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The Divide   ISlayMySelf at 2/6/12 7:04pm
Don't understand why they can't maintain a nice course when they are on the Carolina Trail.
Re: The Divide   izzyf150 at 2/2/12 8:55pm
Course is usually junk and overpriced. When you see a good post about this course I suspect it is an employee trying to sucker some rounds of golf. Go to Emerald Lake, Old Sycamore or Charlotte National, they are in the same area and in better condition and better priced. I wouldnt chance it.
The Divide   ISlayMySelf at 2/2/12 1:37pm
Has anyone played there recently? I'm curious how the greens are looking. They were beat up and patchy the last time I played it.
Re: Ballantyne green fees   The B-Man at 2/1/12 7:19pm
phatdba: Gotcha. The problem is that the official name of the course is "The Golf Club at Ballantyne" now. It's no longer referred to as Ballantyne Resort. So look for that next time you want to post a review.
Re: Ballantyne green fees   phatdba at 2/1/12 7:16pm
I have a profile, but the courses is a list of values and does not include Ballantyne Resort, and I couldn't figure out how to enter it.
Cabarrus Country Club   DrSchteeve at 2/1/12 5:44pm
Played on the Clickit "Member for a Day" rate of $47. A bit pricey for midweek, even with good green conditions. But what you want at a country club, we got: a 3 1/2 hour round even on a warm February afternoon. The layout is good, nice mix of holes.
Re: Ballantyne green fees   The B-Man at 1/24/12 10:43pm
phatdba: You need to create a profile first, then you can post reviews for any course. Here's the link:

Create a Profile
Re: Ballantyne green fees   phatdba at 1/24/12 10:29pm
Ballantyne Resort is one of the most expensive public courses in the Charlotte, and rarely gives good discounts.

However, and this is unprecedented, on, 2 for $70 Mon-Thu or 2 for $110 Sat-Sun, rounds must be played this month so there is only one week left.

If you work in the Ballantyne Corporate park you can get 20-25% percent off everything, still pricey. It is a nice course but not that nice.

Once in a while they offer a weekday twilight rate of under $40.

They have just started showing up on clickitgolf and so I am hopeful that we will see more deals soon. I work and live near it so I would love to see that.

There is no place on this site to review this course, but I played today! (01/24/12) at 1 pm right when the sun came out, the course was wet, busy, slow (4.5 hr), but only $35. I love the layout, the tees were green and the greens firm. Their greens are usually fast, tough and true, but today not so much, but not bad for the season.
Best weekend groups   DrSchteeve at 1/20/12 11:33am
Most courses have both weekday and weekend groups. In terms of competitiveness, there's probably not that much difference - most courses are going to have their mix of scratch to 20 handicaps. You are more likely to find that the comfort zone relates more to things like age, jobs, single vs. family, etc., and these things will vary from course to course. You should identify the price range you are comfortable with and then play several courses to see where you like to play and where you feel that you fit in.
Best weekend groups   PML at 1/17/12 9:23am
I am moving to Charlotte in the summer and would like to join a weekend golf group. Do some public courses have weekend groups, or is it best to join a club? Which are most active and competitive? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

With Thanks
Re: Mississippi Dreams   panthersfann55 at 1/6/12 3:17pm
Having been a past employee at Wild Wing Plantation in Myrtle Beach (way back when they had 4 courses), weekend rounds were 6 hrs. Biggest reason was the 10 minute intervals instead of 15. This would back up the 1st tee even before the day started. All had to do with the round count for the day. "Snowbirds" killed it for the locals which is why I play all my golf during the week. I can't bring myself to pay more for a round of golf on the weekend for the same product I play during the week. At some courses it's a difference of $20 or more. I say find a place that treats you right, gives a good value and enjoy your day.
Re: Mississippi Dreams   izzyf150 at 1/5/12 11:34pm
I hate talking about things on message boards sometimes because occasionally the message doesnít quite get read the way you meant it. I certainly never meant to say that Iím out there to take my time and enjoy the day not caring about holding people up. What I was meaning was on a slow day when Iím waiting to hit my next shot because the group in front of me is not clear, I take the time to talk, enjoy the scenery, take a few practice swings, etc. I donít let the slow play get to my head. We all know how much of a mental game golf is anyway. Go to the course expecting it. All groups should always try to keep up with the group ahead of them but bad holes happen. When the course is crowded, there will be plenty of groups having a bad hole. Thatís how things get jammed up most of the time. T! he last thing I want is some nagging marshal messing with my mental game. I know that most people work during the week but if you want a quick game of golf, golf during the week. I think itís a little much to expect a 4hr 10 min round on a weekend like the starting post suggested. Expect about a 5hr round as a norm.
Mississippi Dreams   Dr Schteeve at 1/5/12 9:15pm
There are simply 2 camps: 1) Play ready golf, no excuses for spending too much time, we're not pro's and our livelihood doesn't depend on our results, we love golf but we would rather spend 4-5 hours playing than 5-6 hours playing, we don't like waiting, and waiting, and waiting to hit a shot 2) We are here to enjoy ourselves, we love the camaraderie, what's the hurry, my ball got lost so I need to look for it

