Photo of golf ball on the edge of the cupPhoto of 14th hole at Quail Hollow Country Club in Charlotte, NC

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senior golf leagues   pnac66 at 12/26/12 10:24am
New to area. 10 handicap. Looking for senior golf leagues.
Revolution golf course   Courtney Covington at 12/13/12 12:38pm
I enjoyed a great round of golf at revolution part nice people great course. Definitely one of the best in Charlotte.
Re: Chester Golf Club   lssu889294 at 11/15/12 12:10pm
Thanks for the response. Your site has helped me pick out some great Courses for the annual trip. We try and play two different courses every year on the way through. I wish there were more sites like this for other cities. Thanks for doing what you do!
Re: Chester Golf Club   The B-Man at 11/14/12 12:32pm
Hey everyone -- I'm happy to add Chester to the list. As slowmofo mentioned, I typically don't add courses if I haven't played them but I will make exceptions due to popular demand. If folks want to be able to review and comment on Chester, I can add it.

The "Charlotte area" is indeed a broad one but I try to cover all the courses that are within an hour's drive of the city that are worth playing.
Chester   slowmofo at 11/14/12 12:24pm
Bman reached out to me a while back and told me he doesn't list courses he hasn't played ( correct me if I am wrong Bman). This way he can give an accurate review
Re: Chester Golf Club   izzyf150 at 11/12/12 12:26pm
I think your question about Chester Golf Club can only be answered by the B-Man. As a member of this site I can only speculate as to why the course is not on here. If you look at courses like Fox Den and Tillery Tradition, they appear to be a fair distance outside the Charlotte area yet they are on the list. I am going to assume, and from also having played these courses, that the courses are usually in great condition making them worth mentioning and worth the extra driving to play them. The fact that Chester Golf Club is not on the list (to me) means that there is nothing special about this course. It’s probably just your average golf course. This is just my opinion though. It seems that you are trying to play different courses each time you come through. I would have to agree with Wulfpack that! Red Bridge would be a good choice and also Lancaster. Lancaster was in awesome condition the last time I played it.
Re: Chester Golf Club   Wulfpack at 11/10/12 9:27am
Chester is owned by the same group that runs Springfield, Fort Mill, and Lancaster. I play Springfield and Fort Mill frequently as they are close by for me. I have never played Lancaster or Chester, but have heard from folks on the other two courses that Lancaster is a better track. It seems your list in the south is pretty solid (Edgewater, Springfield). And if you are looking east, I highly suggest you work Red Bridge into the rotation. Not too far from Tillery.
Chester Golf Club   lssu889294 at 11/9/12 8:17am
Just wondering why Chester Golf Club is not one of the courses listed on this site. I organize a golf trip every year to South Carolina and we play a couple rounds in the Charlotte area on the way through. This site has helped me pick some great courses for our group (Verdict Ridge, Springfield, Edgewater, Tega Cay...) and was just wondering if Chester Golf Club is worth playing. We are going to try Tillery Tradition and then would like something on the South side for the next day. Any information would be appreciated regarding Chester Golf Club.
Re: Did the unthinkable last weekend   panthersfann55 at 10/31/12 6:30pm
did a google search and it seems that others have the same issue. either has to do with the weights or where the shaft meets the head. depends on the driver you have from callaway.
Did the unthinkable last weekend   slowmofo at 10/31/12 1:11pm
I have been having a case of the rights, so I went to leatherman's with a coworker to see what I was doing wrong. Fixed them on Friday and hit about 150 balls in a row 300+ and straight. So I was feeling good at Verdict Ridge on Saturday. First ball i teed up, boom the ball goes and so does my driver's head skidding across the cart path into the woods. I run into the proshop ask them if I can borrow a driver. They give me a 2010 cobra zl white demo. 15th hole, ball goes driver head goes into the woods. So i broke 2 drivers in one day, wtf? VR didnt charge me for the driver ( thank god) and callway is going to repair/give me a new driver being that mine is a little over a year old. Anyone ever seen anything like this?
Re: Emerald Lake   Chris Beto at 10/30/12 9:26pm
I played in a Bank of America outing at Emerald Lake last Friday. Yhe course was is above average shape. The greens were overall in great shape, with only a spot or 2 in repair from some crab grass removal. Firm and fast. They had the temp trailer up and running with incredible hot dogs. The overall experience was better than most other courses in the area this summer for me.
Emerald Lake   DrSchteeve at 10/30/12 1:01pm
Anyone play recently? Greens were iffy at the end of September, wondering if they have improved?
Cliffs at High Carolina   DrSchteeve at 10/18/12 11:33am
DOA, I believe.
The Cliffs at High Carolina   Danny at 10/17/12 8:41pm
Does anyone know if this course is opened yet? I called them a few months ago and never got an answer from anyone
Lincoln CC   slowmofo at 10/1/12 1:53pm
Thanks Hackarama, I decided to try out Lincoln CC this weekend. Talked with the owner and he told me the place used to be a lot less manicured. It wasn't in bad shape at all. The greens were full, but they looked a little bumpy. Suprisingly though, the ball rolled pretty good. Its a decent course, in great shape, and the pace of play wasnt shabby at all. The only thing was that it was on the shorter side. Too bad I didn't live closer because membership there is cheap as all heck.
Re: Badin Inn or Piney Point?   panthersfann55 at 9/29/12 7:38pm
I think piney point punched their greens (get emails once a week) would call just to make sure. Nice course medium size greens open fairways not much to think about. #17 is a bear if the wind is in your face.

