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Re: Birkdale golf course shut down for not paying taxes   Scott Brotherton at 7/2/13 10:38pm
The place has been a dump for a while. Sad they charge $65 for golf on the weekends and $8 for a damn hot dog. The Carolina Trail's parent company in Atlanta went bankrupt. Skybrook and Highland Creek are crap too.
Mooresville Muni   DrSchteeve at 7/2/13 6:31pm
It's a muni. A good muni. One nine is Donald Ross - that's the nine you saw from the road. The other nine is OK. Can be in great shape, always inexpensive, but I wouldn't go out of my way to play it. There are too many good tracks up that way: Verdict Ridge, Glen Oaks, Fox Den: it's not up with those in my opinion.
Re: Birkdale golf course shut down for not paying taxes   HateSlowPlay at 7/2/13 4:25pm
Great, now the course will be in sh*t condition because there will be no-one around to look after it...oh wait...conditions were sh*t anyway
Moorseville Municipal Golf Course   izzyf150 at 7/2/13 4:05pm
Driving back from Fox Den yesterday I decided to try and avoid rush hour traffic by cutting across to I85 from I77 in Moorseville. Also thought it would be neat to get off at the new Moorseville exit they just opened up. It lets you off at Brawley School Road. Anyway my jaw about hit the floor as I drove past Moorseville Municipal Golf Course. I could only see a couple of holes but boy did that course look in top shape. The fairway grass had the nice lines in it from the mower. Looked like a course that the pros would play on. Has anyone played this course? Is there something wrong with this course that you cant see from the road? Otherwise this course should be added to the B-Man list. Definitely looking forward to any information people might have on this course.
Birkdale golf course shut down for not paying taxes   HateSlowPlay at 7/2/13 3:47pm
I wouldn't give the Carolina Trail a cent after this:

WSOC TV Report

Charlotte Observer article
Re: Trail Courses   dond1959 at 6/24/13 3:29pm
No trail course is worth $42 any time. I was at Golf Links a few week ends ago and they ran out of carts in the middle of the day. If you plan to play one look for a click it deal when they have specials. They periodically have sales where rounds can be had for $30 or less. They also have a points card for $199.00 that will give you 5 to 7 rounds if you play at their courses regularly. There are some restrictions on the card use (I think after 11 am on week ends).

Re: playing partners   HateSlowPlay at 6/24/13 12:41pm
If I were you I would seriously consider joining the senior amateur golf tour (founded here in Charlotte). The next 3 events (open to anyone) are 6/24 at Rockbarn, 7/24 at Northstone, and 8/5 at Peninsula CC on Lake Norman. They have different flights based on handicap, an optional side skins game, great prizes for the top 4 in each flight, and a season long points race similar to the fedex cup.
Trail Courses   ISlayMySelf at 6/24/13 11:25am
Does anyone know if any of the Carolina Trail courses are worth playing now for $42 on Sat/Sun. I gave up on them last year but may be willing to give them another chance depending on the feed back.
Re: playing partners   izzyf150 at 6/23/13 8:54pm
Bill, I don't know what part of the Charlotte area you live in but I had an idea for you. Out at Charlotte National on Wednesdays they have a handicap league that is open to everyone. It starts around 11a.m. (you might want to call and get an exact time) Cost is greens fees + $10 which goes into prize pot ($5 for points scored, $5 for skins). Bogey = 1 point, par = 2 points, birdie = 4 points. Winner is the person with the most points over his average amount of points he would normally pull. On Fridays they have similar game (minus the skins game) they draw for partners (front 9, back 9, and for the round) might have a different partner for each section. They draw for partners after round is over. Anyway, these are pretty much the same group of guys every week (W! ednesdays and Fridays) and most of them are in your age group. They are friendly easy to get along with guys.
playing partners   oneputt at 6/23/13 2:24pm
I have just left my dear and old playing group behind in Cincinnati and would love to find new folks who love the game. I am 64 yrs young, enjoy walking the course,like to wager,have a 7 handicap and enjoy playing in senior group events. I am retired and can usually play any day,any time and anywhere in the area. If anyone would like to extend to me an invite please give me a call or get back to me.

