Photo of golf ball on the edge of the cupPhoto of 14th hole at Quail Hollow Country Club in Charlotte, NC

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Overseeded Fairways?   CU_Tigerfan at 12/22/10 11:08am
Do any of the courses in the area overseed their fairways in the winter time? I rarely play in the winter, but it would be nice to hit off of some green grass if possible.
Any must play courses   DrSchteeve at 12/4/10 10:27pm
Verdict Ridge.
Coming back from Atlanta   Vagolfguy at 12/4/10 6:22pm
any must play courses since I am passing through the area?
Robert Trent Jones   DrSchteeve at 12/1/10 9:54am
Played Monroe Country Club last Sunday (conditions were perfect, BTW). Front 9 (used to be back) is classic RTJ design - small, lumpy, humpbacked greens well guarded by bunkers on usually quite short holes. What a blast to (try to) play - so much more interesting that the Tom Jackson back 9, and I generally like TJ designs (Eagle Chase, Olde Sycamore, Cheraw State Park). I'm going to be trying to find more RTJ courses to play - locally I know one of the Mooresville Muni 9's is RTJ, Charlotte Country Club (ultra private), otherwise not sure where there are some.
Re: regent park   Ron at 11/27/10 10:16am
Thanks again for the Springfield recommendation. played it twice in the last two days. We really liked it.
Red Bridge.What a GEM!!   Peter at 11/25/10 2:12pm
My golfing buddy and I have been traveling to Myrtle Beach from Canada for over 20 years. Now that we are both retired (Air Traffic controllers) we drive and play 4 times enroute. We usually play our 2 favourite courses (Blue Ridge Trail and Cheraw State Park)and try several new ones. Based upon a review on this site, we tried Red Bridge and Cacapon (other recommendation). At least one course has to take us in the vicinity of a JRs for cigars...check Cdn prices and you will know why...
Played on October 27 with a tornado watch. The weather was 80+ degrees and the course was fantastic. You have to play it several times because you could be hitting 'blind' over a mound or a corner. Played with 2 members who pointed out preferrable landing areas which helped. Payed $29 and it will ! be on next years' list of 'play-agains'. Our Handicap:9 and 11.
eagle chase   panthersfann55 at 11/22/10 7:39pm
few spots here and there on the greens but did not effect the putts at all (pins were away from the trouble spots anyway). fairways brown (normal this time of year) rough medium height but you could find your ball. first time back since early june when the greens started to go. well worth the trip now especially with clickit $25 deal. shot 78 so no real complaints here.
Re: regent park   Ron at 11/19/10 11:08pm
Thanks for the info, I just rebooked at Springfield.
regent park   malamute at 11/18/10 7:30pm
springfield is in same area and a much better course
Regent Park Golf Club   Ron at 11/18/10 7:58am
We have booked a round at Regent Park Golf Club over Thanksgiving. Are the greens really that bad? Is it worth playing or should we look for something else?
Cedarwood voucher for sale   The B-Man at 11/17/10 8:58pm
I have a Cedarwood voucher, good for 4 players, green fees and cart fees included. I'll sell it to the best offer made by this Friday. It is good Monday-Thursday after 1pm. You just have to call their pro shop at 704-542-0250 to make a tee time. This voucher expires at the end of the month and I will not be able to use it. I'd hate for it to go to waste. Cedarwood is a private course on Hwy 51 near the Arboretum.

Use the Feedback form if you are interested.

Re: Stonebridge   DrSchteeve at 11/6/10 8:58pm
There is another aspect that the courses that book tournaments need to address: tell them the expected time! 4 hours expected, 4 1/2 OK, slower than that and YOU WILL BE MOVED. Set the expectation, then the enforcement should provoke no complaint.
Stonebridge   DrSchteeve at 11/6/10 8:53pm
I'm totally with the course on this one. PT was asked to move up 2 or 3 holes. PT says no one could "prove" they were holding up play.