So we should have 2 types of courses, or 2 types of play even if on different days. Fast Play: 4-4 1/2 hour max, enforced, sorry if you don't like it, but get out of the way. And Slow Play: the round may take 5 hours, don't sweat it, quit trying to push the pace.
Re: Mississippi dream course   izzyf150 at 1/3/12 5:16pm
I have mixed feelings about this post. I know that if there is a group out on the course that is clearly not keeping up that I would have to agree with what people are saying here. But sometimes you just have a bad hole though and when the course is crowded, bad holes will be more common. You have a bad hole and make a few extra strokes, try to make the time up on the next hole. When itís crowded and I knock one off in the woods, I give a quick look for my ball if I donít see it the first time through I take a drop and go on. This stuff can have an accordion effect on the course and make it seem like there is a slow group ahead of you. It can also make it look like one group is lagging a little when it wasnít their fault. I know it would upset me if the marshal stopped to tell me to keep u! p when itís not my fault. Stuff like that is enough for me not to come back to that course, ever. If your marshal is on top of things I guess this wonít be a problem but at the same time I donít want to have the marshal drive down my cart path every other hole. Part of the problem is that there are not a couple of golf courses in town any more. There are plenty of golf courses to choose from. If one place makes you mad you can ban the place and not miss it one bit. I think golf courses are afraid of this. I know on the Golf Channel every so often they talk about the lack of new golfers playing the game. They talk about ways of making the game easier to attract more people into the sport. I donít figure a marshal telling a group of newer golfers to hurry up is going to help. Many people also work and donít have time to golf during the week so golfing during the week is not a possibility. I guess the bottom line is Iím afraid of the micro managing marshal (an! d you know there will be some) out on the course that is fee! ling like heís not doing his job if heís not rushing people. Itís not good for golf and especially not good for that course. If you are a person on a strict schedule I guess this problem is upsetting. I guess I have a different feeling about all of this. If Iím golfing on a weekend, I know itís going to be slow. I go to the course expecting it. I canít think of to many places that I would rather be than on the course. If the round takes 5 hours instead of 4 it was just longer I spent doing something that I enjoy. I am in no hurry to get it over with, I golfing, what could be better? I take the time to enjoy the scenery, talk to the people Iím golfing with, think about my shot, and take a few more practice swings. To me itís just a part of weekend golfing. Iím not trying to start a fight or anything, just an opinion from the other side of the coin.
Re: Mississippi dream course   panthersfann55 at 12/30/11 4:25pm
if golf courses took away the tips and moved the other 3 boxes up rounds would be a lot shorter. many times i see the "weekender" out there with their buddies playing from the wrong tee box. spending half the day looking for their ball is frustrating. we adopted a rule of automatic 2 putt on the first green vs taking a mulligan and hitting a second shot off the tee. think about it where do most of the strokes add up (100 yds in). this was a suggestion in golf digest last year but we as a group have adopted it 3 years ago. i used to play the middle (whites) until my driver went crazy, so i tee off with a 3 iron from the gold tees hit it down the middle and make the round more enjoyable. if everyone would do this the 5 hr rounds would slowly disappear.
Re: Mississippi dream course   terry251973 at 12/26/11 8:19am
i agree with idea of not taking long time to play golf but sometimes your not going to play as well and might take longer since your hitting more strokes.its no fun if your having to rush your shots plus if your in a foursome and being pushed by a threesome thats not your fault.
Mississippi dream course   outliar at 12/24/11 12:28am
Let's start a "movement".....send to your course!!

Home of the 4 Hour Round
...Slow Golfers Need Not Apply

*Slow golf is the #1 complaint in the golf business*
~Golf Digest

Since Wedgewood has opened in 1990, our course policy has always been that golfers are required to play their round at a pace that has them finishing in, at the most, 4 hours and 10 minutes. For 2012 this is going to be one our top priorities! Now for everyone that knows golf and practices proper (required) etiquette this is WONDERFUL news. This is not such wonderful news for inconsiderate golfers that show no courtesy to other paying golfers and take up most of their day and everyone else on the golf course's en! tire day. If you took over 4 hours to play in Scotland-and that's without the aid of a cart-well lets just say it wouldn't happen!

Here's how it works:
Golfers are required to make the turn in no more than 2 hours and 5 minutes after they tee off. If the golfer starts to fall behind they will be given ONE warning, if they do not catch up to an adequate pace they will be asked to skip a hole. If the problem continues to exist then the golfer will be asked to remove themselves from the course with no refund (since afterall the golfer will be made aware on the front end this is a policy and requirement to play here). The same will apply for the back nine.

If the situation arrives in which a group is not able to make proper timing because of a problematic group that "WAS" in front of them, Golf Shop management will be aware of this and considerate of these circumstan! ces.

