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Renaissance Park   Jamie at 9/12/09 10:56am
Played Renaissance today. It's in decent shape, about what you would expect. Not great, but OK for the money. Watch out for the cartpaths though. They are really in rough shape; you'll rupture a disc in your back if you go too fast.
Chase Gordon Benefit tournament on 10/23   B-Man at 9/11/09 7:10am
The Chase Gordon Benefit Golf Tournament

will be held on Friday, October 23 with a 1:00pm shotgun start at Lancaster Country Club. The cost is $75 per player and includes tournament play and dinner/dance afterward for player and one guest. There will be prizes for Longest Drive and Closest to the Pin.

Chase is 2 years old and has Neuroblastoma. He is the son of David and Nicole Gordon of Health Springs, SC and is currently undergoing chemo treatments at Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, NC. All proceeds from the tournament will be given to his family to help with his medical treatment and expenses.

To sign up as a player or a sponsor, please contact Jerry McKinney (704-582-1026) or Teresa Clemmer (803-320-0815).

Deadline to sign up is October 16.
Re: Courses near Hickory and Lenoir   Steve at 9/10/09 1:14pm
Verdict Ridge is the best (Denver, NC). Fox Den (Statesville) is another good track.
Courses near Hickory and Lenoir   Ron at 9/9/09 5:14pm
Hi, We are driving down from Boone to Charlotte and we were looking for a good course to play, not too expensive but a something nice. Any suggestions? Thank you.
Best public courses?   Bronson at 9/9/09 1:20pm
I will be visiting Charlotte at the end of the month.

Im looking to play 18 holes at a local course within 30 minutes of the South Park area, under 100-130 bucks.

I am a 3 handicap.


The Divide and Birkdale   Jin at 9/9/09 11:05am
We're planning on playing both courses next week and was wondering if anyone could provide some insight. Last I heard about Divide was that it was a mess... hoping it got a little better. Thanks!!
Northlake Golf Club-2nd Year Anniversary   Mitzi at 9/8/09 1:59pm
I would like to invite all out this Saturday from 12:00 -5:00 p.m. to see what our membership offers. Our facility offers the best value in Charlotte to work on all aspects of your game. Come see for yourself why the membership is steadily growing and golfers are shaving strokes off their game. Fun, Food, Live Music, Contest.

We have been Featured in Golf Range Times, Golf Business Magazine & Charlotte Observer & The Charlotte Post.
We have the best practice value for Golfers.

Visit us on the website.

Re: out of towners   Jamie at 9/8/09 6:43am
Out of towners - you've chosen some good ones, but Verdict Ridge is a real challenge to play for your first round. It's one of the toughest tracks in this area. The other three are not quite as difficult, but Ballantyne Resort will give you a real test if the greens are running quick. I would say Verdict Ridge is the most visually appealing, if you're in to that. Enjoy your stay.
out of towners   DIPIPI at 9/7/09 11:13am
first of all - great site. I'm coming into town for the panthers eagles game this weekend with a buddy and we'll be playing a few rounds as well. After reviewing the posts on this site we've decided to play the following courses.

friday pm verdict ridge - wouldn't have even known about this course if i didn't find this site, thanks.

sat am - old sycamore
sat pm - ballantyne resort

sun - football - go birds! (just kidding)

mon am - skybrook

We are both about 15 handicaps and just want to know if you recommend any other courses instead of what we've chosen.


Stonebridge   J.D. at 9/5/09 10:42pm
Yep, I played a second round of 18 holes today, but this time at Stonebridge. Great conditions, as usual. Apparently, they're going to aerate right after Labor Day, so get those rounds in while you can!
Re: Red Bridge   Rick at 9/5/09 9:10pm
JD - We are having a tournament there later this month. It's a 2-Man Best Ball Tournament (see B-Man's message below). We still have few spots open if you're interested. You can go to to sign up.
Red Bridge   J.D. at 9/5/09 2:44pm
Loved it. The course was extremely fun, very challenging and in fantastic conditions. In time, they'll need some yardage markers and some white/red/yellow stakes, but this is a great course.

