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Red Bridge   nicky helms at 8/17/09 8:42pm
played 2 weeks ago for the first time..loved it.Shot 77 with a lost ball on #2 and was sort of pleased with the round.Most definitely will be back.....
Highland Creek review   B-Man at 8/16/09 10:58am
Received this update from James:

"Played Highland Creek yesterday, and echo everything B-man stated a few weeks back. On the positive side, the course was in immaculate shape, and the wasp problem had been solved. The greens ran very smooth (much more so than Birkdale), and the traps were well-maintained.

HOWEVER, the pin placements were ridiculous. There was one hole in particular, #6 I believe, where three of the four in our group hit the green with short chips and rolled back off the green. Not only does that reduce the fun factor, but it slows down play. We're not out there to play a tournament... Additionally, the GPS was to the center of the green. Why even have it?"

He also added this comment:

F>"B-man, I wonder if there is a way to share this blog with course supers or head pros so they can get the real story. I think it could be a powerful tool to improve the golfing experience around Charlotte."

If anyone of you here are friendly with course supers or pros, send them my way. I have talked to a few and sent some of the feedback posted here in the past, but it's not a regular thing. I would love to get them more involved in the discussion here.
Vouchers for Birkdale and CGL for sale   B-Man at 8/11/09 8:40pm
Hey everyone, I have some of those summer golf sale vouchers from Clickit for Birkdale and Charlotte Golf Links. They're good anytime, any day through 8/31, but with my schedule, I'm afraid I won't be able to use them. The vouchers were the original $29 (CGL) and $39 (Birkdale) deals. That's $8 and $5 off the current Clickit deals. Both vouchers are for a twosome -- so $58 and $78 total.

Just looking to sell them for face value so they don't go to waste. Email me through the Feedback form if you are interested.
J.D.   Stonebridge at 8/11/09 2:05pm
Played on Sunday and the course is in fairly good shape for this time of year. Greens were a little shaggy and they were watering them during the day....but decent shape. Play was painfully slow, however, with no Ranger in sight.
Re: Red Bridge   J.C. at 8/11/09 1:39pm
I just played Red Bridge last week and I found that it was a hard course maybe unbearable by the lack of markers and even markers that I think were just way off in terms of yardage. I love a challenge and not being a scratch golfer means most courses offer me that, but to not have a reasonable marker set up or when you do to have the incorrect measurement is ridiculous. I would love someone to GPS map this course just to see how off their yardages are so until they get GPS I will not be back
Re: Ashveville Area   Biggie at 8/11/09 10:37am
I played a course in Weaverville (oustide of Asheville) called Reems Creek. It was pretty with lots of views of the surrounding mountains, a lot of elevation changes (duh) and kinda short with an emphasis on target golf rather than grip it and rip it golf. While there I heard good things about a Mt. Mitchell Golf Course somewhere near Burnsville which I intend to try next time.
Red Bridge   Steven at 8/10/09 1:38pm
I would have to say that this is one of the best new courses. I played the back tees and the carry on some of the par 4's play much farther than the yardage (I think they need someone to re-measure the course). I'm looking for some more people to play golf with. Any good sites out there? I saw a new site today and thinking about join it yet?
Ashveville Area   Ron at 8/10/09 9:02am
Does anyone have any suggestions for good affordable Asheville area courses? We are new to the area. Thank You.
Tradition   James at 8/9/09 7:02pm
Played The Tradition today. Can't argue with the price, but I have to say that I got what I payed for. Somehow, the course was super saturated even though there hasn't been any notable rain lately. Therefore, the greens were in TERRIBLE shape, and every putt bounced and wobbled it's way to the hole. Additionally, several bunkers were flooded and obviously haven't been maintained in a long while. The rest of the course was in fair shape, but I also suffered the fate of several mud balls, even with a driver in hand.

Overall, I love the layout at Tradition, and wish they would put a bit of money into the course. It's a much better layout than Birkdale, Divide, or Charlotte Golf Links for sure.
Re: Rocky River Golf Club   Jamie at 8/6/09 6:37am
I'll have to get back out there some time. I probably haven't played Rocky River in six or seven years. Great layout, but I got so sick of the crazy pin positions I started playing elsewhere. It's a shame to have such big greens and not want to use them.
Rocky River Golf Club   Lee F. at 8/4/09 9:50pm
Headed out to Rocky River Golf Club for the first time today. Wasn't extremely impressed with the course. Looks like it has some wear and tear, which is completely understandable for it being August right now.

The greens were consistent but had a lot of ball marks. The tee boxes were in bad condition. Fairways were fine and the rough was very thick. I hate being in the rough to begin with, and this course's rough made it that much harder.

I would say this is a "good" course. Not great, but not bad. Definitely a course to check out. It's right next to Lowe's Motor Speedway.
Red Bridge   Stephen at 8/4/09 1:56pm
I read some reviews on Redbridge and I have to agree. I am a scratch player and enjoyed certain aspects of the course. I play with a buddy who is a 4 handicap and 53 years old. There were multiple par 4's where the carry over trouble off the tee was 215 to 230 yards and he only barely made it a few times, others not so lucky. I like the 5 par 5's and 5 par 3's but the last hole is downright silly. I hit Driver, 6 iron, 8 iron, but my buddy hit driver, 3 wood, 2 hybrid (into the gulch) and wedge on. The greens are beautiful and it's nice to play a different surface than the traditional bent grass that's everywhere here.

