Photo of golf ball on the edge of the cupPhoto of 14th hole at Quail Hollow Country Club in Charlotte, NC

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Olde Sycamore: golf or used car sales?   outliar at 12/20/11 2:55pm
I don't like "cons" and therefore want to call these guys out!
Advertisement says "$185 for 10 rounds, 10 range tokens and 10 lessons....a value of over $1800 bucks!"

BS- Add $230 more dollars to play (mandatory cart fee); the "lesson" is 5-10 minutes. What you end of getting is 10 rounds + a small bucket of range balls for $41.50 + tax.
Christmas Day   anonymous at 12/20/11 11:21am
Does anyone know of course(s) open on Christmas Day?
Re: Charlotte National Range Balls   The B-Man at 12/6/11 10:57am
Just got an email from Emerald Lake with new rates on range balls:

- 1 token is now just $4 or get three tokens for $10

Also, an update on their winter rates:

Regular golf rates including cart:

$35 Monday-Friday or $29 after 12:00
$42 Saturday, Sunday and Holidays or $30 after 12:00
$29 for Seniors 55+ Anytime Monday-Friday

I played there last week and the greens were in very good shape.
Re: Re: Charlotte National Range Balls   izzyf150 at 12/2/11 10:07pm
Well it sounds like Charlotte National is still a better deal than Emerald Lake. It just upsets me to see a good thing disappear like that. I donít know why they had to do that anyway. If you ever seen Charlotte Nationalís range balls, 75 percent of them are old balls out of peoples bags anyway. Itís not like they spent a lot of money on these balls (they were free). They only sent I guy out to get more balls when their box inside started getting low and it takes him a whole 30 minutes maybe to get enough balls to fill the box back up.
Re: Charlotte National Range Balls   HateSlowPlay at 12/2/11 2:25pm
Emerald Lake GC takes the cake when it comes to bad range deals.

They charge $6 for a token which literally only gets you 15-20 balls (if it's more than that it certainly doesn't feel like it). Half of which don't have dimples.
Charlotte National Range Balls   izzyf150 at 12/2/11 1:34pm
BAD NEWS! Charlotte National has decreased the size of the range ball bags. Theyíre range balls our now no better of a deal then what any other golf course offers. I have on occasion went out to Charlotte National to hit balls even when I planned on golfing at another course (once in a blue moon but still) just because I knew I would get a better deal. I guess I can just purchase range balls at the course that I will be playing at from now on. Charlotte National you disappoint me!
Re: Thanksgiving golf   Ty Donahue at 11/23/11 8:00pm
I know Fox Den will be open from sunrise to 4PM. If you want a track that will test every stick in your bag at a decent price, tee it up!
Thanksgiving golf   HateSlowPlay at 11/21/11 11:22am
Does anyone know which courses are open for early rounds on Thanksgiving, and what time they close normally?
Re: Dress Code Stuff   Jova007200 at 11/10/11 6:33pm
Rocky river does? I never realized that... I play there somewhat often.
Re: Dress Code Stuff   golfguy33 at 11/8/11 12:02pm
Rocky River allows denim, but you have to have a collared shirt. Good golf course with good service and friendly staff.
Pine Lake Country Club   JonM at 11/1/11 7:17pm
Anyone looking for a full country club with a fantastic golf course should check out Pine Lake in Mint Hill. The are running a no initiation fee membership with $100 off the monthly dues for the first year ($250 instead of $350).

I joined here about 1.5 years ago and I absolutely love it. Great, well maintained golf course and practice facility, awesome, welcoming members, 6 clay tennis courts and giant pool.

Can't tell you how nice it is to always be able to get on when I want and not have to do the rate chase online.

Its a great family club and I highly recommend it.

Orlando Golf Deals   Tom P at 10/25/11 7:42pm
On a recent trip to Orlando we cam across a company called Tee It Up, they were able to get us on great courses at a huge savings. Their number is 407 493-7021.
A Ryder Cup Tournament   Eddie Keen at 10/25/11 8:50am
Hi my names Eddie Keen and I live in Liverpool England and I am trying to organise a trip to the U S to play golf. The idea would be for 16 of us Brits to travel over on holiday. We would then play a tournament against an Amnerican team whist there. If anybody would be interested in helping me organise this please get in touch.

