Photo of golf ball on the edge of the cupPhoto of 14th hole at Quail Hollow Country Club in Charlotte, NC

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Re: Youth Beginner Course Suggestions   izzyf150 at 4/3/12 4:32pm
Im not familiar with all the South Charlotte area golf courses but I thought I could suggest and idea. You might try researching the golf courses by going to their web sites and viewing their score cards. The courses that have the lower numbers in course rating and slope rating are the easier courses.
Youth Beginner Course Suggestions   George at 4/2/12 10:51pm
My 13 y/o son is just beginning and has had 2 group lessons. I want to get him on course experience without being discouraged by a difficult course. Any suggestions? We are in South Charlotte. Thanks!
electric push carts   walkman at 4/1/12 10:06pm
Does anyone have any experience using a motorized push cart? I would be interested in hearing pros/cons of any makes that you or your friends have used. Thanks
Re: Golf trip   terry at 3/26/12 2:32am
fox den is a very nice demanding golf would have fun playing is lil far from where you staying but still nice and cheaper than carolina lakes.
Golf trip   DrSchteeve at 3/25/12 4:40pm
I'm not sure I would have Fox Den as one of Charlotte's 4 best. Red Bridge would be a good alternative, as would Carolina Lakes. I'm not a big fan of Springfield - greens are just too tricked up in my opinion. You might also want to check aeration dates for the courses you plan to play.
Re: Charlotte golf trip plan   Stevenr6 at 3/25/12 8:38am
I would remove Fox Den & Verdict Ridge and replace with Ballantyne and Carolina Lakes. Thet are both in great condition right now and are a lot closer to where you are staying. I would use to purchase yor green fees. All should be under $60.
re: charlotte golf trip   malamute at 3/25/12 6:54am
Ballantyne is a good course but is a bit over priced / consider red bridge / verdict ridge is best course in the area / Carolina lakes is a very good course also
Charlotte golf trip plan   boston4680 at 3/24/12 8:21am
I am planning a golf trip to Charlotte. Here are the courses I have selected:
Thursday - Springfield Golf Club 866-304-GOLF
Friday - Edgewater Golf Club - (803) 283-9800
Saturday - Fox Den Country Club - (704) 872-9990
Sunday - Verdict Ridge Golf & Country Club - 704) 489-1206

Let me know if these look like good selections. We are staying at The Ballantyne - is it worth playing, or overpriced? What is the best course in Charlotte that's less than $120?

Also, just wanted to say that this is a great site and has been an awesome resource for trip planning.
Rock Barn   slowmofo at 3/22/12 1:58pm
Rock Barn isn't listed as a course here? I only make the trip up a couple times a year, but I have to say this is my favorite course around the area. Of course verdict ridge/ballentyne/tillery tradition would be a close 2nd
Edgewater/Springfield   TarEHeel7 at 3/21/12 5:43pm
Coming down to Charlotte next week and was wondering if anyone had played these two courses recently (Edgewater especially after the aeration) to comment in the shape they are in
Re: Aeration dates   panthersfann55 at 3/16/12 3:27pm
i'm glad you posted dates and common sense tells you to always ask this time (and sept) of year when you call anyway. i like your reviews because they keep me updated on where to play and where to stay away that week or month.
Visit from UK   DrSchteeve at 3/15/12 9:04pm
Charlotte has only one true resort and resort course - Ballantyne, which is fine as resorts go. If you want to get more local, you can stay downtown at one of many hotels - the Westin and Ritz Carlton are great high end option - and then play at the better high public daily fee courses. These include Verdict Ridge, Olde Sycamore, Carolina Lakes, Edgewater. There are others and you can look at the course reviews on the site for reviews.
Aeration dates   DrSchteeve at 3/14/12 8:07pm
Hmm.... I guess I am the "expert" on aeration dates. Gee, I made a bunch of calls to the various courses, posted the information they provided, and, guess what, someone gave me the wrong information. Bust me for trying to be helpful...
red bridge   panthersfann55 at 3/14/12 3:33pm
pretty good for this time of year. greens were slower then normal, but still rolled true. bunkers were in good shape as well as tee boxes. green grass should be starting anytime now since the warm weather is finally back. i do like the new configuration of not starting on a par 3, but man does the par 4 1st (old sixth hole)a bear playing into the wind up hill. was a nice change of pace but will head back to eagle chase for the year. their greens heal pretty quick if they use small tines.
Visit from UK   bunders at 3/14/12 12:04pm
Myself and a friend are lucky enough to have tickets to the Weds practice day at Augusta this year, and will be travelling via Charlotte from the UK. We'd like to play some golf in Charlotte Thursday 6th April, watch the golf afterwards (do most clubhouses have TVs?) then stay locally. Can anyone recommend a course we will be easily able to get on in/around Charlotte, or even on the way down to Columbia, and where we will be able to hire some clubs?

