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Re: fox den   The B-Man at 6/4/14 1:21pm
Thanks, panthersfann55. Here's the story:

Fox Den Golf Club in Statesville, N.C. is pleased to announced new ownership as of May 1, 2014
fox den   panthersfann55 at 6/4/14 1:02pm
looks like stonebridge bought fox den on may 1st in a story found on clickit under fox den.
Rock Barn - Jackson   ILL-INI at 6/2/14 10:26am
Decided to take the drive up to Rock Barn yesterday with two other guys. I live in Ballantyne and the drive was about 1 hr. Not too bad but a little on the long side for sure. I was expecting an awesome track. Hardly. Fairways were thin and dead all over. Traps were horribly manicured. Greens were punched two weeks ago and were still terrible. I can't remember a time I've ever seen a course look quite as bad as that course.
Fox Den home foreclosure   The B-Man at 5/31/14 12:39pm
Noticed this article in the Observer today:

Statesville homeowners try to ward off foreclosure over money developer borrowed

It mentions that a limited liability company called Fox Den Acquisitions acquired the golf course earlier this year. Judging by the recent review, it hasn't affected the course conditions, but I'm curious what anyone else knows about the situation.
Cell Phones   dongtrgolfer at 5/28/14 9:42pm
I have noticed some really bad ediquette lately by people on the practice ranges. They get a call and decide to stay on the range to talk. They do not move away from the practice areas. And these are not short calls. They last 10 to 15 minutes and usually in a loud voice. I was at Charlotte National after work and a gentleman came up and immediately got a call. He hadn't even started hitting balls. He stood there and talked for over 15 minutes. No matter my glares and glances. So I learned all about his medical issues and doctor visits along with his friend on the phone. Please have some consideration for those around you and move away from the practice area, we promise not to steal your clubs or balls.   DrSchteeve at 5/26/14 9:50pm
More good news on Highland Creek. Massive sand has been delivered to redo the bunkers, and plans in place to fix the cart paths.
Skybrook   NCGolf at 5/24/14 10:50pm
Played Skybrook today and was very pleased. New management seems to be making great strides toward improving conditions.
Re: Plane crashes on Charlotte National 8th hole   slowmofo at 5/19/14 5:02pm
no hitting full wedges near low flying planes. That is craziness
tradition   scott at 5/18/14 8:59pm
Played the tradition Today, we were pleasantly surprised by the conditions, some teeboxes were rough. The genes were in great shape, esp. Considering the disaster they were in.
Hope the new owner group keeps up the good work!
Re: Member for a day at Irish Creek   HateSlowPlay at 5/18/14 9:11am
Irish Creek is an absolute gem. One of the most beautiful courses around, always in great condition but very very tough.

The only hole I don't like at IC is the 18th hole. Not a very good/memorable finishing hole compared to the other holes on the course.

Beware holes 10/11 and 16/17...they will eat you for breakfast
Group Leagues   Fernando Amoroso at 5/16/14 12:47pm
I am new to Charlotte and would like to join a weekend golf group. 16 handicapper. Any suggestions?   ILL-INI at 5/14/14 6:24pm
Have an extra round for Tega Cay this Sunday at 1:20 if anyone is interested. $32. E-mail me @
Member for a day at Irish Creek   Jon at 5/14/14 10:58am
Has anyone played this course under that program? Is there hard/soft sell to join? How is the course?
Plane crashes on Charlotte National 8th hole   The B-Man at 5/12/14 11:10am
I pulled up for my round yesterday just moments after this plane crash. Had to skip #8 and play #9 twice because they had the area taped off with police cars next to the fairway:

Small plane crash in Union Co. injures 3 adults, child

Crazier than that, though, was the fact that I tweeted a photo about it and got a reply from a lady whose brother and nephew were in the plane. She was asking me for updates (!). I think all is well, though, as w! e received word that the 4 people were in stable condition.
Re: Eagle Chase   panthersfann55 at 4/28/14 6:13pm
biggest thing is to take an extra club or 2 on certain holes. on #4 1 extra, #5 2 extra to the middle, #6 go with your gut its all downhill it does play it's true yardage, #9 one extra from the fairway, #11 go for the green in 2, #15 2 extra, 17 1 extra if u end up by the drain on the right. played this past fri and greens were quick. don't over think it focus on speed. the practice green reflects the course greens which is very rare.
Eagle Chase   HackingLefty at 4/28/14 3:24pm
Coming up tomorrow for the Wells Fargo this week, Have a tee time at Eagle Chase @ 11am thanks to suggestions from this website. Hopefully the weather service has wrongly predicted Mother Nature and the storms hold off until at least late afternoon. Any advice on the course for 2 mid-handicappers?
Cleghorn Plantation Conditions   MGOBLUE at 4/28/14 12:12pm
Played this course for the first time yesterday. Liked the layout of the back 9 better than the front. The fairways were a little rough, no pun intended but the greens were basically unplayable. Not sure what is going on there but it appeared they had been aerated and top dressed with too much sand. My son and I didn't even try to put after a few holes. There also appears to be some other type of grass or weed growing on them in many spots. The staff was very friendly and for $35 for a Sunday morning tee time and a free sleeve of Titleist golf ballsfor booking on line the price was great. I may be back if the conditions improve dramatically.
Statement from the new owners of the CT courses   The B-Man at 4/26/14 11:57pm
In case you are not on Clickit's mailing list, they sent out this statement from the new management company of the Carolina Trail courses. I'm not sure why it doesn't mention Waterford. We already know Charlotte Golf Links is closed for good and Skybrook has got a new owner.

