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Carolina Golf Reviews   B-Man at 7/7/09 10:28pm
Hey everyone, I set up a second web address for the site so it'd be easier to remember and advertise:

I hope to expand the site to include more and more courses around Charlotte and the Carolinas. So at some point I may rebrand the site to capitalize on that. For now, it's still the B-Man's Guide to Golf in Charlotte and will always get you here. This is just another way to find it and share with friends.

Thanks for visiting and providing great updates!
Re: Larkhaven   B-Man at 7/7/09 10:13pm
Got a note from Terry at Larkhaven and he did say they had to punch the #3 and #8 greens about a week ago. He said they are coming along but still a little bumpy. He also said the rest of the greens were pretty good and invited me to come out and play their July special, $25 anytime Mon-Fri and after 12:00 on weekends.

I'm a bachelor this week and next (family drove up to PA to see relatives). So I may try to get out for a late round one day next week and see things for myself.
CLT National, Springfield, CLT Links   J.D. at 7/6/09 9:05am
Charlotte National: Continues to be in good shape off the tee, fantastic greens and decent fairways. Bunkers have 1/2 inch of nice fluffy sand that covers a crusty, angry base. (Don't follow my lead -- use the leading edge of your lob wedge and DIG IN.) Some of the toughest rough I've played this year led to my worst round of the year by far.

Springfield: Very good conditions all around, with the exception of 1-2 greens that are just starting to get chewed up (worms?). Highly recommended.

Charlotte Links: The staff continues to be some of the most ornery people around...they need attitude adjustments. 4-5 greens were recently punched and are really soft, and you need a pick-axe to get your tee in the teeing ground!

But the rest of the course is in fine shape. Seems like they're content to keep mowing down the rough -- making this course easier and easier. (Tom Doak would be horrified at what they've done to his design.) All that said, I shot my lowest-ever round of 79 (white tees...we were just having a practice round) so it's tough for me to be too angry.
Larkhaven   Jeff at 7/3/09 7:10pm
Played Larkhaven today. The fairways are in good shape. Some of the teeboxes are rough with the worst being #9 (its totally bare). The greens are horrendous. Normally the greens here are a little hairy and slow but they must have aerated them or something (dont really see holes in them) there is sand all over. Very rough. I'd stay away for awhile.
Tega Cay   Eric at 7/3/09 6:37pm
I have played Tega Cay twice in the past month. It is in great shape, greens are rolling true, pace of play has been very good, and the staff is very friendly. I had not played there before this year and I've been very impressed.
Tega Cay   fsquid at 7/2/09 10:16am
Anyone played Tega Cay lately? I never hear much buzz about it and maybe that is justified
Stonebridge   Tom at 6/28/09 10:08pm
Played Stonebridge today, and it was awesome. The conditions of the fairways were country club-esque and the greens were in the usual top notch shape. They also have a free VIP program that gives you the lowest rate avaialble at all time. Highly recomend
Re: Round of Golf   Rob at 6/25/09 9:54am
Played Rocky River last Saturday. I thought it was in really good shape T-boxes needed work but fairways were really nice and the greens were very puttable.Price was great for the weekend with the coupon offered on there website. I say go for it!
Re: Round of Golf   Jamie at 6/24/09 7:35am
I have not played Rocky River in years. Good course overall, but try to avoid playing on weekends. Normally on weekends they used to put the pins in impossible locations at the edges, and the greens are big. You could hit the center of the green and still have 50 feet for birdie. Don't know if they still do this, but call ahead and ask sarcastically if they have the pins actually on the greens. Seriously though, it's a solid course, but find out the pin positions before you go.
Round of Golf   Mrbiolife at 6/23/09 3:43pm
Hello fellow B-Man visitors. I am planning on playing several courses in the Charlotte area and one of them is River Rock Golf course. I am reluctant to now, because I have heard so many negative things about the greens. I would prefer true greens, that are well maintained, but I do understand occasional greens that have been burned, as long as there has been in effort to have them repaired.

I am bringing some clients with me, and I know you're saying, there are better courses to play, but hold on, let me say that one of my clients played this course about 4 years ago, and he said when he was in the area again, he would want to visit it. Do you think we will be disappointed?

