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Re: Tillery Tradition Status   BetterThanMost at 10/1/17 8:13am
They have reopened the course for play. Here's part of an email the club sent out regarding current conditions:

Golf Course Update!

Anyone that has played since we have opened knows we have had a slow growing season for our new greens and they have not quite fully grown in. To improve this and give our members and guests a better playing experience we will be Sodding in all the areas that have not grown in within the next 2 weeks.
We will also be overseeding all of our tee boxes next week with Rye Grass to give them a good coverage for the fall, winter and spring. New Rakes, cups, flags and flagsticks have been ordered to inhance our facility and we exepct those to be delivered next week.
The ownership and managem!
ent are committed to do everything we can to create a great experience for our membership and we appreciate your patience through this process.

It does look like they do not have a website any longer, although their mobile website is still active, but not current. It also appears as if they aren't on any of the tee time services any longer, either. Published rates are $38 on weekdays and $45 on weekends. Twilight rates are $28.

Also in that area, Badin Golf Club closed suddenly at the end of August. Little to no information is known as to the future of that course.
Tillery Tradition Status   kuehbr at 9/29/17 10:08am
Heard Tillery was putting in new greens this summer, are they open for play yet? I can't seem to find their website either...
Ole Still Golf Club in Hickory, NC   Albert So at 9/26/17 8:30am
Worth the 1 1/3 hour drive from Charlotte. Superb, fast, true greens. Lush fairways. They offer substantial discounts on-line. Downside, small greens, the cart path is extremely rutted, bumpy, falling apart. So is the ground near the path. A LOT of dry, rock-hard clay surfaces.
This is an extremely slopey track. 90% of shots are on a slope. But, I like that kind of thing.
I'll be back.
Re: Zoysia   The B-Man at 8/16/17 5:00pm
Eagle Chase in Marshville.
Zoysia   LukeDuke at 8/16/17 4:53pm
Hi Fellow Golfers,

Hoping to locate a track in the Charlotte area that offers zoysia fairways to prepare for a tourney in a few weeks.

Thank you in advance.
Red Bridge   GinMillDJ at 8/16/17 9:04am
Has anyone played Red Bridge recently? Wondering what kind of shape the greens are in with all the heat we've had. Thanks!
Re: Lost 9 hole course near airport   panthersfann55 at 8/6/17 4:11pm
i found this during a google search

John Sagi

Greg, I've created a golf course website and a golf course coding system that has every known golf course, including past courses and courses that have changed name or merged. It also includes golf associations, unions, clubs, etc. The only way to activate the personal pages are through my personal search engine on my website.

I would be interested in any and all information and images that will help keep Sharon Golf Club MA-0437.

GolfTracer's - Golf Clubs & Code Numbers - Sharon Golf Club - NC-0437

Read more here

Lost 9 hole course near airport   Gid at 8/1/17 9:09pm
I need help from a Charlotte golf old-timer. In around 1980 I played a nine hole course somewhere off Wilkinson Blvd. I can't come up with its name. Do any of you remember it? It was not Sunset Hills, Oak Hills, Pawtucket or Revolution. Can anyone tell me the name of the course I'm thinking of?
PGA Event   Shawn Oberreiter at 7/28/17 10:08pm

We are currently contacting clubs in Charlotte who may be interested in earning money for their organization or who have individuals who may want to earn some extra money. We are in need of 100 individuals to help work the PGA event at the Quail Hollow Club on Aug 8- 13th. If you would like additional details, please contact Allysa in our office at 812-491-6171.

Thank you.

Larkin Golf Club   BetterThanMost at 7/20/17 8:49pm
For anyone who is interested, Larkin's 10th hole will be reopening for play on July 28th. The club has been using only 17 holes for the better part of the last year while houses were built around the 10th hole.
Re: Irish Creek - best kept secret in North Carolina   The B-Man at 7/12/17 10:39pm
I couldn't agree more. I was wow'ed today when I played it with a Verdict Ridge member on a reciprocal. It was a nice day and just made the holes adjacent to the water look stunning -- see the photos on my @charlottegolfer Instagram account. I may add it to the site just because...
Irish Creek - best kept secret in North Carolina   TheClaw at 6/26/17 10:15am
Played in a tournament at Irish Creek yesterday, oh my word, one of the most beautiful golf courses I have ever seen (and I have seen a lot). If this course was closer to Charlotte it would be one of the premier courses in the area. Has some of the best golf holes you will ever play. It is a private country club but they do offer "be a member for a day" and you can play it for $49. Do you yourself a favor and GO AND PLAY THIS COURSE. Best kept secret in all of North Carolina.
Re: Visiting Late June   TheClaw at 5/23/17 12:12pm
Add Carolina Lakes to your list. Right now it is in perfect condition.
Re: Visiting Late June   BetterThanMost at 5/17/17 10:21pm
I would say either Red Bridge or Rocky River based on current conditions. I've heard promising things about Skybrook, as it was in really rough shape last year about this time. New management sounds like they are working on making improvements. Tradition is what it is. Will never be in great shape, but may be in good shape. Don't know much about Glen Oaks.
Visiting Late June   DrSchteeve at 5/10/17 11:03pm
Haven't been back to Charlotte since leaving 3 years ago. Plan to play:

1) Eagle Chase
2) Verdict Ridge
3) Olde Sycamore

After that, possibles include Red Bridge, Skybrook, Rocky River, Tradition, Glen Oaks, Mostly interested in best conditions, since I know all courses very well. Any info or suggestions appreciated.
Re: Rating/Slope   TheClaw at 5/3/17 3:23pm
Generally a par 72 with a rating of 72 means that for a scratch golfer (0 handicap) the course plays to its par.

But if the course is a par 72 but has a rating of 69, it means that if a scratch golfer shoots level par 72, he effectively played 3 over his handicap. As 69 is really "par" for that course because it plays easier than the 72 on the scorecard suggests.

Same as if the par is 72 but the rating is 75, it means the course is 3 shots tougher than the par suggests.

Slope applies to a similar rating for bogey golfers (instead of scratch), read more here:

So if you like to play "easier courses" choose courses with ratings well below their par. Conve! rsely if you like to play tough courses, choose courses with ratings well above their par.
Rating/Slope   Skools64 at 5/3/17 2:06am
I'm in my Mid 20s and wanted to see if anyone can explain to me what rate and slope means. I never seem to understand it

I play Carolina National a lot and the rating and slope are
69.8 131

Does a rating below 72 mean the course is harder. The higher the slope is the more challenging the course is? I.E. Bunkers Water

My friend told me the average Slope is 121 but in his own opinion he won't play anything below 125. Then when it comes to rating he won't play anything 70 or above.

Are those good bench marks or is he way off?

Thank You for the help.
Re: Which Course for High Handicapper   BetterThanMost at 5/1/17 1:33pm
I think this depends on several factors: What part of Charlotte are you moving to? How far are you willing to drive to play? What part(s) of your game make you a high handicapper? Do you spray the ball or are you not a long hitter? Do you struggle on fast greens, etc. In the SE Charlotte area, I think Charlotte National and Charles T. Myers are probably your best bets, as they tend to have wider fairways. National also has relatively flat greens. In the SW Charlotte area, you would probably want to look at Renaissance Park. In the NW Charlotte area, Sunset Hills is probably your single best bet within the city limits for what you are looking for. Wide fairways and slow greens should be appealing. At 6,028yds from the tips and a slope of 118, it's neither long, nor difficult. T! hey also have a nine hole par 3 'learning course' that is an option as well. If you're inclined to travel a little, there are two courses in Salisbury less than 5 miles apart, McCanless and Corbin Hills, that are less than 6,000 yards from the whites, and carry slope ratings below 120. Neither course has bunkers, either, which is often appealing to higher handicap golfers.
Which Course for High Handicapper   Bill at 4/26/17 11:34pm
Hello. I'm moving to the Charlotte area soon and was wondering if anyone could make a recommendation as to which public course might be a good choice for a high handicap golfer. I would prefer a course that's not too crowded. I don't hit the ball all that well and don't want to hold others up (or embarrass myself too much). Any helpful suggestions would be appreciated.
FYI - Tillery Tradition   BetterThanMost at 4/24/17 3:11pm
For anyone who ventures out to Albemarle to play Tillery Tradition, they are regrassing their greens this summer. The course will close on July 5th as they switch from Crenshaw Bentgrass to MiniVerde Bermudagrass. They anticipate reopening on Labor Day Monday.
Re: Clickit refund   Jackson at 4/19/17 2:26pm
I sent the complaint in SC and I was allowed to play my two rounds now, worked for me. Didn't seem like a scam. At least they are holding them accountable.
Clickit refund   JoeJag at 4/6/17 2:58pm
I got the same email. I asked at the course I played this past weekend about the email. They told me that clickit owes them A LOT of money, is refusing to pay, and is now obviously trying scare and diversion tactics to take away from the real facts. sounds like the new owner is a bit of a scam artist and has done this before
Clickit Refunds   Mike at 3/26/17 11:07am
I got this today from Clickit Golf.

Hi Mike,

You are receiving this notice because we believe you have paid for at least one voucher for golf and were either refused play or a refund since 2012. If you purchased a coupon voucher for golf at Red Bridge Golf Club, Olde Sycamore Golf Club, Monroe Country Club, and or Carolina Lakes Golf Club, and did not redeem your voucher, you may be legally entitled to receive consideration or to at least play. By law, Vouchers qualify as “gift certificates” because you did not choose a Tee Time, and it was for use for a future product or benefit.

NC Law:
N.C. Gen. Stat. §66-67.5
"Gift card" means a record evidencing a promise, made for monetary consideration, by a seller or! issuer that goods or services will be provided to the owner of the record to the value shown in the record.

