Photo of golf ball on the edge of the cupPhoto of 14th hole at Quail Hollow Country Club in Charlotte, NC

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Re: Lessons   HateSlowPlay at 5/29/13 10:13am
My experience with lessons is what you put in is what you get out. There is no silver bullet in golf. If you have been doing something wrong for a long time, and it has become a habit, a lesson with a pro will help show you how to fix it, but it very rarely changes you over night. You need to go and practice diligently to ingrain whatever your pro has shown you. Too many people go to lessons expecting to find the secret. Unfortunately the secret is practicing the correct moves, even if it feels terrible at the start. I highly recommend taking lessons, after all the top pros in the world all have coaches. But go in with realistic expectations, and expect to get out what you put in.
Lessons   slowmofo at 5/28/13 5:25pm
My game went from terrible to good and back to terrible again. I think i have put too many band aids on my swing and now they are making it bad. Anyone ever take any lessons? How did they help you? Any recommendations?
Re: Deer Brook   4Putts at 5/24/13 8:14pm
Now we just need Rock Barn added :)
Carolina Trail Lifetime Membership   lostinclt at 5/24/13 6:47pm
Thanks for the feedback guys! I appreciate the honesty. There's not much love for IRI or CT and that is obviously for a reason. I'm a frugal guy who doesn't have the luxury to play golf and when I do it's on the less desirable courses, so I thought this might be an inexpensive (in the long run) way to get back into it but it sounds like these courses may just be a long walk spoiled.
Re: Deer Brook   The B-Man at 5/24/13 2:27pm
Ask and you shall receive:

Deer Brook Golf Club

Review away!
Re: Carolina Trail Lifetime Membership   Wulfpack at 5/24/13 5:16am
I wouldn't dump any kind of money into a Trail membership. They are already in very poor financial condition. What makes you think they are going to be around for the long haul? Plenty of other great options out there, just search this site, visit courses, and even look at some of the privates. If I had an extra $12k laying around, I could think of many more ways to spend it on golf related costs. Just my $.02.
Re: Carolina Trail Lifetime Membership   izzyf150 at 5/24/13 1:17am
Make no mistake about it, you will be paying 12k to golf on courses pretty low on the totem pole when in comes to quality of Charlotte golf courses.(and that's a fact) You are gambling that one day things might get better. Looking at it today, it looks like a bad idea (and that's what others are screaming at you). I really can't tell you what to do. I know that there are people in this world that earn a nice pay check, 12k might not bother you as much as it would me. All I can do is repeat myself, your gambling on the future of these courses because today its not worth being stuck playing these courses.
Re: Carolina Trail Lifetime Membership   Paul at 5/23/13 10:07pm
At this point, Carolina trail has to know how they are viewed, right???
Every review I read is the same negative feedback. It is amazing. I have only lived here 6 years, yet in that time these courses have turned to crap. I was actually just on Waterfords website as my bro and I got an ezlink time for Saturday. They still claim to have bent grass greens on the site.
It is sad, but what seems to be even more sad is they still seem to operate as if they think they were Quail Hollow.
Re: Carolina Trail Lifetime Membership   DrSchteeve at 5/23/13 9:26pm
Why would you pay for spotty range conditions and spotty course conditions when there are so many great Charlotte public course options? You would have to pay me a lot more than 12k to play Carolina Trail courses. I live next to 3 (Highland Creek, Skybrook, Tradition) and I never play them - just too many other great public course options in Charlotte.
Re: Carolina Trail Lifetime membership   lostinclt at 5/23/13 7:57pm
Thanks for the feedback izzf150. To get a better picture of what I'm looking at--The deal is basically $12k total for a family lifetime membership with the carolina trail... includes cart, unlimited golf range balls, no annual fee and it can be transferred later if I decided to sell.
Re: Deer Brook   slowmofo at 5/23/13 1:19pm
Awesome, I am playing there ( for the first time), Fox Den ( for the first time), and Emerald Lake this weekend. Unfortunately no one knows hwo good/bad Emerald lake is due to what seems like someone working there is posting the reviews of this course. I mean three usernames only reviewing Emerald Lake?
Re: Carolina Trail Lifetime membership   izzyf150 at 5/23/13 12:51pm
Looking at those courses today, I think most people would say you were crazy. Who knows though, 5 or 10 years down the road and someone takes over the courses and gets them back into shape, it could make you out to be a genius. Its a gamble for sure.
Carolina Trail membership   DrSchteeve at 5/23/13 9:01am
Just take a look at recent reviews for each of the courses. That should tell you all you need to know.
Eagle Chase   DrSchteeve at 5/23/13 9:00am
Full course open this weekend. May be a few weeks for conditions to ripen...
Carolina Trail Lifetime membership   LostinClt at 5/23/13 6:01am
I'm considering picking up a legacy lifetime family golf membership with CT at about 1/3 price. It's relatively cheap, but I've read some pretty bad reviews on IRI and the CT. I'm new to Charlotte and not that familiar with the courses. Thoughts?
Eagle Chase   PT3040 at 5/22/13 10:21pm
Any word on whether Eagle Chase has finished redoing the greens and opened all 18 holes?
Deer Brook   IM4DHERD at 5/22/13 11:18am
I'd like to nominate Deer Brook Golf Club to be included in the course listings. A great layout, always in great shape, full clubhouse and very affordable. I'd put it in my top 5 if it were in the listing.
Re: Public Tournaments   The B-Man at 5/21/13 12:08am
Try the Carolina Golf Journal. Towards the back of every issue, it lists the upcoming charity golf tournaments in the area that are open to the public.

