Photo of golf ball on the edge of the cupPhoto of 14th hole at Quail Hollow Country Club in Charlotte, NC

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Re: Visiting Charlotte Next Month   Bigacito at 5/3/10 9:49am
The only true resort style course in Charlotte is Ballantyne Resort. After that there are a few nice neighborhood courses like Birkdale, Highland Creek (I am not a fan of Skybrook but some people love it). Regent Park usually kept up pretty well too...
re: brent   malamute at 5/2/10 10:24pm
birkdale and skybrook are nice courses
verdict ridge is a great course
warrior is up that way - good value course
Visiting Charlotte Next Month   Brent at 5/1/10 8:48pm
I am will be visiting Charlotte next month for the first time ever and want to play three golf courses while I'm there. B-Man's web site has been a BIG help, but I thought I'd also ask for some recommendations from the locals.

I'm looking for NICE courses at reasonable prices (under $100.00.) Resort course quality, if you know what I mean. I'm looking for memorable, picturesque courses that are in pretty-much in PERFECT shape.

Can any of you recommend 4 or 5 course that you think fit my criteria? Just FYI, I'll be staying near Harrisburg, so courses that aren't too far away are a plus, but don't skip over a great one just because it's a 45 minute drive.)


- Brent
Re: RDU to Charlotte   CanadianInCarolina at 4/27/10 5:54pm
Thanks for the reply but I was hoping to play something along the route to Charlotte from Raleigh.
Re: RDU to Charlotte   Going Low at 4/27/10 2:00pm
Play Regent Park golf club. It's in the best shape of any course in Charlotte hands down.
RDU to Charlotte   CanadianInCarolina at 4/27/10 8:10am
Hi All,looking for a bit of help choosing a place to play Friday. I'm picking a friend up at RDU on Friday around 10:15 am. We are heading to Charlotte for the weekend so I would like some suggestion on a place to play Friday afternoon which is cost effective, fun and really shows the Carolina landscape. Also keeping in mind my playing partner is playing his first round in over a year.
Re: Quail Hollow tickets this week   Patrick Niland at 4/27/10 1:32am
I am looking for two tickets for Friday?
Cramer Mtn CC   Reid Walker at 4/25/10 6:16pm
course is now open to public - very nice course rates are good considering this was a private course
Quail Hollow tickets this week   The B-Man at 4/25/10 2:02pm
Hey everyone -- I will have extra tickets for various days of the PGA Tour event here in Charlotte this week. If you are looking for tickets Mon/Tue/Wed, I have 3 each for those days at no more than face value and I will make you a deal the more tickets you take off my hands. I will likely also have a single ticket available for 2 or 3 of the tournament days, Thur-Sun. Again, just looking for face value or close. Let me know if you are interested in these tickets.
New blog post: Private course vs. Public course layout   The B-Man at 4/25/10 11:08am
Been awhile, but I finally got the blog rolling again. My first post is about layout differences between private and public courses. I also ask for folks' opinions on which public courses are the most "private"-like:

B-Man's Golf Blog
New course added: Warrior Golf Club in China Grove   The B-Man at 4/19/10 8:51pm
Thanks to popular demand, I've added Warrior Golf Club in China Grove. Now you can post reviews or use the site to find discount coupons, scorecard info and more for The Warrior!
Re: LOOKING FOR GOLF   The B-Man at 4/19/10 8:48pm
This is the best list I've seen for charity tournaments:

Note that it's not perfect. It lists a tournament being played at Quail Hollow -- only problem is that it's for the one in Concord, Ohio!
Create a Profile and Start Posting Your Own Reviews   The B-Man at 4/12/10 2:57pm
Hey everyone -- I've just added a long-awaited feature where you can create a profile and post your own golf reviews on the site. I've added my 2 most recent reviews as the first ones, but I'd love to see everyone sign up and start posting your reviews in the new format. Once we get a fair amount posted for each course, they'll be a good gauge for opinions of local courses. Also, you can post comments on other folks' reviews. So if you agree or disagree with a review, you can sound off and start a discussion on the review page directly.

So give it a shot and let me know your feedback on the new features:

Register now

The profi! le information is optional, but be assured your info is safe here on the site (Check the Privacy Policy if you like) and it's just info that I thought would be relevant to your reviews and interesting to other readers.

As always, thanks for your support of the site!
Re: April Golf   EA at 4/10/10 11:01pm
Love the site and knowledge B-Man

Yes - I have played Skybrook, Highland Crk and Rocky River within last two weeks. I play Highland Crk, Skybrook, Rocky River and Tradition often because I live up here. I am not positive how they are comparing to other courses in the area as I stick to northern trail and this area usually.