If I get good feed back, I will proceed with the planning, but if not, I will go by and check out the course myself to see. Anyways, I am hoping someone can save me a trip

Springfield   Chuck at 6/23/09 3:09pm
Just played Springfield and from tee to green the course is in great shape. I can only remember 1 green that had some brown spots but the flag was on the opposite end so no problem. Check there website as they have some special rates, I for one will play more than once this year.
Re: Emerald Lake Golf Club   B-Man at 6/20/09 10:54pm
I had received another review last week on email and wanted to post here:

"Just wanted to report that I have just played Emerald Lake Golf Club yesterday [6/13]. The course is in FANTASTIC shape!!! The greens are perfect!! The rough is deep. The fairways are true. Rumor is of a complete bunker renovation also. I would HIGHLY suggest everyone come play this track. It truely is a gem!!" [Will]

Don't quite know what to make of the disparate reviews...
The Divide   Graham at 6/18/09 2:02pm
I played The Divide on June 13th. We were delayed by 20 minutes from our original tee time and the groups were stacked up all day. All in all we had a 5.5 hour round and the conditions were pretty bad. The greens were soggy and were really tracked up around the holes. The tee boxes were horrible-- what little grass was growing on them desperately needed to be cut. The bunkers were among the worst in Charlotte-- some with standing water, some with 2 feet of course beach sand to slog around in, 1 with perfect white fluffy sand, one that had gravel in it, and the rest of them were thin and crusty. Several of the holes were double cut so that there was a rim of loose dirt around the edge. Fairways were okay but a bit shaggy. The only positive was the ranger and beer girl. Ranger was really nice and helpful with our disfunctional GPS-- the beer girl was an 11+ on a scale of 10 and charming to boot. I get the feeling that someone has cut the maintenance budget at this track by 50%.

There are some good holes out there on this one but I would wait until they get there act together from a maintenance perspective before I played again.
Re: golf vacation   Dave at 6/17/09 8:33pm
John - I'll give you four or five all of which have been commented on here:

Olde Sycamore
Verdict Ridge

The other one I will mention because it's in great shape is Regent Park. Unfortunately it's hit or miss with the staff over there but the course is in nearly perfect shape.
Re: golf vacation   john n at 6/17/09 11:11am
Depending on you where you plan on staying, skill level, course type I would recommend the following.

Top 5 Southeast Charlotte
Ballantyne Resort
Olde Sycamore
Carolina Lakes

Good Value if you just want golf and dont care about clubhouse,cart drop,on course beverage service etc.

Charlotte National
Emerald Lakes
Regent Park
Charlotte Golf Links
The Divide

I would book online for any of the Carolina Trail courses as you can get 5 rounds for $150 and play there stable of courses.
golf vacation   john at 6/16/09 9:14pm
i was interested in taking the guys to charlotte instead if myrtle this year and have to pick a few courses what would be the best 4 close to charlotte
Edgewater   James at 6/16/09 7:54am
Though I haven't played there yet, I've read good things. I am on their e-mail list, and wanted to put the word out because they have a lot of fun tournaments going on to incentivize people to make the drive. Thought I would spread the word, so sign up if you're interested.
Emerald Lake Golf Club   Nate Vorback at 6/15/09 9:16pm
I played Emerald Lake over the weekend and was not impressed. I have read all the negative reviews on here, but most of them referred to the poor attitude of the staff, so I was hoping that the course conditions would make up for poor service. Nope. Neither was good. Greens are shaggy, bunkers have less sand in them than most childhood sand boxes and the tee boxes are even worse. Skip this track this season.
Tradition   Jin at 6/15/09 11:07am
Heard good things about the tradition so we took advantage of the coupon. Fairways were plush and the greens were fast. Great deal if you can make it out there... but the pace of play was horrible. Our 11:34 tee time was pushed back to 11:50 and we waited on every tee from 1-18. Obviously they are just trying to cram in as many tee times as they can for the business. if you have time to spare it's def worth a shot.
Monroe C.C.   J.D. at 6/14/09 7:14pm
Based on some of the recommendations on this site, I tried Monroe earlier today. This course has oodles of unrealized potential. 6725 from the tips is deceptive, because it plays a lot longer with all the uphill approach shots. Layout was very interesting -- the Ross front 9 is typical Ross with very tough challenges around the greens; the Jackson back 9 is even more interesting and challenging. Tee boxes and fairways were in good shape. Rough was THICK and difficult. Bunkers were in great shape.

