Photo of golf ball on the edge of the cupPhoto of 14th hole at Quail Hollow Country Club in Charlotte, NC

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Charlotte National   Jamie at 7/11/11 9:17pm
Played for the first time at Charlotte National in over a year on Saturday 7/9/11. Course was in good shape except for the bunkers - some had little to no sand. Greens were recently mini-punched, and unusually slow. They rolled well, but you needed s sledgehammer on uphill putts. As for the clubhouse, still a trailer, so there still really isn't one. After 15 years in business - if the trailer continues to deteriorate, they will be forced to either build a clubhouse or shut down. At some point something has to give. Very strange situation for such a good course.
Which course to play   DrSchteeve at 7/10/11 9:25pm
Verdict Ridge, absolutely. Skybrook, also great. Olde Sycamore, yes. Different level - the "working man's" course, Eagle Chase. Ballantyne - no.
Re: Only one day in Charlotte, Which course is a must play?   sawlog at 7/9/11 8:18am
Although I have not played the course. I have heard great things about Verdict Ridge. This is on my list of places nearby to play.
Re: Re: Only one day in Charlotte, Which course is a must play?   Chad at 7/8/11 7:48pm
Thanks El Sup
Re: Only one day in Charlotte, Which course is a must play?   El Supremo at 7/8/11 7:16pm
Of the three courses you listed, Verdict is the best. Skip Ballantyne. Also consider Springfield and Olde Sycamore.

Only one day in Charlotte, Which course is a must play?   Chad at 7/8/11 6:58pm
Heading to the Charlotte area on Monday July 11. We have enough time for one round of golf. Which course would be the must play in this area? So far, I'm
looking at Ballantyne, Verdict Ridge, and Skybrook. Any suggestions or comments are appreciated.


olde sycamore   roy at 7/4/11 7:13pm
I had the honor of playing with THE B Man today at Olde Sycamore. Overall the course was in good shape, fairways rolling and the greens were true throughout the round.
Stonebridge July 3   amish at 7/3/11 10:23pm
Very Green, good shape, but ball marks on the green. Above avg shape and played in 4hrs on SAT AM
Highland Creek   DrSchteeve at 6/18/11 6:13pm
I didn't play, but someone I know said that the greens are starting to come back from the "mini-punch" they did in May, and overall conditions not bad. Unraked traps are something Highland Creek has had an issue with for a while (I mean that the overall condition of the bunkers is often suspect, not just that people don't rake the traps after their shots).
Highland Creek   estanwick at 6/15/11 12:42pm
Has anybody played Highland Creek in the last couple weeks?
Emerald Lake review 6/4   Msearch at 6/4/11 2:34pm
Played Emerald Lake this AM and course is in good condition but greens are not as fast as they usually are. That's ok, cause they rolled true, but I do miss them being quick and rolling out like they normally do. We had a threesome and a single celebrity joined us. The B Man himself. I had no clue who he was, and I thought he had gray/white hair until I saw it was "Flair Hair"...He had 3 birdies, and a few chip ins...Nice meeting you B Man, and great playing!
Re: Ballantyne update   outliar at 6/3/11 1:33pm
Smokey Bissell and his in-laws (Johnny / Cam Harris) own half...the most expensive half of Charlotte; and they act like it.

Therefore there is no disruption to play- "cause they said so".
Ballantyne update   The B-Man at 6/2/11 11:21pm
Remember my review from 4 weeks ago and how I was upset that the regular email updates gave no warning about the renovation? Well, it finally came in their latest email, but if you ask me, it's too little too late. And, I don't agree that the renovation causes "no significant disruption in play" or that the temporary 8th hole setup is "very playable". Judge for yourself:

The Golf Club at Ballantyne announces work is underway to redo its 8th hole. Due to the construction of a new office building adjacent to the existing 8th hole green and 2nd hole tee boxes, The Golf Club at Ballantyne is making the following improvements:
  • Relocated and enlarged 8th green
  • New tee boxes on 2nd hole
  • Additiona! l fairway bunkers & extension of existing 8th fairway bunker
  • Additional 8th hole tee box