However with these courses - Rocky River had some serious issues with their greens last year but they seem to be much better now. Some of the greens were totally gone last year but they are back nicely, I heard they made some changes with the superintendent staff. Highland Creek I like because it is challenging, tough but fair course, relatively easy to get on, and people have a nice attitude. Highland Crk was in not so good shape last year but it seems like ownership was not investing in any of these courses last year much. It looks better this year. They recently aerated the greens but they are back to normal now. I like Skybrook the best but it is overpriced for what you get. They have had and have brown and bare spots in fairways. Rocky River does not have GPS / yardages on the carts which is odd in this day and age but I like the course, and it is typically in good shape - minus the green issue from last year.

I am down on Tradition because it is over crowded, slow, and the staff have borderline rude attitude often. But I have not played there recently. I like Birkdale, the only down side is the electrical lines. It is a nice course in good shape.

EA ratings of Northern Trail area courses below -
Skybrook and Birkdale T1
HCGC and Rocky River T3
Tradition 5
Stonebridge   J.D. at 4/10/10 9:27pm
Greens are in very good shape for this time of year. Fairways are also good...and will be great soon.
Jim O. Hacker Golf Tournament Benefitting Charlotte Volunteers In Medicine Clinic   Brenda Underwood at 4/10/10 5:43pm
The Jim O. Hacker Memorial Golf Tournament Benefitting Charlotte Volunteers in Medicine Clinic. This event is an fundraiser for the clinic, all proceeds will benefit the clinic ability to continue to help the uninsured patients recieve primary health care in Mecklengburg County. For more information contact: Shadawn Stokes or Brenda Underwood at 704-350-1300 or check our website: and click on tournament link.
Re: April Golf   B-Man at 4/8/10 5:05pm
I would like to hear more opinions. Recently I've heard several bad reviews of Rocky River and my last trip (granted it was 9 mos ago) to Highland Creek was disappointing.

EA -- have you played either course recently?
Re: April Golf   EA at 4/8/10 5:01pm
Highland Creek is better than Tradition, in my opinion - and in the same area and price range. Much less crowded, in better shape, nicer course, etc. I would switch your Tradition to Highland Creek or Rocky River. Skybrook, HCGC, and Rocky River are all nicer than Tradition.
eagle chase   panthersfann55 at 4/8/10 2:57pm
eagle chase is in good shape now. greens in good shape, but they will punch greens april 26-27. bunkers need a little work though.
Fox Den Country Club   Charles Pauller at 4/8/10 10:48am
Played Fox Den on Wednesday (04/07/10) for the first time. I live in Charlotte and never made it up there before. I enjoyed it very much. The course was in good shape and the layout is incredible. I paid $24 as a senior, but I am not sure what the regular rate is. I will be back. It is a great change of pace from the courses in Charlotte. Well worth the 35 minute drive.
eagle chase   panthersfann55 at 4/3/10 3:02pm
give eagle chase 1 more week and they should be good to go. they punched holes a few weeks ago and laid fertilizer on the greens thursday when we played. the fairways are starting to come in nice.
Re: April Golf   B-Man at 3/31/10 9:44pm
Thanks for the note, Jim. Yeah, give Skybrook a call and see what they can do. It's definitely worth playing and probably my favorite of the courses you mentioned. I have to pass along the recommendation I get very often -- though I haven't played it yet -- and that's Verdict Ridge. I hear it's beautiful, kept in great shape and very challenging.

Good luck.
April Golf   Jim at 3/31/10 12:12pm
A friend and I are coming down to Charlotte from Ohio April 15-17. We plan to play Birkdale twice and The Tradition and Skybrook once each. I experimented using the Carolina Trails to get tee times 7 days in advance. All the courses seem accessible except Skybrook. Is it better to call that course instead? If we can't get on Skybrook, can you recommend any other courses? We're staying at the Country Inn and Suites near the airport and would prefer to play west through northeast of Charlotte.