One gripe -- there are far too many golfers at this course that have no business playing here...especially not from the more difficult tees. I witnessed at least 4 groups of golfers that could not come close to breaking 100 from the red tees...and they insisted on playing from the black and white. They slowed up play for everybody. Morons.
Northlake   Bob at 9/4/09 10:40pm
As practice facilities go, it's nothing special. The range is slightly uphill out to about 110 yds then there's a dip in it out to about 180 yds where it starts back up hill again. Unless you're on the extreme left side of the range you can't tell how far you've hit it between those two yardages. The tee boxes are uneven and usually bear. The chipping area is OK but the bunkers around it don't have any sand in them and when they did it was hard as a rock. The putting green is worthless, it's not really even a green. The pavilion is nice, the cooler is usually full of water and there's plenty of places to sit. The other members there think nothing of having loud cell phone or other conversations. I probably won't renew my membership unless she starts managing it differently.
Unlimited Range Balls & Practice Time - $400   Mitzi at 9/4/09 5:49am
Northlake Golf Club - Private Practice Facility will be celebrating their 2nd Anniversary - Saturday September 12- 12:00-5:00 p.m. Food, Contest, Prizes, Live Music, Membership Promotions
Verdict Ridge   Chuck at 9/3/09 9:12pm
Played Verdict Ridge for the first time today. Enjoyed the layout, fairways and greens were both in great shape. It's about an hour drive from the house but will add this one to list and play again.

Clickitgolf had a coupon for $ 39 bucks.
Green Oaks   panthersfann55 at 9/3/09 7:37pm
One course I don't see on here is Green Oaks off of 601 south of Concord. If you are a beginner or want to practice your game without being pushed this place is great. $20 ($16 for seniors) is a great deal during the week. I've played a lot of courses on the list and I would have to say the money is in the greens. Right now I hate to say they roll more true and quick than some of the courses I've played here. Yes you may say it's a dog track (very simple design with very short rough) but we all can't fork out $40-$50 for greens fees (even with clickit). I shoot low 80's so I'm not a hacker, but for some reason when you spend more money the "golfer etiquette" is out the window ie.. slow play, fivesomes, non repaired ball marks and so on. So when reading some of the recent past comments I agree with B-Man. This is an info site for us golfers to use. I've played Emerald Lake several times and never had any issues with the staff. Very pleasant and great to deal with.
Re: Emerald Lake   B-Man at 9/3/09 6:41pm
Dan - if you send me a direct message or feedback and include your email address, I'd be happy to get your message back to the management at Emerald Lake so they can address it.

I am getting a little frustrated by the anonymous postings (with no email address) because I can't ask for more details. I'm paying more attention to these because it seems there are situations where the postings come from disgruntled former employees and are bogus. That's not what my site is all about.

Everyone - Please include as many specifics in your reviews as you can. And if you don't want your email address posted (but you want to include it so I can reply directly), just say so in your! message.

Emerald Lake   Dan at 9/3/09 6:24pm
I think Steve's message about Emerald Lake was right on the mark.......I only golfed there once for a 9 hole "dog fight" and will never go back. That place is in need of some serious help. The people there are absolutely terrible!!!! Before you slam me...I have nothing to gain from this since I just moved down here from Michigan 5 months ago. In fact, I think most of the local courses are highly overrated and OVER PRICED! I would sure like to meet the people who come on this site and post "great" things about the courses on your list. I am an avid golfer who plays to a 6 handicap and have played alot of the courses you mention and I would only give 3 or 4 of them a rating "nice" rating. It is almost like the course personal down here take what they have for granted.......
Re: Emerald Lake Golf Club   B-Man at 9/2/09 12:18pm
I have an update regarding this review based on a conversation with the GM at Emerald Lake. While I'm going to leave it posted until I can confirm 100%, please consider it a "suspicious" review -- meaning potentially bogus.

Stephen Boyles -- if you are out there, please contact me directly to resolve.
Re: Emerald Lake Golf Club   B-Man at 9/1/09 10:14pm
I guess I don't pay that much attention to pro shop guys taking my money or starters taking my greens fee slip, because I've never seen attitudes or behavior that would keep me from going back to play a nice course. Slow play, high prices, bad conditions -- now those things will keep me away for sure.

