Photo of golf ball on the edge of the cupPhoto of 14th hole at Quail Hollow Country Club in Charlotte, NC

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Re: Golf Leagues   panthersfann55 at 12/29/13 9:14pm has leagues throughout the year at a lot of the courses on their page. sign up and show up win points for prizes.
5-some   DrSchteeve at 12/29/13 5:24pm
We hope not. Just kidding - sort of. If you play as a 5-some, please be cognizant of pace, and keep up with the group ahead. If you can keep up, no harm. If you can't keep up, then you are creating a roadblock that others have to play through (and you should let them) or behind (you should be shot - just kidding, sort of). That said, some courses will let 5-somes play, depending on day of the week and time of day. I've seen this at Olde Sycamore, Charotte National, Eagle Chase, and Edgewater.
Fivesome   Josh at 12/29/13 1:58pm
Are there any nice public courses in Charlotte that allow 5 players?
Golf Leagues   CY at 12/28/13 5:34pm
Hey all...

I'm new to Charlotte. I'm looking for some competitive (preferably flighted) golf leagues. Any suggestions?

The location doesn't so much matter right now. I haven't found a place to settle yet. For now, I'm staying in Downtown Charlotte, but... travel isn't an issue. Just looking for a nice course and some fun golfers.


Carolina Trail   DrSchteeve at 12/14/13 5:27pm
Value in the land...that is so 1995.
Re: Carolina Trail   Wally at 12/10/13 11:04pm
The value isn't in the golf courses, its in the land. You can buy The Tradition for pennies on the dollar and build houses. Sell the land to a developer and make a killing....
Re: Carolina Trail   Wulfpack at 12/10/13 6:16pm
I agree with our resident expert, Dr. Schteeve.
Carolina Trail   DrSchteeve at 12/10/13 5:54pm
Who wants to buy a golf course in this crowded market and still sluggish economy? I don't think Skybrook has sold yet, and it's been several months. Not sure why Silverstein thinks these courses will sell quickly (probably just more bluff and bluster).
Re: Carolina Trail   The B-Man at 12/10/13 2:28pm
Here's the latest, with quotes from Silverstein:

Carolina Trail golf courses headed into foreclosure, owner says
Re: Carolina Trail   Titleist702 at 11/25/13 8:17am
I've heard from a reliable source that Silverstein does not. The bank took the properties and Traditional is in place to ready the courses for sale.
Re: Carolina Trail   The B-Man at 11/22/13 10:28am
I received a clarification from a reliable source. The information about the new management company is correct, but Jeff Silverstein still owns the courses.
Carolina Trail   layitdown at 11/21/13 10:41am
The balance of the Trail Courses which include Birkdale, Highland Creek, Tradition, The Divide, and Waterford are under the management of Traditional Golf Management effective 11/18/13. Looks like the Charlotte market is finally rid of Jeff Silverstein. The guy deserves leg irons and an orange jumpsuit. His absence should bode well for public golf in Charlotte.
Kannapolis Golf   BetterThanMost at 10/23/13 3:12pm
You might also want to take a look at Crescent in Salisbury.
Re: Kannapolis area golf   izzyf150 at 10/21/13 7:14pm
If you know what day you are going to be playing on. Try doing the member for a day deal at Irish Creek. Basically you show up and golf just like you would at any course. There is no pressure to sell you a membership or asking for your contact information or any of that stuff. Just show up and golf at your tee time that the guy will make for you via email. (You and however many, up to a foursome) Last time I did it, it was $40. Private course in great shape and no houses that you have to worry about hitting anyway.
Re: Fall Golf   4putts at 10/18/13 10:40am
Try Warrior in China Grove; it's close and very nice
Cleghorn plantation closure   Ken at 10/17/13 10:25pm
Garrett, regarding Cleghorn Plantation in Rutherfordton, NC, the course is going to re-open in the Spring, 2014. I will forward details in the next few weeks. Thanks.
Re: Fall Golf   Jason at 10/17/13 6:59pm
Played that one too ! Very nice . Thanks
Fall Golf   Fred C Dobbs at 10/17/13 6:17pm
Try Verdict Ridge, it's close to Lake Norman and I 77
Kannapolis area golf   Jason at 10/17/13 2:10pm
From Massachusetts and visit family every Thanksgiving and always get a few rounds in. Have played a few courses- Red Bridge, Birkdale, Tradition, Warrior, and Rocky River. Looking for a great course that doesn't have houses surrounding every hole. Is there one in close proximity of Kannapolis? I absolutely love Rocky River and feel it by far the best course that i have played in NC. Hands down best greens and always a challenge from the tips. Any other ideas for our trip down your way in a few weeks. Thanks
Thank you   Terry Jackson at 10/16/13 9:43pm
Thank you...
To all the staff at Rocky River, Fort Mill, Lancaster, Chester, Springfield and Edge Water golf courses for making our golf visit to the Rock Hill and Fort Mill area an enjoyable one.
And most of all, a sincere thank you, to the countless people of North and South Carolina who extended the southern hospitality to us during our golf trip.
See you all again next fall.
Cheers from Canada
golf nov 4   MadMax2013 at 10/16/13 1:25pm
Try Glen Oaks, Lincoln, or Deerbrook. All about 45 minutes or so from airport.
golf nov 4   peter at 10/16/13 8:14am
looking for a budget course not too far from the airport for last round of 5 day golf trip....looking at rennaisance, birkdale, regent park. any suggestions or comments on conditions? thx Peter
Re: Where to play   Wulfpack at 10/3/13 8:59pm
I would definitely go with Verdict Ridge. Glen Oaks is a great course close by. Red Bridge is a beauty as well but a hike from the lake. Fox Den is not in the same class as those three.
rock barn   panthersfann55 at 10/3/13 6:29pm
Check in with rock barn. They closed down this past summer due to what happened in July with all the rain.
Top 5 for conditions   DrSchteeve at 10/3/13 11:28am
1) Verdict Ridge
2) Red Bridge
3) Rocky River
4) Glen Oaks
5) Ballantyne

Rock Barn (north) and Edgewater (south) deserve a mention.
Re: Where to play   2puttagain at 10/3/13 9:39am
I would play Verdict Ridge always in great shape

If you are in Mooresville... Rock Barn is not too far away and they have two courses for your 36 holes on the second day
Where to Play   DrSchteeve at 10/3/13 9:39am
Around Mooresville Verdict Ridge hands down, then Glen Oaks, then Fox Den. Willing to travel to Red Bridge or Rocky River, can't go wrong with either of those.
Re: Westport   2puttagain at 10/3/13 9:38am
Top Three Courses in The Charlotte Metro Area

1) Verdict Ridge (Always in Great Shape) New Bermuda Greens
2) Ballantyne Resort
3) Rocky River or if you don't mind the drive Rock Barn
Westport   DrSchteeve at 10/3/13 9:37am
Westport is an average semi-private course with traditional layout. It just can't compare with Verdict Ridge, Glen Oaks, and Fox Den in the same neighborhood.
Where to play   Scott at 10/2/13 4:01pm
April 2014- Staying on lake in Mooresville. 20 guys. Looking for 2 courses - leaning towards Verdict Ridge for 1 round. Debating between Fox Den, Rocky River and Red Bridge for the other course. Would like to play 36 at this second course. Any suggestions? Never played at the lake before- we normally play in Hilton Head.

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