"As you have probably heard, a foreclosure process was recently completed with respect to Birkdale Golf Club, The Divide Golf Club, Highland Creek Golf Club and Tradition Golf Club. As a result of that process, effective April 8, 2014, Romspen Birkdale LLC / Romspen Divide LLC / Romspen Highland Creek LLC / Romspen, The Tradition LLC is now the owner of the respective courses.

The new owners are committed to returning the golf courses to their r! ightful place as some of the best daily fee facilities in the Charlotte area and have retained the services of Traditional Golf Management to operate the day to day business. We understand that this has been a very volatile environment and we are confident that the new ownership and management will provide the much needed stability that these clubs need. We are currently working on both operating and capital plans that will allow us to show continuous improvement in the facilities and service levels at the clubs.

New membership programs are in place and special considerations are being given to those that held memberships under the previous ownership. Please contact the respective golf club for more information on the membership details (including the revised pricing for weekday sports members).

We are excited to begin the process of restoring these courses to the quality that was enjoyed years ago. We look forward to earn! ing back your business and seeing you on the golf course."%3! Cbr />
-Traditional Golf Management
Re:   Steve at 4/26/14 6:55am
I am not a frequent visitor to this website but when I did visit I always enjoyed your posts. Enjoy the southwest!
Condition of Cleghorn   HittOD at 4/23/14 11:36am
I see a deal on GolfNow Dealcaddy for Cleghorn in Rutherfordton. I know this course is out of the Charlotte area, but I thought somebody on this list might have some information regarding Cleghorn. The deal is $28 for one round with a free replay on same day, and range balls, through May 31, 14. It states that Cleghorn was closed for a while and reopened on March 1. I've never played there. It sounds like they've had some problems. Does anyone know about the general condition of this course?   DrSchteeve at 4/21/14 11:15pm
Well, it's been a great time playing Charlotte golf for the past 20 years, but it is time to move. Heading for Scottsdale, Az, which should be fun. Leaving in July, so I will spend my last 3 months playing as many times as possible at Eagle Chase, Red Bridge, Olde Sycamore and Verdict Ridge (with at least one trip to Edgewater). Thanks to the B-Man for a great site that has helped me play the best courses in the best conditions.
Rock Barn Not on Course List?   Bogeybryan at 4/19/14 12:12pm
Why is the best club in northern Charlotte region not listed. Beautiful facility with two great courses and excellent staff.
Re: Carolina Trail Has New Owner   4Putts at 4/13/14 5:08am
It seems like 'occupying' the Tradition's driveway won't generate a large amount of sympathy amongst the non-golfing public. Fact is that these guys made a contractual agreement with an entity that no longer legally exists. No doubt it sucks but what is happening here is nothing new when a bankruptcy occurs. Legally... I believe the technical term is S.O.L.

Hopefully, the new owners are smart & savvy businesspeople who will figure out some way to lessen the pain but they are not obligated to do so. As always, Caveat Emptor...
Re: Carolina Trail Has New Owner   The B-Man at 4/11/14 2:17pm
Check out what these Carolina Trail members did today at The Tradition:

Golfers protest Carolina Trail membership loss

Good for them.
Aeration   slowmofo at 4/10/14 4:18pm
FYI it looks like Fox den aerated a week and a half ago. Still a little bumpy. It's that time of year for aeration so if you know anything please post!
Carolina Trails Courses   Fred C Dobbs at 4/9/14 11:11am
Romspen is one of the largest non-bank industrial and commercial mortgage lenders in Canada. You'll probably never see them as owners. They more than likely picked up the bankruptcy option as an investment only.
Re: Carolina Trail Has New Owner   pmatt at 4/9/14 10:05am
Would be nice for the new owner to give something to Gift of Golf coupon-holders. Like give them the greens fee and have them pay for the cart. Builds good will as they try to bring golfers back to those decrepit courses. Those coupons will be gone soon enough and they'll have kept the players' loyalty.
Carolina Trail Has New Owner   Wulfpack at 4/8/14 10:00pm
A Canadian lender has taken ownership of four Charlotte-area golf courses that were part of the troubled Carolina Trail group, according to letters from the company.

After the foreclosure process, Toronto-based Romspen is the new owner of the Birkdale, Highland Creek, The Divide and The Tradition golf clubs, the letters say. The new ownership is effective as of Tuesday.

Carolina Trail golf courses have new owner
Sunset Hills   panthersfann55 at 4/8/14 7:39pm
This course isn't listed and I only played it because it was a buddy's first time out this year. 3 star course nothing more nothing less. Greens were bumpy, bunkers had sand and were raked. It's a good short course if you are getting the rust out but other then that consistency isn't there. Paid $24 on clickit.
Re: Memberships   Dom at 4/7/14 9:00pm
Matthews off 51. I don't want to join a private course just looking for more a loyalty card i guess you could say....

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