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River Oaks in Statesville   The B-Man at 7/6/12 10:24am
I just added this course to the site so you can post your own reviews:

River Oaks Golf Club
Re: Fire Destroys Emerald Lake Clubhouse   The B-Man at 7/5/12 1:59pm
Got up there during my lunch break. The poor clubhouse is indeed totaled -- most extensively in the dining area, but also enough to take out the top floor above the pro shop. I spoke with one of the staff and the owners are optimistic about re-opening next week with a temporary clubhouse. They will have to replace nearly their entire fleet of carts, though, as they were consumed in the fire. Still no word on cause, though it seems suspicious that it started in the middle of the night after so many in the neighborhood were shooting off some big fireworks. I'll keep the site updated as I get more information.
Re: Fire Destroys Emerald Lake Clubhouse   The B-Man at 7/5/12 9:40am
Wow. I played 18 there yesterday afternoon and finished up about 5:00. I have 4 weeks left on my membership (before they go totally public). Was planning to use it up over the next few weeks since my family will be out of town. I'll see if I can get up there today and talk to anybody.
Fire Destroys Emerald Lake Clubhouse   Wulfpack at 7/5/12 7:40am
A fire destroyed Emerald Lake's clubhouse. There is no word if the course will open for play. Read more here:

Fire destroys Union golf course clubhouse
Re: Glen Oaks, Maiden NC   The B-Man at 7/3/12 8:44pm
OK, ask me enough times... I've added Glen Oaks to the site. You can now post your formal reviews here:

Glen Oaks Golf Club

Also, if someone wants to take a stab at a nice paragraph description of the course, since I've never played it, I'll consider updating the course page.
Re: Glen Oaks, Maiden NC   IM4DHERD at 7/3/12 11:48am
Glen Oaks is incredible...Manicured, no houses on the course, just on a tee box or two, easy to get to (16 to 150 to Maiden) and closer to Charlotte than Rock Barn or River Oaks, about 10 mins (?) further than Fox Den.

Looking to give River Oaks another shot soon...That was Buffalo Shoals National then something else before River Oaks. Great layout, but have been there when it was nothing but hard clay and sandy greens. I understand that the current ownership is doing good things up there.
Re: Glen Oaks, Maiden NC   Wulfpack at 7/3/12 8:00am
I've heard about Glen Oaks as well from several folks and have always heard good things about it. Would like to try it out sometime if the weather will improve. I don't play much in the summer as I can't take the heat. The other course I have been hearing about is River Oaks in Statesville. It is on the list as well.
Glen Oaks, Maiden NC   IM4DHERD at 7/2/12 7:32pm
Can't post a review since it is not included in the listing, but everyone should know about Glen Oaks in Maiden, just north of Lincolnton. About 15 minutes further than Verdict Ridge and I rate it over VR in regards to conditions an even layout. A very lush, well established course with lots of water and very well tended traps. A number of holes with a little bit of funky to them, as has VR. Best greens and fairways I have seen in the greater Charlotte area and this has been the case every time I have been there. Greens were a little slow today, but with temps in the 100s, I would rather see a little slow than a little dead.
Verdict Ridge   DrSchteeve at 6/22/12 4:08pm
This is the last weekend to play before they make their switch to Bermuda. They have the bent shaved and brown, as fast as any greens I have ever played. On Sunday they will be playing super-hard pins. So for those of you that always say "I'd like to play greens the way the pro's do", this would be your chance.

I only got to play 3 holes due to rain, but it was punishing fun.
Re: Re: Tee It Forward   Don at 6/19/12 3:48pm
Agree, some people want a 3 hour round or they are a twosome behind lots of three and foursomes. A round between 4 and 4.5 hours is completely reasonable. It is when it gets to 5 hours or 5.5 hours and you are waiting on every shot when the frustration increases for me. Play ready golf and from the appropriate tees and everyone will have a more enjoyable outing.
Re: Tee It Forward   weedwhacker3 at 6/19/12 9:28am
This idea wouldn't work. Renaissance has it on there card and I still see hackers teeing from the back tees. You know where you should play and so do they but they choose not to. What gets me is nobody sits behind you and makes fun of you because you are teeing from the front tees but they sure as heck sit behind you and make fun of you for hacking left and right and short over and over from the back tees.

However some of you guys are too intent on playing way too fast. I played Saturday and we were a little slow at times but ended up playing Waterford in 4 hours 15 minutes with a foursome and some waiting and were actually hit into by the guys behind us. Seriously. If you want a 3 hour round on the weekends maybe you need to hit the lottery and buy a golf course.
Tee It Forward   Don at 6/17/12 6:22pm
I have been back playing golf for the past 4 years. One thing I have noticed after being away for over 20 years is the length of courses has increased dramatically. With that too many golfers are playing the wrong tees. I have seen guys playing the tips or the second set of tees that have no business playing that length from the tee.