So good luck and the 6700 yards from the black tees is misleading. It plays more like 7000 yards.
Springfield   J.D. at 8/3/09 8:54pm
Sadly, the greens at Springfield have degraded to the point where the course isn't worth the money. A shame, because all other parts of the course are fantastic.

Those damn, enormous bees have ruined at least 3 greens and about 8-9 others are in just general bad shape.
Charlotte Golf Rates and Play   Jamie at 8/3/09 3:21pm
I'm curious as to whether the BMAN or anyone else has seen any data on the relationship between volume of play and green fees at local courses. Many local courses like the Carolina Trail courses have cut rates this year and have offered summer discounts. Others like Springfield and Regent Park have not. Still others like Ballantyne Resort still charge noncompetitive prices and/or require you donate an arm or leg to play.

I'm just wondering what the effect of offering discounts or charging noncompetitive rates has had on volume of play, and whether these higher priced courses are getting what they bargained for.
Regent Park Golf Club   Lee F. at 8/2/09 9:30pm
I hit up Regent Park Golf Club for the first time ever today (8/2) and came away with a need to play it again. The layout is spectacular and the condition is even better. Could be one of the best maintained courses within 20 miles of downtown.

The course must drain well because we've gotten a good amount of rain this week and I couldn't even see many wet spots at all. Fairways, for the most part, are forgiving and the thick rough presents a challenge. The greens played well and the fringe is very well defined. In fact, the fringe helped save some of my approach shots from rolling off the green.

I paid $40 for twilight, which I'm not bragging about. Wish it could be a bit more affordable to play at Regent Park, but it's definitely worth the money.
Charlotte National Golf Club   Lee F. at 8/1/09 8:08pm
Played Charlotte National Golf Club today (8/1) for the first time. Passed Emerald Lake on the way and was reminded of the excellent course there; was hoping today's round at Charlotte National would be just as good. It definitely was up there.

The course is in great shape for this time of year. Greens rolled well and looked good. It's a very open course but it does present some challenges. The last three hole (depending on pin placement) are not as easy as they look.

You may get a little scared pulling up to the course, as its clubhouse is a triple-wide trailer and the cart barn in more like a fenced-in cart jail. But don't be threatened. The owners definitely put the money into the course.

We paid $27 for weekend twilight %!
28after 2 p.m.). The two of us went out on our own and didn't once see a group in front of us.

Would definitely play Charlotte National again. Couldn't find the course's Web site (don't think they have one), but you should call them up to get a tee time and rates. Good value.

P.S. B-Man, love your site. Just discovered it this week. Thanks for having this resource available for the local golf community.
Olde Sycamore Golf Plantation   Lee F. at 8/1/09 11:02am
Played Olde Sycamore Golf Plantation on Friday, July 31. We've gotten a good amount of rain this week and the course was a bit wet (cart path golf), but I can imagine this course will suck up all the moisture this week. The place was in great condition. It was my first time playing it and I was impressed. On "par" with Emerald Lake and Skybrook, though Skybrook has had a little wear and tear in recent weeks. Greens were a little beat up due to the moisture and resulting softness of the playing surface, but I think they'll bounce back soon. Even though this course is a bit more expensive than the other public courses in the area, I thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking for a decent challenge and good conditions.
Waterford Golf   Ruthless at 7/31/09 12:58pm
Played on SAT AM. Wet, and a Few Greens were shot...Course was in OK shape, and Cart girl did not show til 17th hole. Coupon online for 37 bucks, otherwise I thought it was AVG at BEst...If it was in good shape, it would have been sweet. Bunkers were perfect.
Birkdale   Jamie at 7/30/09 8:57pm
Played Birkdale today (7/30). Course was in good shape, although wet because of recent rains. Only negative is that all the pin placements were tucked at the edges of the greens. Seems to be a popular trend lately.
Tega Cay   Jin at 7/26/09 5:12pm
Played Tega Cay this morning and finished under 4 hrs. Pace of play was great! Fairways are green and the rough is nice and thick. Some of the tee boxes need work though, #8 (black tee) on Grande View in particular. Greens are rolling true, without many ball marks and barely any brown spots.
Golf Links (another opinion)   Drew at 7/26/09 10:06am
I played Golf Links on the 24th. I have to disagree with Jim - the course was not in that bad of shape (in my opinion). Not to say it's pristine at this point in the summer, but fairways are decent and you could always seem to find a nice lie within inches of your ball (if you felt like you were on a bad spot). Greens were fine and rolled pretty well for me. Some were very very nice. Some of them (3-4 maybe) had been punched recently but the mini-tines were used and it really didn't affect putting. They were also soft and held good approach shots well. With the recent Click It coupons (I payed $37), it's a pretty good deal. I enjoy the layout and will be back soon.

