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Deerbrook   NCGolfer at 1/1/17 6:59pm
Anyone played Deerbrook lately? Haven't been there in awhile and was wondering about conditions.
Lincoln Country Club   NCGolfer at 1/1/17 2:57pm
Played at Lincoln CC last week. Course is in great shape. Greens are quick and roll true. Good test of golf. Definitely will be back.
Golf in January?   Donmon at 12/28/16 10:27pm
Hi All, I'm going to be in Charlotte early January. Live in MA and hoping that golf will be an option while I'm there. Are courses open, do people play?
Re: Mooresville Golf Course   The B-Man at 12/28/16 9:31pm
I've added this course so you can all now post official reviews!
Christmas day   5putts at 12/18/16 2:09pm
Anyone know of any Charlotte metro area courses open Christmas day?
Re: Clickit Golf - BEWARE & AVOID   The B-Man at 11/8/16 6:29pm
Well this might explain it... <smh> Sad, just sad.

Founder of was arrested on Tuesday on a charge of stealing at least $10,000 from his former firm
Mooresville Golf Course   Albert So at 11/7/16 7:32am

While it’s nice to see an old course renovated, the front is no longer by any stretch a Donald Ross course. Two complaints: The bunker walls are ridiculously steep with grass so long it holds the ball, keeping it from rolling into the bunker and they are too steep to stand on forcing a shot from the sand at a ball above the waist! Second: the course is just too popular. One o’clock on a Thursday afternoon and it’s packed.
Re: Mooresville Golf Club   IM4DHERD at 10/12/16 7:12pm
More info. Not to oversell it, because the more of you who play it, the less the rest of us can, but it is pretty much the first new golf course in some time. Even though a number of the old holes are recognizable slopes have been evened out, trees removed, traps added, etc. Lot's of tall links-type grasses.

5 par 5s, 5 par 3s. 6800 from the blues, 6300 from the whites. Played with a freshman Catawba College golfer and a Sr. HS player who bombed 300 yard drives and hit a 5 wood 260 to a green, and they had a pretty tough time of it. Pretty difficult, my worst score in over a year.

These kids work at the club and say a number of new members (yes, it is now semi-private) are also members at Trump National. I now put this one up with any of my favorites and some of the highest rated courses on this site like Edgewater, Stonebridge, Glen Oaks, Deerbrook, and Red Bridge.
Re: Mooresville Golf Club   IM4DHERD at 10/12/16 9:55am
HAVE TO get this Club listed. Played yesterday. Played it many times in the past (Donald Ross front nine, very challenging back nine) but it closed for renovations for 22 months. Many of the holes are recognizable (#s 1,2,4 and 11-18 except for 13 which has been stretched into a par 5). Really like how the new holes on the front are configured, a stretch gives a Links style look. Best greens I have seen in forever, no doubt. Firm and FAST. Excellent practice area. Tee Boxes and fairways are in better shape than Glen Oaks, and that is saying something if you have ever played there. Probably should be expected after almost two years of work. Excellent work with the sand traps - placement and condition. Thick fluffy sand. Few holes have traps 50-100 yards from the green bu! t from the fairway looks to be greenside, something to get used to. My GPS is no good as this course hasn't been mapped. They need to put together a yardage book. Oh yeah, new carts too.
Duke University Golf Club   Albert So at 10/6/16 6:11am
(Thought I would post this here since Duke is not in the pull-down list of the Reviews section)
Sure it’s a two hour drive from Charlotte to Durham and costs an arm and a leg for non-Duke people, but with all the rave reviews of the Duke University Golf Club, I felt compelled to use a vacation day (a Tuesday) to play a couple rounds. I walked the first round. At 8:45 I was the first golfer out. Extremely heavy dew made things pretty sloppy. (Not their fault, of course). Not for the faint of heart, Duke is a big kids’ course. Fairways are moderately to very wide with a lot of undulating. Plenty of water, creeks and rocks. There is knee-high grass or weeds in almost all the wooded areas, errant shots are as good as gone. A million huge, deep, well-maintained! fairway and greenside bunkers to tack on a few more strokes. The greens are some of the fastest, firmest, true-rolling and most challenging I’ve ever played. The starter’s advice to always hit it to “under the pin” was spot on as putts from pin-high invariably ran WAY past the cup. For walkers, the yardage markings stink. The GPS in the carts updates quickly and easily saved me a good five strokes when I drove the second round. Glad I went. I recommend Duke. Won’t be back. A pretty course, but no wow factor.
Re: Mooresville Golf Club   aepfeiffer at 10/5/16 12:28pm
I haven't got a chance to play there yet, used to play this course a ton back before they shut it down, so looking forward to playing there soon, actually tried to get a tee time for this weekend and its booked up unless you can play after 1pm if you want a 4 some! I looked on GolfNow and seems like almost all early tee times are booked up b/w today 10/5 and next Wed 10/12. Im sure some of the newness is the reason for the bookings, but I heard they sold like 1000 memberships and for anyone that bought a 2017 membership they got the rest of 2016 for free, and they allow members to book 14 days in advance, so Im wondering if some of the early tee times are getting booked up by the influx of members! Just hoping it lives up to the hype, they used to have bent grass that always stayed in good shape%2! C but they installed Tiff Eagle greens, so they should be excellent year round and fast! Is there any way to add Mooresville along with Crowders Mountain to the list of Charlotte area courses for review?
Mooresville Golf Club   The B-Man at 10/3/16 7:57pm
Just saw that Mooresville reopened after a 2 year, $5M+ renovation:

Town-owned Mooresville Golf Club reopening after $10M makeover

Anybody played it yet? Let me know if I should add it. I'm thinking yes.
Re: Clickit Golf - BEWARE & AVOID   JoeJag at 9/30/16 8:00am
I thought the same thing too, until I learned I was calling the previous owner who sold it months ago. I emailed to their support email and got some guy Bob to help me out. He explained the problem, and we got a fair resolution to the credits issue, so I'm fine now.Sounds like these guys were left with a pile of crap from the previous owner. I'll still use them since I play the courses they work with and can get good deals.
Clickit Golf - BEWARE & AVOID   UD_MTD at 9/29/16 2:06pm
Has anyone gotten a response or update from the people at Clickit Golf on the status of the Clickit Cash? Their new website is up and running but when I log in, there is no cash credit there. My regular foursome stands to lose more than $1,000 in this mess. I've emailed and called 10+ times over the last month with no response from them.

I would strongly encourage everyone to boycott this website and pay courses directly. Their deals aren't even good anymore...keep the money in the golf courses not these peoples hands.
Looking for various Charlotte Skins Games   DblEgle16 at 9/19/16 11:18am

First of all I enjoy your site.

Could you let me know and post where there is weekly skins game in the Charlotte area. I am familiar with the Golf week tour but really just trying to find different courses and a day of the week where golfers just show up to play skins. I also saw a guy post on GolfWrx site looking for skins game in Charlotte.

Lived all over the country and a format and lot of guys liked is where informally meet up to throw $10 or $20 into the pot . Sometimes they would divide half the pot and play two best balls out of foursome for a team bet against the other teams, in addition to skins. This allowed A,B,C,D to get in as well and guys liked it because the foursome played as a team except for individual! skins.

Anyway would just be happy to learn about some skins games in Charlotte area and would appreciate any B-man readers of your site with info on this as well.


Re: Fall trip   MadMax2013 at 8/29/16 9:48am
Heard thru the grapevine that Glen Oaks was having some problems with their greens. They are usually in great shape but you may want to check on this prior to booking. Cheers!
Re: Information regarding Lincoln Country Club   5putts at 8/29/16 7:40am
Based on the LCC review, played there Sat. AM. The course is in best shape I've seen in 5 yrs. Greens are pristine but slow-ish. Fairways are generally nice but the rough could use a trim and there are some nasty spots if you are wayward off the tee. All-in-all a decent track with some quirky holes that has made some serious strides to come back. Now if they could just level out the cart paths on the front 9...
Fall trip   DrSchteeve at 8/28/16 5:02pm
Look at Glen Oaks. WAYYYY better than Larkin. Skybrook conditions are reportedly terrible right now, even though it is a great layout.
fall trip   peter iversen at 8/24/16 9:13pm
We have been invited as members for a day to irish creek and northstone. also playing rocky river. have played jones 5 or 6 times.....never it a nice track?
like verdict ridge.....played 3 or 4 times....played red bridge once....a bit far this trip.
thought we might try skybrook....mixed is it?