Bill Riddle
513 240 9224
Ballantyne resort aerating this week   Marc at 6/17/13 10:01am
I called the Ballantyne Resort today and they confirmed that they are aerating and top-dressing their greens this week. I have a weekend tee time so I asked if they would be reducing their rates as a result, and they said yes...wait for it...they are going to knock a whopping $5 off, so it will only be $75 to play. Like ordering a Filet Mignon and they bring you a chuck steak for the same price.
Springfield   Paul at 6/9/13 11:21pm
Anyone played Springfield recently?
I am a teacher, with summer off, and seeing a special of 30 bucks during the week! I have always loved this course, so just seeing how she is faring these days!
Need a 4th??? Looking to play today.   ILL-INI at 6/9/13 8:30am
Anyone looking for an extra guy today?
Anyone need another guy today?   Jason at 6/9/13 8:29am
Looking to pick up a round of golf. Any of you need an extra guy?
Rocky River   HateSlowPlay at 6/7/13 11:06am
Last time I played Rocky River, (2 months ago), the greens were hard yes, but not unplayable. If you are using a pro v1, and know how to compress a golf ball, you will be able to hold every green. Just make sure to factor in some roll out when hitting into the greens and don't chase back flags and you will be fine.
Rocky River   tobacco_rd77 at 6/7/13 10:05am
Going over to RR in a few days. Just wondwring if the green are doing any better?
Fall Golf   Fred C Dodds at 6/6/13 8:22pm
I totally agree with izzyf150. I'm willing to pay an arm, but not a leg to play Ballantyne Golf Course Missed out playing Lancaster last year. Plan on chasing the white ball there this fall. Playing Rocky River on Sept 30th hope the speedway has nothing planned that day across the way.
Re: Fall Golf   izzyf150 at 6/6/13 5:02pm
For the fun of it I thought I would list the golf courses from my own personal point of view. Obviously I could not have played all these courses any time recent, but am ranking some of them from memory. These courses come from the B-Man list only. I DID NOT take into account any personal preferences like course layout, cost, or condition of club house, golf carts, or driving time, etc. My rankings are about course conditions ONLY.

5 Star courses Glen Oaks and Fox Den.

4.5 Star course Edgewater Lancaster, and Tillary Tradition.

4 Star courses Carolina Lakes, Fort Mill, Olde Sycamore, Red Bridge, Rocky River, and Stone Bridge.

3.5 Star courses Charlotte National, Monroe, Springfield%! 2C and Verdict Ridge.

3 Star courses Birkdale, Skybrook, Tega Cay, and Waterford

2.5 Star courses Charles T Myers, Eagle Chase, and The Divide.

Odd ball courses at the moment Emerald Lake has been a 3.5 star course for the longest time but my latest memories of the course is 2.5 stars. Larkhaven is a 2.5 Star course during the hot summer months and a 4 star course during the winter months.

