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Edgewater   DrSchteeve at 10/5/11 7:26pm
My experience is that most greens take at least 4 weeks to get to good condition, 3 to reach conditions that you don't feel like complaining when you put.
need playing partners   JE at 10/5/11 9:55am
I am looking for a golf partner(s) for Saturday or Sunday play. I play most every weekend and recently lost my group as they moved to Florida. I am in the Waxhaw area and enjoy Carolina Lakes, Emerald Lake, Old Sycamore, etc. I'm a laid back guy and my handicap is around 20 and looking for similiar strength golfers. Contact me at
Red Bridge - 7:40am tee time   ILL-INI at 10/4/11 5:05pm
Need 1 more for a early tee time out at Red Bridge. We have 3 so far - I'm 34 (jason), Chris is 30 and Brad is 28. Only so you know we're younger dudes and play a good pace. If anyone from the board wants to join the 4-some let me know. 704-287-8746 - Jason
Edgewater   Jeremy at 10/4/11 9:49am
Has anyone played at Edgewater since they areated the greens on 9/27? Just checking since we wanted to play on Oct. 7
Re: Practice Ranges   HateSlowPlay at 9/30/11 3:14pm
The Cadillac Range (at South Blvd and I-485) works on a time basis. It costs $15 for an hour (you can hit unlimited balls) and $5 per half hour after that. So if you like to practice for long periods of time, this is the place. They always have grass tees and the balls are good quality. Try it out, you won't be disappointed.
Re: Southern Pines   panthersfann55 at 9/28/11 2:41pm
Seven Lakes is a nice course. We play it every year with 2 other courses and it's always in great shape. Other than that we have been trying to find 2 more to go with it.
Southern Pines   jonner_wv at 9/27/11 4:28am
Thinking about heading down to Southern Pines area for a couple days and never been before. Any recommendations on good, not outrageously expensive, courses?
Charity Tournament at Rolling Hills on 10/31   The B-Man at 9/26/11 10:31pm
Turning Point Annual Golf Tournament
Rolling Hills Country Club
Monday, Oct. 31

Registration Link
Team Entry - $600
Individuals - $150

Contests: "Beat the Pro" Par 3 Drive, Win a Car for Hole-in-One, $10,000 Putt, Longest Drive & Longest Putt (Men and Women's)
Prizes: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, door and raffle prizes
Free tips: 8:00am Driving Range tips from a PGA Pro
Sponsorships: Corporate sponsorships available!

Turning Point is committed to “turning our community away from domestic violence” and providing victims of domestic violence and their dependent children with safe shelter while they learn how to break free from their abuser.
Practice Ranges   Jova007200 at 9/22/11 9:38pm
I'm kind of looking for a good practice range that has an "all you can hit" option. Sometimes I just want to spend a good 3 hours or more practicing, but I don't know where to go for such a thing... Without removing a leg.
Charity Tournament at Emerald Lake 10/22   The B-Man at 9/22/11 7:59am
What: Cindy's Hope Chest 1st Annual Golf Tournament
4-man Captain's Choice style format
$400/team or $100/individual (includes boxed lunch, dinner and gift bag)

When: Saturday, October 22nd
Registration: 10:30am, Shotgun Start: 12pm

Where: Emerald Lake Golf Club

Contact: Cindy's Hope Chest
P.O. Box 1215
Indian Trail, NC 28079
Online Form

Cindy's Hope Chest's mission is to support women battling breast cancer emotionally and financially. Our goal is to provide ways to educate, support and encourage women while undergoing treaments.

Cleghorn Plantation   DrSchteeve at 9/21/11 7:23pm
Courtesy of Groupon, played on Sunday for $15/golfer. Greens still recovering from a punch, but very good, should be perfect in a few weeks. Pace was slow, 5 hours, but not as miserably slow as on a prior visit and as described by other posters. Probably could have been faster if they tried - no rangers on a Sunday morning?!? With a 1 - 1 1/2 hour drive from Charlotte, a long day. The layout is great, nice mix of holes, maybe a course to try to combine with some others for a 2 or 3 day getaway. Just not sure it's worth a 8-9 hour trip from Charlotte...
NHRA LOUDness....   Jova007200 at 9/18/11 12:47pm
The other guy wasn't kidding.... When I got to Rocky River yesterday the Top Fuel dragsters were on the strip. Good god they're the loudest. Its the low frequency rumble that really gets you....
Re: Westwood Driving Range?   Jova007200 at 9/15/11 2:35pm
I've been there pretty frequently in the past month or two. Lately I've been wearing my Scottish cap.... Maybe you've seen me tirelessly working on my swing... Getting better every time I go I might add, especially after some good advice the other day from..... I forget his name.

He was using my swing as an example of what not to do while talking to his daughter. I heard him, so I asked how I was doing. Apparently I move around too much in the swing (you know rocking back and forth). After watching some slow mo pro swings, I finally think I've gotten the point. ^_^

Club at Irish Creek   IM4DHERD at 9/15/11 9:03am
Played Irish Creek the other day...VERY nice. Everything was in great shape. A private course, but if you go to their website you can find a Member for a Day program to play for $45. They don't try to sell you, it's a legit chance to play the course at a pretty good rate.
Re: Westwood Driving Range?   El Supremo at 9/15/11 5:39am
I stop there 2-3 times a week on my way home from work.
highland creek   1in2out at 9/14/11 6:09pm
What happened? This used to be a great course. Played it 9/13/11. Greens had some kind of clumps growing into them along with bare spots. Bunkers were washed out and full of rocks. Tee boxes were thin. Only positive were the fairways. Very disappointed after bragging to my playing partner about the course. I've played there maybe ten times but not in the last three years.
Westwood Driving Range?   Jova007200 at 9/13/11 8:27pm
Anybody else go to this place? Its on Beatties Ford Rd off of Sunset. Its not your state of the art facility, but its an inexpensive place to practice off the course.