love this site btw......nothing like this in nova scotia

ps....if anyone wants help with directions, lodging etc for cabot links or cliffs, im your guy
Rock Barn Jones Course is now private   IM4DHERD at 8/22/16 2:42pm
FYI - The Jones Course at Rock Barn is private to members only. The Tom Jackson Course, one of the best in the area, is still open for the rest of us.
Re: fall visit   BetterThanMost at 8/20/16 9:17pm
I'm not sure what is already on your itinerary, but you may want to check out Verdict Ridge, Rocky River, and River Oaks in addition to Larkin. Also, the renovated Mooresville Golf Course will be open by that time as well.
Re: fall visit   Jim at 8/20/16 8:38pm
Red Bridge is awesome! Great Golf shop and merchandise too.
fall visit   peter at 8/18/16 6:47pm
i am bringing 12 or so fellow nova scotians to the charlotte area for our 14th consecutive canadian pantherfanz golf and football holiday. we have one more course to fill....mon oct31 preferably in the am. we are staying on lake norman in mooresville.....dont mind driving a bit (45 min MAX each way) and are leaning toward larkin....good reviews/price/location. any other strong suggestions....thanks
Information regarding Lincoln Country Club   HittOD at 8/4/16 1:10pm
This is a review of Lincoln Country Club (LCC), in Lincolnton, NC. LCC is not available as selection on the "Post a Review" section of BMan's website. I'll try not to be too biased, as I am a member of this club. LCC had trouble over the years with maintaining bent greens in the summer, partly due to financial difficulties. LCC was bought by a local business man a few years ago, and my guess is that close to 2 million dollars has been infused into the club. This includes a new swimming pool, clubhouse upgrades, new maintainence equipment, enlarged parking areas, and the golf course itself.
The club was closed from mid May 2016 to the first part of July 2016 for a greens renovation project. The greens were re-sodded with Diamond Zoysia! grass, and the contours of some of the greens were upgraded to provide for more possible pin placements. This is the same type grass as that of the greens of Eagle Chase in Marshville, NC. All greens were enlarged some. These greens are very nice and are coming into their own. Their speed should increase throughout the coming months.
The fairways are full, with well defined rough. Most tee boxes are in very good shape, with a few needing some work. I dare say that the golf course is in the best shape that I have ever seen. I have lived on this course since 2001. LCC provides a good variety of holes not necessarily favoring a drawer or fader of the golf ball.
I suspect that most people reading this review are in the Charlotte area, but I would recommend checking out Lincoln Country Club if you get a chance. The food service is excellent, and many locals are choosing LCC for lunch and dinner.
Re: Instruction   Swifty at 8/3/16 9:20pm
I have taken lessons at Leatherman, with Chris, and really enjoyed it. The price is on par with other top end places like Dana Rader's School at Ballantyne, and both are great.
Re: Click it golf   Jeff at 8/2/16 3:24pm
I have been going back and forth with them for nearly 2 months. I messaged them on Facebook numerous times and initially I would get a response with something to the effect of "We are going through an audit and it will be a few more days" I got this at least 3 times. Then the responses stopped for the past month. I then responded to someone on a thread on the facebook page who was having a similar issue and the thread was deleted.

The person who was having an issue responded to me and said they reactivated his balance. I then posted a message on their page detailing all of this and it was deleted later in the day. They are not responding to anything. Then later that day I received this email:

Update on Credits

As you may be aware, was recently acquired out of pre-foreclosure. After the close of the transaction, certain liabilities were discovered that were not disclosed, including “Clickit Cash” balances. This was obviously a surprise to us, and we are working diligently to work this out.

On some accounts, there has been fraudulent activity and usage that was against he terms of use and service. This activity includes but is not limited to:
· Using Credits to purchase discounted gift certificates
· Using Credits to purchase credits
· Using credits to get further discounts and coupons
· Improper extension of 12 months expiration dates.

The laws are very clear on who is responsible for these balances, and the acquirer is NOT legally required to absorb these balances. It is our intentio! n to allow Clickit Golf members to realize actual cash value t! hat has been put into the system, but also credit back any fraudulent or improper usage of the system.

As a courtesy, over the next few months, we will allow users that have used the system honestly to use credits for rounds purchased (not coupons or special offers as the terms of service outlines). However, Clickit Cash credits will not be unlocked until this audit is complete, which could unfortunately take several more months. There will be no refunds, as the acquirer did not realize the cash put into the system in the first place.

The Eight Round Promo codes will be permitted to be used next week.

The Acquirer, Clickit Golf, Inc and the new management team, are as upset about this as you may be, and we are working to recover the cash balances on your behalf so you can use them. We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.
%3! Cbr /> Best regards,

David Moore
Clickit Golf, Inc
Re: Click it golf   The B-Man at 7/31/16 4:07pm
I contacted Chris Quinn at Clickit and he said this was a temporary problem as they upgrade their website checkout process. He's going to give me a further update this week, but I believe your gift certificates are safe.
Click it golf   NormInChar at 7/29/16 7:21pm
Did anyone else get screwed over by Click it golf ? Looks like they were sold and now they are not honoring credits on gift certificates and click it cash. Looks like I'm out 200 bucks from a gift certificate I received during the holidays. I really loved the site but may have to look else where when looking to book tee times just out of principle. Anyone else have suggestions on where to pick up best pricing on Charlotte area golf courses ?
Pace of Play at Emerald Lake   ccharles at 7/22/16 11:59am
Got this email from Emerald Lake today:

"To further enhance your experience while playing Emerald Lake Golf Club, we are now launching Operation P.O.P. (Pace Of Play). With this new program, we are committed to getting you around our golf course as quickly as possible. We understand that people do not have 5 hours to spend on a golf course nowadays, so Emerald Lake has paired up with the Carolina Golf Association to institute a 4 hour and 12 minute pace of play. Along with this new operation, we have also added the following measures to help "speed up play":
-We are cutting the rough half an inch to make it easier to find your ball.
-We are bringing food out more frequently to the course to cut down on your turn time.
-We hav! e hired rangers at problem areas to help spot errant golf shots."

I think this is great and much needed at Emerald Lake. My last several rounds there have been excruciatingly long.
Instruction   Longiron84 at 5/22/16 1:42am
Has any taken a lesson at leatherman golf or the Charlotte impact performance center?

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