was only in one all day. What did you see?

As for ballmarks on the greens, two things: 1) it didn't seem any worse than other public courses in the area that get lots of play and 2) I was able to fix the ones I saw and they never disrupted my putts - so they were healing well. Again, your mileage may vary. So you might have gotten the worst of it. And being backed up, you probably noticed more of them.

We teed off around 3:30 and finished before 7:30 as a threesome. So pace of play was fine for us. Again, sounds like the (bad) luck of the draw.
CLT Links   J.D. at 6/4/09 10:31am

Stop stalking me! It seems we were at the Links on the same day again...we've played the same courses on the same day a few times now!

Agree with you on conditions: fairways were lush and greens rolled true. Bunkers are still a mess. And in a town where very few people repair ball marks on greens...Links greens have chicken pox. I repaired about 5-6 ball marks on every green.

But for me, the killer on the Links is the pace of play. I tried to squeeze in a round at 5:30 p.m. and had to wait nearly 5 minutes for every shot. It was backed up like crazy...and it seems to be backed up every time I play the Links. It gets too much play and seems to attract Charlotte's most inconsiderate golfers.
Carolina Trail Specials - Any day / Anytime $29-$39   B-Man at 6/2/09 4:11pm
Just got this on email today. Looks like a sweet deal if you plan on playing any of the Carolina Trail courses this summer:

Ultimate Summer Golf Sale

You get a voucher for a round of golf on *any day* (incl. weekends), anytime. It expires 8/31. So you have 3 months to use them. Prices are $29 for most courses, $39 for Skybrook and Birkdale. Those are great deals, especially if you use them Friday-Sunday.
Verdict Ridge   Eric at 6/1/09 9:25pm
Date of play: 5/31/09
Located in Denver,NC. Since 485 hooks into Hwy 16, well worth the trip. (about 35-40 minutes from S. Charlotte).
Weekend rates: $52
Fairways/tee boxes: A- shape
Greens: B (reason: plugged about 6 weeks or so ago) HOWEVER they rolled true and with good speed.
Overall: A-
Well worth visiting this course again if you haven't played it for sometime.
Edgewater   J.D. at 5/30/09 2:45pm
I finally made the drive down to Edgewater near Lancaster. Greens and bunkers are in great shape. Front 9 fairways still have some growing in to do...back 9 in perfect shape. Course is very, very well marked in terms of OB, red stakes etc. Nice driving range and short game area.

For $55 it's a good value... but when you factor in a 45 minute longer drive, I'm not sure it's any better of a golf challenge than Springfield or Carolina Lakes. The first seven holes are really special (don't hit anything more than a 3 iron on the first tee shot), but then the course gets a little plain vanilla for the much of the round. 17 is a very short par 5 (shoulda been a long 4) and the finishing hole is a good test. But holes 8-16 are just not memorable.

I'd play it again, but I'm in no rush to do so.
Eagle Chase   Dustin at 5/27/09 1:48pm
Played Eagle Chase on Monday 05-25. Course is in good shape. After all the rain it was still 90 degree rule. The greens a little slow. Had to be due to the rain and not being able to cut them. If the greens were faster I would move this course to the great column. Please play this course it is worth the drive. Green fees are very reasonable.
Olde Sycamore   James at 5/26/09 11:50am
I agree with the comments about the condition of the course. Great shape right now. Greens are quick. I still would rather play Skybrook or Carolina Lakes for the price though, $69 on Friday. They charged a holiday rate. Does anybody know what holiday it was on Friday?
Course Update   Dave at 5/25/09 9:01pm
Played Monroe CC Friday. I have nothing to add to B-Man's comments except to second them. If you get a chance, go play it.

Played Waterford Saturday. Course was in really good shape. Tee boxes were a little beat up but it's hard to take care of them when the course gets a lot of play. This is my second favotrite Trail course after Skybrook.

Played Eagle Chase Monday. Course was in great shape. Even with all the rain we had it was still 90 degrees. There are a lot of elevation changes on this course but I don't find it gimmicky. I wish it was closer to the house.
Sunset Hills - 5/23/09   Ryan R. at 5/24/09 6:30pm
Played Sunset Hills via Clickitgolf for $23/each (foursome). Greens were very slow due to length of grass and a bit of rain. Nonetheless, the course was in decent condition, and still a great value.
Deer Brook   James Leo at 5/19/09 8:31pm
Played Deer Brook today - loved it! Course was in terrific shape, and the greens were better, truer, and faster than any I've play in Charlotte in a long time. Highly recommend the trip to Shelby if your looking for a good value in golf.