Guys, get a clue. If you're not sure you are holding up play, you are. You have no right, tournament or other, to slow play. You say you were on pace for 4 1/2 hours, the course says 5: guess what, the course is right.
Re: stonebridge   egolfer at 11/6/10 10:48am
earlier this year in a egolf tournament,stonebridge allowed 4 walkers out around 3pm right in between our tournament groups.fortunately the marshals took them out to holes that wouldnt interfere with tourny but whoever gave them tee times needs to understand thats not right.never had issue with anyone at course then again i only play it maybe 3 times a year.
Re: stonebridge   sawlog at 11/6/10 6:43am
I can see both sides, but the one thing that irks me is when any course books outings in the best time for most of us to play golf. Yes it is guaranteed revenue for the course but not on Saturday morning, that is when most folks are able to get out to play.

My preference is to see outings or tournaments booked after lunch on Saturday. I have played in several of them that was booked this way, this allows the regulars to get their rounds in before the outing plugs up the course.
Re: stonebridge   Bill at 11/4/10 6:08pm
I just cant understand why courses book these events knowing darn well that these players are going to play a 5 hour round. Then they book tee times behind these groups and then the golfers stuck behind just get pissed off and never come back. Why don't you simply leave an hour open between a large group and regular tee times? You may loose the revenue but you will make it up by not loosing a future booking.
Re: stonebridge   The B-Man at 11/4/10 3:18pm
PT and others -- I try to give both sides equal time in situations like this because everyone has their own perspective. I let Boyd Everling from Stonebridge know about this recent critique and he quickly responded:

As with any situation there are two sides to a story and here is our side.

On Sat. Oct. 23rd, we had a 25 player outing that started at 8:30. The outing was very slow and we were getting many complaints from the golfers behind them. For example, the first group played at a 3 hour pace of play for 9-holes. Their lead groups had as many as 3 holes open in front of them, therefore slowing down the rest of the golfers. Even with the groups skipping holes, most of the groups finished at 5-hours plus. We had 120 players behind the event that morni! ng that were happy that we were putting in the effort to speed play so that they could enjoy their round of golf as well.

We try to make all of our players' experience at Stonebridge as pleasant as possible, and a pace of play above 5 hours is not enjoyable for any golfer.

We do value the input of all our golfers and strive to improve whereever possible.

We appreciate the opportunity to explain the events of that day.

Bobby West, PGA
Boyd Everling, PGA

Re: course rec   Ron at 11/3/10 4:45pm
Hello, thanks for the reply. I forgot about frost, we are coming from Florida so that is never an issue. We will play Verdict Ridge one day. Tega Cay is close for us, any comments on this course?
course rec   malamute at 11/3/10 3:00pm
generally courses are in good shape - may have frost delays
verdict ridge is best course near belmont / woodbridge and deer brook are good value courses / some in charlotte to consider are springfield, olde sycamore, and skybrook but cost a little more
Course Recommendations   Ron at 11/2/10 9:20pm
Hello, We are visiting family who live south of Belmont over Thanksgiving. Can anyone tell me what to expect the courses to be like that time of year? Can anyone recommend 2 or 3 courses that we could play that are nice, interesting and a fair value? We don't want to travel too far, 30 to 40 minutes top. Thank you in advance.
Re: stonebridge   PT at 11/2/10 7:02am
I don't like to bash anyone and had some reservations about even posting this to begin with. I have always enjoyed playing this course and actually shot my best round ever here last summer. A couple of weeks ago I was playing in a company sponsored tournament and we were on a 4 1/2 hour pace. My experience is that these events usually take a little longer because of how focused everyone is on their game. We were asked by staff to skip hitting off the tee on one hole and then one more hole later was asked to skip 2 holes entirely. We only had 3 left to play at that time. No one could prove that any play on the course was being held up. After our round we hung around for about 45 minutes just to watch and saw only 2 groups go off 10 and it took that whole time before a group even played 18. We finished on 17. That just told me that 1. we weren't holding up the rest of the course and 2. they just didn't want us there only our money. This came from the Director of Golf who I had never seen before so I guess that including the whole staff is a bit much. They were doing what he told them to. It seemed to me they didn't schedule their tee times efficiently and we had to suffer. I hate the thought of not playing there again but I can't take being treated like golf scum.
Re: stonebridge   The B-Man at 10/28/10 2:05pm
Let me first say that I almost didn't post PT's message because there were no specifics mentioned and no contact address so I could follow up. The times I have played at Stonebridge, the pro shop staff has been nice and accommodating (when I had partners who were late for our starting time). My beefs with Stonebridge over the years were usually with regards to pace of play, but that seems to come and go.