By the way, I'm happy to forward on any feedback or comments anyone has for course managers or pros. I have contacts at several courses now and most of them want to hear feedback and criticisms. If you include your email address, I'll let you know what I hear back in response.
Emerald Lake Golf Club   Stephen Boyles at 9/1/09 9:14pm
Played last week and forgot to post my review. This is my third time playing this golf course this year and I will officially never go back. The sad thing is it has nothing to do with the course itself. The course was in decent shape, nothing bad, but not as good as some others in the area. The problem is the staff. "Rude" does not even begin to cover it. I paid in the Pro Shop and was handled by a smug, cocky pro. I was "greeted" at the first tee by a grumpy man who clearly hated his job. The day ended with the General Manager telling me that "amateur golfers" are all hacks that should all play Top Flights and knock off clubs. I just don't get it. Beeman, I know that you said you were treated much differently, but I think that Emerald Lake might have known you were coming and rolled out the red carpet for you. It's just a shame. Good track, horrible customer service.
Re: Rocky River   Mike at 9/1/09 12:37am
I play Rocky River every couple weeks and the last time was 8/25... it was in good shape with the exception of a few greens having some problems. Usually the greens at RR roll as good as pretty much anything in the area, except maybe the Warrior. Other courses I have played this time of year have also had problems with greens as well, so I'm really not that surprised. Hopefully they will start growing back in before fall and should start rolling well again well before the end of the year.
2-Man Best Ball Tourney 9/27 at Red Bridge   B-Man at 8/31/09 7:49pm
Rick Scherer, from, is organizing a 2-Man Best Ball Tournament on Sunday, September 27th at 11am. The site is Red Bridge Golf & Country Club. Rick says "For anyone that hasn't played the course yet, it is awesome! I think everyone will enjoy the layout of this championship course. The course is new, but in fantastic shape."

The cost is $79 per person which includes lunch. The prizes are:

1st place Gross - $300 (team)
1st place Net - $250 (team)
Long Drive - $100
Closest to pin - $100

With Gross and Net Prizes, every handicap will have a chance to win! You can sign up for the tournament as a single player (You'll be teamed with another single of similar handicap) or as a team. Also, all prizes will be paid on Visa/American Express gift cards that can be used ANYWHERE! The gross winners will not be eligible for the net prize. There are only 10 team spots (20 players) for this first tournament. You can sign up for the tournament and pay the entry fee online here:

This is first come, first serve and you will not be registered until payment for at least one player on the team has been received.

Let me know if you plan to play. I will be competing and I'd like to meet some of you who enjoy the site and provide regular updates.
Re: Golf trip weekend of 9/11   B-Man at 8/26/09 9:17pm
You didn't exactly pick the cream of the crop, Tim. There are plenty of good discounts offered on (some of which you can purchase through my site). If you force me to rank these courses, I'd go:

1. The Tradition
2. The Divide
3. Charlotte Golf Links
4. Renaissance Park

I would rank Regent Park ahead of those 4. The conditions can of course change the order, depending on time of year. I've only played Golf Links recently.

I would still suggest you look at other courses and use a Clickit deal.
Golf trip weekend of 9/11   Tim at 8/26/09 9:08pm
Can anyone rank the following courses... I'm going to be in town on business and wanted to get two rounds in and has discounts on the following courses:

Charlotte Golf Links
The Divide
Renaisannce Park
The Tradition

Plus, I heard good things about Regent Park. How would you rank this as well. Thanks for your help!

Last Call for Birkdale voucher   B-Man at 8/26/09 8:43pm
I've gotten rid of the Golf Links voucher but still have the Birkdale one. It's good for 2 people any day / any time through Monday. I leave Friday for a weekend trip out of town. So let me know ASAP if you are interested in it. Make me an offer!
Re: Weekday play   Rick at 8/25/09 10:20pm
Larry, I just started a new site with other golfers like you looking to find others to play golf. It's and it's free to join and use. We have a lot daily spots open to play and will be doing tournaments soon. Check it out.
Re: Rocky River   B-Man at 8/25/09 2:48pm
I spoke to the director of golf and PGA pro out at Rocky River. He acknowledged that they have 3 problem greens right now (#4, #10 and #16) with bad spots and will be re-sodding them soon. He expects they will be back in shape by mid-September. The problems started with flooding last year that required re-sodding and the new sod contained nematode worms that damaged the roots.

I'm interested to read other opinions on the current state of the course. The pro felt that the other 15 greens were very good and rolling well and he said they've kept the pins on the other 3 holes away from the bad spots. So it should still play fine.

I haven't been out to Rocky River in a while but I enjoy the layout and would like to get out there again. Let me know if you've played recently.
Weekday play   Larry at 8/25/09 1:09pm
Hey fellas, with school back in session now, I'm looking around to play during the week in the early morning. I usually have one weekday sometimes 2 or 3 available to get out and get a round in before 2pm. If anyone is looking to play during the week or has room for one more, give me a shot out by email. I live closest to Stonebridge and like playing there and also play Emerald Lakes too. Usually anything decent with a clickit coupon works for me!
Olde Sycamore   James at 8/23/09 7:49pm
Another great round at Olde Sycamore. I don't play there nearly enough as the condition of the course was immaculate as usual, much better than any of the Carolina Trail courses. It's a terrific layout and well worth $54 (with coupon) on weekends.

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