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Re: Highland Creek closing next week   BetterThanMost at 11/19/18 2:21pm
Message on the Highland Creek website says they are re-opening on Friday, 11/23. All greens have been interseeded with A1/A4 bentgrass. I just don't understand closing for two months to put more bentgrass on greens, when every other course in the area is switching to some type of bermuda. They are also touting 'unprecedented re-opening values,' yet their prices are still too high for the course conditions.
Catawba creek   Rob glaz at 11/18/18 7:10pm
Got out to catawba creek the old gastonia municipal read some reviews didnt get my hopes up but i couldnt find anything wrong enjoyed it thoutghly perfect greens fast small fairways and tees reminded me of lancaster and monroe, does anybody know if donald ross had anything to do with the front 9? Alot of his design features on the front 9 greens
One month left to play Larkhaven   The B-Man at 11/4/18 10:06pm
In case you missed this message, here's the final note from Larkhaven Golf Club:

As many of you already know Larkhaven Golf Club has been under contract to sale. The final day of business will be Sunday, December 2nd. We would like to thank everyone who has supported Larkhaven for the past 60 years. It has been a golf course that many of you started playing when you were just a kid and have gone on to make many memories here. Come out and help us celebrate the final few weeks of Larkhaven!

We will be having a sale in the pro shop to help clear out merchandise. Everything will be sold at cost starting today. That is a savings of 25% on all merchandise.

Thank you again for all the support!

>Larkhaven Staff
Highland Creek closing next week   The B-Man at 9/28/18 2:18pm
Highland Creek sent a letter to its members this week that it is closing October 1st in an attempt to fix the greens. However, the letter did not say for certain whether the course will re-open. It simply said, "We will monitor progress and make a determination later in the fall whether reopening the course is a viable option."

I'm not optimistic. Courses usually have a definitive plan to replace their greens (typically with Bermuda) when they reach this age and condition. HC's letter does not say they have the funding or support to replace the greens. So this sure sounds like the end of the line for what was once one of the more prestigious public tracks in Charlotte, in my opinion.
Florence   Deacon Blues at 9/18/18 8:32am
Does anybody know how Charlotte-area golf courses fared during the storm? Any damage that could disrupt or prevent play this weekend?
Re: Lessons   KyleSmith at 9/3/18 4:33pm
Eric at the Golf Studio at Northstone is the best I have seen in the area (limited knowledge on my part though, honestly). Northstone itself is private, but the Golf Studio is open to the public for lessons. Probably not the cheapest, but will be worth it for sure.
Lessons   IM4DHERD at 8/17/18 1:40pm
Searched the Message Board for "Lessons" and "Instruction" and see nothing newer than 3 years old. I desperately need a tune up, maybe an overhaul. Curious to read reviews of area pros ... figure it might be a good thing to have on this site. I live in Huntersville. Seems some had good things to say about Kent Sonnefeld? Anybody try Jason Lilly at Emerald Lake?
Couple of Updates   BetterThanMost at 7/29/18 8:13am
Warrior is reopening on Friday, August 3rd for public play. You can now make tee times on their website.

Revival/Crescent is dealing with some issues on their greens due to a bad batch of chemicals they got earlier this season. They are interseeding their greens with Pure Distinction bent grass, but are still open for play. Additionally, they have cut down several trees around the 3rd green, and are laying sod to bring it back to its original size. If you've played the course, you know the 3rd green has been a problem for several years, so it's good to see that they are remedying it.
Re: Mens Golf League Suggestions?   eric_w74 at 6/22/18 8:27am
hey Brett, you should come out and play with the charlotte chapter of the MGA. we play once a month for a big check and trophy.
2018 Capital Improvement Projects at Ratcliffe Golf Courses   The B-Man at 6/18/18 9:54pm
As promised, here's the link to all the capital improvement work that Ratcliffe Golf has planned for this year at Charles T Myers, Harry Jones and the Sifford Course.
Winterkill damage closing 10+ courses in Myrtle Beach   The B-Man at 6/14/18 10:23pm
Charlotte is not the only Carolina golf market affected by the harsh winter. Over ten courses in Myrtle Beach are closing this summer to recover from winterkill damage. More details here. .
Re: Courses closed this summer   BetterThanMost at 6/10/18 10:08am
Warrior is also closed as they switch the greens over to Bermuda. Work started the week after Memorial Day.
Courses closed this summer   The B-Man at 6/2/18 11:25pm
Add Charles T Myers to the list of courses closing for some time this summer. They are replacing their greens with bermuda, just like Charlotte National. So they will be closed in July/Aug.

Help me keep track of the courses closing for some time this summer:

Charlotte National
Charles T Myers
Larkhaven (permanently)

Did I miss one?
The Hits Just Keep On Coming   BetterThanMost at 5/27/18 8:34am
Mooresville is currently using 3 temporary greens and will close on June 11th for the remainder of the month to complete repairs to the course.