N.C. Gen. Stat. §116B-53(c)(8)
Any gift certificate or electronic gift card bearing an expiration date and remaining unredeemed or dormant for more than three years after the gift certificate or electronic gift card was sold is deemed abandoned. The amount abandoned is deemed to be 60 percent of the unredeemed portion of the face value of the gift certificate or the electronic gift card.

N.C. Gen. Stat. §116B-54(b)
A gift certificate or electronic gift card is not abandoned property when the gift certificate or electronic gift card: (1) Conspicuously states that the gift certificate or electronic gift card does not expire; (2) Bears no expiration date; or (3) States that a date of expiration printed on the gift certificate or electronic gift card is not applicable ! in North Carolina

Federal Law:
In 2009, Congress passed the Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure (CARD) Act, which set consumer protections for gift cards based on many state laws. The law provides that gift cards cannot expire within five years from the date they were activated and generally limits inactivity fee on gift cards except in certain circumstances, such as if there has been no transaction for at least 12 months. The federal law creates a floor for regulation and leaves room for state regulation on redeeming gift cards for cash and unclaimed property provisions.

What this means:
If you purchased a coupon on within the last 5 years, you are entitled to the actual cash value of the voucher, even if it’s expired, per federal law. This also means that you are ONLY entitled to the actual cash value, not any additional discount or “upside”. Since the courses were paid for these vouchers, you may ! have a legal right to collect it back from them from 2012 forward. Clickit Golf, Inc has been attempting to correct this issue on your behalf and get permission for you to play, but we have been refused by these courses.

What you should do:
If you believe that you qualify, you should submit a support ticket to with your name, email, the date you purchased and the voucher/course that you were unable to redeem. You may qualify even if you were not refused and simply did not use the voucher. We will then contact you with the next steps.

Clickit Golf Management
5/5 UDACF Carolina Lakes Golf Tournament   jrpavone5 at 3/3/17 11:41am

May 5th - U Deserve a Chance Charity Golf Tournament @ Carolina Lakes. Check out for tournament info and sponsorship or email me at Proceeds benefit the 501c-3 organization so are tax deductible.

Organization uses proceeds to help families and people with youth athletic costs due to the rising costs. Funds specifically benefit families that are involved in baseball (the future golf ball slicers) of the greater Charlotte area.

PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD to make this the greatest CINCO de Mayo/ Golf Fundraiser in the areas history.
Click it   ILL-INI at 2/28/17 12:18pm
Nah - I use Much easier process and cheaper in most instances.
clickit golf?   JoeJag at 2/13/17 12:56pm
Has anyone bought golf through clickit lately? First, the website is really cumbersome so its hard to find anything. And now it looks like there are very few courses listed. a guy there helped me out before with my credits, but now nobody responds to emails. Sad really, clickit was such a great and easy place to buy golf rounds.
Lincoln Country Club   NCGolfer at 2/7/17 10:40am
Played Lincoln again Sunday. Greens continue to be some of the best I've played if not the best. Tees and fairways dormant but in good shape for the winter. Not sure about previous poster concerning highways on a few holes. Would have to have a nasty slice to hit it there. All in all a good course, with friendly staff.
Re: Lincoln Country Club   Albert So at 2/3/17 7:05am
Almost blew somebody's windshield out. Check traffic before hitting on 10, 11 and 12.
I hate this golf course. Love playing there, but it kills me. Just cannot figure out the greens. Most places I'm a two-putt or better. Not here. And yeah, they're fast, firm- my preference. One par-3 on the front I swear the ball appeared to roll uphill.
Four doglegs are close to 90-degrees. Fun. Wide open fairways are sprinkled with semi-visible traps, plenty of water. No miss-hits allowed. Every shot has got to count. Most of the collars are a little chewed up. By the way, most greens are slightly elevated so you can forget about a bump and run. Short shots roll off to the side.
Cheap rates. Paid $14 to walk. Which was a challenge. Some pretty steep hills. Worth playing this course just for #18 which has the steepest approach shot of any course in the area. Granted, I was pretty ragged at this point. At 135 yards out I hit a five-wood, thinking "If I hit the club house maybe that'll teach 'em." Pin-high with a steep downhill roll I two-putted for par on a hole I assumed I'd double- or triple-bogey. I hate this course.
Re: Deerbrook   IM4DHERD at 1/31/17 12:08pm
Not lately, but have played it plenty of times in the winter and as always it has been in as good or better shape as anywhere in the area.
Handicaps   IM4DHERD at 1/31/17 9:51am
Since this is a board of public course players, I wonder if anyone uses a USGA Handicap system of some sort to get a card. There are a number out there, but I don't know the cost/benefit of one vs. another.

I have an excel spreadsheet with formulas that does the work for me, that I can it share with anyone interested, but wouldn't mind getting an official index if the price is right. I think there are online options where you can develop a group/club if a "B-Man" group/club might be of interest.

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