Two gripes: 1) No driving range. (It HAS a driving range, but it's so far away from the clubhouse that they discourage you from using it.) 2) The front 9 greens are really bumpy.

I've read here that they recently re-did what is now the back 9. If they do the same to the front, this course can be a really great diamond in the rough.

My suggestion: they should pour more money into the course and raise the rates a little, so this course can reach it's real potential.
Rocky River - $36 any day / any time   B-Man at 6/12/09 5:45pm
Not to be outdone by the Carolina Trail, Rocky River is offering a similar rate for any day / any time rounds - $36. It's only good through 6/30, though (the CT coupons are good thru 8/31):
Re: Carolina Trail Coupons   Chuck at 6/12/09 1:27pm
Used a coupon today(Friday), for 29 bucks you can't go wrong with charlotte links. Haven't played there since last year but the course is in great shape for the traffic it sees. Played in a 4 some and had to wait on just about every tee but still got the round in under 4 hrs 20 mins.
Waterford   J.D. at 6/8/09 11:28am
Played yesterday afternoon. Greens in great shape, fast as usual. They got a lot of rain the last few days and it was cart path only, but this was more of a precaution. (Several players were ignoring the cart-path only, with no damage.)

There was a bit of drainage problems in some of the bunkers -- #2 fairway bunker being the worst I saw, but overall the course was in decent shape.
Re: Carolina Trail Coupons   B-Man at 6/7/09 11:22pm
I've used the coupon twice and had no problem. I used it Sunday morning for an 8:12 tee time. So it doesn't sound like there are any real limits on the times. Another golfer mentioned that the pro shop even gave the $29 coupon rate to a 4th from their group that didn't have a prepaid voucher.

So use 'em up. They're only on sale for 2 more weeks but good thru end of August.
Carolina Trail Coupons   Chuck at 6/7/09 10:50pm
Anybody try the 29.00 carolina trail coupons ? I was curious about the select Tee times. The price is great but don't really want to have to play in the heat of the day. The coupon say anytime but the fine print has select time.

Played Olde Sycamore on Thursday and the course was in great shape. Greens were firm and fast but rolled real nice.

Played Stonebridge on Tuesday and the fairway was a little shaggy due to the rain and not being cut but otherwise in great condition.

Anybody play springfield lately ? Looking to play next week as the rates are down and enjoyed playing there last year.
RSS Feed for the Message Board   B-Man at 6/7/09 5:02pm
You can now subscribe to an RSS feed for this page to get updates whenever a new post is added to the Message Board. Click on the RSS feed link at the top of the page and add it to My Yahoo! or your favorite RSS news app.
New Feature - Course updates now include Msg Board postings   B-Man at 6/6/09 9:44pm
Hey guys - the new server's been in only a few days and already I'm sprucing things up here. I've now set it up so I can tag message board postings that feature course updates. So if you are viewing the Course detail page or the updates page for a specific course, you can now see all of the message board postings that mention that course.

Let me know how it looks or if I can make it easier to view.
Re: Server Upgrade Friday morning   B-Man at 6/5/09 12:15pm
The new server is up and running. Woohoo!
Server Upgrade Friday morning   B-Man at 6/4/09 3:27pm
Everyone - I'm performing a long overdue server upgrade for the web site on Friday morning. So the site will be down for an hour or so, but should be back up by lunchtime.

You shouldn't notice any significant changes to the site (yet), but let me know if you have any problems. Once this upgrade is in, I'll be in good shape to start adding new features and making the site easier to use and more interactive. So more good things are coming!

By the way, I've just opened a Twitter account for the site -- which I will use to keep you posted when new reviews or updates are posted to the site. So if you're plugged in, follow me for the latest news.
Re: CLT Links   J.D. at 6/4/09 12:26pm
Okay, okay. No more stalking. ; )

To answer the bunker question -- packed down sand that hadn't been raked in a long time. One bunker I saw (but avoided) had rocks and hard-packed dirt, not sand. They could use a little raking and maybe some new sand in some spots.

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