Photo of golf ball on the edge of the cupPhoto of 14th hole at Quail Hollow Country Club in Charlotte, NC

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Mallard Head   Scott at 2/18/14 11:58am
Has anybody played Mallard Head in the last 4 years? Curious about the course.
Re: Skybrook   Mike O'Brien at 2/17/14 7:44pm
Unfortunately, all of the Carolina Trail courses are going to be in trouble for a while longer. No one has purchased The Golf Links or Skybrook, which have both been for sale for months. The Divide, Waterford, and The Tradition are now owned by a bank and are just awful. They are all basically for sale. Until a new golf course owner comes in and turns it around, might be a good idea to stay away.
Skybrook   Scott at 2/17/14 2:48pm
Any update on Skybrook? Was planning an event there this spring and believe I just saw headlines its back in trouble again...
Lessons   Brian Hunt at 1/31/14 10:13am
I had the best lesson of my life! Finally a instructor that makes sense of the swing and puts everything into a context that is easy to understand. He broke it down to where I had several aha moments. I highly recommend going to Kent Sonnefeld at The Tradition GC for lessons.
Brian Hunt
Re: Fox Den   IM4DHERD at 1/28/14 9:08am
I live off Exit 23 and play up this way as often as not...From Exit 36, the Warrior is a great course and easily accessible, about 20 mins. Fox Den is almost always in great shape, less than 15 mins. From where you are staying, Rock Barn is about as close (35 mins?), and an easier drive, than Verdict Ridge (30 mins?) if you want to go for 36 in a day.
The Divide and Tradition officially in foreclosure   The B-Man at 1/27/14 4:56pm
The latest in the Carolina Trail saga:

Foreclosure filed against two Carolina Trail golf courses
Rock Hill Country Club   slowmofo at 1/20/14 2:45pm
Well the deal is $100 to join through May 31st. The cart fee is $17. THough once June 1 hits, you have the option to join at the regular rates which are a lot more expensive and on par with the cc's around here
Anyone wanna golf tomorrow?   tobacco_rd77 at 1/19/14 3:10pm
Haven't been out yet this year, and wanted to find some guys to golf with throughout the year. I'd like to get out tomorrow...if your interested let me know. Heard olde sycamore is in good shape.


Re: Rock Hill Country Club   oneputt at 1/16/14 11:25am
I know a member there at RHCC. They spent a great amount of money to restore the course to it's original status, a really quality layout. Can someone share their plans for recruitment? Very convenient access from south end of Charlotte. Can someone play the course as a quest? Thanks
Rock Hill Country Club   slowmofo at 1/15/14 4:56pm
Anyone ever play this? They are running a ridonculous special right now. If its good I may have to join. It doesn't seem like the holes are that long is the only problem i see.
Fox Den   DrSchteeve at 1/11/14 2:58pm
Another course to consider is Skybrook. It's not that far from where you will be staying. Great track, and conditions have vastly improved since it is no longer a Carolina Trail course.
Re: Fox Den   Scott at 1/11/14 9:58am
Any recent reviews of Warrior? It looks close to where we are staying. Heard all troubles with Birkdale, is it still terrible out there?
Re: Fox Den   Scott at 1/11/14 9:10am
Verdict Ridge is already in the rotation. I am looking for another course to pair with it. Need a place for a Saturday morning round and heard Glen Oaks has a dogfight each Saturday which would impact us. Rocky River? Looks like my final choice list is Rocky River and Fox Den. Staying off exit 36 on the lake, and willing to drive 30-40 minutes or so......any other options? How bad is Mallard Head???
Re: Fox Den   MadMax2013 at 1/10/14 9:19pm
Bermuda greens will be anything but perfect in NC in April. Bermuda will either still be dormant or just coming out of dormancy. I agree that all three of these courses are good tracks and you can't go wrong with any of the three, but bent greens should be better than Bermuda this time of year assuming no maintenance issues. Bermuda is better than bent in the summer but I would rather play bent greens the rest of the year.
Fox Den   DrSchteeve at 1/10/14 8:07pm
In the same area as Fox Den, Verdict Ridge is an infinitely better track, better conditioned, Bermuda greens that will be perfect. Glen Oaks is another close track, usually in great shape though not Bermuda greens. Fox Den is a distant third behind these, though not a bad place to play.
Fox Den??   Scott at 1/10/14 4:52pm
Anybody recommend Fox Den for a 20 man golf outing in April? Really just looking for a course in good shape that time of year. A little worried about aeration since they have bent greens. Out of town guests- so clueless on this course.

