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Re: Springfield   Wulfpack at 2/27/13 10:10pm
I love Springfield, one of my favorites, but make no mistake it is a very challenging track. If you do join, you can receive discounts at sister courses Fort Mill GC, Chester and Lancaster. You can also get a twin membership between Fort Mill and Springfield. It is well worth it. All of these courses are owned by the same group so look into it. Springfield is a nicer course, but there are parts of Fort Mill that I prefer. Fort Mill's front nine is a classic Donald Ross design. It is a really neat little course and the course I play the most as it is walker friendly. Springfield gets more traffic and is not as walker friendly. A whole lot of steep hills, too.

Never been out to Rock Barn so can't make a fair assessment there. Love Red Bridge and Verdict Ridge. Springfield is def! initely in the same class. If you like a Verdict Ridge and are able to make it out that way, be sure to check out Glen Oaks as well. Clubhouse just burned down, unfortunately. But it had some age on it and is probably due time for a new one. And if you have never been out to Edgewater, it is well worth the trip.
Springfield   slowmofo at 2/27/13 6:00pm
I'm Thinking about joining springfield this year. I have heard so much good things about it and since I play 2 times a weekend its probably more cost effective (if I walk). I love red bridge, rock barn, and verdict ridge and I wonder how this place stacks up? Anyone a member here?
Glen Oaks Clubhouse Destroyed   Wulfpack at 2/24/13 1:03pm
First Emerald Lake. Now Glen Oaks. What a shame.

Glen Oaks Clubhouse Destroyed
Re: CLT courses with best drainage?   izzyf150 at 2/24/13 2:45am
I cant give an opinion for all of Charlotte. I dont feel like driving across Charlotte to find myself playing golf on some wet sloppy course. I can give my opinion for the east side of Charlotte. I think Monroe Country Club is the best draining course. Monroe does have a couple holes that dont drain well but considing the course as a whole compared the the other courses on the east side, I would have to say Monroe.
Courses with best drainage   DrSchteeve at 2/22/13 6:21pm
I've been blasted for this suggestion in the past, but I stand by it. Best fairways after heavy rain, hands down, are at Eagle Chase. Most fairways at Eagle Chase have slope, and that combined with the type of fairway grass make the fairway conditions after even heavy rain the best in Charlotte.

Best fairway conditions may not translate to best overall conditions, however. Traps may retain water after heavy rain. The greens at Eagle Chase have been in generally poor condition over the past few years, but apparently they are going to redo the greens this year.
CLT courses with best drainage?   HateSlowPlay at 2/22/13 1:42pm
Given the amount of clay soil here in Charlotte, a lot of the courses really struggle with drainage after rain/snow. Based on everyone's experience, what are the best and worst courses in the area in terms of drainage?
Tee Time Golf Pass   Erik Augustin at 2/16/13 3:59am
Hey Everyone I'm a regional rep for Tee Time Golf Pass for the Dayton Ohio Area and I'm just dropping by to leave my website for the Mid-Atlantic Region of this years booklet to see if there are any courses in your area that you can save some good money on. just go to and type in promo code 203 and see if there are any courses that you play in the booklet and check out the incredible deals you can get for the whole year!!
Larkhaven   slowmofo at 2/1/13 2:36pm
I have to agree about Larkhaven's conditions. They are awesome. It feels good to play a course with green grass and full plush fairways and Greens. The only problems are its an older style course ( though its not the best layout), the greens are slow, and they allow fivesomes. Why any ranger would let five people play together blows my mind.
Courses in Charlotte   Wade at 1/14/13 11:50pm
Courses that are good play in Charlotte are Olde Sycamore and Verdict Ridge. I am sure that there are others but those are 2 of my favs.
Emerald Lake Golf Club   Rob Lodge at 1/13/13 9:38pm
I played Emerald Lake on Saturday and really enjoyed myself. The course was in good shape, with only 2 greens on the back with some minor issues. The rest were great. The real reason to write this is all that went on other than the round of golf. On the first tee, I was handed a brand new metal divot tool and thanked for supporting the course. At the turn, the course had a grill set up and cooked burgers, hot dogs, and brats for all the golfers. They were out there cooking all day. It was just nice to see extra effort put forth and to see and feel actual gratitude for playing. I really enjoyed myself.
Visit to Charlotte   silverback at 1/12/13 8:58pm
I'll be passing through Charlotte on the last Monday in March, with time to play one round. It'll be my first round in 6 months, because I live in the land of ice and snow. I'm a 17 hdcp. I would love your suggestions for where I might play in Charlotte, or on the way to Atlanta. Thanks!
Larkhaven   izzyf150 at 1/8/13 1:34pm
Larkhaven has reseeded with rye grass again this year. Everything is just as green as can be. I tried to play there around 10:30a.m. yesterday (Monday) and turned around and left due to the large line of people still waiting to tee off. Every hole in sight had gofers on it also. If conditions were like they were last year, this is probably the best public course in Charlotte right now. (with the exception of the greens being slow) Don't attempt to go out here without a tee time and make sure you have time to play, that includes the week days.
Lessons/video   DrSchteeve at 12/26/12 6:50pm
I've had great success with Gary Sinquefield up in Mooresville, but I'm wondering if there is a place nearer with a video and/or launch monitor that can be used for practice. I live in the University area.
Re: senior golf leagues   HateSlowPlay at 12/26/12 11:16am
check out:
The Senior Amateur Golf Tour
senior golf leagues   pnac66 at 12/26/12 10:24am
New to area. 10 handicap. Looking for senior golf leagues.
Revolution golf course   Courtney Covington at 12/13/12 12:38pm
I enjoyed a great round of golf at revolution part nice people great course. Definitely one of the best in Charlotte.
Re: Chester Golf Club   lssu889294 at 11/15/12 12:10pm
Thanks for the response. Your site has helped me pick out some great Courses for the annual trip. We try and play two different courses every year on the way through. I wish there were more sites like this for other cities. Thanks for doing what you do!
Re: Chester Golf Club   The B-Man at 11/14/12 12:32pm
Hey everyone -- I'm happy to add Chester to the list. As slowmofo mentioned, I typically don't add courses if I haven't played them but I will make exceptions due to popular demand. If folks want to be able to review and comment on Chester, I can add it.

