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RE: The Carolina Trail   Eric M. at 7/8/13 10:00pm
The employees will likely lose their jobs if everyone boycotts the courses. Bummer to hear about how the club is being managed...
The Carolina Trail   Jeremy Green at 7/8/13 8:58pm
Please Please Please do not support these local courses. They have not paid their employees in over a month, but somehow come up with over $64,000 in 2 days to pay these taxes. It has to stop. Please.
Re: Rocky River tonite   tobacco_rd77 at 7/5/13 11:58am
Thanks for the info
Rocky River tonite   DrSchteeve at 7/5/13 11:47am
Rocky River will be awash with all the rain - it is not the best draining course. Best course in wet conditions in the area is Eagle Chase (yes, it is a hike) - keep in mind I am talking about the fairways and greens; bunkers everywhere are still going to be soggy. In the other direction, Glen Oaks drains well.
Re: Rocky River tonight?   oneputt at 7/5/13 10:25am
I am new to the area as well,live in Palasades, retired and always looking to play golf. Usually play during the week. Can't join you tonight but keep me in mind. Senior playing to a 7.
Rocky River tonight?   tobacco_rd77 at 7/5/13 10:01am
Anyone want to golf at RR tonight? Back in the area and looking for guys to golf with since most of my friends are not golf addicts like I am. I was heading over around 4 or 5.

Re: Course for juniors   Doug at 7/4/13 10:11pm
Some courses will let you shoot off the backside early before anyone else makes the turn if you are only playing 9 holes. This will be your best bet to not interrupt high dollar times. I have an 11 year old son that I play with occasionally and we have done this Emerald Lake and The Golf Links. Get there before 8 as most courses start around 6:30am this time of year.
Re: Course for juniors   Wulfpack at 7/4/13 7:56pm
Go to Fort Mill Golf Club. You won't find a better course for walking and it is 10 minutes from you.
Course for Juniors   DrSchteeve at 7/4/13 12:19pm
Just please be aware that a Sunday morning might not be the best time to walk with juniors, unless you are highly attuned to maintaining pace of play.
Course for juniors   Dean at 7/4/13 9:40am
Found this site while looking for a place to play with my 13 and 8 year old sons. We'll be visiting family in Charlotte soon and would like to find a course where we can walk 9 on a Sunday morning. We'll be staying on the south side of Charlotte near the Carolina Place shopping center. Any tips appreciated and many thanks!
Re: Birkdale   The B-Man at 7/3/13 2:51pm
Update: Birkdale will supposedly reopen tomorrow on July 4th:

Birkdale Golf Club has paid back taxes

This article includes a lot more detail on the legal and financial problems for the Carolina Trail courses, including a suggestion that the county has considered foreclosing on them -- though Waterford and The Divide are not mentioned.
Trail Courses   Don at 7/3/13 11:50am
Absolutely agree the employees are doing the best they can at these courses. I am amazed people will still work there given the pay issues. I know I would be willing to pay a little more to play these courses IF IRI would put in the money and fix the problems. It is sad because I really like many of these courses layout and have two courses close to me. But I will not even prctice at these places and pass them to practice at Charlotte National.

My playing days at these courses is done until IRI leaves. Closing courses is haed on the employees but maybe that is what is needed to get good management of these courses.
Re: Birkdale   HateSlowPlay at 7/3/13 10:24am
Come on man, let's call a spade a spade. I think everyone on here knows that IRI is the reason the courses have gone to the dogs. Seems like they siphon every dollar they can out of the courses and put next to nothing back into it. DISCOUNTING is not the root cause, it is a symptom of premium courses that have gotten so bad, that even IRI realizes it would be a joke to still try and extort $65 from people to play their run down course. Let's be less worried about hurting people's feelings and more worried about whether the Carolina Trail can survive this IRI cancer plaguing it. I do feel bad for the employees. I am sure they are trying their best with the limited resources they have. But let's not get our tissues out, things always get worse before they get better. I truly hope the Trail does bounce back, IRI gets ! what is coming to it, and lessons are learnt all around.
Birkdale   layitdown at 7/3/13 9:54am
There has never been a Carolina Trail parent company based in Atlanta...The Trail was IRI golf group and they have always been based on the west coast. Skybrook was owned by a company out of Atlanta before it was sold to Jeff Silverstein and IRI in 2007, thus began the decline. The years Skybrook was good was while it was under the ownership of Legacy Golf Management which is still in business operating Legacy Golf Links in the Pinehurst area as well as two executive courses in Atlanta. Birkdale was good when it was in the possession of Johnny Harris. While I am on here I would ask that you point fingers at ownership and not workers. Working in public golf is a labor of love for those who love the game whether it be the guy behind the counter or on the mower. No one gets rich doing it. There are a lot of dedicated employees at all the t! rail courses that are stuck because the economy has ravaged the golf industry. You would be amazed at what these courses go without from a supply side and we all know the documented payroll issues. Calling the places trash and goat tracks belittle the dedication of employees working hard to try and salvage a career in the golf industry. The members of this forum should get out and enjoy as much cheap golf as they can because if 7 public courses are shuttered in the area the cost of a public round in Charlotte increase will increase twofold!
Re: Birkdale golf course shut down for not paying taxes   Scott76 at 7/3/13 8:33am
So I should probably use my rain check from The Divide sometime soon I guess. Who knows if the other Carolina Trail courses will be next.
Re: Birkdale golf course shut down for not paying taxes   MaxwellSF at 7/3/13 6:29am
Skybrook, Highland Creek, etc. were in great shape a few years back. It's unrealistic to expect the course to maintain perfect conditions when everyone is looking for a discount. Takes $$$ to operate. The same will happen in a few years to other courses if they continue discounting.
Re: Birkdale golf course shut down for not paying taxes   Scott Brotherton at 7/2/13 10:38pm
The place has been a dump for a while. Sad they charge $65 for golf on the weekends and $8 for a damn hot dog. The Carolina Trail's parent company in Atlanta went bankrupt. Skybrook and Highland Creek are crap too.
Mooresville Muni   DrSchteeve at 7/2/13 6:31pm
It's a muni. A good muni. One nine is Donald Ross - that's the nine you saw from the road. The other nine is OK. Can be in great shape, always inexpensive, but I wouldn't go out of my way to play it. There are too many good tracks up that way: Verdict Ridge, Glen Oaks, Fox Den: it's not up with those in my opinion.
Re: Birkdale golf course shut down for not paying taxes   HateSlowPlay at 7/2/13 4:25pm
Great, now the course will be in sh*t condition because there will be no-one around to look after it...oh wait...conditions were sh*t anyway
Moorseville Municipal Golf Course   izzyf150 at 7/2/13 4:05pm
Driving back from Fox Den yesterday I decided to try and avoid rush hour traffic by cutting across to I85 from I77 in Moorseville. Also thought it would be neat to get off at the new Moorseville exit they just opened up. It lets you off at Brawley School Road. Anyway my jaw about hit the floor as I drove past Moorseville Municipal Golf Course. I could only see a couple of holes but boy did that course look in top shape. The fairway grass had the nice lines in it from the mower. Looked like a course that the pros would play on. Has anyone played this course? Is there something wrong with this course that you cant see from the road? Otherwise this course should be added to the B-Man list. Definitely looking forward to any information people might have on this course.
Birkdale golf course shut down for not paying taxes   HateSlowPlay at 7/2/13 3:47pm
I wouldn't give the Carolina Trail a cent after this:

WSOC TV Report

Charlotte Observer article
Re: Trail Courses   dond1959 at 6/24/13 3:29pm
No trail course is worth $42 any time. I was at Golf Links a few week ends ago and they ran out of carts in the middle of the day. If you plan to play one look for a click it deal when they have specials. They periodically have sales where rounds can be had for $30 or less. They also have a points card for $199.00 that will give you 5 to 7 rounds if you play at their courses regularly. There are some restrictions on the card use (I think after 11 am on week ends).

Re: playing partners   HateSlowPlay at 6/24/13 12:41pm
If I were you I would seriously consider joining the senior amateur golf tour (founded here in Charlotte). The next 3 events (open to anyone) are 6/24 at Rockbarn, 7/24 at Northstone, and 8/5 at Peninsula CC on Lake Norman. They have different flights based on handicap, an optional side skins game, great prizes for the top 4 in each flight, and a season long points race similar to the fedex cup.
Trail Courses   ISlayMySelf at 6/24/13 11:25am
Does anyone know if any of the Carolina Trail courses are worth playing now for $42 on Sat/Sun. I gave up on them last year but may be willing to give them another chance depending on the feed back.
Re: playing partners   izzyf150 at 6/23/13 8:54pm
Bill, I don't know what part of the Charlotte area you live in but I had an idea for you. Out at Charlotte National on Wednesdays they have a handicap league that is open to everyone. It starts around 11a.m. (you might want to call and get an exact time) Cost is greens fees + $10 which goes into prize pot ($5 for points scored, $5 for skins). Bogey = 1 point, par = 2 points, birdie = 4 points. Winner is the person with the most points over his average amount of points he would normally pull. On Fridays they have similar game (minus the skins game) they draw for partners (front 9, back 9, and for the round) might have a different partner for each section. They draw for partners after round is over. Anyway, these are pretty much the same group of guys every week (W! ednesdays and Fridays) and most of them are in your age group. They are friendly easy to get along with guys.
playing partners   oneputt at 6/23/13 2:24pm
I have just left my dear and old playing group behind in Cincinnati and would love to find new folks who love the game. I am 64 yrs young, enjoy walking the course,like to wager,have a 7 handicap and enjoy playing in senior group events. I am retired and can usually play any day,any time and anywhere in the area. If anyone would like to extend to me an invite please give me a call or get back to me.

Bill Riddle
513 240 9224
Ballantyne resort aerating this week   Marc at 6/17/13 10:01am
I called the Ballantyne Resort today and they confirmed that they are aerating and top-dressing their greens this week. I have a weekend tee time so I asked if they would be reducing their rates as a result, and they said yes...wait for it...they are going to knock a whopping $5 off, so it will only be $75 to play. Like ordering a Filet Mignon and they bring you a chuck steak for the same price.
Springfield   Paul at 6/9/13 11:21pm
Anyone played Springfield recently?
I am a teacher, with summer off, and seeing a special of 30 bucks during the week! I have always loved this course, so just seeing how she is faring these days!
Need a 4th??? Looking to play today.   ILL-INI at 6/9/13 8:30am
Anyone looking for an extra guy today?
Anyone need another guy today?   Jason at 6/9/13 8:29am
Looking to pick up a round of golf. Any of you need an extra guy?

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