Photo of golf ball on the edge of the cupPhoto of 14th hole at Quail Hollow Country Club in Charlotte, NC

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Red Bridge Labor Day   DrSchteeve at 8/30/13 9:06am
Room for a 3rd and/or 4th 9:12 Monday morning at Red Bridge.
Need a 4th   slowmofo at 8/29/13 5:33pm
Anyone want to golf at Regent Park on Saturday @ 11:54. I have one spot open for $30
Country Clubs   DrSchteeve at 8/24/13 8:54pm
If you really mean "Country Club" as in private club, no public play, there are lots of options but you won't find a lot of information on this site, since this is a site for public golf options in Charlotte. Since traffic is always an issue in Charlotte, if you really want a private club, better pick the club and then buy a house very close by. If you would consider a semi-private club, there are lots to choose from on this site. Olde Sycamore, Verdict Ridge, Springfield, Carolina Lakes come to mind, but most of the courses on this site offer a member option - just be aware that a semi-private club will not offer the benefits of a true private club (walk-on play, uncrowded conditions mostly). Stay away from the Carolina Trail.
Re: Country Clubs   Wulfpack at 8/24/13 12:27pm
There are a ton to choose from and so many are offering specials. However, some are either way too expensive or you have no chance as there are very long waiting lists. Living in south Charlotte, my favorites are Carolina Golf Club or Cedarwood. Very reasonable all things considered. Depending on your locale, I can offer more suggestions as traffic is always an issue in town.
Country Clubs   bobby at 8/23/13 12:49pm
I am going to be moving to Charlotte and looking for a good Country Club to join that has a good b-man membership..Any suggestions??
Chester Golf Course   Fred C Dobbs at 8/18/13 8:24pm
We found Chester Golf Course enjoyable to play and look forward to playing it again next month when we come down from Canada. Staff were very polite and helpful.I highly recommend it along with all the other Leroy Springs courses.I hope they have resolved the GPS glitch we ran into last year driving in from Rock Hill. GPS put us in a neighbors driveway on the other side of the course on some where on Old Richburg Rd.
Chester Golf Club   The B-Man at 8/18/13 2:57pm
At the request of a recent reviewer, I've added Chester Golf Club to the site -- which is the 4th of the Leroy Springs & Co. courses listed here, rounding out the group. You can now post your reviews for Chester directly.
Brushy Mtn   IM4DHERD at 8/15/13 9:53pm
Played Brushy Mtn in Taylorsville today. 45 mins from Huntersville, same as Rock Barn, Deerbrook, Red Bridge, Warrior, etc. Mature course with lots of old growth trees. Very interesting layout with most holes where the green was not visible from the tee due to dogleg or elevation. Teeboxes, fairways and greens were in excellent shape. Rough was rough...Deep Bermuda and weeds. They said they hadn't been able to keep up with mowing due to rain and I saw them double mowing rough on a number of holes to get it down and with $25 weekday fees probably can't afford weed chemicals for the 2nd cut. Well worth the trip...I'll go back.
Re: Digital Leaderboard App   Snipehook at 8/14/13 8:43pm
So you could see how many Skins everyone had while you were playing? That is sweeet! Gonna check it out.

I play over at Charlotte National. My favorite course. Great greens and the best chili/slaw dog in town!
Digital Leaderboard App   Fairway Doc at 8/12/13 6:13pm
Just got done playing over at Old Sycamore. Course was in pretty good shape, greens could have been faster.

Friend of mine invited me to their game and we played for a few bucks between 12 of us... gross/net skins and net stableford. They use a digital scorecard app that kept up with the scores while we played called Status4. It was fantastic! Highly recommend it for any group that plays competitively.
Re: More on Skybrook and Golf Links   Waterford Employee at 8/7/13 8:10pm
Silverstein was a no-show in court today. The curtains have closed for these 2 courses. Hopefully, after a short period of time where these 2 courses are closed, a new owner will buy them out of foreclosure and give them the money and attention they deserve...
Re: More on Skybrook and Golf Links   Divide employee at 8/7/13 9:21am
Anyone hiring?!?!?
More on Skybrook and Golf Links   Wulfpack at 8/6/13 7:33pm
Don't give The Trail another penny, folks. Plenty of other great options.

Skybrook Golf Club, Charlotte Golf Links owe millions, placed in receivership
Skybrook   BJGrooves at 8/5/13 8:59am
Yes Billy Casper took over on a judges order on Friday I have meet the transition team. Hunting Dog investments was the holder of the note on the property and filed the paperwork.
Course is over grown with weeds and greens are showing signs of dollar spot again. Rumor has it Textron was coming for the carts which are bad anyway. Hopefully a quick management change and some cash will save the greens and get the course playable. Likely take a year to fix everything, then you they have to fix the business model to get the cash flow up to take care of the place. The deals have to stop.
Skybrook and Charlotte Golf Links   DrSchteeve at 8/3/13 8:13pm
If you Google Billy Casper Golf, it is a real company that appears to do a good job of managing real golf courses.