Just curious, really; as I go there pretty often.
white plains golf club   panthersfann55 at 9/13/11 9:36am
Hit up White Plains Golf Club for the first time this year. Just south of Pageland,SC. I play this course once or twice a year because of the drive, but with courses starting to aerify I took a chance (they aerify next mon the 19th). Course in decent shape. Rough was thick but not penalizing, fairways a little dry so the ball rolled, tee boxes were showing their wear, greens were in good but not great shape (ball rolled true but edges were showing signs of wear (hardly any ball marks even though the greens were soft),traps had soft sand (was only in 1). Ended up shooting 77. Over all good experience for $27 (they have a play all day deal for $36).
info needed   jeff at 9/12/11 1:52pm
Anybody play Providence CC recently? nice track?
Re: Re: Revolution Park since renovation   Sephlo at 9/10/11 11:09am
That's Willie. He's been there for years and part of the character of this course in my opinion. Nice guy just looking for a buck or 2 for some balls. I always buy a few and tease him that the balls have been under water longer than the Titanic...
Re: Revolution Park since renovation   ThatDudeP at 9/9/11 9:54pm
Hahah that's too funny. Yes, you WILL encounter a guy with dreads rolling around on a bike trying to sell you a bag of golf balls. Like clockwork, he just pops outta nowhere when you lease expect it. lol

Pinehurst   DrSchteeve at 9/6/11 8:40pm
I know you may be looking for special ways to access the course(s), but why don't you just call the resort and ask what deals are available?
Playing Pinehurst....   mondiablo at 9/6/11 7:30pm
I would love to play Pinehurst (No. 2 of course), and I am wondering if you need to stay at the resort in order to get a tee time? Is this even an option to do?

I have a couple friends coming in town and wanted to play. However, from their website and what little I have been able to find online, it seems that we would need to stay the night in order to play any of their courses.

I welcome any information anyone may have! Thanks in advance!
NFL Pool   The B-Man at 9/6/11 12:49am
[B-Man's note: the first time I posted this, the link was messed up. The corrected link is listed below.]

As some of you may know, I also run a NFL pool website (this is season 16) called The Weekly NFL Picks Page. It's a great place to run your office pool or a pool for family and friends. You can run your pools against the spread or as straight-up pick'ems. I encourage you to check it out and sign up to play each week to see how you do compared to thousands of other players around the globe.

I created a pool for fans of my golf website. It's an Against the Spread pool, but just for fun, no money to enter. If I get enough players for the pool, I'll work on getting a golf certificate as a prize for the season winner. Here's the link to use to sign up and then get entered in the pool:

Pool Name: Charlotte Caddyshack

Good luck!
Re: Revolution Park since renovation   Bigacito at 9/3/11 12:46pm
Awful does not begin to describe the condition of some of the fairways. 9 is about half clay, broken up by weed mounds that I guess they don't mow to make the fairway look green from a distance. And 1 was underwater during the heavy rains a few weeks back and had a huge deposit of dirt parked in the middle of it. (For about a week 1 has additional water hazard, complete with geese swimming in it). So why play there? Well the greens are hard and slow but amazingly consistent. And it is still extremely cheap (though not the deal it once was) and close to uptown.
Re: Revolution Park since renovation   Russell at 9/1/11 4:39pm
I played here a lot before the renovation and it was not good. Boring design, poorly conditioned but I could walk 9 before work for $8. The redesign made a lot of improvements to the layout and the green complexes. Much more interesting. Still a handful of parallel fairways and I have had some weird experiences like six-somes, people popping out of the woods to sell you golf balls, one-armed golfers (he was pretty good considering) Earlier this summer the greens were in excellent shape but the conditioning of the rest of the course is standard for Ratcliffe Golf. (Sunset Hills, Renaissance, CT Myers)- just not good. The practice area is shared with the First Tee of Charlotte and it excellent. Price has increased - it is not the bargain it used to be.
Re: Revolution Park since renovation   ThatDudeP at 9/1/11 12:12pm
Revolution is okay. They have several Par 4s. I wouldn't necessary call it a beginner's course, more like that midway point of beginner and almost intermediate. The stepping stone if you will.

I still play there every once in a while because, it's fairly cheap and convenient when you want to get in a quick 9. Longest hole is the 9th, at about 430 or something.

Fairways are usually beat up, but the practice area is flawless. The chipping, putting green and range are some of the best around town.

Re: Revolution Park since renovation   Jerry at 9/1/11 9:48am
I played Revolution about three weeks ago. The green complexes are beatiful. The fairways were awful. The course needs more TLC before I'd return
Weeds   IM4DHERD at 9/1/11 9:13am
Found out the reason we are seeing more weeds this year than previously is that the EPA has taken the teeth out of broadleaf and crabgrass killer. What has been used for years is not longer available since it had a trace of arsenic, enough so that if a baby ate a bale of grass in an hour it might have gotten sick. Word is producers are working on a new formula which should be out for next season.
Revolution Park since renovation   The B-Man at 8/31/11 11:17pm
Had someone ask me today about Revolution Park. It was renovated last year and renamed Dr. Charles L. Sifford Golf Course at Revolution Park.

Anybody played it since the renovation and have a review?

I never played it because I got the sense it was just a beginners' course.

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