Photo of golf ball on the edge of the cupPhoto of 14th hole at Quail Hollow Country Club in Charlotte, NC

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Visitng the area looking for a great course, not in a golf community.   New Englander at 4/10/11 8:41pm
Visit the area a few times every year, have played Rocky River, Olde Sycamore, Birkdale, and Warrior. Rocky River I felt had the best layout. Is there any other courses similar to Rocky River that are not surrounded by homes or in a "community"?
Re: Golfing in Pinehurst   panthersfann55 at 4/10/11 6:23pm
Seven Lakes is a good layout. I liked the Hyland Hills course before they were bought out a few years ago, but I heard the group that bought it invested money back into it.
Golfing in Pinehurst   Wade at 4/10/11 12:33pm
Anyone played in the Pinehurst area this spring? I am heading there in June, playing Hyland Hills and Talamore. I am looking for 1 more course that will not break the bank. I am playing Olde Sycamore and Verdict Ridge in May, how are the conditions at those 2?
Aeration Dates   DrSchteeve at 3/16/11 6:12pm
For some of the courses:

Charlotte Golf Links 3/14
Charles T Myers 3/14
Eagle Chase 3/7
Edgewater 3/8
Emerald Lake 2/21
Fox Den 3/20
Highland Creek 3/14
Monroe CC 5/31
Rocky River 3/21
Tradition 3/9
Skybrook 3/7
Springfield 5/31
Stonebridge 3/7
Tillery Tradition 3/7
Verdict Ridge 3/21
Re: Olde Sycamore?   panthersfann55 at 3/15/11 4:57pm
we play seven lakes every year we go to pinehurst nice course. we'll be trying southern pines and little river this time around. In charlotte area foxden (30 minutes north)is a challenging layout, verdict ridge too. eagle chase to the southeast (45 minutes) is another to consider.
Olde Sycamore?   Wade at 3/4/11 10:29pm
I played Olde Sycamore last year and will play that again. I might drive over to Pinehurst and play a few rounds there. Any reccomendations? I am looking at Hyland Hills, Tallamore, Southern Pines. I am trying to stay within a budget of $50 per course.
3 can't miss courses   DrSchteeve at 3/4/11 7:14am
Verdict Ridge has to be one of them.
Looking for 3 cant miss courses   Wade at 2/26/11 8:53pm
I am going to be visiting Charlotte this spring and was looking for 3 very nice courses to play.
Re: sycamore   loveGolf at 2/24/11 10:42am
If I understand the Doc correctly, the balls were lying on the range tees (hitting area), left over by paying customers who did not hit their entire buckets. He did not walk out on to the actual range (landing area) and start shagging balls that have already been hit.

I too have seen people walk over to another person's area once they have left and finish their left over buckets and have never once seen a course complain about it. I have done it myself as well and would be utterly shocked if a course employee confronted me the way Doc described.

I don't want to generalize but from my experience, most people in the golfing industry started out wanting to play golf professionally (don't we all) but then end up as club/assistant pros where the customer ! service aspect becomes just as important as actual playing/coaching ability.
sycamore   KBrown at 2/24/11 8:11am
Picking up range balls is called shagging and most country clubs prohibit this.
Re: Range Balls   t2green2 at 2/21/11 12:34pm
Thanks DrSchteeve for the info and I too will pass on old Sycamore as well. Never really felt welcome there by the staff the times I have played it anyway.
Range Balls   DrSchteeve at 2/12/11 5:04pm
So here was my experience at Olde Sycamore yesterday.

Heading out to the range, about to use the token I bought for a bucket, I noticed there were quite a few balls on the range already. I pocketed the token, headed to the range, and began hitting balls. Called to pick up my partner who had just checked in, I got in my cart, having left several clubs leaning against the club rack in front of the balls I was hitting. When I returned, a course employee was on the range, buckets in hand, picking up all the balls on the range. He asked me if I “paid for those balls” to which I answered, “they were here when I came out”, at which he picks up the balls and puts them in a bucket and walks off.

I have played golf for over 20 years, on every ! course from exclusive club to downtrodden muni, and I have never seen this, and never had this type of confrontational event on a range. Usually, course employees are giving out free buckets if they happen to cross a golfer while they have some balls in hand. I have played at Harbour Town in Hilton Head, and when asked what to do with the bag of balls not used (because there were plenty of balls on the range to hit), have been told “Take them, they’re yours”.

