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Re: Best walking course, North Charlotte   ezndat at 8/29/11 2:12pm
Fort Mill Golf Club is a walker friendly course and has several walking groups there every time I've played...However, it isn't the nicest course in Charlote, it is just okay but a good place to walk...
Ballantyne green fees   HateSlowPlay at 8/26/11 9:03am
I played yesterday at Ballantyne for the first time. Really enjoyed the course and would love to play there again. Which leads me to my question.

Does anybody know when the best time to play there is on the weekend to get a good rate? Do they have a twilight rate after 2pm or 4pm or something like that?

I can never find any online discounts for this course on and the like.
Re: Best walking course, North Charlotte   El Supremo at 8/24/11 8:06pm
Westport and Mallard Head are semi private courses, not private. Another course that is walkable on the north side of town is Birkdale. Its part of the Carolina Trail and is usually in OK shape. It also has one of the better practice facilities in the area.
Glen Oaks   IM4DHERD at 8/23/11 10:11pm
Played Glen Oaks in Maiden, NC - 10 minutes north of Lincolnton - today for the first time. What a great course. Fairways, greens and tee boxes are all in excellent shape, best I've seen in this area in years. Landscaping, layout, manicuring and use of water are all like a private club. $33 weekday green fee. A course like this would charge $80 in Charlotte. Played two new courses this year, here and Edgewater and they may now be my two new favorites.
Walking course north Charlotte   DrSchteeve at 8/23/11 7:46pm
It's private (annual fee ~$3000) - but Northstone is a great layout and definitely walkable. Not that many other options, as the majority of Charlotte courses were built as daily fee courses after 1995, and walking was just not a priority. Tradition, in the University area, is walkable, but not easily so. Most other courses just not made for walking. Mooresville Golf Club is walkable, but it is a "C" course - a nice, inexpensive muni, but conditions and availability subject to conditions. Westport Country Club and Mallard Head Country Club are walkable, private, OK but nothing special. I would go Northstone myself.
Best walking course, North Charlotte   Akgolf at 8/23/11 2:44pm
Looking for help finding a good walking course, North of Charlotte. I'm new to the area, currently living in Charleston, SC. Looking to relocate to the Charlotte area. Thanks guys. I love this site, wish we had one down in Charleston...
Re: Golf coach for better player?   Russell at 8/15/11 1:57am
I recommend Randy Joyner. He is the head of instruction at Ballantyne County Club. He does take lessons from non members. He has coached PGA and nationwide pros, us open qualifiers and college players.

He even helps 40+ year old six handicaps like myself.
Re: Golf coach for better player?   malamute at 8/11/11 2:30pm
check out pat stillanio (pga card holder)- he used to work at firethorne - you might find him on facebook or through google / or try charles t myers - he worked there for a time also / he was assistant pro at pine lakes for some time
Golf coach for better player?   HateSlowPlay at 8/10/11 9:40pm
I am looking for recommendations for some golf coaches in the Charlotte area who tend to focus on teaching better players. Would be nice to hear from people who have had first-hand experience as opposed to "I hear so-and-so is pretty good". I have found that golf coaches are like any other profession, there are a few good ones, but a lot more bad ones.

Appreciate any help. Thanks
Stonebridge?   Jova007200 at 8/10/11 3:04pm
Is Stonebridge every busy Thursdays after 5? I'm planning on playing alone, but you never know....

Re: Good course for bad golfers....   Jova007200 at 8/9/11 10:51pm
Alright, thanks guys. I'll put these on the top of the list until I get back into my game. :)
Re: Good course for bad golfers....   The B-Man at 8/9/11 10:41pm
Stonebridge is an easier course that's usually in great shape.

I learned to play golf on the par 3 out in Indian Trail -- Pebble Creek. No hole longer than 175yds. It's fun, inexpensive and laid back. Haven't been in awhile. So I don't know that it's in great shape, but it's worth a shot.
Re: Good course for bad golfers....   Matt at 8/9/11 8:13pm
I have personally never played, but I hear Charles T. Myers is a reasonably open and easier course. Also, you can get good rates for this course through or
Re: Good course for bad golfers....   malamute at 8/9/11 7:14pm
the tradition is a good course - not too difficult with wide fairways
Good course for bad golfers....   Jova007200 at 8/9/11 6:05pm
Hey, I'm trying to dig back into the golf world after quite a few years of either non-play or inconsistent play. I've pretty much lost my ability to hit anything other than wayward shots. It'll take quite some practice, but where would you say are the best places to play that are somewhat......... forgiving. Haha, I lost too many golf balls at rocky river. :p
Re: Riders fee?   Jova007200 at 8/8/11 12:53pm
I wouldn't say its standard practice as I've done this a few times without charge. However, as the B-Man says, if you go to play at a busy time there is a higher likelihood of them charging you such a fee. I've always done it during twilight hours, and never had a problem because it wasn't busy.
Re: Riders fee?   The B-Man at 8/8/11 12:01pm
Yes, I've encountered this before at a few area courses. The Divide and Larkhaven come to mind. To be honest, I think it depends on time of day / size of your group -- if you are a single player and won't be filling out a foursome, then it may not be an issue. I understand, though, if they are packed and need all the cart space they can get.