Any help would be really appreciated.

Many thanks
correction on some Aeration Dates   Jim Goldstein at 3/14/12 9:56am
Contrary to the "Expert" on aeration dates Fox Den has a Aeration date set for 3/18 after 3pm-3/19 and will reopen on 3/20 at 12pm. Make sure you call the courses for the correct dates.
cramer mtn country club   malamute at 3/11/12 8:30am
played on 3/8 for $22 course opened to public about 2 years ago to generate revenue - what they are doing with it i have no idea - the putting green is horrible, greens on course are so so, fairways are good, but tee boxes are iffy - shame because this is a challenging course that plays longer than yardage on card
Emerald Lake   DrSchteeve at 3/8/12 7:22pm
Most courses will say their greens are "OK, just a few sandy spots" after 2 weeks from aeration date, but full recovery to nice rolling greens after a full (large hole) aeration is usually 3-4 weeks - i.e., understandably, the course staff members perceive their greens as better than they usually are.
How is Emerald Lake ?   Taylan at 3/7/12 11:17am
I plan to play at Emerald Lake tomorrow but I am a little concerned about their greens which were aerated on 2/26. Does anyone know the green conditions as of today? Thx!
Aeration Dates   DrSchteeve at 3/4/12 3:29pm
Birkdale 5/29
Eagle Chase 3/5
Stonebridge 3/12
Springfield June
Tradition 3/5
Verdict Ridge going to Bermuda in June, no aeration
Rocky River going to Bermuda in June, no aeration
Warrior May
Olde Sycamore 3/12
Red Bridge no time soon
Highland Creek 3/19
Emerald Lake 2/26
EdgeWater 3/12
Fox Den April
Charlotte National 2/26
Waterford June
Carolina Lakes 3/19
Skybrook   DrSchteeve at 3/1/12 7:57pm
Awesome layout. Forgiving fairways. Always plays slow - just something about the course. Not sure about conditions.
Skybrook   ISlayMySelf at 3/1/12 4:58pm
Playing Skybrook for the first time this weekend. What should I expect and do you have any advice?
Looking for a 4th?   Jason at 2/26/12 10:15am
I want to play today - if by chance you need a 4th let me know. Jason - 704-287-8746

South Charlotte courses preferred. Thanks
Anyone need an exta player tomorrow (2/25)   HateSlowPlay at 2/24/12 9:55am
Hi All, I am looking to play tomorrow. Anyone on here have a spot available? My etiquette is good and I play ready golf.
Re: Eagle Chase??   PT at 2/23/12 12:20pm
That is good to hear....thanks.
Re: Eagle Chase??   The B-Man at 2/22/12 8:38am
I received a quick reply from Wally Moore, the general manager, and he simply said "We are not closing."
Eagle Chase??   PT at 2/22/12 6:46am
I have heard an unconfirmed rumor that Eagle Chase will be closing. I hope this isn't true as it would be a total shame to see this happen. Does anyone know if this is a truth or not?
Courses with good pace   DrSchteeve at 2/11/12 12:32pm
Eagle Chase. Verdict Ridge. Edgewater.
Courses with good pace of play?   HateSlowPlay at 2/8/12 10:27am
What courses around here consistently have a good pace of play?

I'm not talking about the quieter courses where you can sneak around in under 4 hours IF it is not busy; but courses that actively enforce a good pace of play with strict marshals, reasonable spacing of tee times, etc.

Courses where 4 hour rounds are the norm and not the exception, even on busy days? Or am I searching for the mythical unicorn...

Re: The Divide   Richard Newkirk at 2/7/12 10:28pm
I played out there today with a group of 10. This was my first time so I cannot comment on the greens in the past but they were ok today for the most part. There were a few greens that were a little bumpy, but not bad. I paid $29 on Click It so I did not think it was overpriced. I dont really have a review but I wanted to put my 2 cents in. It wasnt the best course I had played in Charlotte but it wasnt nearly the worst either.

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