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Re: Rocky River Golf Club
Posted by: Carl spackler
on 1/18/19 7:47am
Bermuda grass greens do not tolerate cold weather well. The high temperatures each day don't matter but the overnight lows are cold enough that they need to cover the greens.

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My real name is Chris Beeman and I live in Indian Trail, NC right near The Divide, Emerald Lake and Charlotte National. I've been playing golf regularly since 1999 and try to play at least once a week during prime season. I created this site back in 2002 because I was frustrated with the lack of complete, up-to-date course information for Charlotte area courses. Word of mouth and a great community of golfers that want to help other golfers has helped the site grow into what you see today.

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I learned to play at a local par 3 course near me (Pebble Creek off US74) and then graduated to full courses. After about a year of playing, I finally broke 90. It took another year to shoot an 81 (up at Crescent Golf Club). I shot that score using 6 clubs -- Adams Tight Lies knockoff woods 5, 7, and 9, a 38* chipper (that I could hit almost 150 yds with a full swing), sand wedge and putter. I had some no-name oversized irons, but wasn't very good with them. So I would just use the woods and the chipper and vary my swing to get different distances. It wasn't very precise, but would generally keep me in play. Occasionally, I was deadly accurate with the chipper inside 125 yds. I shot another 81 a couple years later (2003), but mostly shot scores in the high 80's to mid 90's up til 2005.

I finally decided that I had to become a "real" golfer and got a new set of King Cobra irons that I really liked. I worked on learning how to hit iron shots and be more precise with distances. In the summer of 2005, I shot a couple of 81's and an 82. My handicap got down to 13 or so for the first time. I took 3 1-hour lessons with Scott Fossum from Charlotte Golf Links and he helped me with my grip and full swing. Late in 2007, I broke 80 for the first time with a 79 at Emerald Lake and my handicap hit a then career-best 10.9. I had a good summer in 2008 and hit 79 again at a course in NY (Peek'n'Peak Resort in Findley Lake). I also took an 1-day Dave Pelz Short Game clinic. That helped tremendously with my pitching, chipping and putting. I went out and bought a 60* lob wedge after the clinic and have loved the new dimension it brought to my short game.

In the summer of 2009, I played a ton, about 25-30 rounds in May, June and July. I bought a new TaylorMade Burner driver in July and then went out and shot a career-best 76 at Edgewater Golf Club in Lancaster, SC. The next summer I finally took the plunge and signed up for a 1 year membership at Emerald Lake. The course is only about 5 minutes from my house, I had gotten to know the head pro and manager pretty well, and it was a great deal ($1995 for everything, including carts). So I played as much as I could in that first month and hit my stride, consistently shooting in the low 80's, including an 82 in my first club championship round.

In 2011, I decided I was due for some new irons and so I upgraded to a set of Cobra S3 Max irons. I also bought the new Tayormade R11 driver that June. I've had decent success with these clubs and still play with them. My handicap has settled between 9 and 11 and I typically have a few rounds in the 78-80 range over the course of a summer. In July 2015, I took a free lesson with Jay Reid (PGA instructor at Birkdale) and he helped me shake some occasional shanks and improve my wedge game. Be sure to mention my site if you go see him for a lesson or a clinic -- he'll give you $20 off.

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