Photo of golf ball on the edge of the cupPhoto of 14th hole at Quail Hollow Country Club in Charlotte, NC

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Cramer mountain   Dr schteeve at 7/9/10 8:14pm
Played for the first time today. Stunningly beautiful setting with some great holes. Condtions were great, too. Vaults into contention for favorite courses.
Olde sycamore   Drschteeve at 7/9/10 8:09pm
I think all those apply, except occasionally the pro shop staff is a bit stuffy. With a lot of courses suffering this year due to the heat, they have done a very good job with course conditions so far.
Olde Sycamore touts its conditions and service - do you agree?   The B-Man at 7/9/10 4:50pm
I am on the email list for Olde Sycamore and this week's specials came with a big intro hyping their conditions and service. I thought it was a great list that all courses could aspire to, but I was skeptical about how much OS lives up to them. I'm curious about others' opinions on this and whether other courses do a better / worse job with this list. Post your feedback here.

So why do Charlotte golfers continue to choose Olde Sycamore over other area courses?
  • Bag drop loading and unloading services.
  • Clean carts stocked with comfort towels and tees.
  • Well groomed fairways and general playing conditions.
  • Smooth, fast greens.
  • Well groomed sand traps.
  • On-course beverage and snack service.
  • Clean clubhouse and on-course restrooms.
  • Upscale practice facility.
  • Well maintained landscaping throughout the grounds.
  • Convenient outside water stations.
  • Friendly registration staff.
  • Full service Bar and Grill.
  • Professional, polite service.
  • The ability to enjoy a hassle free round of golf.

At Olde Sycamore Golf Plantation we focus on our players and our product. We promise to maintain the level of excellent course conditions and service you have come to expect and we thank you for your support and business.

@Wade Re: Warrior   t2green2 at 7/9/10 9:04am
We played Warrior July 4th and could not have been happier with the condition of the greens. There is still some poana in the greens but they are well water and roll very true. Other than the occasional issue with ball marks not being fixed the greens are in great shape.

The Fairways are a bit hard but considering how little rain we have had of late I can over look that. The Tee boxes for the middle tees were not in very good shape at all. They appear to have killed off some tee boxes and are trying to grow new grass.

Hope this helps,
Courses in Charlotte   DrSchteeve at 7/8/10 3:48pm
Right now, Olde Sycamore, Verdict Ridge, and Eagle Chase are in the best shape of the courses I've played - and they also happen to be my 3 favorite courses in Charlotte (VR #1, EC #2, OS #3). Emerald Lake and Tradition are good courses, but both had greens not the best, last played about 6/25/10.
Questions on some courses   Wade at 7/6/10 11:46am
I am not familiar with courses in the Charlotte area. Can anyone tell me if Emerald Lake and Warrior or good tracks. I have played Olde Sycamore, plan on playing it again, and was looking for another course to play. I have read the most recent update from bman on Emerald Lake and it sounds like a very nice course. Thanks for the info.
Ri Ra Charity Golf Classic   Ri Ra Irish Pub at 7/5/10 5:46pm
Ri Ra Irish Pub would like to welcome all interested parties in joining us for our 3rd annual Charity Golf Classic: Wednesday, August 25th 2010 10 AM Shotgun, 9 AM registration, Rocky River GC. All proceeds will benefit the NC Fire Fighters Burned Childrens Fund. Cost is $100 Per/$400 foursome. There will be breakfast, lunch and beverages (including beer) provided along with lots of prizes, raffle items and giveaways. One lucky foursome will win a golf trip to play in Ireland! To register please go to and follow the links to the registration page. CHEERS!
Re: rocky River   AC at 6/15/10 3:44pm
Rocky River's greens have vastly improved over the past year there was a stretch for about 2 years when they were very bad. Of late they have gotten better, they are not perfect but are definately getting better.
rocky River   Phil McGroin at 6/13/10 11:02pm

I am going to play Rocky River for fathers day and was wondering if the greens are good. I have heard mixed reviews on them. Has anyone played it lately?

Thanks and Happy fathers day to all the great dad's and as my dad used to say "TAKE It easy but Take it."

Re: Don't Go to Birkdale   The B-Man at 6/11/10 8:57pm
I posted this comment on the review and I'll repost it here. I got in touch with Wes Jones about this one and received a quick response.


