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Governors Run ??   Tricky at 3/13/10 1:21am
curious to see if anyone has played it?? My arch-rival keeps bragging about Lamar S.C.
Aeration   Biggie at 3/9/10 11:04am
There is a section on Click it Golf entitled Course News that lists some information about aerations...
Aeration - Surprise Surprise!   Jamie at 3/7/10 12:51pm
Let us rejoice folks! I was once again hit between the eyes by another aeration surprise. This time it was Emerald Lake. I called on 3/2 to make a tee time - the price was $45. I get there Saturday and the price was $35. I asked why the difference, and you can guess the reason - they just aerated 3/1. They told me one thing over the phone, and another when I got there. Needless to say the greens did not putt well, very bumpy and sanded over. My playing partner asked them why they did not inform us of the aeration, which was unusually early this year. His answer was, and I am not joking - "we have been told to not inform people about it; if they specifically ask we will not lie and will tell them, but we never voluntarily reveal that type of information." What is the best word to describe this? ! How about ridiculous.

I was thinking that it might be a good idea to assist BMAN by suggesting an addition to this site - a short questionnaire or course conditions request to be sent to each course quarterly. Hopefully the superintendents would respond with updates on course conditions and aeration schedules. Hey it's just a thought. Opinion BMAN? Thanks.
course conditions/good choices?   early_teetime at 3/3/10 2:01pm
While enroute to Myrtle Beach a buddy and I are going to play a Charlotte area course on the way down, and another on the way back. I'm looking at Regent Park (have played there once and liked it) and wondered what kind of shape it's in. I'm thinking on the way back that we'll do Red Bridge. I know it's fairly new, but looks nice (at least in the pictures). Just wondered what current conditions are like (we'll be there March 26th) and if it's a good choices. We're about a 6 and 8 handicap respectively and just want scenic but challenging course. Would you recommend Red Bridge or should we look at something else?
Re: Group Trip   Hossnfeffer at 3/2/10 11:56pm
Thanks for the tip on Fort Mill, we are now looking at Springfield. Regent Park is aerating when we are going to be there.
golf   jeffo53 at 2/25/10 11:25am
I will be in Charlotte around the second week of April. We would like to play two rounds of golf before going on to Santee. Any suggestions of what golf courses to play
Re: Local Golf Leagues   @golfmage at 2/16/10 11:12am
Kyle, be ready to lay out some cash. There are several local Charlotte amateur "tours" offering buy-in games, points, and prizes and not requiring more than an hour or two of travel time. The leading sites are,, and I've played all three, but I'm keeping my opinion to myself as to the quality of play, the level of service, how they are run, handicapping, and overall type of players. Let's just say they are different leagues, and one may be better than another in terms of what you are looking for in a golf game. Have at it and good luck.
Current conditions   Jeff at 2/13/10 3:43pm
Hi, I'm going to be in Southport area for 4 days 2/15 thru 2/18, are the courses in shape or snow covered. will i be able to get in a couple rounds.
Local Golf Leagues   Kyle J at 2/10/10 9:55pm
Does anyone know of an open golf league? I'm not ready to join a course, but would love to play regularly in a semi-competitive manner. Thanks
Re: Group Trip   Geof at 1/29/10 10:54am
if you are driving down after round, u can also consider Regent Park & Springfield...both off I-77 near the state line/Fort Mill area....Regent has a couple of tricked up greens but is overall a good track..Springfield is a GREAT but fair test overall....also down in Rock Hill there is was designed by Hale's a couple of minutes off I-77 in SC at exit 79 (kinda behind the Mall)...I think if you play Fort Mill CC you'll do better $$$ wise, and the front nine is great shape and a vintage Donald Ross design, but i'm afraid the back nine may disappoint a bit...
Re: Group Trip   panthersfann55 at 1/26/10 7:57pm
pretty neat course not too hard not too easy. they redid all 18 greens last year or the year before. make sure to ask about airifying. a lot of courses around town do it twice a year.
Re: Group Trip   Hossnfeffer at 1/24/10 11:41pm
After looking at some others, I was thinking of Fort Mill Golf Club, as sort of equivalent to Tanglewood.

Any thoughts on this place?
Group Trip   Hossnfeffer at 1/24/10 8:48pm
Big group trip to Hilton Head in the late March. 12 guys, handicaps probably average 15 or so - with some single digits lots of teens and maybe one or two guys with 22+.

Planning a stop-over play day in the Charlotte area and looking for a place to play 18 or 36 holes before going on down to Hilton Head. Our criteria:
Fair play - not too easy, not too hard (it will be early spring and many of us will maybe have hit a few balls at most). Just something nice.

Fair price - we used to play Tanglewood in Winston-Salem every spring. It was fun and was about $45 bucks on a Thursday I think. So something similar I suppose.