My group typically play anywhere from 6,000 to 6400 tees. Given our handicaps that is the appropriate tee. We have a chance to get to the green with a reasonable iron shot. Sometimes these are the second set of tees and sometimes it is the third set. There is no need for macho and frustration by playing the wrong tees. There is also no need for 5 hour rounds. By playing the wrongs tees people are getting frustrated and slowing everyone down.

My solution is s! imple. Instead of calling tees men's, members, tips, seniors, or ladies the clubs should have the tees designated by handicap. If your a zero to five handicap go from the longest tees. If you are six to ten, the second set of tees. Ten to fifteen, third set of tee. Over fifteen, fourth set. This may not work for every golf course but maybe losing the stigma of senior tees or ladies tees would help some of the guys that are hopelessly lost or new to the game really enjoy their round. And as they improve, they can actually tee it forward. It also keeps people moving on the course and allows us playing the correct tee not wait for every shot as others hit their 5th shot to the green ona 425 yard par 4.

Just my thoughts on the one thing that turns a great day of golf to a frustrating experience for everyone.
Re: Re: Summer Golf Membership   oladipo_for_mayor at 6/12/12 8:00pm
Definitely looking for a walking course, which it sounds like Fort Mill is. Also, only the website they mention a 5-day membership, which I've never heard of but fits my schedule perfectly. Thanks for the great info.
Re: Summer Golf Membership   Wulfpack at 6/11/12 8:19pm
I would definitely check into Fort Mill Golf Club and Springfield Golf Club. I love both of these courses as they are very well maintained, and Springfield is quite a challenging layout, though I prefer Fort Mill's Donald Ross' layout (at least on the front 9). The other thing I really like about Fort Mill is they don't mind walkers, meaning you pay no cart fee, and get great exercise. Great practice areas as well. They are eached owned by the same parent company. You can join just one of the courses or choose both for a little more per month. No initiation fee, just pay by the month. A single membership is $120 and a dual membership $145. I believe you also get reduced rates at nearby Lancaster and Chester golf courses as well, so you can really mix it up this summer. Check out ! the details at Hope this helps. Hit 'em well!
Summer Golf Membership   oladipo_for_mayor at 6/11/12 5:18pm
With all the joys that come with the teaching occupation, obviously the greatest benefit is having all summer off to play golf. Are there any courses that offer summer memberships or courses that you can pay by the month without the initiation fee? Would love to have a year round membership but there is very little golfing from Sept. to May. A preemptive thanks for all the information.
Re: Awesome Article on Changing Greens in the Carolinas   slowmofo at 6/11/12 1:19pm
I agree Paul. Each place is different. I really am into Bermuda now though. Its unfortunate with Ballantyne. I have heard a rumor that they will be turning this course into a 12 hole executive course. It sucks, I really liked this course. Maybe if they lowered their rates a tad, they would have more people playing it.
Re: Awesome Article on Changing Greens in the Carolinas   Paul at 6/9/12 5:07pm
yo, slomofo,
that is a perfect example...That is where I wonder if Ballentyne and Springfield have a different type of mini verde, or different soil underneath, or just maintain it differently, etc....
I played Gastonia this morning, and the ball just releases on everything regardless...But, like you, I have played springfield, and been able to stop the ball how I need to...
I have not played ballentyne in a long, long time...
I am def not a grass expert..or a golf one for that matter...just curious as the difference between the different courses when all the clubs say they have the same grass now.
Re: Awesome Article on Changing Greens in the Carolinas   slowmofo at 6/8/12 4:37pm
I have to disagree. With faster greens ( like ballentyne) I have to worry about spinning it too much! Sometimes I wonder if I am going to spin it off the green. Of course for me it changes the way I chip and putt drastically though
Re: mountain golf   ISlayMySelf at 6/8/12 1:28pm
I have played a couple in the area. Sugar Mountain has a fun course. Its only a par 64 but the course is well maintained and always a good time as long as you can hit em straight. It also has some great views. Newland also has a nice course called Mountain Glen. This is a par 72 with good elevation changes and some really nice looking holes. I visit Banner Elk on a regular basis and haven't found a lot of public courses that don't require having to drive down the mountain to play. If you find anymore let me know.
mountain golf   jaxndn at 6/7/12 3:28pm
This fall I am Planning a trip for my league to play some mountain golf. Which courses do you reccomend? Currently I am looking at staying over night at either Bryson or Linville and play the nearby courses. Any suggestion is welcome.
Re: Awesome Article on Changing Greens in the Carolinas   Paul at 6/7/12 12:12pm
That was a good seems for sure like every course is going to these greens, or a version of it. Is bermuda the same as the "mini verde" that ballantyne, springfield, waterford, etc. have all gone to?

The greens all LOOK incredible. They roll great and are ususally fast. And I completely understand why the courses are doing this.