We look forward to featuring a more approachable 8th hole putting surface with more pin locations and increased playability. The enhancements are due to be completed in late July. Meanwhile, no significant disruption to play is anticipated during the renovations due to the availability of a shortened but very playable 8th hole.
Carolina Lakes   DrSchteeve at 6/2/11 1:11pm
Anybody play recently? Their telephone message on course conditions says that on Memorial Day they were playing the front 9 only, which makes me wonder if something is up.
The golf business   DrSchteeve at 6/1/11 7:18pm
Although there are a few higher end daily fee courses charging premium pricing right now (Verdict Ridge and Olde Sycamore are both $60+ for weekend morning play), it seems like many courses are desperate for cash, with lots of "pay now, play later" deals. Everywhere I have played this year (and I play once or twice a week) has not seemed crowded. Golf stores: not crowded. Seems to me the economy is slamming the golf business right now.
springfield   malamute at 5/31/11 6:55pm
is punching greens this week / running a reduced greens fee special
Waterford   Jamie at 5/30/11 10:17am
Played Waterford yesterday (5/29/11). Course is in pretty good shape, but the greens were unusually slow. Actually they were probably the slowest I have ever seen there. Fairways were pretty good. There were several bunkers with standing water, but the fairways played hard and fast - weird. Overall, I give it a B.
carolina crossing   panthersfann55 at 5/26/11 8:34pm
Decided to make the trip and play Carolina Crossing (between York and Rock Hill) for the $30 play all day special. Course overall in ok shape. Greens very sandy due to heavy top dressing but still puttable, tees and fairways were in good shape not spectacular, bunkers were probably the best i've seen in a while. Not a long course but the pace of play today was terrible. The group that was leading the pack backed us all up (no ranger) 3 guys that had no business playing from the tees they were playing from. No consideration for what they were doing (5 minute wait between each shot). If you only play golf a handful of times a year do yourself and the rest of us a favor and don't play from the tips it's embarassing to watch (especially if you throw your clubs into the water hazard when you can't hit ! it past the ladies tees.
More aeration!   t2green2 at 5/26/11 12:15pm
Played H Creek late yesterday and the greens are not too bad. Actually roll pretty well.
Crystal Creek   ILL-INI at 5/25/11 11:07am
Why not take down Crystal Creek from the site. it's been closed for some time now and it's never going to re-open.
More aeration!   DrSchteeve at 5/18/11 5:13pm
At least these 3 Carolina Trail courses are doing "light aeration" - 1/2" holes instead of 1", still top dressing with sand - apparently to try to avoid the fungus issues they had last summer and fall
Highland Creek 5/18
Tradition 5/23
Skybrook 5/31
Tee It Up for Technology at Verdict Ridge   Kellie Caddoo at 5/4/11 9:32pm
Catawba Springs Elementary First Annual Golf Tournament
Friday May 13th, 2011
Golfer Check-in and Continental breakfast began at 7:30 am
*18 Holes
*Captains Choice
*Prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place teams
*Complimentary continental breakfast
*Lunch provided upon completion of tournament

Individual $75
Foursome $300

Contact for more details.
Course conditions   DrSchteeve at 5/4/11 7:07pm
Verdict Ridge should be perfect in 2 weeks. You need to play this course. You will love it and remember it. Springfield is interesting: almost Augusta like, greens too fast and silly shot angles into those greens, recommended but don't expect to score well.
Charlotte National   PT at 5/4/11 7:07am
The course is greening up nicely and the greens right now are in very good shape. They have some speed and roll true. Just wish more players would take the time to repair their divots and ballmarks.
Would like course condictions   Brad at 4/30/11 12:21pm
I am going to be in Charlotte in 2 weeks and was looking to play 2 rounds at either Springfeild, Olde Sycamore or Verdict Ridge. Thanks.
Send in your course updates   The B-Man at 4/29/11 1:59pm
I'm also interested in recent course condition updates for Ballantyne, Charlotte Golf Links, and Fort Mill among others. Please post your reviews or comments here. Thanks!
Highland Creek   paul at 4/29/11 1:58pm
Has anyone played Highland Creek recently?
I am curious to know what kind of shape it is in. I played it one time a while back and actually enjoyed it quite a bit.

Cleghorn   malamute at 4/14/11 8:30pm
thxs doc - i remember that post now - shame because it looks good on web page hole layout
cleghorn plantation   DrSchteeve at 4/14/11 7:42pm
Played it last year.

The good: the layout is pretty cool - lots of elevation changes. One or two holes a bit goofy (too much elevation change, type of shot required). Conditions were perfect - Bermuda greens, nice fairways. Cost was reasonable.

The bad: our round took 5 1/2 hours. If you scroll down in this message board, I think you will see a review from someone who played twice, and both rounds were 5+ hours. The worst: when they said something to someone in the clubhouse about the pace of play, they were told something to the effect of "If you don't like it, don't come back". WOW! PCA - pretty crappy attitude.
CLEGHORN PLANTATION   malamute at 4/12/11 5:16pm
has anyone played this course and can provide info on conditions, etc?

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