Re: Golf Leagues   panthersfann55 at 12/29/13 9:14pm has leagues throughout the year at a lot of the courses on their page. sign up and show up win points for prizes.
5-some   DrSchteeve at 12/29/13 5:24pm
We hope not. Just kidding - sort of. If you play as a 5-some, please be cognizant of pace, and keep up with the group ahead. If you can keep up, no harm. If you can't keep up, then you are creating a roadblock that others have to play through (and you should let them) or behind (you should be shot - just kidding, sort of). That said, some courses will let 5-somes play, depending on day of the week and time of day. I've seen this at Olde Sycamore, Charotte National, Eagle Chase, and Edgewater.
Fivesome   Josh at 12/29/13 1:58pm
Are there any nice public courses in Charlotte that allow 5 players?
Golf Leagues   CY at 12/28/13 5:34pm
Hey all...

I'm new to Charlotte. I'm looking for some competitive (preferably flighted) golf leagues. Any suggestions?

The location doesn't so much matter right now. I haven't found a place to settle yet. For now, I'm staying in Downtown Charlotte, but... travel isn't an issue. Just looking for a nice course and some fun golfers.


Carolina Trail   DrSchteeve at 12/14/13 5:27pm
Value in the land...that is so 1995.
Re: Carolina Trail   Wally at 12/10/13 11:04pm
The value isn't in the golf courses, its in the land. You can buy The Tradition for pennies on the dollar and build houses. Sell the land to a developer and make a killing....
Re: Carolina Trail   Wulfpack at 12/10/13 6:16pm
I agree with our resident expert, Dr. Schteeve.
Carolina Trail   DrSchteeve at 12/10/13 5:54pm
Who wants to buy a golf course in this crowded market and still sluggish economy? I don't think Skybrook has sold yet, and it's been several months. Not sure why Silverstein thinks these courses will sell quickly (probably just more bluff and bluster).
Re: Carolina Trail   The B-Man at 12/10/13 2:28pm
Here's the latest, with quotes from Silverstein:

Carolina Trail golf courses headed into foreclosure, owner says
Re: Carolina Trail   Titleist702 at 11/25/13 8:17am
I've heard from a reliable source that Silverstein does not. The bank took the properties and Traditional is in place to ready the courses for sale.
Re: Carolina Trail   The B-Man at 11/22/13 10:28am
I received a clarification from a reliable source. The information about the new management company is correct, but Jeff Silverstein still owns the courses.
Carolina Trail   layitdown at 11/21/13 10:41am
The balance of the Trail Courses which include Birkdale, Highland Creek, Tradition, The Divide, and Waterford are under the management of Traditional Golf Management effective 11/18/13. Looks like the Charlotte market is finally rid of Jeff Silverstein. The guy deserves leg irons and an orange jumpsuit. His absence should bode well for public golf in Charlotte.
Kannapolis Golf   BetterThanMost at 10/23/13 3:12pm
You might also want to take a look at Crescent in Salisbury.
Re: Kannapolis area golf   izzyf150 at 10/21/13 7:14pm
If you know what day you are going to be playing on. Try doing the member for a day deal at Irish Creek. Basically you show up and golf just like you would at any course. There is no pressure to sell you a membership or asking for your contact information or any of that stuff. Just show up and golf at your tee time that the guy will make for you via email. (You and however many, up to a foursome) Last time I did it, it was $40. Private course in great shape and no houses that you have to worry about hitting anyway.

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