As for Dan's comments, I can understand the sentiment, but I think that is too broad a statement to make about courses in the Charlotte area. While I certainly see my fair share of poor conditions, high prices, and pro shop attitudes around town, I also see examples where course staff members are appreciative of their customers and constructive feedback.

So I would simply ask that feedback left here be as specific and as constructive as possible. Obviously, our shared goal is to improve the quality of golf in the area. I think this is the best way to accomplish that.
Re: stonebridge   Dan at 10/28/10 12:56pm
I doubt that B-Man or anyone closely related to golf courses in this area will admit it, but it seems like there is a common theme around here of how crappy the courses treat their customers. I moved down here from West Michigan 1 1/2 yrs ago and personally think the golf scene here in Charlotte sucks. I have been truly disappointed to say the least of both course conditions and The attitude of the course personel. Maybe they don't realize it, but they give off a HUGE negative vibe that they really don't care if their customer is happy or not.
stonebridge   malamute at 10/27/10 4:07pm
can you provide more info regarding treatment, pt?
Stonebridge   PT at 10/26/10 12:32pm
This course is in great shape. One of the best in the area that I have seen.That being said...The staff has alot to be desired. I have played there numerous times and have friends that play there weekly and none of us have ever been treated so rudely as this past weekend. I will never set foot on their course again and neither will any of the others. I have no words to explain how bad an experience it was.
Revolution GC   Russell at 10/25/10 2:01pm
I am not sure if anyone missed playing at Revolution GC but it has been closed for a little over two years to be renovated.

I heard from someone at Park and Rec that it will be reopening this Friday with a reconfigured course. There is also a large putting and chipping green and a driving range that are shared with First Tee of Charlotte.

It is operated for the city by Ratcliffe Golf Services (CT Myers, Sunset Hills, Rennassance) so that should give you an idea about the quality of the conditioning that should be expected.
Cramer Mountain   Jamie at 10/16/10 4:13pm
Played Cramer Mountain today (10/16) for the first time. We were told when we booked the tee time that the greens were punched two weeks ago, and that they would be "just a little bumpy". Here is the REAL deal: they were possibly the worst greens I have ever seen in 30 years of playing golf. About 2/3 of the greens were literally unplayable - grass at least 1/2" high, large portions of the greens dead, heavily sanded in many areas. The three os uf were completely stunned by their poor condition. The greens need a lot of work, or total replacement, to make them puttable. The course overall is a good layout, and the fairways were in good shape, but general maintenance has been lacking there for a long time. Basic things like cartpaths, bunkers, etc. need a lot of work just to get to "public" course! standards. My advice - stay away from CM for a while, maybe try it in the spring. It really needs some serious maintenance.
eagle chase   DrSchteeve at 10/10/10 9:55pm
Greens punched about 2 weeks ago. By October 27, they should be in great shape. You will love this course if the layout suits your game
eagle chase   malamute at 10/10/10 9:06pm
greens are fair at best - first 6 are poor / rest of course is ok
eagle chase   piversen at 10/10/10 11:56am
I have tee times here on Oct 27....anyone played recently? coming from canada...returning to charlotte from pinehurst....stopping to play here. looks ok....great price....any comments? thx

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