Badin i think punched in the summer. Donald Ross greens (small). tight fairways #8 go the extra club the green is impossible if you come up short. a sneeze will blow the ball off the green. think #18 at emerald lake but all slope.

Both are a challenge and fun to play but the grill at badin is better by a mile always has good specials.

badin is a short cut from tillery if you google it.
Badin Inn or Piney Point?   Wulfpack at 9/29/12 8:10am
I think I'm going to make the trek out to The Tillery Tradition for the first time. Since it is such a hike I thought I might double up and try either Badin Inn or Piney Point. Can anyone chime in as to which one of those would be preferable? Thanks!
Re: Lincoln CC   Hackarama at 9/28/12 7:44pm
Yes, it's a decent mid tier course with some interesting holes. Check it out
Lincoln CC   slowmofo at 9/28/12 1:59pm
Has anyone ever played this course?
Similar Problems for the owner of Carolina Trail courses in Arizona   BetterThanMost at 9/28/12 9:28am
Tell me if this sounds familiar:!prettyPhoto/0/
One man's weeds...   DrSchteeve at 9/28/12 7:49am
...are another man's "greens are OK despite issues". Looking at reviews, especially this time of year when bent greens are often beat up, punched, sanded, etc., there seems to be great variability as to what constitutes "acceptable" conditions. Personally, I want nice smooth grass for putting every time I play (and I am willing to pay for it). Anything else deserves comment - especially as more and more courses switch to Bermuda with nearly perfect greens this time of year (Red Bridge, Springfield, Verdict Ridge, Rocky River, and others). There's probably no objective way to grade or comment on green conditions, so we are probably left with reading the tea (green) leaves when greens are less than perfect.
Emerald Lake Golf Club   Cory Hadley at 9/27/12 10:31pm
Played today. Beyond anything else, it is just nice to get back out to this course. The staff has changed over and for the first time in years, I was greeted with a smile. Course was in good shape. Not perfect, but above average. Great mix of holes out here. Looking forward to the new clubhouse!
Carolina Trail Websites Shut Down!   itsindahole at 9/27/12 3:01pm
I was browsing the Carolina Trail's main wesbite today ( and tried clicking on the individual course websites. I immediately saw the message "Temporarily not available". I have been getting the same message for all the course sites. Also, when you go on Google and type in the course name, nothing comes up. Is the Carolina Trail closing with the all financial problems they have had recently??? Any additional information would be great!
Re: Course Condition Questions   panthersfann55 at 9/25/12 11:08pm
I worked at wild wing plantation in myrtle beach a few years back. The answers to most of your questions depend on the type of greens. Bent grass takes the longest to heal and more water. It's a cool weather grass and why it's punched in the spring and fall. Burmuda will take the shortest and only done in warm weather because that is when it grows the quickest.

Large holes usually take 3-6 weeks to fully recover while small holes 2-3. All depends on the green type.

Sand depends on how heavy it's laid down. Watering is done nightly and usually gone within a week or so. Depends on the hole size that is punched.

If the ball mark is fixed the correct way a day or 2. If it is left and even a little of it is sticking up the mower will scalp! it and it could be a week or so. At the beach we used long ball mark tools (like a stamper) that fixed the marks before we mowed the greens.