Easy to get to. We dont want to search all day for a course or a decent place to stay. Plus when we are done,! we are gonna finish the drive down to Hilton Head.

I have been doing a bit of reading and at first I thought about trying Tega Cay because of the 27 holes, but it sounds as tho it is no fun for first timers. I played ballentine once, and the course was ok, but not for the price.

Any ideas?
Re: upcoming golf trip   panthersfann55 at 1/10/10 4:35pm
- charlotte national is reasonable priced and a good golf course for all levels.
- monroe golf club (redid their front 9 greens last year). fun course to play.
- larkhaven overseeds but always call ahead for green info (very inconsistant).

Re: upcoming golf trip   TP at 1/8/10 7:02am
A little unknown gem that alot of people don't know about is White Plains in Pageland. Not overly long, very well kept and manicured and excellent greens. Kind of out of the way but very much worth the drive.
Augusta!   Todd at 1/7/10 11:09pm
There are several Augusta hotels that you can find for cheap. Why not take him to the most beautiful place in the world? It is right around the corner!
upcoming golf trip   tom chmura at 1/6/10 11:15am
I am planning a weekend golf trip with my 16-year-old grandson, whose golf game borders between beginner and average. I am looking for some information on well-conditioned golf courses that are not too difficult for him to play. In the past, I have played Charlotte Golf Links; however, I believe that one may be too difficult. We're only planning on staying for 2 nights, and play 2 rounds. Thank you for your help. Blessings,
Play Skybrook for $25   B-Man at 12/16/09 7:14am
Last chance at my Clickit voucher for Skybrook. I don't want it to go to waste so now I'll sell it for $50 - that's $25 a player. This is for 2 rounds of golf at Skybrook including cart and it's good any day, any time through the end of the year.

Email me if you are interested.
C T Myers   Anthony at 12/4/09 8:39pm
I've been playing C T Myers for a while now and this course is going down hill fast. It seems that they care more about building a teaching facility and a par-3 course than keeping up the golf course. Wonder who's getting kick-backs from all that money being spent? Ther are still empty bunkers that have been that way since the middle of the summer and several of the greens have more bare spots than grass. This course used to be a nice place to play, but it's not worth the money anymore and that's a shame. CT Myers could make alot of money, if they would just keep up the golf course and not the managing company!!!!!!!!
Edgewater   Jamie at 11/30/09 6:57am
I have been trying to play new courses lately, and I had heard some good things about Edgewater in Lancaster. I played Friday (11/27) and was pleased at what I saw. The course is a haul from Charlotte, and is literally in the middle of nowhere, but it's a good layout with very nice greens. It will take some getting used to - I hit what I thought were several good approach shots, only to have 60' for birdie. I three-putted four times from long range; the greens are huge, with some tough contours. And several elevation changes present challenges for club selection. Overall I was happy with the course. The greens rolled very true, and the course design presented some unique holes. It's a course that will take a few rounds to adjust to, but it's a good one.
For Sale: Skybrook voucher for 2   B-Man at 11/25/09 4:24pm
Once again, it looks like I won't be able to use a Clickit voucher before it expires.

I have a voucher for Skybrook that is good for 2 players anytime, any day through the end of the year (12/31). I paid $70 for it ($35 per player).

Make me an offer. I don't want it to go to waste.
Regent Park   James at 11/17/09 7:43pm
For some reason this course had been off my radar for years. I'm not sure why, as I was unbelievably impressed with the conditions and layout during my round on Saturday. I took my dad there who was visiting from Buffalo, and he was blown away, saying it was his favorite of the four we've played here (Stonebridge, Carolina Lakes, & Verdict Ridge were the others). Of note, the course handled the 4" of rain rather well. Though it was cart path only, it wasn't a swamp out there, and the overall conditions were impeccable. We paid 4 for $179 for an 8:40 tee time on Saturday, which I would say is a steal.
Red Bridge   Jamie at 11/16/09 6:57am
I finally played Red Bridge Saturday 11/14. I had heard a lot about the course, so my buddies and I gave it a shot. A lot of comments posted on this board about the course are very accurate. We played from the tips - not advisable unless you are a low handicapper. I'm a 2, and I still shot 83. My brother and others friends are low to mid 80's golfers, and they both shot 92. Local knowledge is critical on this course, and if you have not played it before, you are at a big disadvantage. There are a lot of tight shots to fast, difficult greens, not to mention long forced carries, mainly because we were playing from the blues. There are also several blind shots that can catch you off guard. After 4 inches of rain, the course was very wet, and it likely played over 7000 yards in reality.