It helps if the staff knows you or if you talk to the manager beforehand -- like when making your tee time.

Personally, if no special consideration applies (like a crowded course), then I think this is a bogus charge and would express my displeasure with management -- letting them know they could lose a customer.
Riders fee?   HateSlowPlay at 8/8/11 11:45am
I was surprised to find out recently that the Charlotte Golf Links charges a rider's fee for a non-playing partner to ride along in a golf cart with you.

Frankly nothing really surprises me anymore when it comes to the Charlotte Golf Links (or any Trail course), but do all the Charlotte courses do this? Is it standard practice?
Re: Course Information   Josey at 8/6/11 1:32pm
Thank you, I will check them out.
Re: Course Information   Matt at 8/6/11 11:21am
Great Courses: Springfield, Olde Sycamore, Charlotte National
For the value Charlotte National is #1
Course Information   Josey at 8/5/11 6:20pm
We have a co-worker moving to the Charlotte area. We would like to get him a gift certificate to play golf at one of the courses. Which course would any of you recommend? Thank you, Josey
Rock Barn   CU_Tigerfan at 8/2/11 9:35am
I played at Rock Barn up near Hickory a couple of weeks ago thanks to a big discount on Click-It. This is where they play one of the Champions Tour Events. Having seen it on TV a little bit, I didn't really have great expectations, but I was very pleasantly surprised. It was an absolutely beautiful course in great shape. You really had to think your way around on every shot. It amazes me how low those "old" guys can go on a course like that. Well worth the trip if you can get a discounted price. B-Man: You might want to think about adding this to your list of courses.
Re: Springfield   malamute at 7/24/11 3:00pm
seems they are trying to pass on the cost of the new greens to the customers by increasing the greens fees which are way too high
Springfield   DrSchteeve at 7/23/11 9:42pm
My understanding of new greens is that they take a few years to soften and become receptive. Hopefully that will happen with Springfield. Don't get me wrong - for putting, the greens were great. But for receiving shots, not so much, and the layout of the course is such that you need either receptive greens (nope) or you have to play perfect shot angles into just the right spots on the greens or you are bouncing off into bunkers or rough, especially hard from some of the distances - 9 irons should have a chance, but not hybrids. Again, for the frequent players, this might be fun and challenging, but for someone who doesn't have a lot of experience with the course, quite frustrating. Plus, right now, they are at the high end of the public play cost range.
Re: DrSchteeve, Springfield Walking   Paul at 7/21/11 12:25pm

I have not played there since they redid their greens with this miniverde stuff. I played at Waterford, and their miniverde greens are trampolines. I hit wedges with Nike One Tour balls that my 2 year old could probably rip back they spin so much, and the ball released forward was crazy.
I really hope Springfield's greens are not this hard and bouncy. Makes me realize how much I really enjoy Bent Grass. I guess Tega Cay and Ballantyne went with this grass too. Surely, Ballantyne has them set up differently than Waterford, and hopefully Springfield too, being that they charge 65 bucks on Saturday.
Springfield   DrSchteeve at 7/20/11 8:36pm
Not walking friendly. Actually, just not friendly - greens very nonrecptive with the angles required for many shots. If you play it all the time, you probably could figure out the angles of the fairways and greens, but to play occasionally, very difficult.
Springfield - Walking the course??   Paul at 7/20/11 9:15am
Hello there golf peeps.
Have any of you ever walked Springfield? I see people walking it from time to time, but it definitely seems like it is not the most walking friendly course, but hopefully I am wrong.
Re: easiest way to get a USGA handicap?   El Supremo at 7/19/11 8:16am
I use My Scorecard.
easiest way to get a USGA handicap?   marcjvr at 7/19/11 6:37am
Hi All

I am looking to get an official USGA handicap and was wondering what the easiest/cheapest way to go about it is here in Charlotte?

It has to be an official USGA handicap.

Looks like Ratcliffe golf services offers one with their package but I never play any of their courses.

Interested to hear what other decent options are out there...

Anyone need a 4th this weekend? Or want to setup a tee time somewhere?   ILL-INI at 7/12/11 5:38pm
I see a lot of you guys posting reviews, as do I, and I am going to try and get out this weekend for a round. I'm thinking Olde Sycamore, Stonebridge, maybe Charlotte National, etc. Anyone from the site need a 4th this weekend or want to start a 4-some? I might have 1 other guy that wants to play but other than that no one I know is playing this weekend. I would sort of like to play morning if possible to beat as much of the heat as possible but if not I can play anytime. I am anywhere from 79 - 86 so I shouldn't slow you up, hopefully. ;) My name is Jason - shoot me a text if you want to group up or need a 4th. 704-287-8746. Thanks!

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