Depending on the grass for the tee box/fairway I learned in the south leave it. Use the sand they give you. some will be treated to grow the grass others will mix seed. don't bother replacing the divot you took because once it's out its dead putting it back only hinders the growth of new grass. Check with the course to see what their policy is if you really want to know. Recovery time is different for different grass types. I would say a week or so. That's why golf courses move the tee markers back or forth every day or are supposed to. If nothing is done 2-3 weeks if fertilizer is put down.

Cleat marks are the biggest culprit in someones line. remember it's a rule that you can fix a ball mark in your line but not a cleat mark. Also someone that may weigh a little ! on the heavy side can effect the line too by putting an imprin! t where you need to putt.

Hope that answers your questions.


Course Condition Questions   izzyf150 at 9/25/12 2:05pm
On this web site we rate course condition and warn each other about bad conditions so that we can avoid a course for awhile if need be. I have some questions for anyone that might know, that could help me understand how long to avoid a course. Let’s just assume normal weather conditions for the circumstances.

How long does it take a green that has been punched with large holes to fully recover?

How long does it take a green that has been punched with small holes to fully recover?

How long does it take a green to fully absorb a layer of sand that has been put down?

How long does it take a green to fully recover from a ball mark?

How long does it take a fairway or tee box divot to fu! lly recover if you replace the divot?

How long does it take a fairway or tee box divot to fully recover if you fill it with sand?

How long does it take a fairway or tee box divot to fully recover if nothing is done?

I know that it is golf etiquette to not walk on a person’s putting line. What is the reasoning behind this? I mean if you think about it, doesn’t the foursome ahead of you pretty much trample down the green for you just prior to you hitting your shot up on. Is it just to avoid an accusation of foul play, that someone might intentionally try to ruff up a person’s line?
I worked at a Carolina Trail course & was hired in the middle of their "financial crisis" & was not disclosed prior to my employment that I would NOT be getting paid for my services. A month after asking about paychecks & constantly getting the runaround I turned in a notice & told them I would not return until I was being paid. No one called me, emailed me or even cared to let me know what was going on. Here it is almost a month later I'm having to call them (STILL NO PAYCHECKS) and since I filed a complaint with the Department of Labor they have pretty much given me their asses to kiss. They need to be shut down immediately. DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY TO PLAY AT SUCH A HORRIBLE BUSINESS!!!!!!!
Revolution Park added   The B-Man at 9/16/12 10:50pm
I had the pleasure of meeting Del Ratcliffe last week. Ratcliffe Golf Services runs several courses around town, including Charles T Myers and Renaissance Park that are listed on the site. I've now added the Dr. Charles L. Sifford Course at Revolution Park. This 9-hole course was renovated in 2010 and looks in great shape (I took a tour but haven't played it yet). Look forward to hearing comments and reviews on it from you guys.
Re: Cleghorn   sawlog at 9/16/12 7:28am
I thought they had their financial problems straightened out. That is a bummer, because one of my friends loves that course and has been trying to get me to play it for years.
Cleghorn   Tom at 9/14/12 10:32am
Had a 10:00 tee time at Cleghorn this week and when we got there, they were closed. Supposedly closed on Friday (9/7/12). Very disappointed as this is one of my favorite courses. We drive from Charleston, Pawley’s and Columbia to play for the views and the great golf.

Bummed out! Was told they may reopen in a couple of weeks but don't know anything for sure.

Just wanted folks to know that if they have a tee time there, they may want to call and double check first.
Still time to Play Piper Glen 9/24   Amish at 9/8/12 3:11pm
Charity Tournament at Piper Glen - 9/24 The B-Man at 8/23/12 10:38pm
This tournament will give you a chance to play a great, private track in the area and support a good cause.

Divots & Dogs 2nd Annual Charity Golf Classic


Monday, September 24th, 2012
12:00 pm Registration
1:00 pm Shotgun Start
*Box lunch provided


TPC Piper Glen
4300 Piper Glen Drive
Charlotte, NC 28277


Range, short game facility, greens fees, cart, box lunch & course refres! hments, cocktail reception, and dinner

4 Person Scramble


1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams.

skill prizes:

Longest drive (men & women) and closest to the pin on two holes. Hole in One Grand Prize for any lucky dog with good fortune on their side! (You'll have to see the prize to believe it!)

silent auction

Throughout reception and dinner players will be invited to bid on unique items offered in our silent auction. Winners will be announced following awards ceremony.

Click the link above to register and to get more information about sponsorship.

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