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Re: Rocky River   tobacco_rd77 at 4/30/13 7:25am
Thanks for the response. I guess I will take a look at Northstone and Irish creek. They are more money but might be worth it.
Rocky River   DrSchteeve at 4/29/13 8:46pm
The problem is the greens are very, very firm = hard, and so are not receptive to well struck shots. This is complicated by the fact that RR is not designed to play as a links style course - many holes do not allow a run up to the green, that would include 3,4,5,7, 10, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18 - you get the idea. It's a shame, since apparently other courses that changed to Bermuda at the same time were able to avoid the hard green problem (e.g., Verdict Ridge).
Is Rocky River worth a membership?   tobacco_rd77 at 4/29/13 5:22pm
I'm moving back into the area and looking at possible options for memberships at private and public courses. I played RR many years ago and liked it but I'm wondering is it worth getting a membership there. Is it in nice shape? Heard the new greens are not doing well.
Need two?   ILL-INI at 4/26/13 10:40pm
Long shot but does anyone need two guys for a foursome tomorrow?
regent park   ethan at 4/24/13 8:38pm
I played regent park 3 weeks ago, haven't been there in 6 years. The practice area is not what it used to be. Love the layout but not in the best condition. I thought the cart would fall through on the long bridge. Would love to see some improvements.
Re: Regent Park update   slowmofo at 4/22/13 3:36pm
I played regent park a few weeks. Its in pretty decent shape. The greens are finally starting to come back around and its greening up. I am a huge fan a Regent park when the greens are in decent condition. I like the layout, i think its just challenging enough, and its not too far from uptown. I would recommend it and im sure you can find it online for $30 on weekends.
Regent Park update   estanwick at 4/22/13 11:57am
Has anybody played Regent Park in 2013 yet? If so, how is it? thanks
Re: Carolina Trail Websites Shut Down!   james at 4/20/13 10:16am
They are up they changed web managers and went with a North carolina web site manager go to charlotte and see the new sites.
Courses that don't require a cart?   360LipOut at 4/19/13 10:48pm
Hey everyone, I'm looking for decent courses out there that don't require a cart. I enjoy getting exercise and walking around the golf course, but it seems like every place I find I'm interested in has a mandatory cart policy. Any good courses out there that don't require you to ride a cart? I don't mind if it has an after 12 or weekday only cart policy, just looking for some relaxation on the mandatory cart rule. I live in Mountain Island so it would be great to find one within 30 minutes of where I'm at seeing as I do have a cart-less option within 15 minutes of my place, but I'm looking for more options. Don't really care about the price, and would prefer it not be an executive or beginner type course. Thanks.
Red Bridge   ILL-INI at 4/16/13 11:13am
I have a 9:26am tee time for Satuday at Red Bridge. Click it golf has a $39 anytime coupon and according to B-Man the course is playing very nice right now. So far we have 2 guys, maybe 3. If you're wanting to play, let me know.

Red Bridge   ILL-INI at 4/15/13 1:33pm
I'd like to get out and play Red Bridge this coming weekend. Would anyone like to join? I'm trying to put together a 4-some for Saturday. Let's try and tee off someone where around 8 or 9am. Let me know if you want to play. Thanks!

Re: The Divide?   pt3040 at 4/15/13 7:27am
Played this course on 4/7. This is the first time I have played it in several years. I found it to be in the usual winter shape like most courses in the area. Thin fairways but the greens were in better shape than what I remembered them to be in. I really enjoyed the round. Although not my favorite course I enjoyed it enough to want to play it again when things green up. Pace was good and the staff was very friendly
Re: Golf course snobbery - reply to slomofo   slowmofo at 4/8/13 4:07pm
My favorite is Rock Barn. You can usually get a deal on golfnow in the $25-$30 range. So not only is it my favorite in the area, but it is cheap. The downfall is the drive. Conover can be quite the hike as is edgewater. So usually picking between the two i go with Rock Barn. Also, I am hug fan of Red Bridge which probably be my third favorite. I think not only good prices, great conditions, but also because its really not that bad of a drive. I would love to come this saturday, but i have a little bday shindig planned and honestly don't know how wasted i am going to get Fri night. Thanks for the invite though! I am always looking for new people to play with as most of my friends don't play
The Divide?   Scott76 at 4/8/13 11:58am
Haven't seen any updates on how The Divide is looking. Heard they were in pretty bad shape financially. Wondering if anyone has played there recently?
Aeration and other dates   DrSchteeve at 4/7/13 6:13pm
So I called around and was given the following information by these courses - don't flame me if it's wrong! It's was what I was told.