Am playing Verdict Ridge for the first time this weekend, and I'll keep you posted.
Edgewater   Dave at 5/17/09 2:57pm
Played Edgewater again yesterday (had a free round that I won in a tournament earlier this year. Tees were in great shape, fairways were really good (a few bare spots), one bunker marked as gound under repair and the greens were nearly perfect. I really, really like this course and wish it was closer.

A couple of public service announcements:

1. For those of you wondering about dog fights, demo days etc. Almost every course in Charlotte has a website and many of them have a way to join a mailing list. I get e-mail from dozens of them. They send weekly specials, events, tournaments, etc. I get a lot of otherwise unadvertised prices.

2. Fix your divots and ballmarks. Please.
Golf in Charlotte   Dave at 5/15/09 9:28pm
Just some comments on some of the courses I've played in the last couple of months.

Renaissance - completely disagree with the comments earlier. The only issue I had with this course is that it's sometimes hard to find a flat spot on the tee.

Emerald lake - completely agree with the last comment. Not going back.

Regent Park - played there Wednesday. Greens were a little fuzzy and slow but the course is in great shape.

Springfield - Always in great shape.

Cleghorn Plantation - made the drive and was dissapointed. Course is gorgeous. Great views, elevation changes, etc. Tees, fairways, bunkers all in great shape. Greens were terrible. They have something growing besides grass. It made them virtually unputtable and ruined the round.

Olde Sycamore - always in great shape.

River Oaks - greens were very good. Tee to green, not so much. Needs some work, Not worth the drive unless you're north of town.

Glen Oaks - I really liked this course. They seem to take a lot of pride in this course. Some really pretty holes and at least one where you tee off across a road. Worth the drive.

Deer Brook - I wasn't all that impressed but I was out there after some bad weather. I'll try it again before passing judgement.

Rock Barn - Played the Jones course and it was great as you might expect from a course that is a Senior Tour stop.

Charlotte Golf Links - It's horrible. Don't bother.

Moorseville Muni - You hear different things about hhis course but I liked it. A few of the tees needed a lot work but I thought the fairways and greens were very good. They seem to do a lot of 1st Tee/ Junior golf up there. There were lots of kids walking the course Mother's Day.

Have played Eagle Chase, Fox Den and The Warrior also. All were in good shape and worth going to play.

Playing Edgewater in the morning. I'll update my last comments about it.

A comment about Ballantyne Resort. They really aren't interested in attracting local golfers over there. It's all about packaging rounds with rooms and corporate outings.
Re: Dog Fights???   James Leo at 5/14/09 8:27am
Thanks for the update! Does anyone know of any dog-fights on the weekend?
Ballantyne Resort   Jamie at 5/14/09 7:53am
Haven't played Ballantyne in a few years. The last time I went there was three or four months ago to just hit a bucket of balls. They blatantly said I could only practice there if I played there. I regained consciousness shortly thereafter and promptly left. They have also raised their Fri-Sat green fees to $90. Either they think Charlotte is Pebble Beach, or they do not understand Economics 101. I know the laws of supply and demand still work, but if they continue to treat customers in this fashion, God help them.
Re: Dog Fights???   B-Man at 5/13/09 6:12pm
Just got this via email. Emerald Lake has dog fights on Wednesdays:

Wednesday shotgun 6:00 PM
Season begins next Wednesday May 20th

Different formats every week

Cost for non-members $25
Riding members pay $15, Walking members pay $20

The fee includes one drink of your choice (anything except liquor).
Charlotte VIM Clinic Charity Tournament   Donna Murray Lacey at 5/13/09 5:49pm
The Charlotte Volunteers in Medicine Clinic will host its First Annual Charity Golf Tournament on Thursday, June 4th, 2009 at Highland Creek Golf Club. Cost $75.00/$300/team.
All proceeds to benefit the care of uninsured patients in Mecklenburg County.
Shotgun 8:30AM.
Please see our website for details
phone# 704-350-1300

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