The "Charlotte area" is indeed a broad one but I try to cover all the courses that are within an hour's drive of the city that are worth playing.
Chester   slowmofo at 11/14/12 12:24pm
Bman reached out to me a while back and told me he doesn't list courses he hasn't played ( correct me if I am wrong Bman). This way he can give an accurate review
Re: Chester Golf Club   izzyf150 at 11/12/12 12:26pm
I think your question about Chester Golf Club can only be answered by the B-Man. As a member of this site I can only speculate as to why the course is not on here. If you look at courses like Fox Den and Tillery Tradition, they appear to be a fair distance outside the Charlotte area yet they are on the list. I am going to assume, and from also having played these courses, that the courses are usually in great condition making them worth mentioning and worth the extra driving to play them. The fact that Chester Golf Club is not on the list (to me) means that there is nothing special about this course. Itís probably just your average golf course. This is just my opinion though. It seems that you are trying to play different courses each time you come through. I would have to agree with Wulfpack that! Red Bridge would be a good choice and also Lancaster. Lancaster was in awesome condition the last time I played it.
Re: Chester Golf Club   Wulfpack at 11/10/12 9:27am
Chester is owned by the same group that runs Springfield, Fort Mill, and Lancaster. I play Springfield and Fort Mill frequently as they are close by for me. I have never played Lancaster or Chester, but have heard from folks on the other two courses that Lancaster is a better track. It seems your list in the south is pretty solid (Edgewater, Springfield). And if you are looking east, I highly suggest you work Red Bridge into the rotation. Not too far from Tillery.
Chester Golf Club   lssu889294 at 11/9/12 8:17am
Just wondering why Chester Golf Club is not one of the courses listed on this site. I organize a golf trip every year to South Carolina and we play a couple rounds in the Charlotte area on the way through. This site has helped me pick some great courses for our group (Verdict Ridge, Springfield, Edgewater, Tega Cay...) and was just wondering if Chester Golf Club is worth playing. We are going to try Tillery Tradition and then would like something on the South side for the next day. Any information would be appreciated regarding Chester Golf Club.
Re: Did the unthinkable last weekend   panthersfann55 at 10/31/12 6:30pm
did a google search and it seems that others have the same issue. either has to do with the weights or where the shaft meets the head. depends on the driver you have from callaway.
Did the unthinkable last weekend   slowmofo at 10/31/12 1:11pm
I have been having a case of the rights, so I went to leatherman's with a coworker to see what I was doing wrong. Fixed them on Friday and hit about 150 balls in a row 300+ and straight. So I was feeling good at Verdict Ridge on Saturday. First ball i teed up, boom the ball goes and so does my driver's head skidding across the cart path into the woods. I run into the proshop ask them if I can borrow a driver. They give me a 2010 cobra zl white demo. 15th hole, ball goes driver head goes into the woods. So i broke 2 drivers in one day, wtf? VR didnt charge me for the driver ( thank god) and callway is going to repair/give me a new driver being that mine is a little over a year old. Anyone ever seen anything like this?
Re: Emerald Lake   Chris Beto at 10/30/12 9:26pm
I played in a Bank of America outing at Emerald Lake last Friday. Yhe course was is above average shape. The greens were overall in great shape, with only a spot or 2 in repair from some crab grass removal. Firm and fast. They had the temp trailer up and running with incredible hot dogs. The overall experience was better than most other courses in the area this summer for me.
Emerald Lake   DrSchteeve at 10/30/12 1:01pm
Anyone play recently? Greens were iffy at the end of September, wondering if they have improved?
Cliffs at High Carolina   DrSchteeve at 10/18/12 11:33am
DOA, I believe.
The Cliffs at High Carolina   Danny at 10/17/12 8:41pm
Does anyone know if this course is opened yet? I called them a few months ago and never got an answer from anyone
Lincoln CC   slowmofo at 10/1/12 1:53pm
Thanks Hackarama, I decided to try out Lincoln CC this weekend. Talked with the owner and he told me the place used to be a lot less manicured. It wasn't in bad shape at all. The greens were full, but they looked a little bumpy. Suprisingly though, the ball rolled pretty good. Its a decent course, in great shape, and the pace of play wasnt shabby at all. The only thing was that it was on the shorter side. Too bad I didn't live closer because membership there is cheap as all heck.
Re: Badin Inn or Piney Point?   panthersfann55 at 9/29/12 7:38pm
I think piney point punched their greens (get emails once a week) would call just to make sure. Nice course medium size greens open fairways not much to think about. #17 is a bear if the wind is in your face.

Badin i think punched in the summer. Donald Ross greens (small). tight fairways #8 go the extra club the green is impossible if you come up short. a sneeze will blow the ball off the green. think #18 at emerald lake but all slope.

Both are a challenge and fun to play but the grill at badin is better by a mile always has good specials.

badin is a short cut from tillery if you google it.

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