Overall a good layout, with an unusual variety of holes. I liked the uniqueness, but admittedly it is very difficult for the reasons I mentioned. There are several par 4's that would play like par 5's in these conditions for shorter hitters. There are also several areas staked as OB that make no sense, making some long par 4's that much more difficult. When I know the course better and it's dry, it will not be too bad, but I will have to bring my A game to shoot my handicap.
Verdict Ridge   Jamie at 11/9/09 4:05pm
I cannot believe I failed to practice what I preached. I posted a note a few months back about always asking about aeration when you call to make a tee time - REGARDLESS of the time of year. I called last week to schedule a tee time at Verdict Ridge. I get there today (11/9) with my brother who came up from Columbia just to play this course I was raving about. I first played Verdict Ridge 10 years ago when they opened and have not been back until today. Usually too expensive for me, and quite a drive. We get to the first tee, and I notice the #1 green looked a little light colored from a distance. I thought hmmmm that's weird, but did not think anything about it. I hit a great tee shot, then hit a wedge to the front section of the green. I get to the green and to my complete shock, they are aerated and sanded, apparently very recently.

I have been mad on the golf course many times, but this was more than just anger, it was extreme disappointment. I have been talking about this course to my brother for years, he finally comes up to play it for the first time, and this is what we get - surprise surprise!! I somehow managed to hole two long birdie putts, but it was mostly luck.

To all the course management or maintenance that frequent BMAN's site - you have got to find some way to warn golfers about adverse or unusual course conditions. When players call to reserve a tee time, could you please update them on things such as aeration or temporary greens? I really don't think that is asking too much. Hint - treat potential customers the same way you would want to be treated if you were calling.
Tega Cay   Jin at 10/29/09 5:03pm
Tega Cay is a place you'll either love or hate... usually hate at first because you have to know where to play the ball (target golf). In either case, they are finally opening back up this Sunday (11/1) after resodding all 18 of their greens. They enlarged most of the greens to their original size and made some changes. I'm sure the grass still needs some time to grow in, but the whole course has been closed down for 2 months so the tee boxes, fairways and bunkers have got to be nice!
Golf Events   Rich at 10/27/09 10:56am
Anyone know of any scramble events in the coming weeks?
Re: Springfield   Jamie at 10/27/09 6:36am
Yep I played Springfield on 10/18. Good course generally, but I have only played there once this year. Once they built the new clubhouse, the rates went up, and have been noncompetitive since then. I went through the same issue with Emerald Lake. I like the course, but I also have a golf budget each month. Olde Sycamore is a great course, but same issue. But, there are few courses along the fringes of the metro area that are great, and have more reasonable rates. Stonebridge in Mineral Springs is one of them. Another one is Fox Den in Troutman.
Springfield   Dan at 10/26/09 12:53pm
I decide to play Springfield this past Saturday and when I am driving to the course, it is raining hard. I get to the course and it is still raining, but decide to wait and see if it clears up. It lets up to a light drizzle, but I am still not sure we are going to play. Here's my issue....I go in and ask the guys in the pro shop if we stick it out and decide to play will they give us a break on the green fee's due to the rain. They say NO....CAN'T DO IT! What kind of logic is that? You can either lower your fee's by 20 dollars (and still make money) or get ZERO!!! How can that math add up?? Not only that, but they were charging 65 dollars for a course that has 1 green non-playable with a temporary pin that is un-playable? Are you kidding me? I mean, it is not like there was a waiting list of golfers, the place was ! empty. I guess I just don't understand the thinking of the area golf courses in this economy? Really DUMB people if you ask me.
Charity Tournament tomorrow (10/23) needs players!   B-Man at 10/22/09 3:28pm
Everyone: I just got a call today saying that this charity tournament is need of players for tomorrow! If you are free and want to help a great cause, give them a call and sign up.

The Chase Gordon Benefit Golf Tournament

will be held on Friday, October 23 with a 1:00pm shotgun start at Lancaster Country Club. The cost is $75 per player and includes tournament play and dinner/dance afterward for player and one guest. There will be prizes for Longest Drive and Closest to the Pin.

Chase is 2 years old and has Neuroblastoma. He is the son of David and Nicole Gordon of Health Springs, SC and is currently undergoing chemo treatments at Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, NC. All proceeds from the tournament will be given to his family to help with his medical treatment and expenses.

To sign up as a player or a sponsor, please contact Jerry McKinney (704-582-1026) or Teresa Clemmer (803-320-0815).
Springfield   Jamie at 10/19/09 6:47am
Played Springfield yesterday afternoon (10/18) for the first time this year. Surprisingly not very crowded. There are just too many other courses in south Charlotte that are as good and are a better deal. Fairways were in good shape. Greens were mostly in good shape, some were a little spotty. #16 had a temporary green, which makes for a visually weird 100-yd tee shot to an unputtable ground surface. Just hit a sand wedge, take two putts and go to 17. A lot more home construction going on there. Overall still a good layout, but their green fees are noncompetitive. Same issue with nearby Regent Park, so they must be competing with each other.

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