Great site, by the way.
Course conditons   Kevin at 3/26/10 11:12pm
I'm bringing a group of 8 golfers down to the Charlotte area from Canada in mid-April to kick off our golf season. handicaps in the group range anywhere from about 7-20+. At this point we're planning on playing Westport, The Warrior, Fox Den, Verdict Ridge, Skybrook, Olde Sycamore, Meadowlands (near Winston Salem) and Tanglewood's Championship course. Any feed back on what the conditions on those are like (and likely to be in mid-April) would be apreciated? We've played several of the courses last year (Westport, O-S, Meadowlands and Tanglewood will be new to us so I'm especially intersted in comments on those). Thanks
Charlotte National   TP at 3/25/10 7:02am
Just wanted to post that Charlotte National has aereated their greens. Looks like it had just been done. If you call ahead Vic and Robby will let you know how they are filling in. Lots of sand on them right now.
Carolina Trail Courses 'Recapitalization'?   B-Man at 3/22/10 3:22pm
Got this press release today:


I.R.I. Golf Group Chairman, Jeff Silverstein, announced today the restructure and recapitalization of eight properties. The properties include seven in North and South Carolina and one in Texas. The North and South Carolina properties include: Birkdale Golf Club, Charlotte Golf Links, Divide Golf Club, Highland Creek Golf Club, Skybrook Golf Club, Tradition Golf Club and Waterford Golf Club. The Golf Club at Twin Creeks in Allen, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, was also included in the recapitalization.

The restructure entailed the raising of new equity and a modification of its debt agreement with Textron Financial. Silverstein said, 'We are very pleased to stabilize this group of clubs and the company is rolling out a number of new programs to improve the customer experience.'

In what was described as the most difficult environment he has experienced in his 30 year career Silverstein said, 'I.R.I. is now positioned to operate in a more stable environment and is confident that the company will be able to use its current platform for growth in the future.'

This can only help the courses, right?

New to Charlotte   Don at 3/21/10 8:11pm
I'm looking for suggestions for my new "home" course. Especially interested in a Saturday morning regularly scheduled game based on handicaps and/or Stableford or modified Stableford. Any suggestions appreciated.
piney point & badin golf club   panthersfann55 at 3/20/10 4:04pm
b-man if you haven't tried either of these courses i would recommend. badin is on the other side albemarle and piney point is at the south end of lake tillery. i live in matthews and used to play charlotte national a lot. but since they are starting to get overcrowded and have consistant SLOW PLAY (infamous fivesomes)i choose to make the hour drive to play these courses along with eagle chase. they both have websites. badin has bermuda greens (2 were in need of some help but the pin placements made them playable) and we are playing piney point thurs (greens were fast last time so i'm looking for the same). clubhouse staff are great at both. rates are reasonable ($25-$30), layouts are challenging, and if you get on the e-mail list they will send you discount coupons. just giving some new ch! oices for you to enjoy.
Re: Aeration - Surprise Surprise!   B-Man at 3/13/10 9:42am
Thanks for the note, Jamie. I sent your note on to TJ Congleton, head pro at Emerald Lake, and he sent me the reply below. I also went out last Sunday and played the front 9 with TJ. I found the greens to be in very good shape, considering the recent aeration. I think the staff there did a great job making them very playable so soon after aeration. The greens were fairly quick, the sand did not alter putts significantly and the holes were completely filled. So I understand they weren't perfect, but the conditions were not bad, especially considering the reduced weekend price.

As for your suggestion that I send out questionnaires for local course managers to respond with aeration and condition updates, that's a GREAT idea. I have a few friendly contacts with several courses, but I could use any help my readers can provide as far as introducing me (virtually by email is fine) to local course managers that you know. I can definitely send out regular emails or letters to get maintenance schedules or special condition updates. Thanks for the suggestion.

Here's TJ's note about Jamie's experience (note that I withheld the name of the other course):

We have just hired a new Assistant that came over from [another local course]. I just talked with him about this, and he said that he was instructed at [the other local course] to NOT TELL anyone when they were punching. I have told him about our policy of telling everyone when they call that we have punched (even before we did punch) but, he might have let one slip. I take full responsibility for this. I may have been outside, or not in the shop. If I had been inside, I would have stopped him on the phone, and made sure he did actually tell them that we had punched. I have talked with him about this as soon as your email came through.

It is a fine line when it comes to telling people about aerifying greens, but we do feel that it is very important to be upfront and honest with people so that we do not encounter issues like this one. I know how it would feel (I have been in that position before) to get to a course, pay your money, and go to the first green to find they are punched. It is not fun, so coming from this stance, I know that it is very important to tell everyone that you have and be honest with them from the start.

If you want to test it, give us a call, and make a tee time. I guarantee that who ever picks up the phone to make your time will give you our typical breakdown of what’s going on... “We did punch Monday and Tuesday, using a small pencil tine, which is the reason for the reduced rate, but I assure you that the greens are in fine shape, they have been cut, top-dressed, and are rolling fine.”

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