Thank you for bringing this to my attention. At Birkdale our goal is to have all players enjoy themselves and feel they have received a good value. It is difficult to please all the people all the time and unfortunately we were not able to do that with Mr. Looney's group... a group teed off at 8:23 and then the first of Mr. Looney's three foursomes teed off at 8:35, 12 minutes later... his group played the front nine in 2:38. His group had been warned for slow play twice in the first seven holes. This forced me to make the difficult decision of asking his group to skip the 10th hole. We ! want our guests to enjoy themselves but not at the expense of our other guests... the two groups following Mr. Looney's group played the front nine in 2 1/2 hours and well under two hours on the back nine after his group left.

On June 4th we had 182 rounds played and 144 players after Mr. Looney's group at 8:35. If I had allowed his group to continue on their pace we would have had our other rounds in the 5 1/2 hour range or worse. I do not want Birkdale to have a slow play reputation. In short, we would like people to play Birkdale. You will find the course conditions very nice, we take pace of play seriously and as Mr. Looney said, we have a friendly staff.


Wesley Jones
Birkdale Golf Club
General Manager

Pace of play is a touchy subject. Obviously, you hate to be playing fast and easy, then get caught up in a logjam where you are waiting on every shot. On the other hand, if you are having fun but get behind because of a few stray shots where you lose time trying to find a lost ball or get back in play, it can be nearly impossible to catch up and get back on time with other groups on the course. So it is indeed a tough situation for the general manager. It's a bit of a Catch-22 -- which is worse: disappointing one or two groups by having them skip a hole to keep up pace of play or angering half a day's worth of groups that play 5 hour rounds?

I think in this situation you've got to be 100% sure that groups are truly backing up and tee times are running late before you ask a group to skip holes. If the groups behind are not complaining, not waiting, then there shouldn't be an issue. I'm not sure whether the GM made the right decision in this case, but it does seem like he carefully considered everything before speaking to the group.

I can certainly understand why you guys left. This has only happened to me once or twice in my 11 years of playing and I was very angry. I'm glad you had a good experience over at Fox Den. I've yet to play it, but keep hearing great things.

Thanks for the feedback.
Don't Go to Birkdale   David Looney at 6/11/10 8:12pm
The superintendent there is a real trip. He will make you want to leave like our group of 12 did. This is the first time I left a golf course in 35 years of playing golf without finishing. We got a little behind, no fault of ours and he wanted us to start skipping holes. I felt like I was at work and trying to meet a schedule. What happen to enjoying golf, telling stories and cutting up. He made us feel like we were not welcome and got very rude with us. I recommend taking your business somewhere else. There were other nice golf courses in Charlotte that we played, like Fox Den and Sky Brook.
Re: Lancaster Golf Club   The B-Man at 5/18/10 6:48pm
Ask and you shall receive.

Lancaster Golf Club

has now been added. Go ahead and post your reviews.
Lancaster Golf Club   JD at 5/16/10 5:21pm

You've gotta play this course and add it to your list. Front 9 is Donald Ross -- and CLASSIC -- a very good represntation of his work. The back 9 isn't as good, but complementary. In all, if you like a classic-style golf course, this one is very, very good.

It's in near-perfect shape. Only gripe is small, uneven tee boxes. A gem. Worth the 45-minute drive from South Charlotte.
Celebrity Golf Event Tega Cay SC May 12th   Liz at 5/7/10 8:01am
York County Cancer Association is having a Celebrity Golf Event, come play with NFL Greats! Just $100 to play. Contact

Tega Cay Club House
May 12th
Breakfast at 7:30 am
Tee Off at 9:00 am

To register and get an updated list of NFL Alumni playing go to:

to learn more about York County Cancer go to:
Re: Visiting Charlotte Next Month   Bigacito at 5/3/10 9:49am
The only true resort style course in Charlotte is Ballantyne Resort. After that there are a few nice neighborhood courses like Birkdale, Highland Creek (I am not a fan of Skybrook but some people love it). Regent Park usually kept up pretty well too...
re: brent   malamute at 5/2/10 10:24pm
birkdale and skybrook are nice courses
verdict ridge is a great course
warrior is up that way - good value course
Visiting Charlotte Next Month   Brent at 5/1/10 8:48pm
I am will be visiting Charlotte next month for the first time ever and want to play three golf courses while I'm there. B-Man's web site has been a BIG help, but I thought I'd also ask for some recommendations from the locals.

I'm looking for NICE courses at reasonable prices (under $100.00.) Resort course quality, if you know what I mean. I'm looking for memorable, picturesque courses that are in pretty-much in PERFECT shape.

Can any of you recommend 4 or 5 course that you think fit my criteria? Just FYI, I'll be staying near Harrisburg, so courses that aren't too far away are a plus, but don't skip over a great one just because it's a 45 minute drive.)