Charles T Myers 4/8
Charlotte National 3/8
Edgewater 3/21
Emerald Lake 3/8
Fox Den 3/17
Glen Oaks 4/8
Olde Sycamore 3/8
Red Bridge 6/25
Springfield 6/25

Eagle Chase says they will install new greens on the front 9 4/18, back 9 4/28, and full course could be open as soon as 3/8 (seems like an aggressive timetable). I didn't check Carolina Trail courses since I don't play them.
Golf course snobbery - reply to slomofo   DrSchteeve at 4/5/13 3:41pm
So what is your favorite course if VR is 2nd fav? Playing VR this Sunday - Clickit coupon is $55. Room for a 4th if you would like to join (11:50 tee time).

Unfortunately EdgeWater just got a poor review, and the last few times I have played it the fairways were in pretty bad condition (tho I love the track).

Talk about a hike - that would be Rock Barn, but I may try to get up that way. It would probably meet my high dollar but worth it criteria.
Re: Golf Course Snobbery/VR   slowmofo at 4/5/13 1:35pm
Schteeve and hateslowplay I agree with both of you. I remember hearing how expensive golf can be and how you pay for what you get. I think things like the internet booking is what is changing the idea of pricing. Though, because of that I play more golf. Which in turn means me spending more money at the course for food and bevs so its a trade off for the course. I usually end up sticking around after a round to sit down get a beer ( or 7) and some food while watching the pga with a few other guys on the weekends. Unfortunately Verdict Ridge has jumped off Golfnow. While I love VR ( my second favorite course in the area) I can't fathom paying $70 to play 1 round when i can go play 2 rounds at a decent course that is closer to home. VR is a haul and yes it is worth it, but the price is a sticking poi! nt in my head. So I will play VR unfortunately only a few times this year and save my long hauls for Rock Barn and Edgewater.
Green Aerification   twoputt at 4/4/13 2:56pm
Verdict Ridge is in great condition and will not have any Spring aerification because of their new Champion Bermuda Greens. I played the other day and they said they will aerate in the summer one time. BTW The greens were rolling great!! Great pace both on the course and on the greens....

Re: Golf Course Snobbery   HateSlowPlay at 4/4/13 12:28pm
You raise a good point, and I agree it is a sad state of affairs that there are courses out there that do not warrant their asking price. Any time I am going to walk into a pro shop and pay the full asking price, then I expect to get full value for my money. For example, the asking price for the Charlotte golf links is $59 on a saturday. But the range balls are from 1923, and the practice chipping green is 2 circles of rough with a flag sticking out. So even before you tee off, you already start wondering where your $59 went to. But then on the other hand, you have Ballantyne office park, I mean Resort, which charges around $80. Even though the conditions are always top notch, the rounds take 5 hours, you get pestered by the employees (was asked what my tee time was 4 times last time I played th! ere from when I got out my car to just before I tee'd off), and then the course is an office park with a golf course squeezed in. The other problem is that courses don't seem to adjust their prices based on current conditions, I have played good courses, where I have asked what the greens are like, and told they are great, to go out and find they were aerated a few days ago. So, some of it might be people having unrealistic expectations of what they should get when paying the full price, and the other side might just be that many golf courses don't provide the quality you expect to be paying for.
Golf Course Snobbery   DrSchteeve at 4/4/13 11:07am
I know I will get lots of grief for this, so I am starting with that acknowledgement. Still, I think it is a sad state of affairs that we are seeing a lot of reviews to the effect of "It's worth $28, but not a penny more". I just wish there were more courses out there that would get reviews to the effect of "It's worth every bit of $65". The combination of the economy and IRI have really hurt the mid to high end of Charlotte public golf.
Re: Aeration in Charlotte   Ryan at 4/1/13 2:03pm
Rocky River will NOT have any Spring aerification because of the new greens. They only need 1 per year, and that will happen in July. Course is is great shape!