How are we going to accomplish thi! s?:
Every WEEKEND, Golf Shop Management and Rangers will work closely together to make sure we are aware of everything possible on the golf course. We will know who has teed off and at what time and at what pace each group is moving. In order to help our golfers achieve this rate of play we will keep the course in quality shape, keeping the rough at a reasonable height, sand traps in best shape possible and be overall player friendly with quality conditions.

Please keep in mind that we are doing this for no other reason than to ENHANCE everyone's experience on our courses. For golfers that are a little slower, unexperienced, or just learning the game we reccommend that you come out during the week when we are not as busy and gain knowledge about etiquette and the overall game. This will only make you further appreciate and enjoy the game!
Carolina Trail Deal   Stevenr6 at 12/23/11 8:25pm
I also bought the 7 round deal. The only thing I had an issue with was when it was first advertised they said it included 2 $10 Edwin Watts gift cards. That was not correct. They include 2 $10 off when you spend $50 or more. That's not a gift card to me..... Other than that it's a pretty good deal.
Gift of Golf   Greg Pounder at 12/21/11 2:34pm
Just bought the Carolina Trail's Gift of Golf. 7 rounds of golf for $139. You can play one round at each of their 7 locations. The only restriction is Saturday and Sunday mornings. I had read somewhere on this sight about getting burned by Olde Sycamore so I wanted to post a deal that doesn't seem like a scam. Anyone else purchase this?
Re: Olde Sycamore: golf or used car sales?   Matt at 12/20/11 10:03pm
Thanks for the heads up. I was considering purchasing what seemed like a good deal. I should have known Olde Sycamore might have pulled something like this. Thanks again Outlier. It's absolutely ridiculous that a lesson is only five to ten minutes. And of course they don't tell you how much the cart fee is on the coupon. Complete BS. You can't trust a lot of people these days. How sad.
Olde Sycamore: golf or used car sales?   outliar at 12/20/11 2:55pm
I don't like "cons" and therefore want to call these guys out!
Advertisement says "$185 for 10 rounds, 10 range tokens and 10 lessons....a value of over $1800 bucks!"

BS- Add $230 more dollars to play (mandatory cart fee); the "lesson" is 5-10 minutes. What you end of getting is 10 rounds + a small bucket of range balls for $41.50 + tax.
Christmas Day   anonymous at 12/20/11 11:21am
Does anyone know of course(s) open on Christmas Day?
Re: Charlotte National Range Balls   The B-Man at 12/6/11 10:57am
Just got an email from Emerald Lake with new rates on range balls:

- 1 token is now just $4 or get three tokens for $10

Also, an update on their winter rates:

Regular golf rates including cart:

$35 Monday-Friday or $29 after 12:00
$42 Saturday, Sunday and Holidays or $30 after 12:00
$29 for Seniors 55+ Anytime Monday-Friday

I played there last week and the greens were in very good shape.
Re: Re: Charlotte National Range Balls   izzyf150 at 12/2/11 10:07pm
Well it sounds like Charlotte National is still a better deal than Emerald Lake. It just upsets me to see a good thing disappear like that. I donít know why they had to do that anyway. If you ever seen Charlotte Nationalís range balls, 75 percent of them are old balls out of peoples bags anyway. Itís not like they spent a lot of money on these balls (they were free). They only sent I guy out to get more balls when their box inside started getting low and it takes him a whole 30 minutes maybe to get enough balls to fill the box back up.
Re: Charlotte National Range Balls   HateSlowPlay at 12/2/11 2:25pm
Emerald Lake GC takes the cake when it comes to bad range deals.

They charge $6 for a token which literally only gets you 15-20 balls (if it's more than that it certainly doesn't feel like it). Half of which don't have dimples.
Charlotte National Range Balls   izzyf150 at 12/2/11 1:34pm
BAD NEWS! Charlotte National has decreased the size of the range ball bags. Theyíre range balls our now no better of a deal then what any other golf course offers. I have on occasion went out to Charlotte National to hit balls even when I planned on golfing at another course (once in a blue moon but still) just because I knew I would get a better deal. I guess I can just purchase range balls at the course that I will be playing at from now on. Charlotte National you disappoint me!
Re: Thanksgiving golf   Ty Donahue at 11/23/11 8:00pm
I know Fox Den will be open from sunrise to 4PM. If you want a track that will test every stick in your bag at a decent price, tee it up!
Thanksgiving golf   HateSlowPlay at 11/21/11 11:22am
Does anyone know which courses are open for early rounds on Thanksgiving, and what time they close normally?
Re: Dress Code Stuff   Jova007200 at 11/10/11 6:33pm
Rocky river does? I never realized that... I play there somewhat often.
Re: Dress Code Stuff   golfguy33 at 11/8/11 12:02pm
Rocky River allows denim, but you have to have a collared shirt. Good golf course with good service and friendly staff.

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