Eddie Keen
Ballantyne Resort   Jamie at 10/21/11 7:33am
Played Ballantyne Resport on Sunday the 16th at 2:30. Course was in great shape, but greens were the hardest and fastest I can ever remember seeing. In good condition, just would not hold anything. Only real gripe was price, $80.....and this was at 2:30. Have not played there in about three years, and it will likely be another three years. The laws of supply and demand I guess. Well, they may be supplying, but I ain't demanding.
Columbia golf   pt at 10/19/11 10:36pm
Anyone played Timberlake on Lake Murray? Is it worth the trip?   Bryan at 10/19/11 3:07pm
I saw a great deal on golf for Rocky River GC in Concord, NC (Charlotte) $29 for 18 holes with a cart and range balls. I played the course a couple weeks ago and it was in good shape with a good layout. Take a look at to get the deal.
Cramer Mountain Country Club   Mike at 10/17/11 11:38am
Has anybody played this course recently? Went to a wedding reception there this past weekend and the hole layouts I could see looked interesting but it was in the evening so I couldn't tell about the condition - read some other reviews and they weren't to kind but I trust the guys more on this site -- Thanks, Mike
Irish Creek   izzyf150 at 10/12/11 8:17am
I read in an earlier message posted on here about the member for a day deal to play at Irish Creek. Well I tried it yesterday even though it was raining, and boy was it nice. They charge $45 to play and there is no hassle about being a member or any of that. This course is a step up from the public courses for sure. The whole course is taken care of even the woods. The course starts out with some easy to normal par 4's which was great because it lets you loosen up your golf swing without getting into trouble. (If youíre one of those people who go right from the car to #1 hole, like I do) I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this course at all. If youíre looking for a change in scenery for a day, give this a try.
Re:Lessons   Greg Pounder at 10/12/11 12:05am
Check out John Higgins at Emerald Lake Golf Club. I have been taking lessons from him for a few months and have made tremendous strides. Simple, clear, concise instruction from one of the best swings in the area.
Re: Re: Lessons   sawlog at 10/10/11 5:19pm
It depends, if you are into taking a lesson plan. Then you might try the Golftech franchise in town. I did take a lesson plan, less expensive than Dana, but more expensive than the range guys. The biggest advantage to the Golftech lessons is you can schedule them in the evenings because they are indoors. I would recomend Brad at Harris Corners because he is a good instructor and a nice guy to boot.
Re: Lessons   outliar at 10/10/11 12:03pm
What are you looking for in an instructor? Dana has all the "bells and whistles", but many would consider her school more suited to "corporate folk$" looking to feel like they are on the golf channel rather than old-school hands on "build it in the dirt" instruction.

Scott is more of the old-school than bells and whistles, and has a decent reputation with juniors. Another competent alternative may be Deac Dawson working out of Charlotte National. If you have Dana money but want better instruction (IN MY OPINION) the 2 best in Charlotte are Randy Joyner at Ballantyne Country Club and Scott Lafever at Long View.
Lessons   Paciocco at 10/10/11 9:48am
Does anyone know of a good golf instructor in the Charlotte area? I'm currently about a 18 or so handicapper and I'm trying to get better, but I cant seem to get a handle on a couple things on my own. I practice alot, but I think Im practicing the wrong things so going to an instructor is the way I want to go. Google brings up Scott Fossum and Dana Rader, but I was wondering if anyone here had some suggestions....
feel free to email me at if you know anyone...
Re: Edgewater   Paciocco at 10/10/11 9:41am
Dad and I played Edgewater on 10/7 and the greens were perfect! The whole course was perfect, as usual
Re: Dress Code Stuff   panthersfann55 at 10/7/11 7:00am
Green Oaks and Eagle Chase come to mind where I have seen jeans worn on the course. I would call Eagle Chase first to check.
Re: Dress Code Stuff   outliar at 10/7/11 6:58am
Perfect place for you is Charles T. Meyers. I have heard shirts are optional, so "play through".

Dress Code Stuff   Jova007200 at 10/6/11 9:13pm
Does anyone allow denim? I'm sick of playing in my uncomfortable khakis, and since the cold is approaching, it would be warmer and more comfy in a nice pair of jeans. Its not like a nice pair of jeans with a belt is any less classy than khakis.
Edgewater   DrSchteeve at 10/5/11 7:26pm
My experience is that most greens take at least 4 weeks to get to good condition, 3 to reach conditions that you don't feel like complaining when you put.
need playing partners   JE at 10/5/11 9:55am
I am looking for a golf partner(s) for Saturday or Sunday play. I play most every weekend and recently lost my group as they moved to Florida. I am in the Waxhaw area and enjoy Carolina Lakes, Emerald Lake, Old Sycamore, etc. I'm a laid back guy and my handicap is around 20 and looking for similiar strength golfers. Contact me at
Red Bridge - 7:40am tee time   ILL-INI at 10/4/11 5:05pm
Need 1 more for a early tee time out at Red Bridge. We have 3 so far - I'm 34 (jason), Chris is 30 and Brad is 28. Only so you know we're younger dudes and play a good pace. If anyone from the board wants to join the 4-some let me know. 704-287-8746 - Jason
Edgewater   Jeremy at 10/4/11 9:49am
Has anyone played at Edgewater since they areated the greens on 9/27? Just checking since we wanted to play on Oct. 7

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