Ryan Brickley
PGA Director of Golf
Aeration in Charlotte   Don at 4/1/13 11:11am
Does anyone know of a list of Charlotte courses that have been aerated by date? I know Charlotte National aerated a few weeks ago.
Re: Charlotte National allowing fivesomes?   PT3040 at 3/13/13 7:23am
National does have a group that plays with 5 or more from time to time several days a week...the owner is part of this group. I have seen as many as 8 in the group before but I will say in their defense that they are usually on the course at the less busy times (which seem to be harder and harder to find at National). I have never been held up by them and they are pretty much mannerly to the other golfers. I have never had a problem with them and Dave goes out of his way to make me always feel welcome at his course. I guess I am trying to say that it isn't widespread and doesn't seem to be an issue with those that play there regulary.
Re: Charlotte National allowing fivesomes?   izzyf150 at 3/11/13 1:17pm
Iím not sure what day of the week you were out there but I know on Wednesdays there are a couple leagues that play out there. Whenever they have an off number of golfers they usually make a five some and send that group off first. That allows the league to finish close together without having to wait on the five some to finish up if they fall behind. They like to have some socializing after the round and donít want any league golfers leaving before everyone has finished golfing. They think this strategy helps. Anyway the foursomes trailing behind are part of the league too (their not mad) they understand the deal. They also have a league on Friday that I know about too. I canít vouch for the other days of the week but they might have some other leagues too. I would say if you seen a five some and it! wasnít the owner it was probably a league. They will bend the rules for a league, it guaranteed money every week.
Eagle Chase   DrSchteeve at 3/11/13 10:33am
Eagle Chase will be redoing their greens in April. Changing to some type of zoysia, which supposedly does well in heat, requires little watering, grows in both shade and sun. They will be softening the contours of 4 greens - 2,3,12, and 14. Supposedly the whole process will take only 32 days. Now if they could only do something with the cart paths...
Charlotte National fivesomes   DrSchteeve at 3/11/13 10:10am
Yes they routinely allow fivesomes, even on busy spring and summer weekends. One rumor is that the course owner plays in a fivesome regularly. I will say that even with fivesomes the pace is sometimes OK - they do ranger it fairly well.
Charlotte National allowing fivesomes?   Mike at 3/11/13 8:19am
First of all I love Charlotte National. Very nice people and the greens are always in great shape, I love the layout with some hard and some easy holes.

With that said, the past few times I have been out there I have seen fivesomes on the course. One time there were 4 or 5 groups backed up behind the fivesome waiting on tees. The other time it was a fivsome going from 9 to 10 so no impact on me as I was just starting my round. I am hoping this is not a new policy and was allwed because it was winter, Hopefully this does not happen into spring and summer as my favorite course will be eliminated the first time I have a five and a half round due to a slow fivesome.
Re: Glen Oaks Clubhouse Destroyed   The B-Man at 3/4/13 7:32am
This article has a little more information, including photos, about the fire that destroyed the clubhouse:

Gaston Gazette: Clubhouse fire
Re: Springfield   Wulfpack at 3/2/13 9:02am
Both Springfield and Fort Mill allow pushcarts. All over the place at Fort Mill as it is a walker's course. Fort Mill is very well layed out for walkers - not far at all between green and tee. Springfield is a bear to walk both from a distance standpoint as well as elevation. I like the front nine at Fort Mill (Donald Ross) but the back isn't all that bad and there are a few neat holes on the back. I think a dual membership will give you variety and the best of both worlds for a very reasonable price. Happy golfing!
RE:Springfield   slowmofo at 3/1/13 1:20pm
Thanks Wulfpac! I actually am thinking about walking the course with a push cart. I don't know if they are frowned upon people down here ( up north you should be old to use them in most ppl's eyes). They are allowed at Springfield which is good. I was thinking about doing the FT mill club too, but I heard the front 9 Ross design is awesome, but the back 9 is lacking. Do you know if its a far walk between green and tee? Im young and in shape so thats not a problem

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