If you Google IRI Golf, the first listing is something to the effect that "Jeff Silverstein is an ***hoe, and you can't find a website that seems to suggest that IRI is a real company.

Let's hope all the IRI courses go to Billy Casper Golf. Let's hope Silverstein ends up in shackles.
Re: Skybrook & Charlotte Golf Links   abc123 at 8/3/13 4:36pm
If that is a fact, I am elated!
Skybrook & Charlotte Golf Links   layitdown at 8/2/13 8:42pm
Skybrook & Charlotte Golf Links are in receivership and as of today are under the management of Billy Casper Golf
Rock Barn   IM4DHERD at 8/1/13 10:33pm
Played Glen Oaks today, which by the way is in (as always) incredible shape...I always feel like I am on vacation when I play there. Anyway, they tell me that they have been packed because ROCK BARN HAS BEEN CLOSED due to all the weather. Said they've already cancelled the Sr. Tour event in large part due to the areas they set up hospitality tents being washed out. That and they are not sure when they would be able to re-open the Jones course anyway due to all the damage from the whole season of rain followed by last weekend's 10-12 inches. Not only Rock Barn, but he listed a whole bunch of other courses I wasn't familiar with as being closed. I'd bet River Oaks is a mess and probably closed...They have a lot of low-lying areas.
Fall Golf   Fred C Dobbs at 7/28/13 7:43pm
We come down from Ontario each year the last week of Sept/Oct for 9 rounds of golf. You'd like Edge Water, Springfield and Fort Mill. All three are enjoyable to play.
Note: You can't beat the southern hospitality that the Charlotte area people extend to you when you visit. We gave up on the hectic "take you money and run" golf you find on the Myrtle Beach strip and stay in the Rock hill area.
canadian pantherfanz   peter at 7/28/13 3:32pm
bringing 12 buddies on our annual visit 1st week of booked at ballantyne...and have 2 more open slots...prefer south of city near accomodations. looking at tega, carolina lakes, springfield and fort mill. any of these way better...especially considering time of year? love this site.....12th year....cheers Peter
Re: waterford   Divide employee at 7/28/13 11:51am
Re: waterford   Waterford Employee at 7/28/13 6:42am
uh - yes......
waterford   peter iversen at 7/27/13 12:49pm
is waterford suffering the same fate as other trail courses?
Re: Thirsty? Beware of Regent Park   Don at 7/26/13 8:13pm
Played Regent Park today and coolers back on the course. Must have heard you.
Fundraiser golf tournent   Clifford Blanquicet Jr. at 7/25/13 6:25pm
I am hosting a fundraiser golf tournament this Saturday, July 27 at eagle chase golf club at 2pm. The cost is $75 a player that includes golf, cart, range balls and lunch at 1pm. The format is 4 man superball and there are prizes for the winners!

I am a professional golfer trying to raise money for q school and if you want to play please call either eagle chase or me at 919-356-3453 ASAP. Thank you!
Cleghorn   DrSchteeve at 7/23/13 4:14pm
Cleghorn was a great track, but it is closed.
Re: On the way to Asheville   IM4DHERD at 7/23/13 2:10pm
Haven't played there, but Cleghorn gets good reviews. I will personally vouch for Deer Brook in Shelby.
Re: Thirsty? Beware of Regent Park   slowmofo at 7/23/13 10:52am
I on the other hand do not care about the coolers. As I will just bring twice as much beer and not buy anything at the pro shop then. More beer = more fun
Re: Thirsty? Beware of Regent Park   ILL-INI at 7/23/13 10:21am
I asked one of the Rangers while I was playing there why they didn't have any water coolers and he told me they were having theft issues with people taking the coolers. Really? Someone is coming out in the middle of the day, walking through the course, and carrying away a 50 gallon jug cooler? Like the Italian Job? I doubt it. I just don't think they want to pay anyone to fill up the coolers and take them out, bring them back in at night. What is it with these courses that have stopped going the extra mile for their clients? My theory...they want you buying all their powerades/water in the pro-shop. Has nothing to do with the coolers getting stolen. Just another trick to rid you of a few more of your dollars.
Thirsty? Beware of Regent Park   Jamie at 7/23/13 7:43am
One of my favorite courses is Regent Park, I play there at least once a month, sometimes twice, always fairly early on Saturdays. For some weird reason they have stopped providing water coolers on the course now that we are in the hottest period of the year. The last five times or more I have been out on Saturday morningss, no drinking water anywhere. Plenty of stands for drinking water coolers, just no coolers. Also never anyone selling refreshments, I'm not sure why they have a refreshment stand in the fist place. Bizarre to say the least. Make sure you bring your own cooler or stock up at the clubhouse before you start play. Just an FYI.

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