Courses that I have not played yet Crescent, Deer Brook, Revolution Park, Highland Creek, Renaissance, River Oaks, The Tradition, Warrior and Ballantyne. Ballantyne, I suspect is a 5 star course but cost has kept me from playing it.
Re: Loft and Lie Adjustment   mondiablo at 6/4/13 10:38pm
The Golf Shop in Mooresville is my go-to place to have my clubs worked on. Carl is a great guy and very knowledgeable!
Re: Fall Golf   Wulfpack at 6/4/13 9:49pm
My favorites are Olde Sycamore, Stonebridge, Red Bridge, Edgewater, Springfield, Fort Mill, Eagle Chase, Verdict Ridge and Glen Oaks.
Re: Fall Golf   Don at 6/4/13 4:11pm
I love Charlotte National. Love the layout and the people. Greens are always in great shape. Would agree with Red Bridge as a maturing course that has gotten a lot better. Fort Mill is a very nice walkable course. Springfield is nice but I always play poorly there (bring your A game if playing there). Edgewater is a little far but another great layout and greens that are always nice.
Fall Golf   Terry Jackson at 6/2/13 11:02pm
Thanks Dr Schteeve,
I looked up Red Bridge and Verdict Ridge and they may make the Canadian Tour this
Send me an email at so we can meet up in the fall and we can return your hospitality at the Fort Mill Post.
Fall Golf   Terry Jackson at 6/2/13 10:46pm
For years we did the Myrtle Beach thing. About 4 years ago we started staying in the Rock Hill area. We play certain courses every year but like to add a few new ones every year. We play 9-10 rounds during our stay each year. Last year Edgewater was great surprise and even Chester was enjoyable. Being Royal Canadian Legion members we spend a lot of time in the Fort Mill Legion Post 43, so we play Springfield and Fort Mill several times with post members. I have several days open this year for new courses too try. Looking for comments on courses within 50-60 minutes drive from Cherry Rd and I 77.
Fall Golf   DrSchteeve at 6/2/13 8:06pm
Very subjective, but I think you are asking about the wrong courses. I don't know too many who would rank Regent Park (especially with current management), Rocky River (very hard - as in brick-like - greens), and Emerald Lake (still need to switch to Bermuda) among the top courses in Charlotte. For me it is Red Bridge, Verdict Ridge, and Eagle Chase. I know not many would agree with me about Eagle Chase, but they just switched to Bermuda greens and the layout is great. Also Ballantyne. Interested in others favorite 3-4 courses in Charlotte.
Fall Golf   Terry Jackson at 6/2/13 4:31pm
What shape is Regent Park Golf, Fort Mill S.C. in this year. I know they went through a bad stretch of neglect. Thinking of playing it this fall when we come down from Canada. Also, any comments on Rocky River and Emerald Lake Golf courses?
Trail employees not paid again   Don at 5/31/13 6:07pm
WBTV news just reported employees at trail courses have not been paid in weeks. End of report states they just heard one whistleblower employee was paid in the past hour.

On the $12 large bucket, that sounds high compared to most places.
$14 bucket of balls?   IM4DHERD at 5/31/13 7:56am
Over the years, I've usually purchased the least expensive Carolina Trail package to get the birthday round, one round at each course and range balls. Not fond of the way they manage their courses, but it hasn't been a bad deal. Went to Birkdale yesterday to hit a few and had to pay out of pocket for a bucket (large) for the first time in a while. $14? Is this anywhere near normal? Sticker shock for me, but maybe this is the norm...On the bright side, and as reported elsewhere, they have removed the mats and are hitting off grass. Some new balls in the bucket, but they are the "reduced range" type which make one feel weak until he realizes they are made to only go so far.
Loft and Lie Adjustment   Bob at 5/30/13 5:41pm
Can anyone recommend a good place to have the loft and lie of my irons checked?
Re: Lessons   izzyf150 at 5/29/13 11:24pm
I have never paid for lessons but I did receive a Tom Watsons Lesson of a Lifetime video for Christmas a couple of years ago. This video I think is awesome, but I will admit it is the only golf instruction video I have ever watched, so I don't have any thing to compare it to. I've been playing golf for 25 years or so. I had always shot in the low 100's. My driver always had a bad slice. After a couple of years of watching this video, my driver is pretty straight and Im getting at least 230yds off the box. Now Im a low 90's golfer and I feel like Im close to breaking into the 80's more regularly. When you got 20 years of bad habits built up, they don't go away over night. I just keep adding a piece to the puzzle when Im ready for a new piece. Anyway I just wanted to suggest this video to you. The bes! t thing about a video is - once you buy it, its yours. You can keep going back to it over and over. Unlike golf lessons that you pay for and hope you remember everything that was taught to you 6 months later. Practice DOES NOT make perfect. Perfect practice make perfect.
Re: Lessons   Don at 5/29/13 12:02pm
I think a good pro can look at your swing and simplify your thoughts and give you some practice drills to help. But for me, I need to practice better. That means working on the short game more than pounding balls in frustration.

I started playing again a few year back and went to Scott Fossum at Charlotte Golf Links. He was able to lead me through some rough times on the courses and kept trying various approaches to get it to "click" for me. I was a mid 90's golfer at best when I started and just broke 80 recently due a lot to his instuction over the past few years. Good Luck!

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