- Brent
Re: RDU to Charlotte   CanadianInCarolina at 4/27/10 5:54pm
Thanks for the reply but I was hoping to play something along the route to Charlotte from Raleigh.
Re: RDU to Charlotte   Going Low at 4/27/10 2:00pm
Play Regent Park golf club. It's in the best shape of any course in Charlotte hands down.
RDU to Charlotte   CanadianInCarolina at 4/27/10 8:10am
Hi All,looking for a bit of help choosing a place to play Friday. I'm picking a friend up at RDU on Friday around 10:15 am. We are heading to Charlotte for the weekend so I would like some suggestion on a place to play Friday afternoon which is cost effective, fun and really shows the Carolina landscape. Also keeping in mind my playing partner is playing his first round in over a year.
Re: Quail Hollow tickets this week   Patrick Niland at 4/27/10 1:32am
I am looking for two tickets for Friday?
Cramer Mtn CC   Reid Walker at 4/25/10 6:16pm
course is now open to public - very nice course rates are good considering this was a private course
Quail Hollow tickets this week   The B-Man at 4/25/10 2:02pm
Hey everyone -- I will have extra tickets for various days of the PGA Tour event here in Charlotte this week. If you are looking for tickets Mon/Tue/Wed, I have 3 each for those days at no more than face value and I will make you a deal the more tickets you take off my hands. I will likely also have a single ticket available for 2 or 3 of the tournament days, Thur-Sun. Again, just looking for face value or close. Let me know if you are interested in these tickets.
New blog post: Private course vs. Public course layout   The B-Man at 4/25/10 11:08am
Been awhile, but I finally got the blog rolling again. My first post is about layout differences between private and public courses. I also ask for folks' opinions on which public courses are the most "private"-like:

B-Man's Golf Blog
New course added: Warrior Golf Club in China Grove   The B-Man at 4/19/10 8:51pm
Thanks to popular demand, I've added Warrior Golf Club in China Grove. Now you can post reviews or use the site to find discount coupons, scorecard info and more for The Warrior!
Re: LOOKING FOR GOLF   The B-Man at 4/19/10 8:48pm
This is the best list I've seen for charity tournaments:

Note that it's not perfect. It lists a tournament being played at Quail Hollow -- only problem is that it's for the one in Concord, Ohio!
Create a Profile and Start Posting Your Own Reviews   The B-Man at 4/12/10 2:57pm
Hey everyone -- I've just added a long-awaited feature where you can create a profile and post your own golf reviews on the site. I've added my 2 most recent reviews as the first ones, but I'd love to see everyone sign up and start posting your reviews in the new format. Once we get a fair amount posted for each course, they'll be a good gauge for opinions of local courses. Also, you can post comments on other folks' reviews. So if you agree or disagree with a review, you can sound off and start a discussion on the review page directly.

So give it a shot and let me know your feedback on the new features:

Register now

The profi! le information is optional, but be assured your info is safe here on the site (Check the Privacy Policy if you like) and it's just info that I thought would be relevant to your reviews and interesting to other readers.

As always, thanks for your support of the site!
Re: April Golf   EA at 4/10/10 11:01pm
Love the site and knowledge B-Man

Yes - I have played Skybrook, Highland Crk and Rocky River within last two weeks. I play Highland Crk, Skybrook, Rocky River and Tradition often because I live up here. I am not positive how they are comparing to other courses in the area as I stick to northern trail and this area usually.

However with these courses - Rocky River had some serious issues with their greens last year but they seem to be much better now. Some of the greens were totally gone last year but they are back nicely, I heard they made some changes with the superintendent staff. Highland Creek I like because it is challenging, tough but fair course, relatively easy to get on, and people have a nice attitude. Highland Crk was in not so good shape last year but it seems like ownership was not investing in any of these courses last year much. It looks better this year. They recently aerated the greens but they are back to normal now. I like Skybrook the best but it is overpriced for what you get. They have had and have brown and bare spots in fairways. Rocky River does not have GPS / yardages on the carts which is odd in this day and age but I like the course, and it is typically in good shape - minus the green issue from last year.

I am down on Tradition because it is over crowded, slow, and the staff have borderline rude attitude often. But I have not played there recently. I like Birkdale, the only down side is the electrical lines. It is a nice course in good shape.

EA ratings of Northern Trail area courses below -
Skybrook and Birkdale T1
HCGC and Rocky River T3
Tradition 5
Stonebridge   J.D. at 4/10/10 9:27pm
Greens are in very good shape for this time of year. Fairways are also good...and will be great soon.

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