Photo of golf ball on the edge of the cupPhoto of 14th hole at Quail Hollow Country Club in Charlotte, NC

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Revival Update   BetterThanMost at 2/19/20 3:11pm
The new front nine greens/course improvements, including new cart paths are set to open on March 8th.
Re: Walkability?   BetterThanMost at 2/19/20 3:09pm
I wouldn't say it's the most walkable course in the world, but you do see some people do it. It's not so much the elevation changes as it is the distance between holes.
Walkability?   Mike W at 2/13/20 8:43am
How walkable is Old Sycamore? Some courses are easier to walk than others because of elevation, distance between holes, etc


Kiawah - Best golf trip deal ever?   IM4DHERD at 12/23/19 1:25pm

Not sure the link below will work but you can Google the Golf or Gourmet Package at Kiawah if it doesn't. Here's the deal: You get a very nice one-bedroom villa with pull out sofa for $200. That's $100 each and includes a round of golf on (in order of what I think is best to worst) Cougar Point, Osprey Point, Turtle Point or Oak Point. Add $50 each to play on the Ocean Course,the #4 public course in the US and which has hosted the PGA, the Ryder Cup the Sr. PGA and the World Cup. On the Ocean Course, you must employ a caddy and a $100 tip is suggested.

Went last year and it was the best $450 I ever spent - 3 rounds, including the Ocean Course, and three nights lodging.

Kiawah Gourmet Escape
Re: Sand Hills/Pinehurst Courses   IM4DHERD at 10/31/19 4:24pm
Tot Hill Farm isn't really near the others, unless you are going through the Asheboro area on the way there or back? About an hour from the Pinehurst area. Same designer as Tobacco Road. Mad Scientist, very unique course.
Re: Sand Hills/Pinehurst Courses   The B-Man at 10/31/19 2:16pm
Played Tobacco Road about 3 weeks ago. Love this course, one of my favorites and it was in fantastic shape. Talamore has always been good when I played it but it's been awhile.
Re: Playing alone - USGA handicap   The B-Man at 10/30/19 2:52pm
Honestly, the fact that you even posted this question means you take your handicap and the rules of golf more seriously than probably 75% of those golfers that keep handicaps. Cheers to you. You are meeting the spirit of the rule, in my opinion. The handicap rules were made for clubs where members could police each other. So if you are not a member of a club, there's less scrutiny anyway.
Playing alone - USGA handicap   IM4DHERD at 10/30/19 2:32pm
Looking for opinions. I work for myself out of my home so I can blow out for 18 most anytime. The USGA rules say to not post a round to my handicap unless playing with at least one other - peer review thing. This is one rule I break all the time. I firmly believe that when playing with others there is more pressure to "cheat" than when playing alone. "That's good, pick it up" / "hit a mulligan" / "roll that away from the tree", etc. I might pick up a putt within in 10-12 inches when on my own, but when playing with others am invariably told to pick up most anything within 3-4 feet. Many even just whack my ball back to me before I even know it. I keep a more honest score when playing alone AND I have more scores posted to make my handicap a more honest measure of my ! abilities. Otherwise, for instance, I played 13 of my last 20 alone. Typically more than that on average.
Panthers buying Waterford   IM4DHERD at 10/30/19 12:36pm
Panthers buying Waterford Golf Club in Rock Hill
Sand Hills/Pinehurst Courses   MGOBLUE at 10/20/19 10:24am
Thinking about taking a weekend trip here and playing 2 of the following courses: Tobacco Rd, Tot Hill Farm, Southern Pines and Talamore. Has anyone had any recent playing experiences with any of these courses? Any courses other than these that you would recommend ? Thanks
Larkin/Stonebridge hole-in-one $$$   IM4DHERD at 9/6/19 6:09pm
Played Larkin today and was told they now have a camera on the par 3 #2 hole. Make a hole in one and get $2500 and a copy of the video! Got home and have an email from Stonebridge (sister course) saying they are starting a hole in one contest on #15...Pay $5 and win $10,000, $10 wins $20,000.
Re: Skybrook to re-open   The B-Man at 8/30/19 11:15am
I'm playing Skybrook tomorrow and will post a review this weekend.
Skybrook to re-open   IM4DHERD at 8/30/19 10:51am
Skybrook re-opening for golf Aug 31,2019. From their website - "We are doing so many things itís hard to list them all. But follow us on social media to find out whatís happening. New Owners, New Mini-Verde Bermuda Greens, Clubhouse Renovations, Cart Path Repairs, Trucks of New Sod and Much More. Click on any of our social media sites or YouTube Videos to see everything that is being done to make Skybrook Golf Club THE premier semi-private club in the market. We canít wait to show you the results at Skybrook Golf Club!"
The Club at Irish Creek   IM4DHERD at 7/31/19 10:27am
The Club at Irish Creek, private place in Kannapolis with a Davis Love III designed back nine, has a member for a day program. Link is on their website. Well worth the effort to sign up and the $45 fee with cart.
Re: The Divide...Really?   The B-Man at 7/14/19 11:25am
That's absurd. I play there once or twice a year just to check conditions. I live 3 minutes away and drive by it several times a week. I'm not sure The Divide was ever a must play even in its heyday. Nevertheless, there's no way it's achieved that (again) yet. It will take a few seasons of dedicated effort just to make it regularly playable in my opinion. Over the last 2 years whenever I've played there the conditions have ranged from goat track to decent at best. While I've seen steady improvement the past few times, it's a slow return to playability not a meteoric rise to must play status. My advice is, play a casual round there when it's convenient and see how it is, but don't plan a serious round expecting it to be great.
The Divide...Really?   IM4DHERD at 7/14/19 11:15am
The Carolina Golf Journal, the newspaper-like publication found at vaious courses, has an article stating The Divide is "Returning to 'must play'status". I always enjoyed the layout, but haven't played it since 2016. Was disappointed then and this was after avoiding it for 6 years prior due to poor conditions. Anyone play out there lately?
Re: Skybrook closing for greens renovation   Kyle Smith at 6/11/19 7:11am
Know several members at Skybrook and this is pretty much my "home course." Change is going to be great for this course. Pinnacle has committed 1.5 million to the renovations over the next few years. Greens are converting and drainage is going to be addressed (thank God).
Skybrook closing for greens renovation   The B-Man at 6/10/19 10:57pm
Another summer, another bent grass course closing to switch over to Bermuda. Got word today that Skybrook Golf Club in Huntersville will be closing next week to switch to a Bermuda Mini-Verde hybrid. While they are closed, they will be addressing other areas including some renovations to the clubhouse. They plan to re-open on Aug 30th.
Ballantyne Golf Course gone   IM4DHERD at 6/10/19 8:57am
To be phased out. Holes 1,2 and driving range to become a "Town Center" area. Holes 3, 4 a park, hole 5 a buffer green area between further development and a neighborhood. Rest to be office space, retail etc.