I understand that there is an alternative view - that I was "stealing" balls by hitting balls that I hadn't paid for (even though somebody did). I just haven't seen this in over 20 years of playing golf. Not likely I'll be going back to Olde Sycamore anytime soon.
courses open?   tvrepairex at 12/30/10 8:58pm
Anyone know of courses open tomorrow-Dec.31.A lot that we contacted are closed due to still having snow.Prefer north side of Charlotte .
Re: Overseeded Fairways?   panthersfann55 at 12/24/10 8:49pm
larkhaven is the only course i know of, but seeing it from 485 the fairways are looking a little brown again. better off finding a course that doesn't cut the fairways so close in the winter (eagle chase comes to mind). played in november and the course was brown, rough was medium, and greens were very puttable (came back from the summer).
Overseeded Fairways?   CU_Tigerfan at 12/22/10 11:08am
Do any of the courses in the area overseed their fairways in the winter time? I rarely play in the winter, but it would be nice to hit off of some green grass if possible.
Any must play courses   DrSchteeve at 12/4/10 10:27pm
Verdict Ridge.
Coming back from Atlanta   Vagolfguy at 12/4/10 6:22pm
any must play courses since I am passing through the area?
Robert Trent Jones   DrSchteeve at 12/1/10 9:54am
Played Monroe Country Club last Sunday (conditions were perfect, BTW). Front 9 (used to be back) is classic RTJ design - small, lumpy, humpbacked greens well guarded by bunkers on usually quite short holes. What a blast to (try to) play - so much more interesting that the Tom Jackson back 9, and I generally like TJ designs (Eagle Chase, Olde Sycamore, Cheraw State Park). I'm going to be trying to find more RTJ courses to play - locally I know one of the Mooresville Muni 9's is RTJ, Charlotte Country Club (ultra private), otherwise not sure where there are some.
Re: regent park   Ron at 11/27/10 10:16am
Thanks again for the Springfield recommendation. played it twice in the last two days. We really liked it.
Red Bridge.What a GEM!!   Peter at 11/25/10 2:12pm
My golfing buddy and I have been traveling to Myrtle Beach from Canada for over 20 years. Now that we are both retired (Air Traffic controllers) we drive and play 4 times enroute. We usually play our 2 favourite courses (Blue Ridge Trail and Cheraw State Park)and try several new ones. Based upon a review on this site, we tried Red Bridge and Cacapon (other recommendation). At least one course has to take us in the vicinity of a JRs for cigars...check Cdn prices and you will know why...
Played on October 27 with a tornado watch. The weather was 80+ degrees and the course was fantastic. You have to play it several times because you could be hitting 'blind' over a mound or a corner. Played with 2 members who pointed out preferrable landing areas which helped. Payed $29 and it will ! be on next years' list of 'play-agains'. Our Handicap:9 and 11.
eagle chase   panthersfann55 at 11/22/10 7:39pm
few spots here and there on the greens but did not effect the putts at all (pins were away from the trouble spots anyway). fairways brown (normal this time of year) rough medium height but you could find your ball. first time back since early june when the greens started to go. well worth the trip now especially with clickit $25 deal. shot 78 so no real complaints here.
Re: regent park   Ron at 11/19/10 11:08pm
Thanks for the info, I just rebooked at Springfield.
regent park   malamute at 11/18/10 7:30pm
springfield is in same area and a much better course
Regent Park Golf Club   Ron at 11/18/10 7:58am
We have booked a round at Regent Park Golf Club over Thanksgiving. Are the greens really that bad? Is it worth playing or should we look for something else?
Cedarwood voucher for sale   The B-Man at 11/17/10 8:58pm
I have a Cedarwood voucher, good for 4 players, green fees and cart fees included. I'll sell it to the best offer made by this Friday. It is good Monday-Thursday after 1pm. You just have to call their pro shop at 704-542-0250 to make a tee time. This voucher expires at the end of the month and I will not be able to use it. I'd hate for it to go to waste. Cedarwood is a private course on Hwy 51 near the Arboretum.

Use the Feedback form if you are interested.

Re: Stonebridge   DrSchteeve at 11/6/10 8:58pm
There is another aspect that the courses that book tournaments need to address: tell them the expected time! 4 hours expected, 4 1/2 OK, slower than that and YOU WILL BE MOVED. Set the expectation, then the enforcement should provoke no complaint.
Stonebridge   DrSchteeve at 11/6/10 8:53pm
I'm totally with the course on this one. PT was asked to move up 2 or 3 holes. PT says no one could "prove" they were holding up play.

Guys, get a clue. If you're not sure you are holding up play, you are. You have no right, tournament or other, to slow play. You say you were on pace for 4 1/2 hours, the course says 5: guess what, the course is right.
Re: stonebridge   egolfer at 11/6/10 10:48am
earlier this year in a egolf tournament,stonebridge allowed 4 walkers out around 3pm right in between our tournament groups.fortunately the marshals took them out to holes that wouldnt interfere with tourny but whoever gave them tee times needs to understand thats not right.never had issue with anyone at course then again i only play it maybe 3 times a year.
Re: stonebridge   sawlog at 11/6/10 6:43am
I can see both sides, but the one thing that irks me is when any course books outings in the best time for most of us to play golf. Yes it is guaranteed revenue for the course but not on Saturday morning, that is when most folks are able to get out to play.

My preference is to see outings or tournaments booked after lunch on Saturday. I have played in several of them that was booked this way, this allows the regulars to get their rounds in before the outing plugs up the course.
Re: stonebridge   Bill at 11/4/10 6:08pm
I just cant understand why courses book these events knowing darn well that these players are going to play a 5 hour round. Then they book tee times behind these groups and then the golfers stuck behind just get pissed off and never come back. Why don't you simply leave an hour open between a large group and regular tee times? You may loose the revenue but you will make it up by not loosing a future booking.

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