That being the case, I sure miss Bent Grass. I donít know how often any of you play Gastonia Municipal (Catawba Creek now), but they switched the greens last year, and the new greens are always perfect, hard, fast...completely changes the course. Same with Waterford.

The only downside of this grass (and sure, it could be user error I suppose) is the ball just does not grab. Is this better than a million ball marks on a bent grass? Sure, but it also changes the way you play.

Example: a Nike One ball spins a ton...i mean, a ton. My three year old could probably rip that ball back...

On bent grass, that ball could land, rip back and roll off the front. On the mini verde, a clicked wedge, the ball still releases forward. So typically, you have to play for roll on shots when you should be able to stick it by the flag.

Maybe this does not make sense. The odd thing is, Springfield, and maybe they just know how to do it better, the balls do grab more.

So, is that a slightly different grass, or just maintained the same grass differently? I don't know. I am not against the changes, but man, I wish bent grass was able to survive, because I love it.
Re: Awesome Article on Changing Greens in the Carolinas   The B-Man at 6/6/12 10:12am
I especially liked this quote:

Bud Welch, head pro at Springfield Golf Club in Fort Mill, S.C., oversaw the change from bent grass to Bermuda two years ago. Nearby Waterford Golf Club and Fort Mill Golf Club have made the same change, as did the Golf Club at Ballantyne. In the past, Welch said, play would drop noticeably when the condition of the greens declined, almost as if someone had posted it on Facebook.

Yeah, Facebook or B-Man's Guide to Golf in Charlotte!
Awesome Article on Changing Greens in the Carolinas   Wulfpack at 6/5/12 9:18pm
Check out this great article on the changing greens landscape in the Carolinas.
Skybook   DrSchteeve at 6/5/12 7:29pm
Just punched, large holes and sand. Probably 2-3 weeks for complete healing would be my guess.
Verdict Ridge & Rocky River   DrSchteeve at 6/4/12 2:50pm
Rocky River has started green replacement with Bermuda; they will have 9 holes available for about 10 days, then temporary greens only until reopening approximately August 15. Verdict Ridge will start replacement June 25, limited temporary greens then available until reopening approximately September 1.
Fort Mill aeration - reduced rates   The B-Man at 5/30/12 8:07pm
Got the note today that Fort Mill just aerated their greens and offering reduced rates for the next 2 weeks - $29 during the week and $39 on the weekends.
Old Suckamore   slowmofo at 5/30/12 3:38pm
I hated old suckamore. I showed up by myself ( which I normally do) and asked the 3 some behind me if they would like to play, they declined so I was ok with that. I started with a nice drive and then thats when I saw something a little fishy. On the green a whole group of kids and their parents. Apparently there was a tournament for little kids going on. I had to wait about 40 minutes in between each shot. I caught up to the group and they saw I was by myself, they wouldn't let me play through which I can understand. So after the kids would finish up on the green the greenskeepr would stop me and start watering the greens while I was on my second shot. It took me 7 hrs to play this course, solo. The course itself isn't even really that great. It was kept up okay, but there is nothing visually satisfying about thi! s course. Luckily I only paid $20 and should have listened to my friend when he told me not to play there. What a dissapointment.
Olde Sycamore   DrSchteeve at 5/25/12 8:31pm
My trials and tribulations with Olde Sycamore continue. Showed up for my twosome tee time at 1:18, noticed as I drove up that a mower was in the middle of the 1st fairway with lots of mown grass everywhere. Then I notice the parking lot is full, and, yep, you guessed it, an outing. So I ask at the pro shop what is happening with the outing, and I'm told: "They are a 1:00 shotgun from holes 1-6, so it won't be any problem for you. !?! - No problem?!? A twosome teeing off 2 holes behind an outing?!? It get's better: mistakenly, I decide we will go ahead and try to play, so I hand over my card and mention I am a senior, and I'm told "That will be $49". I point out that the website lists the Friday senior rate at $39, and I'm told "this is a h! oliday weekend, so holiday rates apply". On Friday?!? Going out behind an outing?!? So I call Charlotte National, get a 1:40 tee time, and pay $29 to play in perfect conditions and a 4 hour round. Olde Sycamore just doesn't make it easy to want to play there.
Re: Renaissance   weedwhacker3 at 5/22/12 8:11pm
New here but I have played it twice in a week. Not bad. I would descibe green speed as medium. Can be aggresive without flying past the whole but not really slow. Roll pretty true. Greens a little hard so not going to be fixing very many ball marks. As for the course it's in okay condition but I am not terribly picky. Called last Sunday morning at 730 A.M. and got a 4 out at 9 A.M. because it was wide open. Could have teed off earlier so apparently not very busy.
CT Myers   phatdba at 5/16/12 10:30am
Has anyone played CT Myers this year? If so, I'd like some feedback; I know the course has gotten mixed reviews on the conditions past year or two.

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