Ballantyne golf course to transform into new urban center
So...Penalty Areas?   IM4DHERD at 6/8/19 9:35am
Wanting to see if anyone else notices, and/or if any club management reads this page and might comment. Last two rounds (Larkin, Springfield) there hasn't been a red or yellow stake or line anywhere on the course. I've noticed the same elsewhere but cannot remember exactly which courses. Certain areas, even without water, can or need to be marked because they are simply punitive. Without a drop option, it slows down play and adds strokes and distance. This is why there are not longer "Water Hazards" but "Penalty Areas" that the Committee can put anywhere. The Rules allow for relief if an unmarked area meets the definition of a hazard, but it'd be nice to have some indication of the borders and what your options are, red v. yellow.
CGA Membership   IM4DHERD at 5/16/19 9:46am
Just a quick plug for the Carolina Golf Association. The CGA supports amateur golf in the Carolinas. They run the course ratings programs, maintain the handicap system, run tournaments, provide turf and agronomy services to area Clubs, etc.

For those who are not a member of a Club providing one, membership is one way to obtain a USGA handicap. There are others, some free like The Grint app, but a $40/year eClub membership not only supports their efforts to make our game better but provides other benefits as well.

CGA members are eligible to participate in One-Day individual and four-ball tournaments, often on courses we can't otherwise play. Local ones this year are at Northstone, The Club at Irish Creek, the Jones Course at Rock Barn a! nd Red Bridge. Many other desireable courses such as The Olde North State Club, Country Club of Asheville, and Cliffs courses. Also, members get invitations to play other private courses. I just bought two rounds at the Country Club of Salisbury, a classic Donald Ross design, for $40 each. Usually $95 for a guest to play with a member, the only other way to get on the course.
Demo Day at Lincoln CC   The B-Man at 4/22/19 10:14pm
I received a note from Jody Saunders, the GM at Lincoln Country Club, about a Demo Day. Check it out:

I'm the GM at Lincoln CC and thought your readers might be interested in our demo day coming up on Wednesday, May 1 from 3-7 p.m. We will have reps on hand from Bridgestone, Callaway, Cleveland, Ping, & Taylormade. Anyone wishing to be fitted can reserve a time by calling the golf shop at 704-735-1382 ext. 0. Walkups are welcome, but those that reserve a time will be given priority.
Custom Clone Clubs?   Brian at 4/16/19 12:09pm
Does anyone know of a clone club retailer and fitter here in the Charlotte region? Thanks.
Wednesday/Friday menís shootout   Reid at 4/1/19 6:56am
I live in Marvin. Any idea of weekday shootouts (points system)? Closest courses are sun city, Ballantyne, and fort mill... maybe Lancaster. Looking to join a group of men that enjoy friendly shootouts
Top 10 Public Golf Courses in Charlotte   The B-Man at 3/25/19 3:56pm
In case any of you missed it, I wrote this article ranking the top 10 public golf courses in Charlotte (all of which are listed on the site) for Charlotte Agenda. I've already gotten lots of feedback and welcome your comments.
Birkdale Golf Club   BetterThanMost at 2/12/19 7:55pm
This article about possible re-development of Birkdale Golf Club (that includes saving the course) was in today's Charlotte Agenda e-newsletter: Birkdale

I don't think the new ownership understands what brings golfers to a course. Great service, conditions, a fair price and a good layout are what brings repeat business. You can have all of the hotels, shops, restaurants, and whatever else you want, but if the course isn't good, then people won't play it.
Re: area golf leagues   BetterThanMost at 2/7/19 10:38pm
There is a 9 hole Wednesday night league that runs April-October at Ballantyne Resort. There are a few other courses in the area that have dogfights/leagues once a week on various days. You're best bet would be to check out the websites of courses close to you for more info on their particular leagues.
area golf leagues   jaydee at 2/5/19 11:11am
Somewhat new to area, would like to know if there are any golf leagues on the area courses. Also does anyone know of a couples golf league in area.
Re: Rocky River Golf Club   The B-Man at 1/18/19 8:48pm
Monroe Country Club is doing the exact same thing. Closed till Tuesday morning to prevent winterkill. There are likely many other courses following suit as most area courses have switched to Bermuda greens over the past several years. Judging by the number of courses that have struggled with winterkill and had to close these past few years, I'd say this is a smart precautionary measure.
Re: Rocky River Golf Club   BetterThanMost at 1/18/19 10:25am
That makes sense, but the low temperature tonight is forecasted to be lower than the low temperature on Saturday night, yet they are going to open for a while on Saturday morning.

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