Springfield Golf Club Update   BetterThanMost at 5/18/18 8:38pm
Got this email from Springfield Golf Club today: "We have experienced severe winter kill on several of our greens due to the past winter. We have closed the golf course until May 26th to address these issues. At that time, the back nine of the course will reopen with two temporary greens. The front nine will remain closed to allow the greens to heal and the new greens to establish.
We greatly appreciate your understanding and patience while we work diligently to restore the course to the standards we all expect."
Mens Golf League Suggestions?   Brett at 5/15/18 9:20am
Hey there, recently moved to the area (just outside of downtown Charlotte) and would like to get involved in a weekly league. I'm a decent player (+15 handicap) , looking for something thats not going to break the bank. Any suggestions for something in the area?
Highland creek   Rob glaz at 5/5/18 8:47pm
So highland creek is still crap? I got the entercom golf pass hoping those courses would be in better shape after the managment change
Re: Highland Creek Conditions?   CHRISTOPHER BUHSE at 4/30/18 1:47pm
Played there on 4/29/18 and it was in such bad shape. Even if the green fees were free, it would not be worth it. It's a shame as its a great layout. Conditions are horrible and don't see them improving without a lot of time and money.
Re: Highland Creek Conditions?   BetterThanMost at 4/22/18 5:22pm
Yeah, it's kind of funny that after all of the hullabaloo over the Jeff Silverstein/CGT debacle, and then the dividing up of the courses amongst different management groups, the six surviving CGT courses have all ended up back under the same umbrella (Pinnacle) again. I've played four of those in the last year, and they've all been meh as far as conditions go. I haven't heard great things about the other two (Skybrook and Birkdale), either. Personally, I'm not optimistic.
Re: Highland Creek Conditions?   MGOBLUE at 4/21/18 6:30am
I just saw where GolfNiners5's posted a review on April 14th. Not looking good at all. There was an article in the Carolina Golf Journal that Highland Creek was now part of Pinnacle Golf Properties along with other former Carolina Trail courses. I hope they can restore this course to it's glory days.
Re: Highland Creek Conditions?   BetterThanMost at 4/19/18 3:59pm
Unless you're getting a really good rate, I wouldn't pay what they are asking to play there on a Saturday.
Highland Creek Conditions?   MGOBLUE at 4/16/18 7:25am
Thinking about playing there this Saturday , April 21. Has anyone played there recently and if so what were the course conditions? Thanks.
Re: Lost 9 hole course near airport   Deacon Blues at 2/10/18 10:18am
I think you're thinking of Greenbriar Hills, which was near the airport off of Old Dowd Road. My dad played there in the 60s and 70s, and my brother and I would tag along sometimes. I don't remember when it closed, but it was no longer around when I moved back here in the late 80s. Hope this helps!
Re: Larkhaven to be no more?   Albert So at 1/31/18 5:29am
Although I rarely play Larkhaven (the indifferent staff), the #1 Par 4 is unlike anything else in the Charlotte area.
Larkhaven to be no more?   BetterThanMost at 1/30/18 9:45am
It looks as if Larkhaven will soon go the way of Eastwood, Crystal Creek, Charlotte Golf Links, and other former courses that are now housing developments:

Charlotte’s oldest public golf course is set to be replaced by a housing development
Re: Tillery Tradition Status   kuehbr at 10/10/17 11:25am
Thanks for the update! One of my favorite area courses and happy to hear that they are putting in the time/money to make that place great again, looking forward to playing it in the upcoming months
Re: Tillery Tradition Status   BetterThanMost at 10/1/17 8:13am
They have reopened the course for play. Here's part of an email the club sent out regarding current conditions:

Golf Course Update!

Anyone that has played since we have opened knows we have had a slow growing season for our new greens and they have not quite fully grown in. To improve this and give our members and guests a better playing experience we will be Sodding in all the areas that have not grown in within the next 2 weeks.
We will also be overseeding all of our tee boxes next week with Rye Grass to give them a good coverage for the fall, winter and spring. New Rakes, cups, flags and flagsticks have been ordered to inhance our facility and we exepct those to be delivered next week.
The ownership and managem!
ent are committed to do everything we can to create a great experience for our membership and we appreciate your patience through this process.

It does look like they do not have a website any longer, although their mobile website is still active, but not current. It also appears as if they aren't on any of the tee time services any longer, either. Published rates are $38 on weekdays and $45 on weekends. Twilight rates are $28.

Also in that area, Badin Golf Club closed suddenly at the end of August. Little to no information is known as to the future of that course.
Tillery Tradition Status   kuehbr at 9/29/17 10:08am
Heard Tillery was putting in new greens this summer, are they open for play yet? I can't seem to find their website either...
Ole Still Golf Club in Hickory, NC   Albert So at 9/26/17 8:30am
Worth the 1 1/3 hour drive from Charlotte. Superb, fast, true greens. Lush fairways. They offer substantial discounts on-line. Downside, small greens, the cart path is extremely rutted, bumpy, falling apart. So is the ground near the path. A LOT of dry, rock-hard clay surfaces.
This is an extremely slopey track. 90% of shots are on a slope. But, I like that kind of thing.
I'll be back.
Re: Zoysia   The B-Man at 8/16/17 5:00pm
Eagle Chase in Marshville.

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