I will agree, however, with the staff. Very rude in the clubhouse and almost dismissive of patrons.
Golf Links   Jim at 7/23/09 8:20pm
Played 7/19/09 and the course was in poor condition. 3 of the greens are virtually unplayable. The staff is very rude. I would rather pay a bit more and play Springfield or Emerald Lake.
Edgewater   James at 7/20/09 8:34pm
I played in the "Heat Stroke" tourney at Edgewater, and it was a treat. I enjoyed the course and the layout, and thought it was a fair challenge. The back nine was in better shape than the front, but such can be expected for a new course. The greens were terrific, and the terrain is at times breathtaking. Certainly worth the drive to check this one out, but it does take a solid 70 minutes from center city Charlotte. They have a great staff and are committed to working hard to bring players in like me, which I appreciated after being ignored at other courses.
Re: Another opinion on Red Bridge   Sean at 7/19/09 1:39pm
For a bogey golfer, there is a fine line between a challenging course and a ridiculously frustrating course. Redbridge is a ridiculously frustrating course.
We played on the first day that the back 9 was open.
Two of us normally shoot in the mid 90's and two usually shoot high 80's to low 90's. Our scores were 101, 102, 109, 112 (playing from the Whites).

My biggest problem with this course is that it doesn't give you any options. If you miss the fairway, you are in big big trouble. Most courses with tight fairways and lots of trouble seem to give you choices. There are plenty of times when I've played a par 4 or 5 hole and hit a 5 iron off the tee to be safe. But at Redbridge, many of the holes have water or other hazards that extend far enough out from the!
tee box, that you don't have the option of hitting a "safe" shot. And a 620 yard par 5 from the whites? Come on, that's just silly.

This is an incredibly gorgeous course and for very low handicappers, I think it would be a great challenge. But as an 18 HCP, I will NOT play this course again. Not unless I'm really in the mood for some self punishment.
Practice facilities   James at 7/18/09 8:32am
I would like to conduct an informal poll of users. What is your favorite course / independent practice facility? I fondly remember Stonebridge as being the best, but I now live in Charlotte and am not willing to make that commute just to practice. Birkdale is pretty solid, with a chipping area and practice bunker. Thanks for your input.
Another opinion on Red Bridge   B-Man at 7/16/09 10:02pm
Got this email a few days ago from Steven and thought I would share another opinion about this new course (see my review here):

"Played 7/12/09. Course is in great shape; the rough will need some taming. Needs significant tweaking unless it becomes truly private. My main word for the layout is: GOOFY. #10 has a long carry to a narrow and very sloped fairway. #18 is a 625 yard par 5 to a small green perched on a hill with a gorge in front of it (that is from the WHITE tees?!?). Lots of blind shots: if you were a member and knew the course well these might even be fun, but not for the casual occasional player. The gold tees play 5700, the white tees play 6400 - they need something in between. Overall not impressed and unlikely to go back."
NC Legislature proposing tax on Golf fees   B-Man at 7/13/09 2:56pm
I was at Skybrook over the weekend and they had a petition at the check-in desk that they were asking folks to sign. Apparently, North Carolina Governor Bev Purdue and the state legislature are proposing a new recreation tax that would increase golf fees and membership dues. I looked into it today and this is serious:

Golf enthusiasts opposed to recreational tax proposal

NC Legislature considers Recreation Tax on Golf

Please take a look and help fight this. And get the word out.
Springfield   J.D. at 7/13/09 8:53am
Played Springfield yesteday. Very good conditions with two items of note: 1) Those enormous bees have taken nest by burrowing into 4-5 of the greens again, same as last year. I hope they get on top of this, those buggers really damaged the greens. 2) Despite promises to the contrary, the course STILL hasn't added white/red/yellow stakes around the course. Slows down play dramatically.
Ballantyne Resort closed until September   B-Man at 7/12/09 4:58pm
I drove past Ballantyne today and saw that the 2nd green was all dirt and knew something was up.

Sure enough, the course is closed during July and August for the second summer in a row. After renovating and rerouting a couple of holes last year, now they are completing reseeding all 18 greens with Champion Ultra Dwarf grass, known for its "durability and consistent playing conditions throughout the year."

Seems like an odd decision. Why didn't they do this last year?

Here are quotes from the press release:

“We made this decision because of recent problems with the current putting surface. After careful study, we did not like the prospects for recovery in a time frame that would enable us to provide our golfing guest with a putting surface that meets our quality expectations, and, more importantly, because we believe the end result will enhance the quality of the greens in the future,” said Joe Hallow, President, Bissell Hotels.

“We chose the Champion product after extensive consultation with agronomists and experts from the USGA, PGA and nationally prominent members of the academic community. The Champion product is known for providing a firm, fast and true rolling putting surface and is used extensively by leading golf courses in the Southeast and other areas of the country,” said Woody Allen, Director of Golf, The Golf Club at Ballantyne.
RED BRIDGE   randy at 7/9/09 4:50pm
red bridge is a new course thats opened up in locust. its a pete dye design. ive played it several times now and its breath taking. the course opened up july 4th.

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