If you're looking for competitive individual tournaments, try one of the local golf leagues (several are listed on the Links page.
Public Tournaments   Kevin at 5/20/13 4:32pm
Can anyone tell me if there is a resource for upcoming tournaments that are open to the public? whether its stroke play or scramble formats? Its so hard to find any information like that.
Re: Update to Birkdale Range   DrSchteeve at 5/11/13 6:30pm
It's IRI. Don't be fooled. Lucy and the football. They bought some new balls at Skybrook, too - but look at the recent Skybrook review to see how much difference it made to the course (none - still horrible conditions).
Update to Birkdale Range   ChiBearGolfer at 5/11/13 7:24am
Well I'm not sure what has happened but the Birkdale range now has all new range balls. I'm talking PEARLS, and boy does it make a difference. Also, there not is a sign posted on the door if the Hours of Operation 7am-6:30pm. Things are moving in the right direction.
Re: Is Rocky River worth a membership?   tobacco_rd77 at 5/8/13 6:29am
Thanks for the info. I will look into it. I'm leaning toward Northstone since it will be down the road from me. Thanks again!
Re: Is Rocky River worth a membership?   mondiablo at 5/6/13 10:06pm
I would suggest taking a look at Cabarrus Country Club. I am a member there and can't say enough good things about the course and members. Lots of great golfers and games going on almost everyday. They are offering great deals on memberships at the moment. You'l find that is is comparable with a RR membership but with the perks of a private club. The only downside, which could be an upside, is that we are redoing the greens this summer and will be closed 8 weeks. We are going to the champion bermuda and will close from June 16 to around August 20. However, we have 15 clubs lined up for reciprocal. Shoot me a message if you'd like to come out for a round.
Re: Charlotte Golf Late July   Wulfpack at 5/5/13 4:44pm
I always recommend Olde Sycamore, Emerald Lake and Charlotte National to the South Charlotte golfer. Just a short trip on 485 headed toward Matthews/Mint Hill. Can't go wrong with any of them in my opinion. If you choose National, be sure to call ahead to see if there are any outings.
Re: Charlotte Golf late July   izzyf150 at 5/5/13 1:03am
I agree with DrSchteeve that you should double check the reviews on this site closer to the time, just to make sure. To answer your question though, from past experience, and assuming you want courses around the south Charlotte area, I would suggest Fort Mill Country Club. Fort Mill CC seems to be pretty popular with the older folks, as there as seems to be quite a few out there every time I golf there. Fort Mill also allows pull carts if you are one to get a little exercise with your round. Carolina Lakes is another popular course with the older folks. It happens to be a course at a retirement village. The downside to it is getting a tee time. Every day of the week is busy out there (you know their all retired) and the early tee times go fast because they want to beat the heat. Ballantyn! e always get good reviews. Iíve never golfed there though due to the cost. I can golf two rounds somewhere else for the price of one round at Ballantyne. If money isnít a concern to you, I would for sure consider Ballantyne. If you willing to drive a little further, I would suggest Lancaster and Edgewater golf courses. The courses just a little further away from Charlotte seem to be in a touch better condition because they donít get as much traffic. The cost is a touch cheaper also. All of the courses that I mentioned to you in my opinion, in their worst condition have been no lower than 3.5 stars.
Charlotte Golf Late July   DrSchteeve at 5/3/13 11:48am
South Charlotte doesn't have the best daily fee options. Make sure you check back on this site when it gets closer to your trip, as conditions in July can vary greatly at local courses. In particular, those with Bermuda greens are likely to be holding up much better than those with bent. Except for Ballantyne, the best courses are a bit of a hike from South Charlotte - Red Bridge, Verdict Ridge, and Eagle Chase are my favorites, and all have Bermuda greens.
Charlotte Golf late July   Frank Watson at 5/2/13 12:46pm
Gonna be in South Charlotte for a week babysitting my grandaughter. Want to play about 3 rounds of golf during the week. Probably be able to get onto Raintree with a member, but looking for some recommendations in that area. Single digit hcp player, 65 yrs old. Any suggestions? Thanks
Re: Birkdale Range   HateSlowPlay at 5/2/13 9:13am
Same thing at the Charlotte golf links. I was there earlier this week to test out a new driver shaft I received in the mail. I bought a big bucket, and then I had to pour it on the range and filter out the 9 or 10 decent balls out of a bucket of 50.
Birkdale Range   ChiBearGolfer at 5/1/13 4:26pm
An update on the Practice Area at Birkdale - the good news is that they are now allowing players to hit off the grass and not those garbage mats, if you could even call them mats. The bad news - apparently their range closes at 6:30pm right now according to the employee inside although i have never seen a sign stating this and i go to their range about 3 times a week b/c im part of that Bogies to Birdies deal. Also, recently the last couple times I have gone they are out of balls as was the case yesterday 4/30. When I asked why they are always out of balls the response I got from the guy inside was "we don't have a range picker hired yet" my first thought was well why can't you go pick them up? There was 3 employees in the golfshop. Then my second thought was how does a golf course not have a range picker hired an! d its almost May. Unbelievable! Also, there isn't any yardage markers on the range so you have to guestimate how far your hitting the ball. Finally, the balls are horrendous I get excited when there is a normal ball mixed in the bucket just b/c I know I'm going to get an accurate read on the ball flight.I'm not sure what is going on with the management of this course, and for that, all of the CT Courses but it has gone downhill. I don't know who would pay full price to golf at any of those courses. Not worth the money.
Membership   DrSchteeve at 4/30/13 10:29am
I would do Northstone in a heartbeat - just love the layout, and like the fact that it is an annual membership. Irish Creek - not so much: don't care for the redesign (too many similar holes, especially 10, 11,12) and you will pay initiation. I think Northstone has a lot more going on in terms of the membership (more members = more opportunities for playing partners).

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